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Seller: EuroSmartz Ltd

• Fixed Pages "Open in" files for iOS7 • Folders and speed enhancements for hotmail & - you will need to re-add your email account again • POP account sync • New iOS 7 user interface and settings • Full iOS 7 support • Cloud server settings to store content offline • Setting to increase font size when reading emails • SugarSync shared folder support • Email videos from photo albums • Additional app password options • Fixed & CloudMe access changes • Additional calendar print options for a compact month view • Fixed video fullscreen playback

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Print directly to the widest range of network or WiFi printers, without a computer or AirPrint! Alternatively print via your Mac/PC to ALL printers including USB & Bluetooth printers.
Print... documents √ cloud files √ web pages √ emails √ attachments √ photos √ contacts √ calendars √ clipboard items √ convert to PDF √ and much more - to ANY PRINTER!

Featured in the Apple "Office" Global TV ad. A single App for all devices

•• The Press Love it! •• "What's really cool is the app's ability to print over 3G"
Incredible iPhone Apps for Dummies "Print n Share is the only way to go if you need to be able to print documents from your iPhone"
AppShouter "The all-in-one office app!"
Epson "Print & Share makes printing available to all"

•• Printing & PDF Conversion ••
√ Print direct to the widest range of network/WiFi printers
√ Print via your computer to ALL printers including USB & Bluetooth printers. Also print to AirPrint printers.
√ Print preview and select the pages you want to print
√ Print from Pages, Numbers or Keynote extremely quickly & easily without the need for an AirPrint/ePrint printer, using "Open in..."
√ Print remotely via 3G, 4G or Cloud
√ Convert files & documents to PDF
√ Print from other Apps using Open in
√ Print using ALL the same document formats to ALL printers used by your Mac/PC
√ Save web pages as PDF files and email as attachments
√ Email your month, day or week calendar as a PDF

•• Powerful Reader & Document Storage ••
√ View, read & print large PDFs, Office, iWork & many other files
√ Zip/Unzip files directly on your iPad/iPhone/iPod
√ Set calendar follow up reminders for files & documents
√ Search through documents for keywords and content
√ Arrange files into multi level folders
√ Convert files/emails/calendars/docs/web pages to PDF

•• Wireless File & Cloud Transfer ••
√ Mount your iPad/iPhone/iPod as an extra disk on your Mac/PC
√ Super Easy Drag & drop documents & files to or from your iPad/iPhone/iPod
√ Access Cloud services such as CloudMe,, Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, SugarSync, ShareFile, SkyDrive, FTP, WebDAV & much more
√ Seamlessly transfer files, email & print from the Cloud

•• Email ••
√ Print email & attachments
√ Send and Receive emails from your own email accounts
√ Save and attach files on your computer or cloud servers
√ Bulk select and delete/move to other folders
√ Full email field search - across multiple email accounts
√ View multiple email accounts in single inbox or on their own
√ Archive emails as files for later access

•• More great features ••
√ Browse and print web pages to ALL printers
√ Calendar printing - Print/View Day/Week/Month
√ Select & print multiple photos
√ Print address/shipping labels

QUICK HELP - if you need it
Average reply: 1 hour, 24/7

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent useful app

    by BLOREAN

    It's awesome easy to use and it works great!! I'm a student always on the run!! Perfect for last minute printing

  • New update is great

    by Zokker

    Newest update is great prints from just about every app easily and without hassle.

  • The best

    by PPGMD

    This app is terrific have been using it heavily for 10 months. Works on all sorts of printers. Finally easy to print from my iPad and iPhone. Absolutely worth the money!

  • Great

    by Dcowlthorpe

    Great app

  • A Wonderful Program

    by B. C.

    This program is quite useful when I am using it in conjunction with my IPad. It allows me print documents and emails when I am away from my computer. There are sever things that I have to discover before I can categorize it as being great. 1. The inability to change the font size. 2. Problem to print copy the entire length of the page.

  • Print

    by Xire11

    I've used this app for 4 years now and absolutely love it. No problems ever.

  • Awesome app

    by Annaliese426

    I love this app. It works just like it says it will!

  • Its good

    by Metal gear bords

    Nice And well i used this since 2 years ago and it was very good for my needs Thanks for the updates

  • Easy to Print

    by Futuro2013

    I use Print & Share to print web pages or a recipe that I type or copy and paste. Because my printer was new, I did not want to buy an air printer. This app fixes that problem. I also do my emails on the app and it deletes them faster than some of my other search engines. Once your printer is synced you should have no problem.

