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ForeFlight's Checklist Pro delivers high-quality, easy to use Intelligent Checklists for Pilots™ right to your iPhone or iPod touch. We built Checklist Pro with an attention to detail ForeFlight customers expect.

Customize one of the 20+ high-quality bundled checklists, derived directly from pilot operating handbooks, or create and edit your own customized collection of normal and abnormal procedures checklists from scratch. Then, easily share those checklists with your friends, club members, or aircraft partners.

Edit checklists online at A video demonstrating both our web editor and Checklist Pro is available on our website at

Checklist Pro will make you a more productive pilot and reduce the amount time spent heads down looking for that next checklist item. We highly recommend using a suction mount mount for optimal results.

New features in Checklist Pro 2.0:

✣ Simple checklist sharing with friends
✣ Online checklist editing at
✣ Preferences system for setting left handed or right handed
operation, swipe-to-delete protection, and setting text to
uppercase, lowercase, or the case as entered.

Other features include:
✣ Free online checklist backup
✣ Expanding library of high-quality templates derived from
pilot operating handbooks
✣ Automatic checklist reset after a defined period of time
✣ Always remembers where you left off
✣ Tap to check or uncheck an item
✣ Day and night modes
✣ Check and skip functions
✣ International language support
✣ Translations in German and French

Checklist templates included:

✣ ForeFlight: Blank checklist
✣ ForeFlight: Example Single Engine Checklist
✣ ForeFlight: Example Sailplane Checklist
✣ Beechcraft Bonanza A36
✣ Cessna 152
✣ Cessna 172I
✣ Cessna 172N
✣ Cessna 172R
✣ Cessna 172S
✣ Cessna 182RG
✣ Cessna 350
✣ Cessna 400
✣ Columbia 350
✣ Columbia 400
✣ Cirrus SR20
✣ Cirrus SR22
✣ Diamond DA20-C1
✣ Diamond DA40-180
✣ Diamond DA42 GFC700
✣ Mooney M20K
✣ Piper Cherokee Archer II PA-28-181
✣ Rocket Engineering PA46 JetPROP
✣ Socata TBM 700-A

Checklist Pro supports checklist data entry in multiple languages and any international character set supported by the iPhone or iPod touch.

Always review checklists to ensure they include at least the normal procedures printed in your aircraft’s information manual. Checklist Pro is not a substitute for official, FAA approved checklists.

ForeFlight Checklist is also handy for use with X-plane or Microsoft Flight Simulator flight sims. X-plane is a trademark of Laminar Research, and Microsoft Flight Simulator is a trademark of Microsoft.

Keywords: checklist, aviation, flying, pilot, aircraft, airplane, procedures

Customer Reviews

  • iPad please

    by Pilot1993

    Nice app, really really really needs iPad version

  • The poor forgotten app from team Foreflight

    by Danywpb

    OK for an iPhone app. BUT every pilot (at least every one I know) uses ForeFlight and the standard ForeFlight application has been updated multiple times just in the last year. Unfortunately, they've forgotten this app since inception. iPad use is currently a bit of a joke. As previous reviewers mentioned there is NO landscape use, only portrait, and 2X view of the phone app is clownish in look and feel. iPad design could incorporate multiple columns & room for additional information so you could make a "quick" list and "full" list that has EVERYTHING (power settings table would be AWESOME). Similar to all the commercially available printed checklists with both their laminated single card and their extensive spiral bound list. I'm still wishing the team at Foreflight realizes the need in the market for an excellent checklist app and starts paying more attention to this step child app they've neglected. Dan N8987W

  • Awesome app!

    by brophil

    Very customizable. Easy to edit. Works great on iPhone AND iPad. I can't figure out why everyone is complaining about not having iPad version. No, it doesn't have landscape view, but it doesn't on the iPhone either...small matter. When you expand it on iPad to 2X it almost fills the screen. All the murmuring and complaining almost stopped me from purchasing this app...I'm glad I didn't listen. I think it is a great app and will only get better.

  • Almost there

    by larry wong

    Great customization feat. But really, really needs ipad mini full app. And please don't make us pay another steep $20 for a full version. Other than that, I would of gave it 5 stars. This app is very functional and every pilot should have it but not for $20.

