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• What's New in Version 5.3.2
✔ Magic Bar remembers your last visited location
✔ Other Minor Improvements

• What's New in Version 5.3.1
✔ FIXED: White Screen Bug when opening 360 on iPad in Landscape Mode
✔ Other Minor Improvements

• What's New in Version 5.3
✔ Support for iPhone 5
✔ Transitionary update for Major Version Change, It's recommended to update 360 to this version to ensure smooth implementations.

Customer Ratings

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79 Ratings
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1654 Ratings


**** Get the most talked about Browser today! Incredibly Insane Amount of Features + Download Manager + Firefox Sync + Media Player at an awesome price tag ****

360 Browser is the only Browser which has Firefox Sync, Download Manager, Media Player, Dropbox along with literally 200+ other features presented with the most innovative design.

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✪ "360 Web Browser isn't the first Safari alternative for Apple devices, but it is unique for what it offers." - LifeHacker
✪ "Fully Featured Desktop-Like Browser In Your Pocket" - AppAdvice
✪ "Power, speed make this browser a worthy replacement for iPhone’s built-in Safari app" - Macworld
✪ Also Praised & Recommended by ApplicationiPhone, 148Apps, MACNN, Techi, AppModo, SOSiPhone among various others
✪ 360 Web Browser is the winner of the FWA Awards (mobile).

● Features ●

• Sync 360 with your favorite desktop browser! Your Tabs, Bookmarks & History from Firefox can now be synced to your favorite mobile browser with just one click! No other Browser supports this feature
• Long tap on Sync Bookmarks to reveal the option of importing them to 360 Bookmarks

• You can now download absolutely anything with the New 360 Browser & view all supported content within the app. Downloads happen in background so you can even exit 360 & your download will still be completed
• Multiple downloads are supported with the option to queue

✔ 360 ARC™ & 360 FS[Full Screen] ARC™
• Arcs built on Prodigy Engine* enables the users to access variety of functions with simplicity.
• Access over 25 features ranging from Adding Bookmark, Search Text, Toggle Full Screen, Navigating Tabs, Plug-ins & more from 360 Arcs™

• Themes are Custom made & will change the entire look of the app including the images, font colors & the tabs style. Choose from 6 Free + 1 Premium

• Individually set Tab’s Privacy Mode & Browser Orientation in addition to having default preferences for all of them
• Double tap tabs opens options such as Bookmarking all tabs, Reloading all tabs, Closing all tabs
• Long Tap on Links to access features such as Open in background, Download File, etc

• Introducing the unique Ambience Awareness. Listen to your songs while being aware of your surroundings at the same time
• Make / Listen to your playlist via the inbuilt player. Supports background Music Play

• Upload your files to Dropbox

• Choose over 20 features that can be mapped to 9 Multi Touch Gestures to define your Style

• Share on Twitter, Facebook, Digg, Wave & more in a single Tap

• 360 Browser gives you the ability to add & manage the plug-ins according to your needs. Choose from an ever growing list of Plugins including Instapaper, Firebug Lite, Track This, Evernote among several others

• Easily maintain & access 5 / 10 Favs / Thumbs of user visited, bookmarked & most famous list

• Experience True Full Screen, Access every feature of your browser without ever going out of full screen, with the revolutionary 360 Arcs™ & Address Bar Commands
• Customize your Full Screen in whichever way you want

• Themes, History, Bookmarks, Sync, Downloads, Firefox Sync supports Long Tap to reveal advance options

• Some of our favorites from over 200+ feature list
-Remember Passwords
-Smart Search
-Magic Bar
-Ad Block
-Drag Gesture
-Custom Cache
-Search Suggest & Many More

Customer Reviews

  • Thanx

    by Inmar Hamza

    I try many browsers to find the best one , and finally i found this great one and i like this browser it's cool and easy to use now i can watch videos and more. Thank you all.

  • My little car it goes fast, but it drives into walls

    by Waxus De Weevil

    Nobody has done it like this! A completely unique interface, that once learned offers much more options than most desktop browsers. There would be 5 stars. It is the only browser that restores pages when it crashes. You're going to need that. Mine crashed 4 times just today.

  • Decent, but clunky and confusing interface. Needs major update.

    by MedleyAce

    Interface is a mess. The feature 'orbs' are very confusing and not at all intuitive. Also, the download manager needs a major overhaul. There needs to be a way to mass-delete or mass-send to Dropbox, via edit>select files>delete. As is, each file needs to be deleted or uploaded one at a time. Stupid. This is an obvious feature that should have been included from the start. As a secondary browser, it's decent. But no where close to mercury browser IMHO. Update this please. Include these features and fix/refine the interface. Then we might have something.


    by jclark0731


  • Very good

    by MagicalRealism

    I like it. Yes, it can be improved, but what can't?

