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Languages: English, Spanish

Seller: Daniel Gonzalez

In settings: there was a issue that prevent listen the ring tones, and this issue is now fixed.

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Take advantage of every minute of sleep and not worry about waking up late

This wonderful alarm clock combines the Snooze button with your morning routine, so that you can handle both at once. It is designed to let you sleep until the very last minute without the scare of oversleeping.

Arise and Shine is an alarm clock that combines the Snooze with your morning routine, adapting to your everyday needs. Perfect for those days when you need it most.

We have taken care of every little, so that you can arise with the right foot every morning.


- Beautiful, practical design. It will provide a good waking up experience.
- Easy and simple to set up. The alarm is completely customizable.
- With a simple gesture, you will be able to activate or deactivate the alarm.
- Alarm integrated itinerary. You will be able to see and control the time you have to snooze.
- The active alarm, indicates visually and soundly how long you have until it goes off again.
- Wake up with one of the different tunes designed exclusively for Arise&Shine
(also, with your favorite music on your iTunes library. Available by the next update)

//This app is made specially for people that:

- Use productivity tools with the intention of benefiting from free time.
- Are usual victims of the snooze button. Using it too much, to the point you fall asleep again.
- That set up multiple alarms for the same occasion.
- People that know the value of good sleep.
- Enjoy waking up feeling rested, in a good mood.

If you have any question, please contact us at:

Customer Reviews

  • Excelent!

    by Cpatricia87

    I can have control of how much can/cant I sleep in the mornings.. Specially those days when I do not want to wake up BUT i can sleep more :)

  • ¡Excelente app!

    by rafaanezc

    Súper útil para poder dorzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Sleep more!

    by manuelaviseras

    No more snoozing for over 45 minutes. Wake up refreshed, slowly but surely and never again be late to work!

  • Needs work

    by PeterBruceH

    I installed this app and after I set the alarm it continually dimmed the screen on my phone rendering it unusable. Even after I went back in the preferences and set the screen to full brightness, the app would somehow drop it back down to 10% shortly thereafter. I uninstalled the app and would try it again once this is fixed.

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