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Seller: Edward Symington

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2 Sugars is a lovingly crafted list maker that makes noting down your co-workers' drink requests quick and easy.

Never lose track of who's in and who wants what. 2 Sugars remembers your friends' favourite beverages and makes it easy to add new drink types for fussy drinkers.


- Featured in Wired magazine
- Featured in 'Staff Favourites' on UK, US & Australian App Stores
- Featured in 'Coffee Lovers' section on UK App Store
- "It's a neat idea very very elegantly and charmingly implemented" - Stephen Fry
- "It's well designed and simple" - AppAdvice.com
- Top rated on SmashApp.com and Overlapps.com

Customer Reviews

  • So close to being a 5 star app!

    by Pltprincess

    Beautifully done but incomplete without size of coffee or milk type and notes. Add an email or text function and it would totally rock to use it for the daily group coffee run. Without the details (which milk, what size) and a note section to jot down any extras like food that one needs to pick up, sticky notes are a better bet. Update and I would totally purchase the app as gifts for all of us!!

  • Cool app

    by mxs360

    I've had a chance to use this app with my coworkers and it was really handy. I'm a sucker for good, simple design and this little app delivers. No more writing out orders on sticky notes!

  • Simple, Wonderful Execution!

    by The Nuclear Boy Scout

    For anyone who has worked in an environment where making beverages for a group is the order of the day - ("Isn't it your turn? I made last time!") - this app is a welcome relief from remembering all those drinks and preferences. The app is dead simple, slick and wonderfully executed, as it should be. The ability to add a custom drink outside of the regular tea/coffee is a nice touch. I think I'd keep this app for the logo alone, though the fact it encouraged my BOSS to get a round in is the biggest praise I can bestow! Nice one guys.


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