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- iOS 7 Native
- Compatibility fix for iOS 6.x

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Attractor is an advanced Dynamic Binaural Wave Generator which combines the technology of expensive Light and Sound Mind Machines with a unique inception messaging system. It is capable of inducing states of meditation, sleep or help you incubate your own suggestions into your subconsciousness while you are awake or asleep.

Attractor is powerful, one of a kind and only available on iOS devices.


- Fully adjustable and dynamic custom Start and Target Binaural Wave Generator
- Visual strobe in SYNC with the changing frequency waves
- Voice recording of messages for inception into your subconsciousness and dreams
- 4 unique entrainment modes to choose from, wake up, meditate, maintain and sleep
- Unlimited number of presets, save as many system states as you want
- Audio Mixer, adjust individual volumes of each audio layer even when you're in session
- Real time monitoring of frequency changes
- Support for iPhone 5 devices in high resolution Retina Display
- Support for Multitasking, listen to Attractor in the background while using other apps
- Record inception messages unlimited in length and number
- New file server to wirelessly upload your location and inception tracks
- Record inception messages on your device or computer and upload through the file server
- New advanced start and target scrollers to easily adjust your frequency settings
- New session time adjustment scroller. You can now set your sessions for up to 12 hours


● Custom Self-Hypnosis
● NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
● Meditation
● Relaxation, Lucid Dreams and Sleep (in 20mn or less)
● Break Habits such as smoking, drinking and over-eating
● Use your mind to help your body heal
● Attract 'anything' you want

Attractor is designed for iOS 7 and is iPhone 5s compatible.

Customer Reviews

  • Best App for astral travel, meditation, and Lucid Dreaming

    by AantMoNeY

    At 4hz I am having so many experiences in theta. This is the best customized app for brainwave entrainment. I recommend this app to anyone that wants to get to the next level in life.

  • Simply the best app to play and design your own sleep system.

    by Light Interactive Media

    I don't know why there aren't more reviews. I purchased this app when it first came out on my 3G iPhone years ago. It was great then and has only gotten better. You can also add your own affirmations - or even prayers, in my case. Mix to your tastes. There's nothing that puts me in a state of relaxation or gets me to sleep better than this app. Many thanks to Dataca! (And I Do Not have any association with the company or employees)

  • Great Entrainment App! - Almost Perfect

    by Darin Roman

    I love this App! I really like when developers take the time to design a beautiful UI for their applications. Form is just as important as function! Attractor looks great and works really well as a binaural beat generator and sound mixer. There are a few things I’d like to see improved and feel would make this The Perfect Entrainment/Meditation/NLP or Hypnosis App! First, there is one major flaw: It is essential for ‘Location’ and ‘Inception' audio files to be seamlessly looped! I’ve created some continuous ambient loops and uploaded them to the app, however, there is always a split second gap when looping; which is very disruptive to any meditation or entrainment session. Please fix this! Changes/Additions I’d like to experience in the future: 1) It would be nice to be able to choose the base (left ear or center position) tonal/pitch frequency for the binaural beat and/or have a selection of known/researched frequencies (chakras, solfeggio tones, etc.). 2) Finer control over the ‘Start' & ‘Target' binaural beat frequency by adding a decimal (i.e. 7.83Hz Schumann Resonance). 3) The addition of a fourth track containing isochronic tones to match (enhance) or counterpoint the binaural frequency. 4) A timeline feature with per track variable volume envelopes and the ability to change the binaural beat base tone and rhythmic frequency over time. 4) A purely cosmetic and semantic renaming of ‘Location’ to something such as ‘Ambience’ since it can likely be something other than a physical location. Keep up the great work!

  • actual gen, along with opticals

    by abSpQizax

    if I set my ipad to full brightness, create my own program, and close the curtains, it makes for a fantastic hypnogogic experience. Bought it when it was still $10, I really hope the devs continue working on it. A feature that I would love is to create a graph of my program, not just starting and target frequency.

