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Languages: English

Seller: EffortlessFood, LLC

Version 3.4
• Added option to hide the icon badge
• Added option to hide beta features (Recipes, Meal Plan)
• Minor fixes

Version 3.3
• Fully optimized for the iPad
• Fixed freezing when importing a list
• Fixed duplicate list when importing a list

Version 3.2
• Optimized for iPhone 5 and iOS 6!
• Streamlined user interface

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3 Ratings
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667 Ratings


GrocerEaze is an extraordinary shopping list app and much, much more! Quickly build lists, manage your pantry, find recipes, and build meal plans. Save time and make grocery shopping easy.

Rapidly build shopping lists using our product database! Do you always purchase the same items? Simply reuse your old lists.

Save money! See how much your list will cost before even going to the store. Once there, stay on budget by tracking the cost of everything in your cart.

Share your list and let someone else do your shopping! Open the shared list directly in GrocerEaze or just view it via email.

Can't remember what you have at home? Always know what's on hand in the GrocerEaze pantry.

Build shopping lists even easier with our new meal planning feature! Find recipes you like and GrocerEaze will automatically create your shopping list!

Can't decide what you want to eat? GrocerEaze will show you what recipes can be made using the ingredients you already have in your pantry!

Done cooking that meal? GrocerEaze will automatically remove the used ingredients from your pantry, making pantry management a snap!

• Multiple shopping lists
• Budget tracking
• Price and aisle per store
• List sharing
• Sort by item, category, or aisle

• Track items you have on-hand.
• Add used up items to your shopping list.

Meal Planning
• View recipes based on ingredients in your pantry
• Add missing ingredients to your shopping list
• Create simple meal plans

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Customer Reviews

  • Best Pantry/Grocery list App EVER!!

    by RNtoIT

    I Love this App!! Easy to see what you have at home so you don't buy another and have duplicates. Easy to move things from your pantry list to your grocery list when things run out. Easy to check off at the store. Love the options to have more then one list going. One for Costco and one for Kroger/Meijer. I don't use the price for each item feature although if I did I could probably save money. Very very glad I got this app!! By far the one I use most. Why write a grocery list every week with the same items? Never again!!

  • Wow!

    by Engineer78

    Great app. Saves me a bunch of time and keeps me buying the right things. I love knowing how much everything is going to cost before checking out!

  • Great app

    by FatLabRat

    The only reason I did not give it five stars is that I can't add my own recipes. It took a little time to get all the items entered but after the initial setup it is great. There is a place for notes on each item so I can enter the price per unit to know if I'm getting a good deal or not. For example, granola bars; 6 bars at Aldi's vs. 30 bars at Sams Club. My notes say Aldi's are $.28 each and Sams are $.19 each, so they go onto my list for the monthly trip to Sams and if I run into a sale elsewhere, I know if it's a good sale price or not. Saves me money and I like that! When I go to the pantry, I click on an item and it is added to my shopping list. At the store I click on each item as I load it in the cart and then hit checkout when all done, each thing goes back into the pantry. Well worth the $.99 charge.

  • It's okay

    by Indigobrown

    I LOVED the pantry feature but could not delete the staples...had to figure out how to replace them. Also, you HAD to use their recipes to build my shopping list...couldn't just build a pweekly plan from my own recipes...Boo!!!

  • solid app

    by Eric Mountford

    love how the budget is built right in. not many grocery apps don't seem to have that. only real complaint is the UI could be a bit more streamlined. not overly intuitve.

