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- iPhone version now supports the new iPhone 5 screen size! (320 x 568)

- minor bug fixes and improvements

Thanks to all of you who use this app. We have more updates and features in the works, and they will be coming soon. In the meantime, if you have any questions, thoughts, or comments, we'd love to hear from you! Drop us a line at

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Boxes requires iOS 6 or later.

Boxes is designed as a beautiful and elegant way to manage and hold on to the things that are important to you. Save your thoughts, ideas, sketches, lists, and more. Entries are stored as pages in a notebook, which are sorted and organized into boxes. Each box can be shared with other people, who can collaborate on its contents.

With Boxes you can create pages for:
● Text Notes
● Drawings and Sketches
● To-do Lists
● Audio Recordings
● Maps

You can share the contents of any box you create with other Boxes users, allowing you and them to contribute and collaborate on a box together. This means you can create a box for a specific project, invite your teammates to it, and everyone can create and edit its contents. And since the app uses cloud based file storage, all your changes are kept in sync.

You can use boxes for:
● Personal Journals
● Projects
● Classes and Meetings
● Organizing your thoughts and notes
● And much much more!

Please use this app with a network connection.

Customer Reviews

  • 3 stars...

    by i luv Om Nom

    I like the fact that you can have a box with a notebook with a page. I like how these are customizable. I like the organized set up of the app. I don't like how the app randomly quits. I don't like how you need wifi to edit (or write in) a page.

  • Great


    I still love this app but when I am trying to make notes or sketch in the car I can't edit books or anything. I know there is the cloud syncing feature and all but you should create a way so that you don't have to have wifi, people without an Internet connection might be disappointed. Thankyou very much

  • Nice app with great graphics

    by ToughGuy48

    I like the concept. Its original for a notetaking app and at least to me its interface is highly intuitive. Absolutely love the graphics. Great job and beautiful app. I'm an ios developer too and I can tell how much work has gone into this.

  • More instructions plz..

    by Hate to read PDF on pc

    I do agree with the one whose ID is why would he love me so. The instruction for using the app is so minimal that it took me quite some time to explore the functions. And even now I still do not have any idea how to use the map. For note taking, there is no customization of fonts. And for handwriting, although it feels smooth there is no wrist protection. The interface does look beautiful and the idea is good. Expect to see more improvement as the current version seems semi-finished.

  • Great app.... But...

    by abrandeis

    This would be a great app if it ran on iOS 5.1.1. It downloads & installs but never runs. Just quickly quits. Please fix....

  • Love

    by Amyann0929

    I love this app!! Worth every penny! One thing I would like to recommend is importing pictures.....

  • Not so good

    by navamske

    It's too slow and has a nonintuitive UI. It seems to sacrifice usability in favor of how nice it looks. I don't mind a good-looking app, but I prefer that apps first be usable, particularly when I get them from a category called Productivity.

  • Great app!

    by Rdar50

    Love the organization. The map feature is very useful.

  • Maybe I'm missing something

    by byHisgracealone

    I read the glowing reviews of this app before purchasing, which is why I purchased it. Right off the bat I felt deceived. I didn't read anywhere in the description or the reviews that I would have to create an account in order to USE the app in the first place. This I do not like to do, but since I PAID for it, I at least wanted to see why so many people had written such good reports. While there are some helpful instructions, there are a LOT of things that are NOT addressed, (like, how to actually DRAW on the maps and calculate mileage that is not 'as the crow flies'.). There is no guide to using the app. No font choices - at least that I can tell. I went to the FAQ section to see if I could find some answers to my questions. Nope. The concept is a good one, and maybe as the app is updated they will include a manual and some other options, but as it is, it is just okay.

  • Great App.

    by SawsMom

    Great app to organize life! Also, as a teacher it would be a great to use for journal writing and sharing writing with teacher or peers. Love it!!

  • Great organization

    by AskMeAboutMyWeiner

    This is becoming my go to organization app very quickly. i think with a few updates it could be all i need. i would love to be able to add multiple things on one page.

  • Wonderful!

    by Liz Flammer

    This is so impressive! I Find it very helpful to keep track of my ideas with the text notes! I Love how I can just go from one item to another! IT IS A HUGE MUST FOR ALL YOU IPAD USERS IN SCHOOL!

