Contact Plus 2+ Productivity App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Thai

Seller: Giang Nam Nguyen



Contact Plus 2+ : Support iOS6, IP5 and multi-language (English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Spanish)

Do you think your address book is well organized?
You will be surprised how "Contact Plus 2+" upgrade it!!

The "Contact Plus 2+" has four 'modes' :
- Smart Groups
- Contacts
- Favorites
- Smart Delete

- The search bar will search notes, first and last name, company, job titles, departments, phone numbers, emails;
- Show contact pictures;
- Shows company, job title and department on the contact list;
- Shows unfiled contacts;
- Favorites photo listing;
- Smart filter and select;

- Add new contact in one fast screen;
- Delete contact by swiping left or right (will confirm you for delete);
- Quick actions to make call, send email and send SMS to a contact faster;
- Send contact information to others;
- Add membership of group by Tap and hold on an contact;
- Group contacts by First character of first and last name (Index title scroller).
- Tap on contact to see all details;

- Create, rename and delete group of contacts;
- Edit contact group membership on one screen;
- Create, edit and remove contacts with the same user interface as the contacts built-in app (remove contact out of group by swiping left or right);
- Tap on group to see all members;
- Tap and hold to rename an group;

- Add new favorites contact in one fast screen;
- Tap and hold to move;
- Remove contact out of favorites by swiping left or right;

Has six 'modes' of smart select :
- Select all contacts;
- Deselect all contacts;
- Select all duplication contacts;
- Select all same name contacts;
- Select all no name contacts;
- Select all no phone contacts;
** Contact Plus 2+ helps you to delete multiple contacts with One Tap :) **

- To use remove/delete 'mode' always swiping left or right on the contact/group;
- Apple has changed how groups work when syncing with Exchange in the recent iOS4.2 firmware. Apps can't create or manage native groups with iOS4.2 and Exchange.
- Display Order, Sort Order of Contact Plus 2+ follow with only "Sort Order" in Settings>Contacts:
"Sort Order" in Settings>Contacts is "First, Last" : Display and Sort Order of Amazing Contact are "First, Last";
"Sort Order" in Settings>Contacts is "Last, First" : Display and Sort Order of Contact Plus 2+ are "Last, First";
- We always update every month, add more function, fix some bug;
- Contact email:


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