  • Very useful

    by practical22

    Keeps me honest and organized

  • Could be just what I've been seeking

    by us4thompsons

    With syncing to other devices, calenders, and the cloud accessible via website this could be life changing. It is essential for stores to be located using GPS feature. IinformAtion for the local stores should be generated to choose from when adding a store. The store info and prices should then be imported and updated in lists for all items/ stores. ALL forms of payment and what the store sells should be included in store location results. Ability to Add MY OWN RECEIPES, and apply specific meals to specific dates and times on app CALENDER that syncs with iPhone CALENDER app and GCAL (at least) would make this functional and my GO TO APP. Also having different preferences for different family members would be great for allergies etc. Tab for previous transactions/trips/receipts that log stores and items purchased would be fantastic. And of course this list should be able to be filtered, sorted and exported as .cvs AND copy paste via email. This should be an option to send Groups or one specific list. Pie charts and graphs should be implemented in the history tab as well. By day, week, month, year. Price comparisons and sales listed IN SHOPPING list based off of my list of Stores. This is being done in other apps but they fall flat in budgeting per trip. I want an ALL IN ONE APP FOR SHOPPING. Coupon tab would be amazing as well for items and geographical location based on shopping list items. BARCODE scanner is A MUST. soon. i want an app to save me time, not take it. Also, a list of icons/pics to add to items or as default would make the UI much brighter and enriched. People like colors and fun buttons, bells and whistles etc. give them what they want. I have to say I feel as if this app has been abandoned. I don't think the blog has been updated lately yet still has a link on he app as if it will offer current information, which is the functionality of a blog especially for a business. I would pay 4.99 for this app if it was worked to its potential. Everyone shops. Why isn't there comprehensive app to track the logistics of this essential chore? This is a big hole in the market. Please help us be efficient. We know it will be well worth the money spent on what could be a beautiful app to save our precious, priceless time.

  • Room to grow

    by AngelDx

    This app isn't all bad, but it needs to grow into a more full realization of the concept. Some ideas: allow me to go to the pantry without going through a list. Allow me to add an item to a list right from the pantry when I need to replace it.

  • Phil

    by Philippe Binder

    Pretty good

  • Love it!!!

    by Starbeck52

    Love this app!! Have used a couple of grocery list apps, and this one's the best by far. Thanks to the developers.

  • Overall a good find

    by Mary Herman

    I found this app when I was changing my lifestyle and eating habits. It's great because I can keep track of what foods I have on hand and which I need to purchase. The only downfalls are that the recipes offered are very limited and the program occasionally crashes. Still, though, not bad for a free app.

  • Less than what I need

    by Beam II

    I have used this app for a few months and it was ok when I first started using it. But I need more, receipt in put or downloadable, ect. If all you what is a grocery list builder that helps with spending and is easy to use, then this is the app. But if you want/ need more i don't recommend it.

  • nice!!!

    by Mom260224

    I really like this app. It would b nice to add my own recipes though.

  • Best app I've been able to find

    by enslaved4Jesus

    After some time I've finally figured out how this app works...I think. Wish I could add my own recipes and build my own meal plan. But I like that I can keep track of my grocery total before getting to the register. Helps me stay on budget.

  • Testing the apps

    by Chadjoanne

    I will post my review soon. I am still trying to figure out how it works. So far doing good.

  • User friendly App

    by Dado'3

    I really like App. It stores prices and I can keep track of how much I am spending at the store. It would be nice to input recipes but I read that they are working on it.

  • Great app

    by Mcnuc

    This app is great!

  • Ok app

    by tickleme

    Didn't like how the app added grocery items to your list on its own. Can't change this in settings.

  • Not quite there

    by Nwmama7

    I want to love this app but you can't add your own recipes and you can't see the cost of the items on your list unless you open them individually.

  • Very useful app

    by MauToad

    This is a fantastic app to help keep track of what you have at home and what you need to buy. I only wish you could import your own recipes in addition to the ones given.

  • Help!

    by Cherimae71

    Like the concept of this app but it could be much better by making it easier to delete list! It is a pain, an I have yet to master it.

  • Can't add your own recipes

    by KTCash


  • Not useful

    by Hatgirl85

    This has some great aspects, but over all it is not helpful because it is to limited with what they offer.

  • Limited and buggy

    by HelpINeedCoffee

    Too limited to be really useful.

  • Grocer tease

    by tlmtynes

    Not very user friendly.

  • Disappointed

    by Coscolady

    Started good but now it just freezes and the only way is to delete the app on the iPad

  • Cannot add my own recipes!

    by Anighhtbreeze

    I thought this would be useful, but I cannot input my own recipes! What use is meal planning program where I cannot plan to make the meals I actually make?!

  • Needs More Features

    by jezus freak

    I was disappointed in this app! I would've like to see this app allow me to scan my items in as opposed to manually having to enter it in. I would also like recipe suggestions that are healthy, giving me nutrition details. I want the app to learn my eating habits and then help me make grocery list that encompass my habits!

  • Meal planning needs work.

    by YEL82

    I will easily give this app 5 stars when you can creat your own recipes and meal plans. Great for just a shopping list, though!