  • Best binaural app.

    by Netocho

    Yup, it works, yes, it's better than other apps of it's kind. I totally HATE being obligated to review in order to avoid the annoing message "Would you like to rate Attractor?". No updates like in 10 years and still I don't thimk the app is perfect. Anyway I recommend it to help you fall sleep. It works. Unless you just had a cup of coffe or something.

  • Excellent Binaural App

    by Dalvrin

    Great versatility and easy to use. The sounds are high quality and the fact you can adjust almost everything makes it literally the best binaural app out there. I have perhaps a dozen other binaural apps but this is the one I use most often. Don't let the price dissuade you, it's well worth the money for such a quality product.

  • This is awesome!

    by FartingZ

    The desert music loop is the only one that doesn't stutter, but you din't even need music; just the binaural you set and the affirmation. Very versatile and you can really dial in something perfect... Only took about 5 minutes of experimenting to figure out. HINT: when trying to figure out what theta frequencies are, just open the one that says "theta" in the title and copy those (it is 5.5 hz if I recall correctly)

  • Much better

    by Holyangel

    So close to the ideal app for binaural beats. The loops need a smoother transition when they repeat but otherwise this app is top notch.

  • Pretty good

    by Matt Williams

    App is not quite intuitive. However, it is great for studying. Definitely a must when you need to focus!

  • Powerful manipulation of sounds

    by Adwulson

    I don't know enough about this yet to properly rate but having such precise controls over the frequencies and the inception tool is nice.

  • Option to not review

    by Davidohyer

    Looks like a good quality app, but don't force users to rate it.

  • Great idea but needs some fixes...

    by fletch48

    This app is really good, but to be great it has to reload some instructions, take out the noise on 2 if its location tracks and make the location tracks seamless in their loops. Tighten those things up and possibly add a couple of new locations and I'll add a star and upgrade my review....

  • Great

    by Brian J Wright


  • Attractor

    by Leo1dog

    Works very well for my personal applications. A wider range would help.

  • My go-to

    by Shelfster

    My go-to hypnosis app for the past 5 years! Love it!!

  • My favorite one!

    by Ger Art

    A great physical-mental tool...!!! And great UX!!!

  • Great app

    by Seraphim1207

    Well done and endless in application . I do wish it went lower than 1 Hz but.....,

  • Great app - worth the money


    Worth the money spent

  • The secret and this app goes hand in hand. This app opens the door to the law of attraction.

    by ThunderGawd

    This is a great app. If you have read the secret and or the answer you will fully appreciate this app. It will help you bypass the RAS to get to your subconcious and manifest your desires

  • Meditate

    by sj_silva

    I'm somewhat new to this type of app, but it does exactly what it claims to do. My focus was to get on a meditation schedule and the tools I was using were not working. This clears the mind. I'd recommend trying your own new age/soundscapes. Tip to the creators: fix the gaps in the loop and have more of a choice. Also, the icon is so-so and could use a redesign. Minor stuff that wouldn't prevent me from recommending this app.

  • Dev should be ashamed.

    by Alien Invaders 2

    How lazy can a developer be. Release an update that only works with the new OS and not implement Apples system of recognizing the old system and installing the appropriate version. It's too bad the product is actually good, unfortunately they've ignored existing customers and updated a working version on an OS that they knew would not work. Based on this example I will not recommend or purchase another App from this Dev until they do what's right.

  • Stopped working

    by ConJolby

    It used to be a 5 star app, now it's broke.

  • So Sad

    by radiant lila

    I just bought this app a few days ago and was beginning to understand it and get some amazing use out of it... I did the update today and now it crashes every time I try to open it.... PLEASE fix.

  • Needs update

    by mtnmartian

    Bad loops. No instructions. Not intuitive. Forces review.

  • Locations sounds don't loop properly.

    by raybcmb

    There is no seamless loop from the location background sounds, plus they are of poor audio quality with lots of digital distortion.

  • Oh well.

    by uraniom

    Very, very little value for your moan-y. Very little to choose from. The layers are not enough to carry the weak resources on display. Bumma.