  • Fun to use!

    by flash1102

    I use this app to manage checklists between me and a coworker. It's great for helping us keep up on the work load. The interface is really simple and easy. I plan to start using it a lot more! I look forward to more updates

  • Great for school notes

    by King pin 297

    Will use this for classes this semester! Easy to use and very straight forward.

  • Helpful

    by snee43

    I liked this program. I have tried a couple other apps to help me in my schoolwork but I found this one more responsive and better organized. I would like to be able to open photographs in it though, for annotation.

  • Drawing Fun

    by interestine

    As an artistic person I loved the visual way you can organize your life and data on this app. I thought the drawing portion of the program was decent. I would like to see a few more options, such as a fill tool.

  • New Fav

    by applefanatic8888

    Great app

  • Use it for school

    by shulumba

    This app will work great for school. I am going to make all my friends get it so if I miss a day of class I can get the notes they took.

  • New App for New School Year

    by Pandice

    I think this Boxes App will be great for classes. I like the feature of sharing my notes and drawings with other users. I look forward to improving my drawing skills while i'm bored in class…lol!

  • Love the boxes idea!

    by KeepitREAL44

    I'm really excited about this app's potential. I'll be starting school again next week and this will be an awesome way to organize my class notes! Its so cool that I can share and edit stuff within the app with my friends or fellow classmates. I've never seen that in a note taking app before. Needs more options for box styles though. Maybe a few that are a little more girly :) please add that to an update!

  • Disappointing

    by BIng35493

    There are far more notebook apps that are much better that this. The font is difficult to read and there is no ability to change it. You can't store or attach pictures. You can't alter the order of entires. You can't even delete items. You're stuck with garbage. What a waste of money.

  • Boxes

    by Astermcom

    Not open!!!! What the problem?

  • For iOS 6+

    by iDaika9xL

    It's for iOS 6 or above dumb people just download and don't read des. Box

  • Crash

    by Smilie0721momo

    It crashes every time I try to do anything

  • Broke

    by ...jb.....

    This app does not work!! please fix it!!

  • Instant crash

    by Sapphiresnow

    Would love to actually check this program out, if it wouldn't crash the moment it opens. Going back to look again and we find that the developer didn't even submit it to Apple correctly. In the compatibility section it quiet clearly states 5.1 required, but the description has 6.0 listed... Enjoy a lot of 1 star ratings, cause most people install something to look at it, and rarely pay attention to the description, besides skimming it... They certainly don't check requirements there.

  • Don't want to sign up to anything to use it

    by Inginious

    Will delete!!!

  • Crashes

    by Exit 12

    After the last update, it doesn't work

  • Will not start.

    by howitzer99

    Seems like a good idea, but the app does not launch on iPad 3.

  • Major Fail

    by srelliott

    Won't open on iPad 3 iOS v5.11. Opens in version 6.01 BT hits you with ads immediately and then wants you to sign up before proceeding. Instant delete.

  • This app does not open on my iPad

    by Tiredandannoyed1983

    It does not work. If it starts working i will come back and edit this.

  • Disappointed

    by neilends

    This app has nowhere near the functionality of other apps I routinely use for work, like Notability. In fact, I never expected this to replace Notability. I just expected that I could blend the two, which leads to the most glaring flaw here: the inability to import files from elsewhere, like photos, or PDFs. This is going into my dustbin unfortunately.

  • Has potential

    by barrylevy

    Well designed with potential. Upon launch it takes awhile to get to each section and or page as it appears to be syncing often and slowly. The app crashes often. Pages are slow to show content. Please fix.

  • Don't like it.

    by Tekson

    Do not like. Thank you to Whyshouldhelovemeso

  • I love it

    by DrSkylit

    This is the perfect app for me and my college friends to share notes from our classes, I can share any of my boxes with them and they have instant access to everything we did in class!! A really great and needed app!

  • Love it!

    by wrightph

    What a great way to keep track of my projects. I love being able to visualize and share my stuff with my friends. The user interface is beautiful and it tells you step by step how to utilize all the features. A+++ this is a winner! Highly recommend...

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