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Fix for sync issues seen on some iOS 7 devices

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Never forget a password again! Easily store and protect your PINs, passwords and other sensitive info on iPad, iPhone, Windows and Mac desktop/laptop computers.

Recent online security breaches highlight the risk of using the same password for multiple websites or simple passwords such as ‘12345’. Everyone needs to be diligent about using strong, unique passwords and they need to be changed frequently.

The easiest way to store and remember your passwords is to use a password management solution that is intuitive, secure, and accessible everywhere. Passwords Plus fits all of these requirements, at minimal cost. Even store other personal/private items such as gift ideas, online purchase details and more!

Passwords Plus Highlights:

1. Keep your info “in sync” across all of your devices thanks to our secure cloud storage and SamePage™ technology. Changes made on your iPhone will automatically appear on your iPad and computer(s) where Passwords Plus 2.0 is installed*.

2. Up-and-running in less than 5 minutes – Easy to setup and unlike other password management apps, no need to open a 3rd party cloud account or pay an additional subscription fee in order to sync, backup or restore your data.

3. Universal app - one purchase includes the iPad and iPhone versions.

4. Proven industry experience – Founded in 1984, DataViz is an industry leader in developing mobile Office (Docs To Go) and productivity solutions, including password protection software for the past 11+ years.

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*Note: Mac and Windows desktop/laptop versions are available for purchase from the Mac App Store and DataViz respectively. Visit for purchase details.

Check out what our customers are saying on the App Store:

“It is an invaluable app that I use daily.”

-Thank You:
“Best password vault out there!”

-Good App:
“The new update is great!”

“Nice app and the new update is so nice. Easy to use and will purchase the Mac version. Thanks to the developer.”

Feature details:

• Secure – 256-bit AES encryption (military grade) keeps data safe and secure

• Auto-Synchronization – Updates made on one device will automatically be reflected on all devices (option available to turn on/off).

• Backup/Restore – Included free! Info can be retrieved if your iPad, iPhone, or computer is lost or stolen.

• Generate Password – Automatically generate random passwords to avoid using “obvious” or “duplicate” passwords.

• Auto Lock – Set Passwords Plus to lock after a specified time period to protect your data (iPad and iPhone only).

• Self-destruct – Configure to erase your Passwords Plus data if multiple wrong passwords are attempted.

• Templates included – Get started quickly with minimal data entry.

• Categories & favorites – Customize categories and set favorites to easily find frequently used records.

• iPhone 5 – Updated to take advantage of the larger screen on the iPhone 5.

• iOS 7 optimizations – Fully supports devices running iOS 7.

• Responsive sales and support teams in-house.

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Customer Reviews

  • Works great

    by G350

    Other reviews have complained about sync issues. I use this between an iPhone, iPad and two Macs. The sync has worked since day 1.

  • Works as advertised

    by Firewall Pete

    I use this on several devices: OS X, IOS, and Win 7 & 8. I have noticed that IOS multi-tasking keeps apps open until they are explicitly closed using double-click and swipe - with this app you should either double-click and swipe, or if you want to keep the app open press the lock icon in the app to hide password contents. The only sync issue I've had is with OS X, and was due to the Intego firewall. To sync in that context you need to disable the firewall while syncing. With those guidelines, the app maintains my database cleanly and syncs quickly across all devices whenever a change is made. I recommend the app. It imported from Palm without incident.

  • Missing Capability

    by Pointer 71

    Needs a "Duplicate Record" feature to save time and hassle and entering similar records.

  • Awesome password safe

    by Justin Damato

    I have been using this app for almost a year now and it's the best app I've ever purchased. Get it on your mac to sync it so if u ever loose your phone everything is backed up.

  • DataViz = Quality Apps & Stable Code

    by BumperDawg

    I have been using DataViz apps since the days of Palm handheld personal digital assistants. Their apps are stable, very functional and have always met my needs based on the description the company provides the end-user digital community. Highly recommend Password Plus and Documents to Go. Follow the install and use requirements DataViz provides and you won't be disappointed.

  • Great app!

    by djkutz

    This app works just right. It stores your credentials in a secured way, and syncs them between your devices. I use it at least twice a week. Never had any problems with it. Clearly some review here are by users who don't really get the concept, comparing it to iCloud sync. I would recommend this app.

  • Great app

    by FilterMan803

    So far I really like this app. No longer need to take a list with me when I travel. It would be a real plus to have the following enhancements A - Option to change font to something a little larger B - Copy and paste password to website C - Print option

  • Great for many years

    by 76Winger

    I've used Passwords Plus for many years, dating back to use on my old Palm Treo. The new version for IOS and windows works great and the cloud synchronization is so much easier than the old cable method we used to have to contend with. Plus, you can keep so much more than just passwords it the product. It's just been a lifesaver in this day and age of IDs and passwords for everything.