  • I paid. Don't make me review.

    by Fr33 ch1ps

    If I pay $10, I expect there to be a don't review option instead of a box always popping up asking if I want to review now or later just to make me review. As for real criticism....I was expecting to be able to pick my own frequencies for the left and right channel....not just pick the sum frequency.

  • Sound

    by voxorbis

    I would say that in sound application the sound is most important. Bad sound. Update: too many requests for review!

  • This app is awful

    by ssherman16

    Legitimately the worst app ever. It does not explain anything that is going on and it makes all of the same sounds on different settings. Totally not worth $10.00.

  • Mr

    by Medical Mimi

    Ok, stop asking for a review. I just loaded it.

  • Binaural

    by Buisness Teacher

    I have every binaural app in the store.... They mostly teach you what you should be feeling when you learn this you can reach them ten times faster through regular meditation. The apps will only hold you back after a time. THIS IS THE HOW it's supposed to be done. Wave generation. You want to bring yourself down or up to your target Hz through progression. It's true that you can listen to a steady wave and eventually sync.... This is how it's supposed to be done. Kudos. Got this years ago. Isochronic is great but if you want binaural don't go anywhere else.

  • Excellent

    by Brian ralston RN

    Love the diversity of this app.

  • Nice...

    by Slovakdude

    Nice but here are some things I would improve. First, I don't like how the location sounds are. I have downloaded multiple binaural apps such as this one (although much cheaper) and the background/ambient/natural noises are much longer and smoother. I mean, I could count how many seconds the "Seaside" location takes up in this app. In other apps, I couldn't even tell how long the sound file in the app was. It actually sounded like I was on the beach. I'm sorry I am saying it this way but this is how I feel. But even the quality of the "Location" sound is just not as crystal clear as I hoped. When I listen to the seaside sound there is a presence of a pink or white noise that I find annoying. The time when I use the "Location" sound is when I really just want to sit down just to find time to relax, take a breather, maybe a nap, or maybe even a time of just being a lone so I can simply escape occasional stress that just won't leave me a lone. The location sound is your biggest weakness. You don't have a wide variety to choose from and you don't even have the quality sound ( I only listened to the seaside one but that's the only one that I would listen to since I really love the ocean, anyway...). If you fix this issue that is causing you your five stars, I almost guarantee that this would be the best binaural app there would be on the app store. I mean sure you could still add a couple more template settings such as study time, certain dreaming stages etc... But the location sound is the biggest issue I found. I love the fact that you can play around with the frequencies (something that saved this app from a three star review), and that u can add a strobe ( which I think would be better if it had editing options as well such as light color, light brightness, and strobe frequency). You can even control the volume of the inception (sounds people can individually record), the location sound , and the frequency sound. Maybe you can add a little more detail to the online help but other than that, follow your reviews and I believe you will have the best binaural app in iTunes (here is just a suggestion, nothing to do with the 4 stars. Maybe you could even add an optional animated screen saver that corresponds with the location sounds whenever you load the sound(s). I don't know if Other apps may have them now but last time I was trying the other apps, I didn't see anything like that. Once again just a suggestion. Please if u do like this idea, consider the size of the app while making this adjustment. Be as efficient as possible without losing the quality ) Thanks for reading my review.

  • Sir

    by Devnet80

    Great idea. Unfortunately there not enough instructions when it comes to how we should be adjusting all the many different settings. It should at least give you reccomendations for what mood you're in and how you want to feel or something. What am I supposed to do with all these numbers . I'm not a neuroscientist and I don't feel like experimenting on myself. That doesn't seem safe

  • Like it

    by Frieden1

    Like it

  • Great App!

    by Theos11

    I've used this app for a long time and in earlier versions. The latest version is amazing. I just discovered the import feature that let's you play your own music. Love it.

  • Seems legit

    by CJHowe

    Did it so it would hopefully stop asking me to review.

