EveryThink - Organizer, Calendar & To Do Manager. Integrated with Data - Sync to Outlook, Google & Yahoo - Access to Box, Dropbox, Evernote & Google Drive Productivity App Review (iOS, $6.99)


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* Integration with Box
* A large variety of Sports, Business and Holiday Calendars is now available for purchase from within EveryThink. Track important events for Companies in your investment portfolio, or your favourite team.
Once Purchased, the chosen category of events get embedded into EveryThink. Automatic updates of info such as game results.

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* Universal App - iPhone & iPad at the same purchase
* Cult of Mac - "EveryThink an amazing get-it-all-done-and-in-one-place app..."
* LAPTOP Magazine Blog - "EveryThink iPhone App Redefines Organization"

EveryThink integrates best-in-class calendar and task management, using breakthrough UI capabilities to provide powerful organizational tools while maintaining an intuitive, beautiful and elegant interface.
Drag-hover-Drop (DhD) – EveryThink's patent-pending UI breakthrough – is an App-to-App drag and drop, enabling an intuitive activation of all EveryThink functions.
Events and tasks are integrated in all EveryThink views, allowing for optimized time management planing, as tasks are managed within the context of calendar constraints. For example, you can DhD a task to spawn one or several Calendar time slots for performing the task.
Adding any type and number of data objects to events or tasks, translates into a simple DhD from the data source into the planner. Events and tasks can hold: spreadsheets, presentations, documents, maps, contacts, websites, voice notes, images, etc. Either from within the phone or off the cloud (e.g. Google Drive).
Organic synchronization with both iOS calendar and Reminders is combined with two-way sync with Outlook, Google, Yahoo and other popular calendars.

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Customer Reviews

  • Love it! Plan everything with it!

    by Brian NY024

    Best return on investment for a productivity app.

  • Wonderful powerful

    by Judy from LA

    Useful calendar app! Many extra features

  • EveryThink is #1 productivity app

    by Jesse U235

    The best productivity app. The Calendar is Awesome. It keeps improving all the time. I love this app!

  • New year’s resolution

    by Working all day

    This app is definitely going to help me put some order in my life.

  • Great productivity tool

    by Andrew the thinker

    The week view is the best I could find. In addition, the ability yo drag and drop items from my cloud accounts into appointments and reminders is very useful.

  • A uniquely powerful tool

    by Gtd.User

    I was attracted by the powerful data integration. But the incredible flexibility of the design caught me by surprise. I was able to implement an optimized gtd system, including my personal tweaks. This tool is in a category of its own.

  • Great App... Best found so far!

    by SOS Organizers

    I like this app... Best functionality I've found... Just needs a bit more function like repeat and undo functions that would make this app soar!

  • I like it

    by byHisgracealone

    I like having a todo app that has a calendar that syncs with iCal. It has many nice features. I have one issue with it. On my mini the font on the tabs is all but unreadable because it is so small. I would rather scroll through the tabs to find the one I'm looking for than to squint and not be able to see what is on them anyway.

  • Nice, Interface

    by 1SG P

    Hello, I've only had the app for a day, so far so good, I like the layout, glad to see tasks can be prominently displayed. I REALY would like it better if I could access my Skydrive, I use that daily with work, and would make this app much more productive for me. But for now I can at least use the calendar and tasks, but would have to switch to another app if I need to send skydrive documents

  • Ok at best

    by TJG 30080

    Pop ups are annoying. Maybe when I become more comfortable with this app I can rate it higher but at this point not worth the $$$

  • Need to learn to love this app.

    by mamilligan6

    This app seems really good. The problem is it's not user friendly. There REALLY needs to be a few tutorials (esp videos) to help navigate and show how to fully utilize it. The little help notes that pop up are pretty useless for me. Apparently I'm going to have to stick with multiple apps until I can get this one figured out. I would give it only 2 stars if I didn't have the patience to learn to make it work but because I can see the potential I'm giving it 4 stars.

