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Would you like to control and monitor all activity of your iOS devices then System Status Monitor is the perfect app for you people. System Status Monitor is the ultimate app for activity monitoring, managing and optimizing your device performance. It provides significant system status information such as battery charge and activity log, memory manager, cpu and disk usage, network info with wifi or cellular identification, various hardware-related data etc.

=== Battery charge and activity log ===
• Battery level visual display
• Battery status monitor (discharging, charging, fully charged)
• Battery work time usage activity (video, audio, Wi-Fi and 3G internet, talk time, 2D and 3D games, stand by)
• Tips on saving battery life

=== Memory manager and storage (disk) monitoring ===
• Runtime memory consumption
• Graphical display of wired, active, inactive, and free memory
• Total, used and free storage (disk) usage observation

=== CPU usage monitoring & processes list ===
• Runtime CPU usage & CPU load graph
• CPU Usage with user usage, system usage and idle usage
• All running processes and applications list with detailed information about each of them including process name, process start time and date, priority & PID
• List of application services in background

=== Network connection details ===
• Network connectivity information
• Wi-Fi data usage and 3G (cellular) data usage
• MAC and IP address of the current connection
• Network data send and receive details

=== General ===
• Device Information like system boot time, device model, operating system name and version etc
• Detailed CPU information like model, CPU frequency, and others
• Hardware features of the device including display resolution, pixel density, battery capacity, front and rear camera resolution and many more

=== Other features ===
• Full support for all iPhone and iPod Touch devices
• Retina display, high resolution, pixel perfect graphics
• Real time updates of the display every time the monitored parameters change
• Share general information like device details, CPU information and hardware information via email
• Easy to use interface
and much more

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Customer Reviews

  • All in one glance

    by Taha shok

    All info. Is available at once

  • Could use one or two small tweaks

    by DustyFRG76

    I like the info displayed, but giving an option to clean memory and reallocate stale memory would be a nice feature

  • Efficient

    by Drneooooo

    The program is Pretty good I think it's that most reliable one in the Apple store

  • A lot of info fast

    by Mick Moose

    Gets the information you want with out much hassle.

  • Nice design

    by Krazy Kree

    Had the app for awhile done a few charges but have not found the logs yet. If there is an alarm or any type of logs indicating charges made have not found. Like the app though, but have not done the full charge as of yet although it does indicate that I have done one. Is it not after draining the battery 20% or less that can be done? Like to be on the amen corner like the reviews, if I doing something wrong is there a guide, how this app works?i had installed, and reinstalled it am impressed with the reminders that pop up from time to time. Such as the one I was looking for; the one to do a full charge, but have not found any logs. Now I am back with this app, in comparing with Battery Plus.

  • Good

    by Bosco666

    No, very good.

  • Mhh

    by Christopher Russell

    It actualy works

  • Error

    by Archy83

    error in the main section in the device description

  • Great app!

    by ejasso

    Great app!

  • Greats

    by Kimballwiggins


  • One of the best...

    by Lyongod

    I'm very satisfied with this app.

  • best app ever great interphase

    by James. Braselton

    hi there best app ever best interphase like

  • A must have app

    by JangoZ

    Amazing for the accuracy of information about my device. I really enjoyed this app.

  • good info, annoying splash screen ad

    by skip2k

    good basic app that shows all the information in a easy to read format. annoying thing is that when you start up the app you always get the same ad for another app (WEP stuff) that gets old quickly. so they lose one star for that

  • Nice

    by Manamore


  • I dont got it

    by alibaba-4s

    I open the memory status and it shows only 97 avilable of 513mb !!! And what the hell is wired memory ???

  • Really nice app!

    by Teegee17201

    I really like this app because it gives me lots of info about my phone and really easy to use..interface is pretty!!

  • Maintenance tech. Neo.Mach.

    by Rudderfix

    A lot more to the app than I expected , it actually works well .

  • Pretty solid

    by @Chettra_Ouk

    Super useful. Simple tips on how you can maintain your battery life and increase your processor. I love it.

  • Great app

    by Greece:)

    Love this app tells you everything you need to know! Highly recommend!

  • Useless info

    by phunkin

    What's the sense of the info in this app? It's not like you can force quit anything running in the background. It's doesn't even explain anything about what it is showing you. Useless info IMO.

  • A.R.

    by LoveTheLORD7

    I am very tempted to delete this app because they keep splashing a screen to buy some dumb app! I understand a need to advertise, but why annoy your customers to the point where they would prefer to delete your app instead of keeping it and sharing with others. Just because the splash screen is annoying I will not recommend this app to people I know. Rather I will probably delete because they don't seem to have an interest in the customer but only in advertising dumb apps!

  • Jesika55

    by Pock0

    The info is amazing & precise but what about being able clean up & clean out unwanted files, cache, etc?

  • Soso

    by card12345-

    Nice !!

  • Asif

    by mian....

    Nyc 1

  • Great App!!!

    by MaSqUeNaDa

    Good job guys!

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