  • Badazz little browzer

    by Joose79

    It feels inappropriate to have these kind feelings for a browzer?! id stil try to b kool and kall 2 dayz later even if i shood kall the nex mornin.

  • Hipsters

    by AzzAlot

    If your a hipster and really dont want to use safari because its "unoriginal" then you shoud download this app. It works fine and looks kinda cool to, but its a little confusing at first. ENJOY!

  • Web browser 360

    by Bluberry8492

    Web browser has a lot of nice added features already built in to the search engine. Works better than safari search engine.

  • Nice

    by JohnnyNumonic

    Does everything I expected it to do, and it was cheap too

  • I kinda like it

    by JaneBerlinH

    No complaints so far. I've been using it as my main browser for two weeks now. So far so good!

  • Crashes too much

    by CAE commuter

    Browser is has nice features like a password saver, but crashes almost every time I open it after closing another app. It only works on the second try. Also the many features are hidden in menus that are not very intuitive.

  • Great app

    by herrera one

    Works great easy to use works where others won't

  • i like this app

    by Jiaqi Zhang


  • dope

    by Ure Mohmm

    best browser and if u kno html

  • Awesome

    by 34k

    Its alittle confusing at first but i think 360 is sweet!

  • 2bad

    by Mz thing

    I want to love this but can't. Constant crashing !!

  • Good, but could be much better

    by Ddruker

    After repeated attempts, and several email exchanges with customer support, I finally managed to sync the browser with Firefox. Now, if there were only a way to make my Firefox toolbar come up as the default home screen. Unless I am doing something wrong, I have to tap Bookmarks, then tap Firefox sync, then tap toolbar -- 3 taps just to get to what I would like to be my Home screen. But, a potentially more frustrating problem is that it generally takes 2, 3, or even 4 tries to get the browser actually to load. This has nearly led me on numerous occasions to delete the app and go back to Safari.

  • Ok

    by Dr. Igneous

    Crashes a lot but kind of cool

  • Excellent All-In-One Browser!

    by Butler Family

    One of the best alternative web browsers out there for iPhone. Loaded with features and functionality! Some minor bugs that need to be worked out though like organising bookmarks-won't let you add bookmarks to folders more than once a session and having some difficulties with FF Sync. Otherwise like the functionality of the browser in general!

  • Complex

    by Mhendrick

    It's not entirely easy, but once you get a few key strokes down its downright fun.

  • Trash

    by Yuanwen Yang

    It was slow and unstable. Now after updated, I can't even open it. This app crashes every time just one second after I open it. Trash app. Don't waste money.

  • Keeps crashing (Iphone4 with iOS 6&7)

    by AngryGamer80

    I paid for tis useless browser. Stay away from it. It crashes as soon as I enter a URL and hit go.

  • Constantly Crashes and Not Updated

    by FirespriteN

    I regret purchasing this browser. Almost every time I try to open it the browser crashes. Also, I find that using the app in landscape mode is not nearly as functional as using it in portrait mode which does not make a lot of sense to me. I bought this app based on an iOS web browser review I read online, but now that I've been trying to use it for a couple of weeks I wish I had taken note that there have been no updates since February. The article made the browser seem great but the reviews here show the flaws I am experiencing.

  • Privacy isn't working

    by Boo3111111

    I like this app, but the last couple of weeks the browser opens up and delays the privacy login, therefore making it possible to see my current page viewable for a few seconds :/

  • Crash and Burn!

    by J.T. Evans

    This browser is only good at one thing: CRASHING! If you want your browsing experience to be horribly interrupted by crashes due to clicking links or trying to scroll down a web page, then this browser is for you.

  • Started off well but is rubbish now

    by SillyStringSam

    This used to be a great browser, and in the past I left a great review, but now it's just absolutely awful. Try doing a google search from the search bar? Crashes. Try typing a URL in the address bar? Crashes. I wish they would just fix it so it's as good as it once was.

  • No. Don't buy it.

    by Marleneyyy

    It always crashes. The themes don't work well. Not good. I seriously hate it.

  • No longer supported by developer?

    by PJUnkel

    After buying this browser, I have to say I like it, but I cannot seem to get any responses to multiple email requests for help from me to the developer to get help updating the extensions at all. The app itself does not seem to be getting updates anymore. I would say avoid buying this app for now.

  • CrAPP

    by mkpred

    Crap + app = crapp .this is pathetic crashes too much and gives errors while browsing web pages.useless app.0 stars if i could. btw i am on a fiber optic internet connection and on 6.1.3 ipad 4 never jailbroken.so i know its not a fault from my end.waste of a dollar.