  • Get This App!

    by garythelazy

    I don't write many reviews, but I had to for this wonderful app. I have tried many calendar/to do/reminder apps and all have been lacking in one thing or another. This app allows you to EASILY attach 5 kinds of attachments to any note, to do, or calendar event. Attachments can be documents (including photos), web site, location map, contacts and any note from your note stack. But the best feature is when you send any event with attachments to someone else. It gives you 3 options for size of attachments (small, medium and full size), so photo attachments can be sent full size.

  • Love this app!

    by Blindrod

    I love this app! So helpful! Just an idea for the app. It would be cool if there was a way to organize contacts into groups and be able to send emails to specific groups of people through this app. Maybe sending them a calendar of events or just a message. Just an idea. Haven't found an app that does that yet. This app has everything I need though, but with add that and it will be perfect! Just an idea ;)

  • Wonderful App, but slow....

    by JustpeachynDC

    This app is wonderful.Very sophisticated. However it is very sluggish when trying to go between inputting items on the calendar and other functions such as creating tasks or attaching files or adding contacts. Even when I try to enlarge the view of the tasks/ calendar to expand to wide screen, it gets stuck for a second and sluggishly tries to expand the view wether in portrait or landscape. I am learning that there is a lot this powerful app can do which is why I'm giving it four stars, but it needs to be a little bit more seamless when trying to work between the functions and also expanding or contracting the calendar/tasks view. I am very much looking forward to an update that works these little kinks out. All in all, wonderful app! Excited about what more goodies this powerful organizing app will be able to bring us in the future. Great job!

  • Really great app

    by itsJeffo

    This app replaces the default apps with an intuitive design. Worth every penny. The thing to understand is that there is about 5 apps all in one little neat app with a great UI. Very fair price. I'd recommend it. ***All it needs now is email integration***

  • Works just fine. Good app

    by Larry the safety guy too

    Just starting to work with this app but it works fine for me lets you put what you need with the event. Just one request. Icon badge for date please.

  • Awesome

    by Heyma

    Why is it so hard to find an app that does "everythink" this app does? I love it! Just wish I had found it before I spent money trying out other apps. Maps, contacts, attachments, notes, email, calendar, web. Wonderful! This is a keeper!

  • Very Good app

    by rmbeyer76

    This is a very good app. The only thing I wish it had was a badge to indicate the date. Otherwise, it is great. I'm a calendar junky and have tried all kinds of calendars. This one is a keeper.

  • OMG!

    by Tntbledsoe

    How does this app only have 5 reviews?! This is the best app I have EVER seen. It is what I have been looking for for a LONG time. A true do-it-all app with the coolest features EVER! And only 4.99?!?!? Get it before they realize how great it really is because if they keep updating this baby it is going to be worth much much more.

  • Great app!

    by BoxerFan5

    I admit it took me a little while to discover the potential this app has, but now I love it!! I'm still discovering all the many possibilities EveryThink holds for making my life run smoother! Thank you!

  • Crashing

    by mcomte

    Not usable, crashes constantly, can not do anything.

  • Sad. Very Sad.

    by Ansk

    This app has a lot of promise, but it is extremely unstable and, I might add, difficult to figure out how to use. On the plus side, the developer is quick to respond to questions, so good for him. I've not written regarding the problems I'm having now because I just don't have the time to troubleshoot an app like this. On the negative side, the app is unstable 1) removed tabs come back, 2) relocation of tabs does not stay, 3) there are definite lags in time between actions, and 4) the app crashes all the time. I do have a lot of calendars and reminders, but I've also got an iPad Air with 128g, so it can't be a problem with memory. Also, I've noticed that my iCloud data (contacts, calendars, reminders) come up missing. This didn't happen prior to installing this app, but the behavior has quit after deleting the app. Not sure if there's a connection, but.. Anyhow. I'm glad that others are having a good experience with this app. Sure wish I was one of them, but I'm not.

