AniEmoticons Pro Productivity App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Shiu Ying Sati Lam

* Major Upgrade
* Add two categories of Bonus Emoticons
* Support WeChat and other messenger
* Add Set/Delete Favorites
* Add Help Video
* Add Share this App
* Free Membership
* Add Gift this App

Customer Ratings

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7 Ratings
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★ Over 2700 cute and funny animated emoticons to amaze your friends

★ 28 different categories

★ Send multiple animated emoticons via email

★ Send one animated emoticon via text messaging, WeChat and other messenger

★ Easy to use

★ Category Name in English

1/ 3D Smiley
2/ Alphabet
3/ Bear & Panda
4/ Benko
5/ Boys
6/ Bun
7/ Cat & Dog
8/ Crab & Fish
9/ Festival
10/ Flower
11/ Food & Drink
12/ Foxx Ali
13/ Girls
14/ Hand
15/ Hard Boiled Egg
16/ Hello Kitty
17/ Maggieland
18/ Milky Boy
19/ Monkey Yoci
20/ Onion Head
21/ Peach Princess
22/ Pig
23/ Rabbit
24/ Romance
25/ Soldier PP Bing
26/ Unclassified
27/ Weather
28/ Words

Customer Reviews

  • by ScoobyDoobee

    These are so cute! I went through them rather quickly, but found them to be very different/distinct. Appreciate the originality...finally! Keep 'em comin'!

  • good app

    by loadingskyfool

    A lot of emoticons, can express my feelings, more abundant than the system comes with Emoji , the app will become my necessary equipment on app.

  • Just so so

    by oni1031

    Given huge amount funny emoticons, you can simply select whatever you like and send through email or MMS. However UI is quite poor and the quality of emoticons are very low. If add some HD quality emoticons will be great.

  • nice

    by grifintayler

    this is an awesome app with many lovely emoticons and i can send it to my friends

  • like it

    by drmiketaylor79

    this app make my SMS and email become more lovely with many funny emoticons. i like it

  • Awesome

    by Cinker Camb

    This is awesome. Everyone should have it. So fun. You can put different emojis in your texts.

  • I like it

    by Dan Prist6

    Love this app!! So fun to use, wish there were more emoticons though!!

  • Great app

    by RanDanny

    Awesome and easy app for emoticons! Love it!

  • Good app

    by Alexchoulol

    Interesting app. Lovely enjoyable.

  • Cool app.

    by trickster574

    The three d part of the app is so cool.I won't need any other mms apps.price is killer too.

  • lot of stuffs!

    by thusmith40

    aniemoticons has enough animated emoticons to last you a lifetime on ios

  • Wow

    by mastergothika

    So many emotes! Nice

  • Nice and cute!

    by flyeng

    love this app! huge variety and many cute emotion icons!

  • Cute and effective.

    by heathen3017

    Worth the download.

  • Good App

    by yywlovewyy1

    There are so many emotions in this app.i will be easy to send message.

  • Best

    by Tiara Mide

    Best emoticon app I ever purchased!!

  • Fun filled App

    by haruharujuku

    I love the emoticons. They are the best I've seen yet. I recommend it to anyone who loves emoticons

  • Great selection!

    by vanfulloffun

    This app has a great selecion of emotiones to choose from

  • Cool App

    by davidsk2001

    very cool app with tons of emoticons. can fully express with all those icon. i will share the icon with all my friend.

  • Good job

    by Gabriel Gao

    There are so many emotions I can use.Good job.Using these expression is fun.

  • Horrible

    by Ldovso

    Don't buy. I want my money back!!

  • READ: DO...NOT...BUY!!!

    by Jsmythe00

    i paid for for the app so i wouldnt have to deal with ads. this app SPAMS you with ads.


    by Mahalar

    Don't buy still has ads.

  • Worst app for iPhone

    by Darby44c

    Paid app still has advertising that pops up so you accidentally click on. And changed so doesn't work with iChat now. Terrible!!

  • Not worth it

    by JoaniShoe

    It's not even connected to text messaging so it requires 5 steps to copy and paste the icon from the app and into a text message. Don't waste our money.

  • HATE IT!!!!

    by pgudino

    This is one of the lousiest apps I've used. The emoticons (a lot of them anyway) are so small they cannot be easily seen or read - if they contain words, even if I'm wearing my glasses. There is no way to search by topic, and it is just generally very inconvenient to use. Will be deleting it even though I already paid for it. It's not worth the space it takes on my phone.

  • App issues

    by Crash08

    App is having issues upon startup. Will not open and crashes on each attempt.

  • Should be beyond the par

    by z.phoenix

    People use emoticon most of the time for quick grouping messaging like Whatsapp and Live. However it doesnt compatible. I expect a catchy emoticon not an ordinary icon which available free,

  • Nice

    by Lee Nicolas

    I need some apps like this, and I choose this one. It's nice!

  • Cool app

    by Bugmama527

    Has some nice things.

  • Emotions

    by gujiayue0

    There are so many emotions in this app. I will be easy to send messages. I will share this app with my friends.

  • Lots of variety !

    by js_phan

    This app has huge variations to choose from

  • Good App~

    by zsd529

    Powerful and UI is nice.

  • good

    by wingscobi

    I like it.Recommend it to everyone.

  • it's ok

    by shi yuan

    works fine but need to fix small bugs

  • awesome!

    by thuca8888

    look so cute icon! aniemoticons has enough animated emoticons to last you a lifetime on ios

  • wow a lot of emoticons

    by OnealLuo

    the range of the emoticons is really really wide. SMS and email can be way more fun now

  • Cool

    by Leeyuyang

    I really like this application because it's really accurate

  • a good product !

    by Terry ches

    very practical application. it helped me a lot. beautiful colors and very easy to use interface. a good product

  • Nice!

    by SmylnJack

    Hi, this emoticon app is by far the finest one that I have seen in the app store. From having some of the cutest, animated emoticons I have seen. I'd like to see even more emoticons but that wouldn't be too negative because there is already a huge selection to choose from in a multitude of categories. Great job!

  • Loaded but nothing new

    by choongfuset

    The emoticons provided here are the same that you can get pretty much everywhere else.

  • cute!

    by XHJay

    the emoticons are just cute! Very useful!I can express myself in a fun way.great job!

  • cool

    by Jonglul

    This app is pretty impressive. Pick from any one of the many categories, and you’ll get at least 2 pages of options. Send emoticons in your texts and emails is all ways fun, this app will make your SMS or email more lovely,

  • I am happy with it

    by Pweet Dece

    I am so surprised how well this works. Best app ever.

  • It's ok

    by Sodaguy

    The emoticons ate pretty good. This app sends them as a picture separate from your text. You have to copy and paste them in.

  • Good app

    by Mvkwong

    Pretty fun to use

  • Great app

    by Sinister2005

    Lots of really nice icons.

  • like

    by philipbale56

    i like the emoticons in this app. it's very funny and cute. i can send it to my friends and they will like it also. thanks so much

  • good app

    by rosepaolo70

    this app is suitable for me. i often send messages to my friends and this app has many funny emoticons. i like it

  • A very good App software!

    by ChengBaby

    A very good App software.

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