  • One vegetarian recipe..

    by Libindiby

    Ok there is only one recipe if you are vegetarian. This app need a way to add your own recipes & a database for name brand foods... Other than that in guess it is ok, I won't be using it.

  • Cool

    by JLBRYANT08

    Works great.. Takes a few to figure out but is a really good app specially for someone like me with kids...

  • I love this app!

    by Darbtastic

    It's brilliant and very user friendly.

  • Love it!

    by Bonbon1001

    Very easy to use.

  • Not yet perfect

    by Sci5Techr

    Good app for keeping up with items you buy on a regular basis. But not really designed to be a data base. Is helpful when shopping on a budget. Desperately NEEDS a bar code scanner and iCloud backup capabilities. A way to match up coupons with grocery lists would also be helpful.

  • I found it

    by nickname072

    I have been searching for an easy uncomplicated grocery app that keeps me to a budget. This is it. I was using a different grocery app before but they tried to do too much with it and it starting running really slow. I will pay the 99 cents and buy this one! Thank you!

  • Great app!

    by Coppertop80

    Love this app and am especially glad it has been updated for the iPad. Makes trips to the grocery store much faster. I can't wait to see more recipes added. My suggestions to the developer have been added. Talk about great customer service!

  • I will try this again.....

    by Kialayo

    I loved this app. Super convenient. Categorized everything, even adds tax for you. I was on my shopping trip, inputted final items on my rather lengthy grocery list got a phone call, hung up, went back to shopping. Got another phone call, hung up, went back to list...EVERYTHING gone. This app Ed extremely useful but I will not purchase this full app if things like things like this happen.

  • Love this app

    by Monarm

    I love this app. Now I can keep track of every in the whole house & out. No more buying duplicates. The only problem I have is it does not sync. I would also love to have voice control.

  • Can NOT add own recipes

    by Jacyne01

    I really like the app. I just wish I could add my own recipes. When choosing meals out of the recipes folder to add to your meal plan, the pantry items automatically load to the grocery list whether I have them or not.

  • Love this app!

    by Cinandbria

    This has to be my favorite app on my phone! I LOVE the budget option--it keeps me from going over every time. I also like the "Pantry", it lets me see what I already have and is super easy to add back to my list when I run out. My only suggestion would be to be able to do different tax rates; my state has different ones for food vs non-food, but regardless I love this app!!

  • Crashes

    by Manatarms220

    Crashed while entering my list, lost whole list, looking for reliable program

  • Almost right...

    by Cat520

    I poked around on it for about 30 seconds. The killer for me was that I can't add my own recipes. I don't care what every one else makes. I want to keep track of my own private recipes. Otherwise, seems pretty good. I didn't test the flexibility though. (whether I could add unique items my self)

  • Almost great...

    by Ninja8278

    This app would be wonderful IF I could add my own recipes.

  • Good but could use some updating

    by Snomom713

    Really like this app but there are tons of common items not listed on food lists

  • Love it

    by Kristynf

    Love this app

  • Freeze...

    by Sh94605

    Being really buggy. Keeps closing while I'm adding to my list... Won't save either. Not sure what happen... I loved this app but its not working this week! :-(

  • Pretty dang good!

    by SOCAL Tami

    Easy to add products to & I love that it adds ingredients to the recipes that are in here. You can build your pantry as you go and if you have items you regularly need or buy- this works well

  • Awesome FREE app!!! .

    by m4fav

    Lots of great updates!!! Wow free and great!! Thanks for making iPhone 5 compatible. :)

  • Practical

    by Man.overboard

    This app is incredibly useful and practical. I'm a working mom with a frantic schedule and this app is so helpful for getting in and out of the store quickly and easily, without ever forgetting anything! I use it all the time and I have recommended it to others. It has a streamline interface for ease of use and is stripped of all the bells and whistles that sometimes clog up other grocery apps, making them cumbersome to use, especially while pushing a cart with a whining two year old! That is not to say that it's boring. It's simplicity is its strength! Just like the name implies; EASE! Ease of use, resulting in an easy, hassle-free shopping experience. By far the best grocery app on the market.

  • Convenient App

    by Newtoapple1

    I like being able to move an item I just purchased into my pantry and a used up item from my pantry back onto my shopping list. The pantry's really helpful for getting an idea of what I have in the house so I can decide what to make. Helps to fill in the "holes" for recipes more easily.

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