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- Move a note to the top of list.

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cleverList is a new todo list app can be synchronized with your Evernote account.

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"This is one of the best application I've used for reminding what I should do. Needless to say, this app enable you to add lists much quickly, remind them yourself with badges by attaching stars. Further, this app look cooler than the others." - Premium Alminium, Japan

"This developer really listens! He integrated reminders, using other folders and check boxes. Great job! From a one star to a four!!" - Nbafreak77, USA

"The idea is very cool, intuitive and simple" - Tobinski2012, German


Are you a Evernote lover and looking for an easy and quick todo list app?
Then cleverList is the right app for you.

*Pull down to create a note.
(You can create a text or photo note)
*Swipe to the left to edit.
*Pull up a note text area to finish editing.
*Categorize notes with notebooks.
*Create notebooks to sync with your Evernote account.
*Improt notebooks that you already created in your Evernote account.
*Evernote reminder supports.
*Weekly calendar view.
*Attach a photo to a note.
*Automatic synchronization.
*App badge will help you don't miss any important todo.
*Support Landscape mode.

Try cleverList - Clear todo list app for Evernote!!

Customer Reviews

  • Promising, but wish it had a few more features

    by KaMiKaZe77

    I liked the swipe based interface a lot. Pretty simple to get used to. However, my biggest gripe with the app came when trying to import an existing Evernote notebook full of reminder notes. Apparently only the text in the notes can be sync'd, otherwise you risk losing attachments and photos (the app does warn you about it though, but this is a deal-breaker for me). The other one is that the todo notes it creates are apparently implemented as a text note with a check box, instead of a note with an Evernote reminder. Since I prefer reminder-type notes over todo checkboxes, they reduced the usefulness of the app for me. I'd wish there was an option for that. One more thing: it would be nice if there was an easy way to move an item from one list to another as well.

  • Great start!

    by The Dragon Reborn

    Finally a to do app that takes advantage of Evernote's in app Reminders. Needs work in a few areas- titles of to do's need to be longer than 20 characters. At least be able to not stop in the middles of a word. Secondly, when I complete a task it would be cool to automatically move the note to a "completed" notebook

  • CleverList - ok but...

    by sw100

    I like cleverlist...I created notebooks for each day of week and can enter tasks pretty easily. Would like two changes...have a way of prioritizing so tasks can be in order ( not just the "*" coming to the top, but a real prioritizing) and the ability to drag tasks from one notebook to another. I can change the notebook that a task belongs in evernote, but it doesn't change in cleverlist.

  • a near perfect Evernote Task Pad

    by filmfeak75

    love the UI, it's simple, easy to use, just wish the reminders had push notifications.

  • Great update!

    by Nbafreak77

    This developer really listens! He integrated reminders, using other folders and check boxes. Great job! From a one star to a four!!

  • Good start


    It's a good start. Love that it links with Evernote. I've been hoping something like this would come along. What would be great in the next version would be to allow prioritizing items with something other than a single star. I'd suggest something like Franklin-Covey's ABC/123... system, or at least an ability to move items around so the top priority to-do items are in the top of the list.

  • Good idea but needs work!!

    by Mb520205

    So after seeing the ad on Evernote I decided to give it a try. I logged in but no sync. The app has not frozen on me yet as it has in others reviews. I will keep it and hope for updates. ***********update********** I just discovered it doesn't sync your current notes on Evernote but if you make a new notebook with the app it will push it to your account.

  • Would be good with better integration

    by norig78

    As a basic to-do list, this works fine. Unfortunately, there's minimum integration with Evernote. I bought this app expecting it to show all the reminders in various notebooks of Evernote, but they don't appear. In addition, pre-existing notebooks from Evernote don't appear as options within this app. Instead, to-dos go into a new default "cl_Todolist" notebook…which you can't, apparently, change. Even after adding additional notebooks from within the app, it is unclear how you add to-dos to that new notebook. The look of the app is great. The functionality, though, needs an overhaul.

  • Very nice

    by Hihibam

    Fantastic update!!!

  • I like it!

    by Jedinator


  • All of your formatting will be gone!

    by Morgan365

    Read carefully before you allow this app to have access to your Evernote Notebooks! Once your notes are downloaded to the app they you will no longer have all of your beautiful formatting, attached files and pictures once the app syncs with your Evernote. Plus all of your note titles will be changes and every note will have a check box in it now. It is quite an ordeal to get 100s of notes back to their original state. If you use the app don't sync your existing notes!!!!

  • What a waste of money

    by RemyTCO

    The sync does not work 2 ways. Unreliable

  • Sync doesn't work / app hangs

    by d0gmasTail

    The design is nice, slightly resembles Clear; syncing to Evernote account does not work. No ToDo tasks created show up in Evernote, and returning to the app shows the spinning circle of doom, app is unresponsive.

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