AirBlue Sharing Productivity App Review (iOS, $3.99)


Languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Chinese

Seller: Giang Nam Nguyen

✔ Fixed no screen time out while sending file.
✔ Fixed crash apps when save file but no have access to Photos/Contacts.
✔ Warning when no have access to Photos/Contacts.

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14 Ratings
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★★★★★ Best App for iPhone
Bluetooth File Sharing for your iOS devices.

1. Zero configuration
2. Native Bluetooth pairing, do not have to re-pair your device when using iOS native Bluetooth
3. High speed Bluetooth transimision, up to 1.7MB/s
4. Automatically shutdown Bluetooth when transimision done to save power
5. Import received files to Contacts/Photos
6. Send/receive multiple files
7. Sent/received notification sounds


1. To send files to other device, make sure the remote device is discoverable. An enable file transfer/receiving on the remote device when necessary.

2. Receiving is enable by default.

Customer Reviews

  • Super

    by dileep2all

    Good app

  • Neat

    by chroko29

    Please add support for transferring files in GoodReader.

  • Gub app!!!

    by J-Jacob

    cool for share something ..

  • Fake program

    by .:HeRo:.

    It doesn't work at all

  • Fools Goal

    by SecondTreatiseLocke

    Best fake application of the year. Do you exist?

  • Bad app

    by MikeHotel

    It crashes when i try to enter settings. Waste of money

  • Does not work

    by ematima

    This app doesn't work at all. I bought it because of Internet video that show it printing to a Polaroid pogo from an iPhone. The video appears to be a fake as none of the options described are actually available in this app. Regardless, the app doesn't do anything anyway. Zero stars.

  • Complete Fraud

    by gonz007_de

    Actually 0 stars, but I had to include 1. I, like many others, was recommended to this app by searching for a means to connect iphone and my polaroid pogo. I thought that the other reviewers must have been doing somehting wrong, or that I could play with the settings to get it to work. WRONG!! this app is a complete fraud -- in fact, the "settings" button merely closes the app!!!!! Stay away. I am also reporting this to apple in an attempt to have this removed as a blatant criminal fraud and/or misrepresentation.

  • Don't buy it

    by josep12

    Doesn't work for printing from iPhone to Polaroid GL10 printer. Should be able to get refund.

  • Waste o' money.

    by TP0369

    So I'm trying to find an apps that will connect my Polaroid Pogo to my iPhone 5 and this app was recommended online. Bought it before reading the reviews. I'm dumb. App loads, but won't print and as soon as I click the 'Settings' button it crashes. $4 down the drain. Great job guys. Way to test the app fully before releasing it. I HAD to put 1 star but it really ranks a 0 since it doesn't work.

  • Don't bay this App

    by Abdullahhh92

    Don't bay this App and lost your many this App not working with iPhone

  • can this app send the file to any device like LG or Nokia or Samsung ?

    by Lawan pasha

    don't buy it !!! it is doesn't work at all ...don't be stuped

  • Don't buy doesn't work with iPhone

    by WacPax

    This dog don't hunt.

  • Hate it

    by Haiderabd

    It is not even close to the old version that we us to have so either go back to it or fix the bloody thing

  • Mrs. G

    by Hector Garza

    Horrible application it does not work at all. Do not spend your money on this trash.

  • Scam

    by AliRepublic

    There's absolutely no way to share files via Bluetooth ... You can't even access the setting, because when you hit the setting, the app quits ... How did apple even accepted this to be on the App Store!?

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