  • Good App-Could be better

    by ssbnveteran

    All in all, it's a pretty good app, but I do wish for two things with this app: An iPad version The ability to print various size/format paper checklists

  • Checklist on iPhone

    by John-3.16

    Wonderful application, Easily modifiable. I started with an existing 182RG and inserted my 182R Values and notes from my POH and presto I have a 182R Ckecklist!

  • Great little checklist app

    by Gadget geek

    I use it on every flight. Just wish it had an iPad version.

  • Good app, but where is iPad version?

    by gburnett

    I love the Foreflight map app and would not fly without it. This app, although easily customizable and functional, does not work at all on an iPad in landscape mode, which is how mine is mounted. Very disappointed that Foreflight has chosen not to make this app as good and flexible as their moving map. I am still using paper at this time and hoping they change their mind soon.

  • CFI likes this Checklist app

    by Natew00

    I first bought Checklist when working on my MEI in a Piper Seminole. I loved the ability to write custom checklists so that I could organize the cumbersome multi-engine procedures so I could quickly find the right page for normal, emergency, and practical test maneuvers. Once I started using it, I found that I could then build specific lists for each aircraft in our fleet. Rather than rely on different printed lists in each of our club's planes, I am now have my lists saved on my iPhone and iPad. Why on both? Simply so I can keep maps and approach plates displayed on my iPad, and dedicate the iPhone to checklists. No need to lose my plates just because I am using a checklist. Of course, this app runs fine on the iPad, and running in 2x mode makes them easier to read than any paper list. I highly recommend this app to my students.

  • No iPad app

    by Dini11

    I don't know who would use their iPhone in the cockpit. iPads, on the other hand, are fantastic. Plus, this company is the innovator in apps for the iPad. This is why I'm so disappointed that they haven't ported this for use on the iPad. Please throw some resources at this app!

  • Great Pilot's Checklist

    by Jlmaccal

    This is a great app for any pilot. I find this electronic checklist much easier to follow than the old paper version. Even better, you tweak the order or add/remove items to suit your own routine. The new night mode is a great addition. Anyone who complains about the price has obviously never paid $20 for a plastic checklist for a single model of airplane. My only wishlist item at this point is a feature that can turn the iPhone radios off with a single click from within the app, or at least give a warning that the radios are still on. At least in the plane I fly, I get very annoying interference through the headset if the iPhone's radios are on.

  • Needs updating

    by Scuba Chicago

    This is a good application. However, it needs updating. For example, there is no iPad version of the app. In addition, there is still no ability to print the checklist out in order to have a hard copy backup. This is a very significant limitation and problem. If these issues were addressed, then it would be a five-star app. I encourage everyone to provide feedback to ForeFlight to urge them to make these improvements.

  • Great App!

    by StudentPilotJournal

    I just purchased this today and will also be getting the mount that they recommended. It is nice to have something in front of you that you don't have to dig for. You can customize the checklist which is important since there are features that are not present on all models. I am looking forward to using this in all 3 of the planes that I fly regularly. If you fly and train in several airplanes this is a must have for safety. It does exactly what it is supposed to do.

  • Private pilot

    by Doc Zane

    I've been waiting for an app like this. For less than the cost of a single type specific laminated checklist I now have interactive checklists for all the aircraft I fly that fits in my palm. I can carry my iPhone around the plane during a preflight and click on each completed item, then mount it on a yolk mount and have it handy for each phase of operation. Fantastic value.

  • Decent but......

    by S4CFI

    Yes it's a checklist and it does that well. problem is, it's too damn expensive for what it does.

  • Great App

    by jgladish

    Another great app buy Foreflight. It is easy to use, change around & make new checklists. The existing templates are pretty dead on to the manf. same lists. I'd love see a whole "EMERGENCY" section for each plane, & template. I love the checked or skipped feature one click away.

  • Need more aircraft

    by W:T:F over

    The app works fantastic but it lacks additional aircraft, particularly Piper PA- 24 Comanche. I have had the App for more than a year and I have yet seen additional aircraft added to its library.

  • Would be great...

    by Pilot_Sully

    Make it for iPad! Everyone is using iPads in the cockpit now, why not have this for iPad? Would make it so much better!

  • Checklist for IPad also

    by Bigcwebb

    Only 3 stars due to the fact that there is not an iPad version.