  • Lots of functionality bad UI

    by SimpleMuslim

    I bought this app looking for the ultimate function packed way to manage my tasks and projects. Sadly most of the functionality I would never use. Although there is a lot here to explore the user interface is a mess and not intuitive. Buttons are small. Working with multiple calendars, and task lists add lots of separate tabs and no good interface to look at everything together. Would give it 3 stars if it wasn't for the 7$ I lost and can never recover :(

  • Additional cost for iPad version???

    by JAG572

    Very disappointed!

  • Nice...but

    by Kwag58

    Gorgeous GUI, but would not load 2nd time. Makes it useless.

  • Does not sync to google tasks

    by Rikania

    I bought this app because I thought it synced to both google calendar and tasks but this was not the case. I would really like this app otherwise.

  • Disappointed

    by EyeZod

    I bought the app...opened it up to check it out, and now it won't reopen...just the home screen... I want my money refunded...

  • Bruce

    by Brucedougie

    Fun to use ! A great product!

  • Think about Trying EveryThink

    by Father Ralph

    What an outstanding application! My every best wish to the developers as they continue progressing with their work. I know that they are probably working on either an iPad specific or a Universal version of the App for future release. I will look forward to (and gladly pay for) such a future version. I cannot tell you enough how totally impressed I am with the creativity that went into designing this App, the cleverly designed UI (hover and drop is simply genius!), and the insight into workflow management that it all represents. I would also like to mention that I had occasion to contact the developers with a couple of questions about their App. Not only did they get back to me in less than a day, their response was also personal, not just some boilerplate answer. I am very impressed with their attention to customer service. Thank you once again to the developers for their outstanding work to date, and I am looking forward to the future updates to this great App! UPDATE (1.5.7): Since my first review, this app has already been updated. I have started following the developers and other users through Facebook. They are really passionate about continuing their work on this program, and report that their iPad version and cross device sync options are already being tested in the lab. I continue to be very happy with the program and I am eager to see how they make use of the extra real estate on the iPad to make their UI even more effective. Keep up the great work!

  • Love the app, bummed about one thing

    by joecool025

    I love the app, great job! But I need one easy to fix option. When I try to set a reminder for an event the furthest reminder I can set is 2 days out. For birthdays and such I need up to two weeks for a reminder so I can buy search for and buy gifts, etc. Can you add this option on your next update? I will promptly change my review to 5 stars FWIW. Thanks!

  • Not so great!

    by Contact problem

    the to do's don't have the option of alarms, repeating, if I had known I wouldn't of bought:(( Please make this available in the next update.

  • Alln1

    by Nwc3859

    Great app

  • App doesn't deliver

    by Plumberchick661

    Did NOT sync to OUTLOOK CALENDAR only reason I downloaded it... This App doesn't deliver!!!

  • Excellent App!!!!

    by cdr8mpbde

    If we could only attach emails to calendar or task items!!!!

  • Everthink

    by Rotsapad

    Still learning all the nuances of this app but I like the "one stop shop" feel if it.

  • Love, love, love!

    by Addicted to paper and pencil

    This app is amazing! I've tried in the past to move to an electronic calendar but nothing else has given me the control and appearance that I wanted. With EveryThink I can see my whole month and the events on each day, color coded according to category. For my son's birthday party, I can add a separate sticky note for each thing I'm working on--guest list, menu, activities--and they are all stored inside the event so I can't possibly lose them! I'm still figuring everything out, but the tech support is the BEST I've ever experienced. I'm telling all my friends who are addicted to paper planners to give this app a try.

  • How will i leave iphone with this kind of apps

    by liveyatz

    Just read the full description and what you read is what you get. This app is the 21st century productivity state of the art functionality + UI is totally set the new standards. Just like you are riding on a latest lexus SUV.