  • iPhone app has a terrible problem

    by albertst

    I have been using this app for some time. The biggest problem is that each time there is an update for either iOS or App, the app forgets my password and after four tries it resets itself. Fortunately I have also an iPad, so I can recover the sync code and recover all my info in the iPhone. Otherwise it works fine. So beware, always have another iOS device or you will loose all your info!!!

  • Love it, but there are issues!

    by ComputeThis

    I have been using PasswordPlus for years, at least 5 years. When the software was first issued, there was no backup to the clouds option, it was just the Windows desktop version offered. The issues of the software wiping out my file on my Ipad, even though I am putting in the correct password, just started about 2 months ago. I must admit, it is very irritating, but I have a backup copy in the clouds, on my desktop, and, now, on my Droid. So, luckily, I know how to restore the file. When it works without flaws, it is great. But when it doesn't work, it is a pain to deal with. I have so much time, money, and effort invested, I don't want to change software programs right now. But if the issues are not cleared up soon, I might have to. Tech support is good. Questions answered within 48 hours, usually 24 hours. Overall, a good product would a great track record, but the latest issues need to cleared up right away.

  • It's in the vault!

    by Cmsfae

    Started using this app on my iPhone 4S and iPad 2 with iOS5. Updated to iOS6 on both. No problems with Passwords+. Syncs both devices and my Windows 7 PC just fine. My only issue has been trying to change my email address on my SamePage acct. My screen doesn't look like the one in the instructions. I'll keep trying & then perhaps contact DataViz.

  • Love this app, but...

    by Craigen1

    It would be nice to have a photo field. I want to be able to put a pic of a receipt especially for warranty products.

  • Great app, Needs a linux client

    by janwaypie118

    This app is great and handles all of my password storage needs. Windows desktop app works great. It would be 5-star material in my opinion if it gets a linux desktop client.

  • Needs cab import

    by garycnsl

    I like the app, really works great, many features. Needs ability to load a csv file exported from excel or other password managers.

  • Priceless

    by David Albin

    I've been using password plus for about a year now. During this time it worked well on my iPhone 4S. I recently downloaded the desktop app on my PC. It took a few minutes to understand how syncing work but after that everything worked well. When changing a password on either desktop or phone you sometimes have to wait a few minutes for things to catch up. It is an invaluable app that I use daily.

  • Thank You

    by psllc

    Best password vault out there! Total platform coverage (windows, Mac, iOS)... I've been using DataViz products since the early 'palm' days. True innovators! Thanks guys!

  • Love it

    by KOverton's

    Sorry to hear so many are having problems with this app. But I love it and haven't had any of the problems stated.

  • A problem ...

    by Kofer of En Gedi

    Follow up review here. Email was too complicated to send from my iPhone, so I write it in the review: When I write in or edit the note section, I cannot see the letters I am typing. It is hidden behind the key pad. In other words, the field won't scroll up and is stuck. Everything else is great. Please fix this problem. Thank you!

  • Good App

    by Lucy1579

    The new update is great! The new UI on the iPad was well worth the wait. With regard to FeelingFlip's comments about the Windows app, I was also previously using the Windows app and I received a free upgrade serial number from DataViz yesterday in my email. Any other users of the Windows app might want to check their email before upgrading.

  • Great update!

    by Navybob

    V2.002 is a great update. I had previously asked for a couple of changes and this update delivers on that request plus more! I have been a long term user of Passwords Plus and still find it to be the best password manager available. Thanks for listening and keep up the good work.

  • No response from maker

    by I urn rkson

    This app requires a serial number to install between an iPad and a PC. I bought this $10 app 48 hours ago and have not received an email with serial number. Don't buy this app.

  • huge I07 security flaw still here

    by jbensman

    If you double click the home screen to bring up multitasking, it shows the last user name and paswword you were looking at!

  • Won't Sync -- don't buy!!!

    by Johnny Mac Beijing

    update for new version: still won't sink. Laughable that they updated to fix sink issues. When installed it did work it did sink. Then one time it stopped syncing I never changed anything on my phone or computer. I could not recommend this for anyone. ---------------------- I have this on my iPhone and also bought the OSX version for my MacBook & iMac. Also bought the Windows version for Bootcamp. Was working great, had my data sync'd between all platforms, as advertised. This the product quit synchronizing and can't get any support from DataViz. All they say is to uninstall and reinstall. I'm giving up and most likely going to 1Password, even though it is more expensive. (much more now that I've bought 2 platforms!)

  • Useless

    by jasvoboda21208

    It does not paste your user name/account number and password into login sites. It is just a file. You could easily create a well hidden file in your documents directory and keep your info secure. Same encryption scheme as the US government? Hallelujah - how secure is that!

