DASGIP iApp Productivity App Review (iOS, $99.99)


Languages: English, German

Seller: DASGIP Information and Process Technology GmbH

- Support for DASbox with MP8
- Support for DASbox with MP8 + GA
- Support for iOS 6.x
- Optimized for iPhone 5.
- Bug fixes.



** DASware access server component required (DASGIP part number 78600115). **
DASGIP iApp allows remote control of your parallel bioreactor systems via Wifi or 3G mobile networks. Being designed as an universal application DASGIP iApp supports iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Monitor your bioprocesses key process variables at a glance. Access real-time and historical data using the powerful online charts. Control and adjust set-points and parameters of several parallel bioreactor systems - anytime from anywhere.

- Monitor key process variables.
- Monitor the control loops' set-points, process variables and controller outputs.
- Tap the chart to browse through historical and real-time data.

- Actually see your bioprocess via a Web Cam, such as the AXIS M1011 network camera.

- Extensive overview of key process variables.
- Color coded warnings and alarm states.

- Tap on any control loop symbol to drill down to detail data and charts.
- Monitor and change set-points as well as control loop states.
- Rotate your device to get full screen charts.

- Access authorization using user-name and password.
- Access control to variables and parameters is enforced on the server side.


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