  • Very good app

    by Jaster Obama swag

    This app has a sound interface and it includes many features not found elsewhere. I have been using it as my primary calendar/to do app for the past fortnight. As an "all in one" solution it works very well. There are two changes I would like to see: 1. Allow for the option that when launched it opens the calendar automatically and thus bypasses the home screen. 2. Enable location based reminders including departure and arrival (akin to the option in Apple's Reminders' app).

  • Excellent calendar and tasks app!

    by EugeneFF

    I have been using this app for some time now, and still keep finding new cool features! I like the option to see both tasks and events on the same screen. Syncs perfectly with all accounts. It is very helpful to be able to attach photos and documents for every item. When you learn how to use it correctly, drag-and-drop is a real time savior: you can drag any contact, photo, bookmark or note and attach it any event or task. Highly recommended! :)

  • Just got better!!

    by U.Romano

    I've been using it ever since it came out and this latest update is even way better! Definitely worth checking out.

  • Amazing app

    by Ryo2882

    This is a great app. Combining so much stuff in an app that is easy to use is a real time saver. I don't miss exiting and entering the iPhone default apps at all. Having the ability to have to-do items without a date always appear on today in their own section is great too. I now have a rather long list of things I won't forget to do. So I am having to come up with new excuses why my to do items aren't done. The support team is amazing I emailed them about something and got a quick reply about it being a known issue and they even emailed me 2 weeks later to tell me the issue I had was fixed in that days update and remind me to update my app. There are a few things I would like to see improved upon but this is still the best planner I have tried.

  • Disappointed

    by Manic Bobo

    For $4.99 I sure expected better. Tasks that are set to repeat at a set time daily or weekly show up EVERY day or week into the future...this really clogs up the calendar in a month or two into your future. The tab colors are dark & dull & do not match the colors set in the iOS calendar. Red looks like a muddy brown. On top of that not all items carry over into the right calendar tab. All in all I wish I hadn't bought it & spent this money on cigarettes or something else I could just buy & set fire to wasting my cash on something with some form of satisfaction.

  • Great start!

    by reidbloomfield

    I love the app. Very useful. My only suggestion would be the ability to create to-do's and events from emails. This would make my life MUCH easier.

  • Superb app

    by Bonzia

    This is my first review after using hundreds of apps. It's the best I've used period. Great job!

  • Cool Concept

    by BozoTcat

  • Nice App

    by Mbrown655

    This is a nice app with a cool concept. It still needs a some polishing and adding Toodle and DropBox support would make it a lot more useful. Would also like to have the ability to change skins. I would recommend giving this app a try.

  • Great App!

    by IBloomie

    It does take some getting used to, since it is very different from any regular todo app, but once you get the hang of it, you can't recall how you organized you day before. DHD is a brilliant idea. Makes you wonder how come no one thought of it until now. In my opinion, the app still requires some polishing. Dropbox connectivity would be nice too. Yet, it is truly AWESOME as it is. Good work guys! I think this may be the beginning of a beautiful friendship (-: PS - Why don't you sell the app on the Israeli store? I am from Israel and I feel stupid having to download the app from the american store.

  • Just what I was looking for

    by adir fischer

    This very well designed, easily syncs app, helps with organizing all my daily tasks, trips, contacts, pics etc. The reason I bought this app is due to its maps abilities. I found it to be extremely helpful and user friendly. The drag- hover- drop function is also very cool!! Check it out. This app is perfect for organizing a full day of activities such as day trips with lots of sightseeing or when you need to get from one place to another fast and need to remember lots of details on the way.

  • Super good organizer!

    by don't install

    This app does what it says it does, which is a lot! When I had a question, one of the designers Skyped with me to show me how to do what I wanted to do. I would suggest more detailed instructions. This app is amazing, but it is so amazing, more detailed instructions would be helpful.

  • EveryThink

    by TomMillerr

    I have been looking for an App that can add locations, and documents from my google drive - to meetings. The yahoo finance news item about this App convinced me to download it. I am amazed at how intuitive it is to use. My google drive files are all visible, and I can easily drag them into the calendar. I would love to see dropbox added as well.

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