  • July 21st 2013

    by Attended Dick's Church

    The first thing that made me mad about the ipad2 was the clunkyness of Safari. I couldn't get into my bank account. What the hell do you do with usernames and passwords ? OK, I took Roboform (which I was using in Windows XP on my desktop and paid a bunch of money and then I could open a NEW browser and now IF I put in the password EACH AND EVERY TIME, I can open a separate browser and get into Earthlink and my bank. I gave up and finally decided to buy the ipad 2 app so I could get the User Name and Passwords put in by Data Viz, Apples's app for this. I paid $10.00. OK, then I realize that there is no way to get the stuff from my Windows XP desktop to the ipad2, (or else enter everything site by site while using the ipad2, which is NOT EASY TO DO). So I go the the Data Viz site (owned by Apple) and I discover if I want to download the software so I can do this between my desktop computer and the ipad2, for ONLY $20.00 dollars or so MORE, then I can do it. I'll probably do it because I'm not ready to throw the dam APPLE into the garbage can yet. But would I recommend the Apple ipad2 to anyone ? The answer is NO! If it wasn't a gift, from my daughters, I would have purchased a decent HP 14" laptop with USB2 which the ipad CANNOT use. Overpriced, and overhyped ! DataViz is not simple or easy to set up.

  • Password plus

    by danielpaul1

    This is a totally useless app. I have an Iphone that automatically syncs through the cloud my notes to my computer and Ipad. This is all password plus does. I thought it would be like the app "last pass" that automatically fills in user id and password. That's why I bought it. It does not and I was mistaken in my purchase.

  • Sync ID # is nowhere to be found

    by Amy m 413

    I got this app a while ago and have since upgraded to a new iPad and a new iPhone. I sold my old devices on eBay & it's telling me that my sync ID# is stored on a device I no longer own, I apparently need to revert back to the first device I installed it on. I never needed the sync ID # before, only the master password, until I also got an iPhone & wanted to sync the devices. You also can't reset the sync ID because there's no option to do this. How frustrating. Getting a different app that's less of a hassle. :(


    by CaCwby75

    I purchased this app on my iPhone as well as on my Mac. They don't sync together and tech support - if they get back to you takes forever - is useless. I have been trying to get assistance from the developer for over 4 months with no results. I have requested a refund and have been waiting for a month to receive a response. Useless app and useless tech support.

  • Poor support for good product

    by AnChM

    I would give this 5 stars if it weren't for the terrible support. My iPad and iPhone will no longer sync with the cloud backup, and the support e-mail keeps giving me the same instruction, which is for the Mac OSX version not the iOS version. I have resent support requests explaining this only to receive exactly the same instructions in reply. The inability to sync newly added or changed items makes it nearly useless. Don't buy until this is fixed.

  • Absolutely No Support

    by Craigsmith60

    There is absolutely no customer support for this product! There is no help manual to speak of, no telephone or online support and a reply email promises to get back to you within three days if you are lucky? I simply need to change the sync settings on my desktop to match my iPhone and iPad. After three days I got a reply email Stating that I should go to sync settings and change them... That doesn't work! That is why I sent the email! Five days and counting.......

  • Go Elsewere

    by Ronshagnasty

    Worked for about 6 weeks on my IPAD now wont open. Customer service told me to reinstall on my pc, then delete docs to go on my pc, then go to the app store and reinstall, which is impossible since it's already installed. If i delete i lose data it took me hours to load. All i get from cust service is nonsense. Paid for premium....never again

  • Locked me out of my passwords

    by LabRat58

    I've used the desktop version for years with great success, and as a "stand-alone" it will work well on iPod/Pad, but it will NOT sync. When I tried to set up sync it wanted a "Serial Number from my purchase of the desktop version", but if you buy the iOS version the desktop is a free download that does not provide any transaction data, hence no serial number or anything else. Then I was locked out of my passwords. I was able to uninstall it & go back to an older version, but so far DataViz has ignored all submittals for help. Sorry DataViz, I will be switching to something else. (BTW: their "Documents To Go" app works flawlessly & I highly recommend it.

  • No support!

    by ebaltrip

    Downloaded newest version to windows PC. afterward could never sync with iPad. Contacted Dataviz several times for registration number but was totally ignored for several weeks! I will migrating to another application soon if Dataviz does not respond.

  • Worthless

    by Cesar713

    Forgets your own freaken master password.. Major update is needed.

  • User

    by Fwbass38

    User of windows passwords plus for about year with no problems. Installed password plus on my iPhone to sync with windows version. Big disappointment sync problems, one it repeats entries and then final flaw after update my password no longer worked lost all data.