  • Use this app regularly!

    by jjonescolumbus

    Of all the binaural/meditation apps I've downloaded/purchased, this app is the one I use the most - hands down! I highly recommend this over other similar products. While a bit challenging to use comfortably, the strobe feature takes this app to the next level.

  • Abandonware? Support?

    by IonlyLikeCoolStuff

    This would be at least a 4 star app, but it has some obvious bugs and hasn't been updated in quite a while. - There's a problem with the "location" background sound (rain, etc). It seems that when the loop is over it cuts out for a half a second before restarting. This is a little jarring to me. Maybe it's iPhone 4S specific or something but it's happening on my phone. I end up working around this problem by using other apps for the background sound. - I often have trouble with the inception track not playing. Restarting the app usually fixes it. I sent email to support about these problems but didn't get any response. Other than these bugs, the app is better than others I've seen. It's actually customizable instead of just having a few preset frequencies.

  • The best!

    by AGUJOS

    The best!

  • Simply Amazing

    by F2959

    Very elegant interface. The BEST binaural program out there by far. I have owned this since 1.0 and am amazed at what can be done with the iPhone. Now tell me where I can get glasses with lights that synchronize with attractor and I'm set

  • A fine audio mixer

    by Careful Critic

    It's basically a three-track mixer with a binaural track, a track for recording/importing and playing back subliminal messages, and a track for any other content that you please. (The file server works well.) Version 2 has been a drastic improvement over version 1, and I've been using it for meditative daydreaming, almost every day for two years. I'd suggest some tweaks - the help screen should be iPhone-friendly (it's NOT), and it's time for an isochronic version that wouldn't require headphones - but it's fundamentally a great and versatile app for compiling your own customized binaural experiences. Nothing else like it in the App Store!

  • Try it!

    by warmSand

    Whoa, it really does work. Maybe it won't change your life as some have experienced, but it really helps calm me down when I'm stressed, focus when I need to work, and get me to sleep well if I'm restless.

  • Best of class

    by Luv2shopping

    I wish the documentation was little better. Some of the sounds like the ocean waves sound a bit over digitized. Not natural enough.

  • Great for meditation

    by MikoMcB

    Gives me all the tools I need to create my own meditations. Just getting started and already I feel sharper and sleep better. Thanks!

  • Awesome

    by bartonfelipe

    Takes some playing around with but totally worth it.

  • Awesome app!! Great for mentors!

    by Drewtym

    This is the best auto-suggestion tool I has seen. Finally people have the media hounds greatest weapon at our disposal n makes a trippy mixer too!

  • Best app for metaphysical

    by MidKnightRider

    To the wonderful group who made this app possible ( government, private sector or any three lettered group) this app is amazing for all of these below I have included their frequencies 4.00 - ESP, astral projection, psychic abilities, "mystical truths" 4.50 - Shamanic state of consciousness and Tibetan Buddhist chants 5.50 - Inner Guidance, intuition, heat generation 7.83 - Schumann resonance, grounding, rejuvenation 9.00 - Correction of body imbalances 10.5 - Frequency for healing of body, mind/body unity 12.0 - Centering, mental stability 14.0 - Schumann resonance 16.4 - Spirit, liberation, transcendence 33.0 - Christ consciousness and pyramid frequency. 35.0 - Awakening of mid-chakras, balance of chakras 38.0 - Endorphin release 39.0 - Schumann resonance 40.0 - Astral projection This app stimulates the part if the brain responsible for frequency vibration. IT REALLY WORKS FOR NONBELIEVERS. What I'm now asking for is if you guys can give me the frequencies for Psychokinesis and Telepathy Thanks much love, Phoenix PS- keep up the great work!!!

  • Way cool

    by Patrick.J.H

    Works great I can feel it working.

  • Top-of-the-line App!

    by BellaNise

    I own most binaural & entrainment apps. This app is the best of its kind by far. I use it several times a day & it helps me focus at work, meditate, & sleep at home. All of the controls work & are excellent. Thanks!

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