  • Great App. But annoying constant request for ratings.

    by Draw Queen 2

    Next time I am asked to rate you I will give a one star. STOP ASKING ME TO RATE YOU.

  • Works like a champ!

    by Smoothswingdad

    I really like using this app. Allows me to easily print to non-apple wireless printers.

  • Great Customer Service

    by Not quite there

    Really good company. Had an issue and they got back to me within an hour via emails. Fixed the issue and I thank them. Really nice to be able to do so many things with this program and then print without an airprint printer.

  • Works......

    by JMart060

    I have a lexmark wireless printer x4650 and can only print through wePrint using this app. Had some trouble printing but their support was patient and walked me through how to use wePrint. At this point I have to use wePrint, therefore my computer has to be on and weprint program running. If I knew that I wouldn't have bought the app, for me to go boot-up my computer defeats the purpose of this app. It's my printer that is not compatible with the app but wish I would have known which printers work only with wePrint, would have saved me a lot of time and frustration.

  • Lifesaver to print from my iPad!

    by Prsuasv

    My older HP is not air print eligible, and this app makes it possible for me to print wirelessly from my iPad. Super easy to use whether it is an email or website.

  • Great app

    by ClayToo

    This app, good when first presented and steadily improved, now is an excellent product that I find almost indispensable. Recommended very highly.

  • Best Support!

    by uhuh7

    Great idea, excellent support and constant improvement are just some of the reasons that Eurosmartz stands out as the leader of the iPhone printing apps. This group of dedicated individuals will respond to your concerns within one hour. And they will work with you until your concerns are resolved to your satisfaction. (I am not in any way affiliated to the developer and this review is unsolicited)

  • Print and share

    by DebbieYocum

    Awesome! I love it

  • Excellent!!!

    by Sandj99

    Highly recommend!!!

  • Good

    by Wanker1984

    Good app didn't see any ios7 update for keyboard

  • Great Product

    by anaraghi

    The application quickly found my printer and i was up and running in no time. Setup was extremely intuitive. My printer model was not an AirPrinter and this application was a great alternative to buying an AirPrinter enabled device.

  • Not plug and play

    by Telcoking1

    Waste of money. Not plug and play. I would not buy it again. Terrible!!!

  • Maybe Not

    by BluePlanetMan

    Longtime user. The news update suffers from a significant bug. "Select All" isn't possible in its text editor. Absent that feature the app's utility to me is cut in half. The only other thing on which I still rely for Print n Share is wireless server feature via WePrint. The downgrade of the text editor is about to stop my use of this app. Like most apps, its publishers make significant mistakes every once in a while in in version releases. EuroSmartz is no different although their support had so far been responsive. We'll see what happens with this case.

  • Good App when it's not crashing!!

    by StDJ

    This app beats Google Chrome in crash frequency on my ipad Air. That says a lot

  • Print n share

    by Sann 11

    This app is absolutely wonderful. I will suggest it to all of my friends.

  • Crashes

    by dprX

    I don't know who's writing these reviews. This app crashes on startup on both my iPad and iPhone. Also this is basically the same app as PrintCentral from the same company; same pig just with lipstick. You can't print from any app other that PrintCentral. If you want to print any document you have to open it in PrintCentral to print. So PrintCentral (PC) needs to be configured to receive your emails then your emails need to be opened in PC before they can be printed. Very cumbersome process. Same with web pages...they need to be opened in PC before printing and then they may not print as expected. In reading the user manual for Print n Share it seems to operate the same way. I'm very disappointed that they are marketing this as a new app when it's not. I deleted PC from my iPad and iPhone and I've requested a refund in this app.

  • Great App

    by Vgentry43

    I use Print N Share all the time. Because I do not yet have an Air printer or Eprint printer yet this printing app comes in handy with all of my printing needs through my HP Photosmart C6200 Series printer. Sometimes there are some glickes, but when I contact the customer services department, I usually get a quick response with what to do. And it works out ok. I have use this app since I downloaded for about two year now and going strong. Don't think I need to try another printer app. Virginia Happy Customer

  • Great app

    by Froggyfeets

    Great app, very easy to use. I love it.

  • Works great once you get use to I

    by ChronosMax

    I use this all the time from my IPAD and have not had any problems other than my grandson turns of the printer without telling me.

  • Neat App

    by JeEller

    Neat App... Still learning all the perks.