  • Like it

    by Toy704

    Works good to open non apple media

  • Solid Browser

    by Stripped Mule

    Nice, feature rich browser for a safari alt. browser!!

  • Good

    by Cat wink

    Only wish it would save all open tabs other wise comparable to any mobile browser

  • Good

    by Camocameron

    Good overall app needs little work on the music/video downloading side of the app but still a very good app.

  • Amazing

    by rmrkrr3

    Best graphics and password memorization.

  • Like the look and feel.

    by mysandybeach

    Work good. I use it all the time.

  • Great

    by Timidandshy

    Works great!

  • Promising, but

    by X-math

    It crahes. Develpers don't respond, even though they empatically promise fast reponse. Steep learning curve, unusual controls. This seems to have many features I want, but they are hard -- or impossible -- to find again, unless you keep notes while you are trying different things and stumble on to something. A comprehensive user's guide, an end to crashing, and responsive developers might make this a good browser.

  • Great app...

    by miro-ppb

    Except for one thing: crashes on start multiple tikes before actually starts. Lots of great features, and I really like the Firefox Sync. But please fix the crashes

  • Simply the Best Browser!

    by Mktjng

    I love the 360 Browser! It handles anything better than any other browser I've used. Plus it's the fastest browser I've ever encountered. I love the way it easily handles bookmarks, letting you put multiple bookmarks into folders. It boasts a space age interface which makes using this app the easiest experience you will ever have. Get it!!

  • Frustrated beyond belief...

    by DMarks49

    This app started off okay. It does have a decent amount of great features, enables downloading of various forms of content and allows for file organization. However, some major downsides, the biggest of which I'll name last. 1) Slow Browser; 2) Crashes; 3) Not Intuitive in the least...I've been using the app for some time now and still can't figure out or remember which buttons relate to which functions. I end up randomly pressing things, which ultimately causes me to not be able to complete the function I originally hoped to perform. Still, until recently I had no complaints - app did what it claimed to do and all that. BUT HOLD UP!! Now, the app blocks content!! Sites I used to visit, I can no longer access...I get a message that says something along the lines of - to protect our users we cannot process this request....please contact us if you reached this in error...what?! I don't care what your reasons are or if they even have any validity (i.e. protecting me, the user)....which they DON'T...this is a PAID app (at least the version that I am using is) and its blocking content that I have chosen to access?! Not warning, mind you, no pop-ups or any such temporary blocks to a webpage...full out forbidding me from accessing the site(s). What is this, big brother?!

  • Good?

    by kevin hemsing

    It,s a good browser but it keeps crashing on me when I use it

  • Great app

    by ChrisMcMullan

    Talks with Firefox bookmarks

  • Good browser.

    by SWPhotos

    Works sites that Safari does not. Slow loading some site.

  • DWitter

    by MamaWitter

    I love this browser on my iPhone. I've been using it for a month and it is wonderful. I synced it with my Firefox bookmarks and I have everything I need. Thanks to the developers.

  • Great app

    by mik2011a

    App works fine.

  • Worth the purchase

    by sayowx

    Very good browser

  • Maybe a little less than so so.

    by Rlmyl

    This app defeats arguably the best feature of iOS devices. That is, the app developers most obviously decided to omit, pass by, forget about, not consider the iOS device's ability to sync with each other. Bookmarks and or Tabs do NOT sync across your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. What's up with that. I'm certain if I were to send a request to 360's support and if 360's support were willing to answer. I'd get the usual "It's coming in some non considered future update". Listen boneheads. Syncing needs to be the first feature of any app such as yours. Let me reiterate, syncing needs to be the first feature of any app such as yours. There are so many other apps that sync you'd think is was a given. But painfully not with the 360 developers.

  • Update !

    by Famous Elmo

    My Favorite Browser but I Think It Needs an Update With New Features[ :

  • Good Browser

    by masterswordzman

    This is a great browser packed with features. I really like it but there are a few problems. First, it crashes half the time I try to open it. Also, the find in page feature is terrible. Once you search for the text it just highlights it, and you have to scroll down and find it, unlike in safari where it takes you to the selected text. Third, the themes don't work right, and there needs to be more of them. The tab themes don't seem to work, and that should be fixed. Last, the location of the tabs is bad. In Mercury browser, the tabs are ABOVE the search bar. 360 browser should be like this too. Also, Mercury has the option for thumbnail tabs like safari. 360 browser should also have this option. Despite this, it is a good browser, and I recommend it.

  • Awful

    by Jujijui

    It's horrible

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