  • Excellent, with suggestions.

    by grandpa ralph's green bean

    Been using for a few months and love it. Prefer over the MFD lists in the Cirrus. Also a big fan of ForeFlight. The sync feature of Checklists is great and I've suggested they incorporate that idea into ForeFlight. I've also suggested Checklists be incorporated into ForeFlight. This would eliminate a lot of back and forth between apps and clean up the iPad issues. Others have suggested and I echo...need an iPad version.

  • Kind of sad

    by AngrierBird

    Can't figure out why this wouldn't get the attention that the segment deserves. obviously there is more money in Foreflight.... wait, I just figured it out... would still be nice if some up-and-comer at Foreflight would take this app on as a way to show how awesome you are and make it what it so easily could be.

  • Ok no iPad version. Expensive

    by A.Gidi

    The app does what it should. It does crash on my iPad every now and then, it has the 182rg which I use for my c182n . For what they charged, they should work on the universal app upgrade and test it for ios7.

  • Needs IPad Version

    by whatevrworks

    Ok app but needs IPAD VERSION!

  • Where is the IPad APP

    by Almost had me...

    This is a a top notch technology minded pilots got to have APP... Oh wait no IPad version.. Never mind...

  • Good but editing is terrible

    by CJMaxReady

    For one thing, I try adding and editing my Cirrus checklist to customize it and it crashes frequently while editing. Also, it would be nice, let's say expected, to cut or copy and paste one or multiple items from one checklist to another. Yes, an iPad app would be great, or even better would be for Foreflight to incorporate this into Foreflight Mobile so we have it where we need it.

  • Not really worth it

    by CessnaPilot2

    I bought this app and another checklist app called AirCheck and I'm a bit disappointed about spending $20. The other app was a 1/4 the price and did more. The only good thing about this app is that the app looks nice and has templates.

  • IPAD!

    by Kobwo

    This absolutely NEEDS an iPad version.

  • Not usable for me

    by MS11111

    I was probably one of the first to buy it maybe three years ago, but I've never used it once. Since I use the ipad in landscape mode in the cockpit, and my head doesn't swivel 90 degrees well, I just can't use it. Unless you are only going to use it on the iphone, which seems very difficult since the places to touch are so small, I'd suggest NOT spending any money on this junk. Since it is difficult to touch the right places on the tiny iphone screen (which I do have), it would actually be dangerous to use this in turbulence - taking your attention away from flying the plane for too long while you try to touch it in the right place. If you're using a checklist, something is happening in the cockpit that requires you to complete tasks - not mess with horrible software.

  • Repeated request for iPad app

    by rusbird

    I've made numerous request for an iPad app and their only response is we will look at it. Fore flight is keeping the app available for software changes but that's about it. Now with the iPad mini, it's even more important to get an iPad app. Very disappointing.

  • Needs auto-rotate

    by Dunwoodytoolman

    I purchased this app because I am so pleased with the capabilities of the EFB app. Pretty disappointed that I would have to rotate the screen to use the checklist. What would I need to do in an emergency or just outside the airport traffic area? You know the answer. Take my attention from looking outside or flying the airplane to adjust the screen. For that, I could pull out the old checklist.

  • No iPad version?

    by Nater189

    No excuse for not having an iPad version of a $20 app.

  • Disappointing!!!

    by Bill Smith01

    Expected much more for the money. This app is substantially handicapped and needs the improvements erchoed by many.

  • Best Checklist App

    by jrs005

    I bought Aircheck first, but compared to Foreflight, Aircheck is a waste of money and time. Editing is much easier with Foreflight...don't look any further if you want an electronic checklist for your iPad. After spending weeks looking for a checklist for my iPad and finding Foreflight, I couldn't be happier.

  • Good app but needs attention

    by Drgwentzel

    This is a good app that can be made better. First, it needs to be made for the iPad. At the very least it needs to ROTATE! Using ForeFlight Mobile HD on the iPad, strapping it to my right leg and having the Bad Elf GPS plugged in the bottom of the iPad, we need to rotate the iPad 180 degrees. This is to keep from breaking the Bad Elf's jack and even more frustrating, the Bad Elf's jack keeps dislodging from the iPad if receives the slightest pressure. Rotating the iPad 180 degrees solves this, but Checklist Pro does not rotate like Mobile HD and almost every other app leaving our checklists upside-down. I would allow the user to customize the font color and also it's background. I like to have the "killer" items in a contrasting color or to appear highlighted. As a real bonus, there should be a version that can be incorporated directly into ForeFlight's Mobile HD as a clickable tab just like Maps and Plates and Scratch Pad. These changes would make this app 5 stars.