  • Finfan

    by Finfan7019

    Easy printing!!! Perfect for those of us that don't have air printers!

  • Great customer support

    by P1944

    I am very impressed with the customer support I have been given. Whenever I have a question, I receive an answer within minutes. That's customer support! I highly recommend this App. Thanks Amy!

  • Print n Share

    by Williej2

    It works with weprint on a signed on desktop!

  • Absolute junk

    by Pleebis

    To print from e-mail,you have to set-up e-mail account within the app; it doesn't print from the regular account. It couldn't find anything; couldn't print anything; couldn't do anything. Deleted after 30 minutes of frustrating ownership. Complete waste of money.

  • Works great

    by Curlyned

    Not entirely intuitive, but working fine. Where have you been all my (app) life?!?

  • Does not work

    by Tlewis276

    I can't get this to work... So far support is lacking

  • Pretty cool

    by solivagusMMIX

    This app is neat- it prints straight to my network printer, and prints MOST everything...however, if you need to print PDF forms that contain data fields, you need "write PDF" by the same company- I wish I had know this earlier...the print n share app is a simple PDF viewer and will not display field data- this app however received five stars because of the tech support alone- it is emailed based, but within 5 minutes of asking them something, they assigned me a case number and responded with suggestions and help- this is how I discovered the flaw with PDF files- overall, it's neat, but I suggest write PDF for all your printing needs-

  • Pretty cool

    by solivagusMMIX

    This app is neat- it prints straight to my network printer, and prints MOST everything...however, if you need to print PDF forms that contain data fields, you need "write PDF" by the same company- I wish I had know this earlier...the print n share app is a simple PDF viewer and will not display field data- this app however received five stars because of the tech support alone- it is emailed based, but within 5 minutes of asking them something, they assigned me a case number and responded with suggestions and help- this is how I discovered the flaw with PDF files- overall, it's neat, but I suggest write PDF for all your printing needs-

  • Works great

    by LUIS NY

    Connects and prints works great. We have several printers and can select and print very easy to use.

  • Great printing app!

    by Puzzles for me

    I've wanted to print from my iPad so long and you made it simple! Thanks!

  • Love it

    by Momof3.j

    Just what I needes

  • Great App!

    by pet news tv online media

    This is a great app' Since I have this app I can print everything I want from my iPad and iPhone! I needed help to print from my email but otherwise I am very satisfied!

  • Chelle

    by Chelle..

    Great app!

  • Great App

    by Trawetsay

    I use it frequently and it works every time! Well worth it to download!

  • Awesome

    by Mike D2120

    Love this app!! Worth every penny!

  • Flawless Performance

    by gmatlock

    I am using this app with my iPad and Bluetooth connection to my HP OfficeJet 7410 All I One. It has performed flawlessly from day one. Highly recommended for anyone wanting no hassle printing from your iPad or iPhone.

  • Wonderful App!

    by Sylvester4

    I've had this App for years and have to review all the stuff it can do from time to time.

  • Works great

    by AKJ72

    It prints things

  • USMC


    blah — blah — blah as I stepped up onto the podium (already 20 minutes behind schedule) I spilled a full cup of coffee into my briefcase. Hoping for the best while using my iPad and Office 365. selected several documents of various formats (.docx, .xlms, .png) that I stored SkyDrive and in Dropbox. I sent several small groups of pages individually and one group at the time, all to the same place which was "Print~n~Share" hoping that it would be converted to single PDF document. The operation was so quick and smooth that I thought it did not work at first. Much to my surprise several seconds later I received a pop-up from "Print~n~Share" asking me where I wanted to save or send my 27 page PDF document.

  • lifesaver

    by pianote4363

    This is a fantastic app! It works well with all my printers and I didn't have to buy an Apple Air printer!!!! Well worth the money spent.

  • Works fine

    by Thehamguy1

    I have a wireless printer but not an AirPrint capable printer, so this app is a way for me to print from the iPad without too much hassle. I just followed the app's suggestion to set up a gmail account to mail things to myself from the iPad, like documents, notes, web pages, etc., then I open the app and grab the item in the app's built-in email client. It felt a little clunky doing it that way at first but after a while I got used to it. It's an iOS limitation the program has to work around. From there I just press print and as long as I'm in range of my LAN it comes out of the printer.

  • Printing Works Great

    by Password keeper

    I'm glad I got this app. It works great and is a lot less expensive than having to purchase a new printer.

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