  • Keeps giving password error

    by autigerinugaland

    App worked well but when I updated the app I kept getting a password error. I know I typed in the correct password but it wiped all my data. Finally got sync Id from Dataviz and restored the app. But it continues to do the same thing. Works for a day or two and the starts again with wrong password error. Very frustrating because I used it for quite a while before the update and it worked fine.

  • Destroyed my account

    by Koelle10

    I have used Password Plus for about six months and it was fine. Suddenly it stopped accepting my password. I haven't changed or forgotten the password but it no longer accepts it and destroyed my account. The website does not offer help because I don't know my registration key. I tried to recover the key but the website said my account doesn't exist so I have no way to recover my data. So now all of my passwords are gone. Great.

  • Lost ALL of my passwords!!!

    by Fancy Nan_c

    I cannot get them back. When trying to reinstall, they ask for a sync code that is inside the app. I'm doomed :(

  • Big problem

    by Hisdjja

    Not tested with new IOS? Program locked itself and will not accept the password. I am about to lose all my data!!!

  • Shady

    by Robert Stack

    Not happy that the Windows version which was free now refuses to sync with the latest iOS version. Dataviz want $19.99 for a new version. I would not trust this company with my data again and I'm uninstalling this software. They are trying to lock people in and then hit them with charges. Shame on you.

  • Run!!!

    by Kitt8888

    I hung on to a Palm Vx for years waiting for an iPhone-compatible version of this app. When it finally came out, I was ecstatic to pay my $0.99 for it. When I noticed recently that it stopped syncing, I emailed text support and was told to upgrade from v. 2.0 to v 2.002. I did this in my iPhone and now I have the same ~6 second delay others have experienced. It also looks like it will cost me $20 to upgrade my desktop application, which now won't sync either. I suggest going elsewhere. I now use lastpass. The interface isn't as nice (IMHO) but it works, and does form filling for web sites, which passwords plus doesnt. It costs $1 per month to sync all your devices, but at least they're upfront about their pricing.

  • Pathetic

    by Where is DataViz

    Whenever I add and save a new item, and sync, the previously entered item disappears. Absolutely no help from DataViz. Do not buy this app until DataViz cares to fix this problem.

  • windows version messed up since update

    by OCSDF

    Befiore the latest windows update I hand nothing but perfect sync'ing between my two iphones, ipad and windows desktop. Since downloading the window update and registering it with the key the sent me, and setting up same page sync, now only my apple devices sync and my PC wil not. Don't buy this until that is fixed. By the way, I've been a loyal user since the Palm days of this product and never had a problem with them before. Now I find out the only tech support they have is to send them an email that they say they will answer within 3 days?

  • Dissatisfied

    by Admpilot

    This app advertises the capability of syncing password information across multiple devices iOS and windows machines. Little do they mention that you have to pay for another purchase for that functionality. Then, when you try to get help their support staff gives you the run around. The app isn't worth the trouble. 9/26/12.

  • What happened?

    by metigirl

    I LOVED this app when I purchased it back in June 2012, but, since the update, I've had nothing but problems with it. It crashes at inconvenient times, and, worst of all, allows me to enter information, SYNC it, but then loses the file which can't be retrieved from my iPad, iPhone, or PC. PLEASE fix the bugs!

  • Good & Bad

    by Hook880

    Was completely satisfied with the previous update. Great to sync iPhone with home and work computers. However, with the latest update, text entry in the search box is extremely slow - it takes 3-5 seconds fir the app to accept each key stroke! This occurs only on the iPhone, not on the PCs. This DataViz must fix soon or I'm moving on to another product. Before the current update, I would have rated the product 4-5. Now I'd drop 2-3 it stars.

  • User

    by Crusty55Rusty

    Was disappointed I could not import my data from Palm, but was working on it. Then this "update" came along and trashed the app. Now I have to start over again! I think I will invest in a Rolodex, do they still make them?

  • Come on.

    by Feeling Flip

    Fix it so I can edit text in the NOTES field. And thanks for the windows message that there is a maintenance update only to find it hoses your Windows program unless you now buy it. I was under the impression I was free with the iOS buy last year. Now it's broke. FYI this is the same kind of service DataViz pulled with the old palm app. Pay $30 to buy, update weeks later and told I had to repurchase it again @ full price. Should have learned back then. Is our data safe on their cloud??? Make sure to back up your data somewhere else. In case they decide to change things later. The new layout is not good on iOS. When you try to scroll, & you tap just a little too hard,,,it marks that entry as a favorite!! Poor thought to layout. And again, just try to re-edit a NOTES field. I don't know of any other app that is cross platform like this, but I'm looking.

  • Wow

    by Foxie Lee

    Nice app and the new update is so nice. Easy to use and will purchase the Mac version. Thanks to the developer.

  • No mac version?....are you kidding,

    by Rgamble

    how can you have versions for all ISO devices and not for Mac! This has been issue to long!!!!

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