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"What's not to love about this time-proven technique to enhance productivity through complete focus!" Eric B.

"Who would have thought - those painful tasks/Frogs could be this fun? When the Frog swallows the task it's so entertaining!"
" Gretchen G.

Based upon Brian Tracy's international best-selling book and procrastination killer, Eat That Frog!

The key to reaching high levels of performance and productivity is to develop the lifelong habit of tackling your major task first thing each morning. You must develop the routine of "Eating Your Frog" before you do anything else, and without taking too much time to think about it.

The Truth About Frogs
Mark Twain once said that if the first thing you do each morning is eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that it’s probably the worst thing you'll have to do all day long.

Your "frog" is your biggest, most important task. It's the one you are most likely to procrastinate on, even dread. Yet, it is also the one task that can have the greatest positive impact on your life and create positive results immediately.

With that in mind, "Eat That Frog,” the iPhone app, has been specifically designed and developed to ensure that your biggest priorities are handled with the urgency and focus required to make you most effective in your business and personal life.

Each day, you'll be impressed with the momentum created from tackling your most difficult tasks, and at the end of each week and month, you'll be amazed to see just how much you've completed!

Why use Eat That Frog?
There is no denying that it is our ability to focus on priorities and manage our time effectively which separates the high-achievers.

To that end, Eat That Frog! helps you to quickly establish and track your most important and impactful tasks throughout the each day.

You can create as many tasks/Frogs as you like. However, there is a catch, you can only ACTIVATE ONE FROG AT A TIME.

NOTE: This is NOT a ToDo app - it's a procrastination killer that enables pure focus. Find out why this is the methodology used by the most productive people in the world.

Learn more at

✔ Establish as many custom Tasks/Frogs as you like!
✔ Track your daily Frog and add required steps to keep you on target
✔ Establish estimated completion dates for each Frog!
✔ Easy to understand and clean user interface
✔ Motivate! Upon setup or each Frog task item, you get to write WHY you must complete the task
✔ Track each Frog over multiple days if necessary
✔ Chart both completion percentages and status
✔ Email chart data!
✔ Select up to four unique Frog ribbits
✔ Includes Badge reminder!

"Eat That Frog! is simple, creative, fun to use and most importantly effective."
Chelsea S.

Note: Rare Settings bug fix awaiting review by Apple correcting International/Regional issue.

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Customer Reviews

  • If I could give 3.5 stars, I would...

    by dpt-frosh

    Great idea, fun graphics, good encouragement....but the next steps list doesn't carry on to subsequent days?? Am I only meant to write steps after they are completed??? Confusing.

  • Helps

    by Sargon1193

    It's helping me get off to a good start most days, and that's half the battle.

  • Use a timer app instead

    by Travis mcserge

    Just got this app. I currently use a timer app to deal with my procrastination. I was hoping for something more inspiring. My most important task is Yoga. I see no reason to use this app when I should re-enter why I need to do it.

  • Good but could be great!!

    by Lisaofthejungle85

    Suggestion #1: Allow the option for individual tasks for an active frog to CARRY OVER FROM DAY TO DAY if they don't get completed on the day they were listed I.e. The task shows up on everyday's list until completed. This is an app for procrastinators, right? Suggestion #2: Allow users to change/ sort order of tasks within an activated frog Suggestion #3 Allow users to toggle between which frog is activated. So there would still only be one frog active at a time but sometimes you HAVE to put one frog down to eat a more looming frog. Suggestion #4: Allow users to create breakdown task lists for inactive frogs. Thanks!!!

  • Need app for the iPad

    by goorooman

    Need for iPad great application

  • Support where are you?

    by FlyingDove

    Followed the link to support for this program and found only Habit Factor blog, faq, customer testimonies, etc. I need help. I purchased this app a while ago and it worked fine. The problem now is that when I touch the settings button it closes the app. It never did that before. I tried deleting the app from the phone, turning the phone off, syncing it to itunes to reload app, turning it off/on again to no avail. The same result.

  • Need ability to list steps in inactive frogs

    by Surrealsm

    I love this app, even bought the book because of it. One small suggestion that would make it 5 stars for me; give the option to outline the steps for each "frog" before you have to activate it. It would help me figure out which frog in my list is really the first frog without having to do it in another outlining app first.

  • I always liked FROG legs.

    by chase5fingers

    a FUN way to keep track of appointments and TASKS. this app makes you want to hear the frog CROAK so try not to procrastinate!

  • Excellent productivity tool

    by kjtriplett

    I have tried many different task management apps, including Todo, RTM, and Things, but none of them were this simple and this helpful. Being able to concentrate on only one important task at a time has helped me prioritize better and get things done more efficiently. If you follow Brian Tracy, or if you are looking for the perfect task management solution, I highly recommend Eat That Frog!

  • Fun

    by rochellemh

    This is a great app for me. I get sidetracked and overwhelmed easily.