  • Web -> iPad Sync?

    by AngeloMileto

    I have to echo what most people are saying about having 1: a TRUE iPad version - come on guys. Can't take that much effort 2: Integration into ForeFlight HD - yes, that's a bit more work but would be nice to have. 3: The ability to e-mail/share the checklists - I believe you can do this in the Lite version??? 4. The ability to print the checklist - always good to have a paper backup. Biggest issue though is that the synch from the web to the iPad appears to be none functional. Created the checklist online; setup the account information on the iPad; tapped the synch button and nothing - blank - zippo. After spending 2-3 hours getting my checklists just right online, they are stuck there and totally useless. E-mailed support twice and no response other than the automatically generated "we got your message". The only reason I gave it 2 stars is because it is NOT BAD. If you get the synch working, I'd consider going up to 4. UPDATE 06 Jul 2011: Support found the issue with the iPad/web sync. Apparently the login name/e-mail address is case sensitive so if you're having this issue, ensure you enter it online exactly the same as on the iPad. Updated to 4 stars. When they release a true iPad version, it could be a 5.

  • Fip It!

    by Aircraft Owner

    Almost perfect. How about an option that swaps the "check" button to the right side of the screen. I like to hold my phone in my left hand and therfore it's hard to press the button with my thumb. UPDATE: You flipped it! Thanks 5 stars!

  • Where is the iPad version?

    by 172sp

    Used this app for the first time today in my SP and what a letdown. It took me years to find sunglasses that I love flying with they just so happened to be polarized. Because this app is stuck in landscape, I can't see it due to the polarization of the iPad. Unless I take off my sunglasses, this app is useless and a waste of my money. Bad planing guys!

  • Great App, Not-So-Great Web Interface

    by BenMcMahon

    I love this app. It is simple yet powerful, and does exactly what it advertises. I am a student pilot and I am very detail oriented. I like that I can make extremely long and detailed checklists to ensure that I don’t miss anything and to assist with my memorization techniques. I use this application before, during, and after every single flight I take. I recently used the checklist on my pre-solo check ride and the CFI was very impressed with how thorough I was. A word of WARNING: beware of the templates. They are an excellent starting point and nothing more. As Pilot in Command it is YOUR responsibility to ensure that whatever checklist you use is accurate, complete, and safe. A couple of the templates I have used have differed from the POH, were missing critical steps, or had misinformation. I suggest you validate your checklist against the POH and common sense before using for a flight. I dropped the first star because I found a rather serious bug in the software. I had a checklist for my C172 that had sub lists (pre-flight, before takeoff, in flight, securing). I found that as I checked off items in my pre-flight, random items in my before takeoff list were also getting checked off. The support team was very quick to get a fix back to me, and assured me that the root cause would be resolved in the next release. I dropped the second star because the web interface needs some work. The web interface functions, but it needs some enhancements to make it truly usable. Text box data entry needs improvement -- when you click into a text box the cursor is put at the end of the text regardless of where you click. Moving items up and down on your list is very tedious as you have to move it one position at a time. The web editor is a web app sandboxed on a much larger web page. It seems as though 8 of every 10 times I intend to scroll within my list on the web, I end up scrolling the entire web page instead. This is very annoying and ends up wasting time. It would be very helpful if the web editor had its own page without any mastheads or other content. Bottom line: this is an outstanding application that needs some refinement to make it an excellent application. Fix the bug and give the web interface some TLC and this is a 5 star application for sure. I'll be back to edit this review when the next version comes! Thoughts for the future: --iPad version please! --Integrate with ForeFlight HD, possibly as an in-app purchase

  • Checklist Pro Review

    by Captain paperless

    I really like the concept of the app but not having a true iPad app is a hindrance. I have been using the app on the iPad but it can only be used in portrait mode and the portrait mode cannot be turned 180 degrees so it is very limiting. This should really be integrated into Foreflight's flight software with an icon which allows the user to easily switch between charts and checklists. In addition, their should be an icon on the charts that allows you to immediately access the emergency checklists. This would be a very nice feature in a paperless cockpit. I have been using Foreflight's charting and navigation software in my Cessna T210 and am happy with it for IFR flights. The georeferenced approach plates are really great using the bad elf gps. I have not experienced an issue with it yet in about 25 hours of flight time with the unit. It would be really cool if they could get it to work on the SID's. If they would make this work for the iPad and integrate it with their other software I think they would really have an edge on the competition.

