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Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Thai

Seller: Giang Nam Nguyen

- Change Icon
- Change display app name
- User interface Changed
- Show picture of contact when search
- Confirm when delete contact
- Group function
- Favorite function
- Smart filter and select
- Performent multidelete

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Amazing Contact : Support multi-language (English, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Spanish)

Do you think your address book is well organized?
You will be surprised how "Amazing Contact" upgrade it!!

The "Amazing Contact" has four 'modes' :
- Smart Groups
- Contacts
- Favorites
- Smart Delete

- The search bar will search notes, first and last name, company, job titles, departments, phone numbers, emails;
- Show contact pictures;
- Shows company, job title and department on the contact list;
- Shows unfiled contacts;
- Favorites photo listing;
- Smart filter and select;

- Add new contact in one fast screen;
- Delete contact by swiping left or right (will confirm you for delete);
- Quick actions to make call, send email and send SMS to a contact faster;
- Send contact information to others;
- Add membership of group by Tap and hold on an contact;
- Group contacts by First character of first and last name (Index title scroller).
- Tap on contact to see all details;

- Create, rename and delete group of contacts;
- Edit contact group membership on one screen;
- Create, edit and remove contacts with the same user interface as the contacts built-in app (remove contact out of group by swiping left or right);
- Tap on group to see all members;
- Tap and hold to rename an group;

- Add new favorites contact in one fast screen;
- Tap and hold to move;
- Remove contact out of favorites by swiping left or right;

Has six 'modes' of smart select :
- Select all contacts;
- Deselect all contacts;
- Select all duplication contacts;
- Select all same name contacts;
- Select all no name contacts;
- Select all no phone contacts;
** Amazing Contact helps you to delete multiple contacts with One Tap :) **

- To use remove/delete 'mode' always swiping left or right on the contact/group;
- Apple has changed how groups work when syncing with Exchange in the recent iOS4.2 firmware. Apps can't create or manage native groups with iOS4.2 and Exchange.
- Display Order, Sort Order of Amazing Contact follow with only "Sort Order" in Settings>Contacts:
"Sort Order" in Settings>Contacts is "First, Last" : Display and Sort Order of Amazing Contact are "First, Last";
"Sort Order" in Settings>Contacts is "Last, First" : Display and Sort Order of Amazing Contact are "Last, First";
- We always update every month, add more function, fix some bug;
- Contact email:

Customer Reviews

  • Great

    by JJ Opoku

    If you're looking for an app that can edit all contacts by removing all of them, or all duplicates or contacts with no name or photo all for Free, this is the app for you. get it!

  • I love it so much!

    by Banajout

    Very useful! I hope have more function on next version! Give 5 star!

  • can replace the addressbook of IP

    by namkochim28

    it's really good!! it's can replace the addressbook of ip now :)

  • Good Application!

    by thomaskiter

    I love this application..very smooth!

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