  • Great ribbit app!

    by Wildwoodtim

    Eat that Frog does exactly what it's designed to increase my productivity. There's always one thing per day I have to do that I don't really want to do but Need to do. This app makes getting that task done a little more fun. Highly ribbitmended!! :)

  • Great more worthwhile items done with this app

    by consistentwork

    This has app has been very useful in helping me confront my most important tasks. I'll admit when I'm staring down a huge "to-do" item it can be intimidating but once I complete it I ALWAYS feel better. The good thing about this app is it isn't a bunch of random items to complete but rather it helps you stay focused on things that worthwhile to get completed. It won't do your work for you but if used as instructed expect results. Highly reccommended and worth money.

  • Great tool for tracking the most important task of the day

    by DBpro

    Great and fun app! Very nice graphics, easy to use and suprisingly fast on my iphone 2G. This is neither a to do app, nor a projest tracking app, but just a way to focus on your most important task of the day. Since you can only activate one task at a time this app makes you priorotize and think about what is the most important thing you got to do. It would be nice if i could rearrange the steps in any order i like and delete them when i completed a step. Hopefully in next update it will be possible.

  • Effective but missing sort feature.

    by Tri987

    ETF is great at helping you focus on getting your most important projects done and should not be confused with todo apps. The idea being quality and not quantity. The charts are nice and motivate me to perform at 100%. One missing feature is the ability to sort projects by due date. I guess you're expected to remember that. I recommend this to anyone who is good at getting lots done but has a hard time focusing on priorities.

  • Nice start, but...

    by sarahschilling

    I'd like it if my "Next Steps" could carry over from one day to the next. For example, my first frog is a doozie that won't be finished until Oct. 1. I'd like to have my next steps that I entered on Sept. 12, still be listed under the item when I go back to it on the 13th, 14th, that I can see how I'm chipping away at the task. I'd also like to plan ahead and enter next steps for the future frogs that can't be activated until the first one is eaten. Thanks!

  • Mr.

    by Michael W A T.

    I have been listening or reading Brian Tracy's material for the last 26 years, this App is a wonderful implementation of Brian's practical wisdom. Bravo!

  • Amazing!

    by Kris Fredrickson

    I *love* this application! It brightens my day an has enhanced my productivity meaningfully. I would strongly recommend this to anyone.

  • A must have for professionals!

    by Boston09

    I have been a Brian Tracy fan for years and his book "Eat That Frog" changed my life. I am so excited that they have released an iPhone application to go along with it! Its a great way to keep track of and eliminate those daunting daily tasks that we all tend to put off. Its time for everyone to "Eat That Frog." Thanks Brian!

  • San Diego, CA

    by Brian Traichel

    Eat that frog is the breakfast for all action minded success seekers. This allows you to start your day with the most important items that you know must get done first.

  • Bad

    by Chase chase chase

    Other app broken. This one?????

  • Not a good app

    by Jerryvi

    Want my money back ..

  • Very Disappointed

    by Kattys Badger

    I purchased this app with high hopes. I like Brian Tracy's idea of completing your most difficult task ( eat the frog) and you are already on your way to having a productive day. I think this app is wonderful for this purpose if it actually worked. I have been able to enter a task and activate it. Beyond that application is very buggy. If you open up the tracking screen the font is garbled and illegible. if you go to the settings window that entire screen is blank and there's no way to adjust any settings. More disconcerting is if you enter in an item and don't activate it there is no way to view that item or a way to activated later. The concept behind all of the applications from Equilibrium Enterprises are excellent ideas in concept. I use the Habit Factor application which is currently working but is not the most intuitive iPhone app I've ever used. I'm just disappointed that these apps that have so much potential would only have to function to be very valuable. On that note the Habit Factor works but if the developer is not going to put the time in Brian Tracy's Eat That Frog to have this app function properly they should not continue to sell it. Even more disappointing is I am unable to find any place on the developer's website to actually contact them for support. Extremely disappointing,

  • Nice graphics but poor user interface

    by NikU51008

    I was totally excited to purchase this app, as the graphics and design looked slick on the screen shots. After using this program for a few days, I am very disappointed with it's user interface. The program is not very intuitive. For the average user, I think this app is good, however, for the more demanding UI savvy user, this program is not up to par. The app always opens up to the "information/about" page and does not possess a memory so that it opens to the page that you last left it at. How often does one go to the info/about section that the developer assumes you want to open to this page each time? Also, the way the program is laid out and the schematics on how to add tasks is very confusing and certainly not logical. Overall, I'm said I spent the money on this app. I hope for updates from the developer in the future.

  • pls fix this ASAP

    by Smallcolot

    Crashed when press setting btn in OS 3.1, pls fix this ASAP.

  • Good concept...very buggy

    by Rogger

    Love the concept but everytime my frog eats my task, it won't show my list until I go out of the app and then go back in. Not worth the money. Also, when I go to view the chart, the "about" section is in the background and only works when I go out of the app and then go back in. Very annoying.

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