  • iPad Please

    by JDH47

    Really is a great app and is perfect for iPhone and iPod touch. Would really like to have a proper iPad version as well.

  • Great App for Pilots

    by t0r0nad0

    This app is great - it's easy to use and is a good way to keep your checklists visible and organized. The fact that it checks off which steps you've completed and which ones you haven't make it so you won't miss a checklist step - even if ATC calls out traffic or some other distraction occurs while you're performing the check. I'm really looking forward to the next version with sharable checklists and an online generator.

  • Need An IPad Version

    by Commercial MEL Pilot & CFI - IA

    This is the best APP available. It has been out for over two years but not many updates based on customer feedback. Why not an IPad version? This would be good - the IPad has really taken off for aviation use.

  • Wonderful

    by iyaucyas

    I bought this to use with a C-172R. The checklist is great, easy to follow and a lot nicer than using the POH. If your plane is listed I would purchase this app because it will make your life easier. Emergency procedures are great too.

  • Not for JETS!!!

    by Falcon50Driver

    You should make it clear that this is for piston aircraft only - after buying the app I was shocked to not see any jet checklists!!! Not cool.

  • Should make working with checklist in actual flight much easier

    by timddesign

    I have always thought paper checklists were cumbersome either doing a walk-around or in flight. You have to mark where you are with a finger and of course if you actually check something, like your oil level–you have to scan the list to find where you left off. A pain, but crucial. Now when I mark off each item it instantly shows me where I am. And, if you go to the Category listing it shows the percentage of completed checks. How cool is that. Hard to lose your place. Love the 24 hour reset. I had to create a custom list since the Piper PA-28 180 was not available. The only difficulty I had was using the iPhone keyboard. It was okay but I kept thinking if only I could somehow upload the keystrokes somehow. I do like how you can reorganize the list if you don't like the way it is in the POH. Super App. Thanks ForeFlight!

  • Great app. except.....

    by Stevejet

    I bought this app to use on my iPad, even though it was designed for the iPhone. I like the ability to use the ForeFlight checklist for my plane and the ability to customize it to my taste. I'm looking forward to the HD version. Hint, hint ForeFlight. :-)

  • Great... but needs limitations section

    by FlyinGecko

    If I can have a wish list, I would like to have a section for limitations and separate Abnormals and Emergencies section. Is there any chance you will have a PC version for editing and creating checklist, it would be much easier when starting from scratch. Other than that, it seem to be a very easy program to use.

  • Pros and Cons

    by C172Pilot

    Pros - (Updated since the first review and version 1.0) • Nice interface. Easy to use and understand the programs functions. • Allows for multiple aircraft checklist. Great if you fly different aircraft or rent different type. • You can configure your own aircraft from scratch. • Direct sunlight viewing is much better then the first version. • Very comprehensive checklist capabilities can be added. This will be necessary with glass cockpits like the G1000. • Selection check mark is bigger and easier to read with the inverted text then the previous versions. Nice. • I couldn't find any bugs while I was using it. Didn't crash once during my pre-flight of an '03 C172. • Knowing this companies calibre of products, it will only get better. I enjoy using it. Cons - • With the G1000 and Avidyne glass cockpits, it would be neat to be able to add a color picture to the notes section of the response. Text does work for the most part. • Still no audible feed back of selection during inspection selection. • Don't forget to lock your phone if you put it in your pocket you could inadvertently select or deselect multiple task and miss them completely. This is especially noted if you need to use both hands to re-position a movable surface. • Alway keep the paper version handy. Personally I turn the phone off before starting the airplane. There is no place to keep the phone from sliding off my lap or knee board. • They added Emergency functions. This is fine for review, but again the last thing you need to be doing during an emergency is looking for your iPhone. Fly the airplane. Keep your emergency checklist on paper and in front of you at ALL times.

  • Perfect Balance of Features and Simplicity

    by MBJustice

    Fantastic check-listing application that works great in the cockpit. The web interface provides a simple interface for creating and/or sharing checklist databases. The only feature that I wish it had was shake to check.

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