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Seller: Rich Pham

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"Only $0.99 for a limited time!"

"No additional cost for a limited time! Use it as many times as you like!"

Instantly translate printed words from one language to another with your built-in video camera, in real time! Use Always Translate This! on vacation, business travel, and just for fun.

Other apps sell them for ridiculous prices, we only sell for a measly $0.99.

Try out the included modes first so you can see the technology in action. These built-in examples recognize words in many languages.

Always Translate This! gives you translation on the go:
- NETWORK required
- Results appear immediately on your video screen when you need it, anywhere in the world.
- Easy to use, like the regular camera
- Look up translations by typing them in, too

Get the best quality out of your translations:
- Best used on clearly printed text (e.g. signs, menus)
- Does NOT recognize handwriting or stylized fonts
- It's not perfect, but you can get the general meaning!
- Keep text in focus by holding it at least one hand-length away (or even further for iPod and iPad owners)

Supported Languages:
Afrikaans ,Albanian, Bulgarian, Arabic,Belarusian, Bulgarian, Catalan,Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek,Hebrew,Hindi,Hungarian, Indonesian,Icelandic,Irish, Italian, Japanese,Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian,Macedonian, Malay,Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish,Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese, Welsh, Yiddish

iOS device support:
- iPhone 4S/4/3gs, iPod Touch with video camera, or iPad with video camera
- requires iOS 4.0 or later
*** iPhone 3gs and iPod Touch do not have zoom or flash light features
*** iPod Touch and iPad 2 cameras do not have auto-focus feature, which will result in reduced translation quality

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Customer Reviews

  • great app!

    by jackrowell999

    working very well . Instantly translate printed words from one language to another with your built-in video camera, in real time! Use Always Translate This! on vacation, business travel, and just for fun. Try out the included modes first so you can see the technology in action. These built-in examples recognize words in many languages.

  • Good Good@

    by hiphop10x

    Thanks for updating this application. It will helpful for us very much!!!!

  • good app

    by magicmic23

    good translation app, does what its supposed to do

  • It's very useful

    by y56943582

    Maybe, I can't without this app, It's not only cheap, It's very useful, Very valuable, I would recommend to a friend.

  • Not bad

    by z.phoenix

    Translation doesnt appear accurate but it helps

  • Yes!

    by CairWally

    Great app which I use all the time.

  • Love this app!

    by Pweet Dece

    It's a very helpful app with tons of languages. So useful tool.

  • Good translate

    by Tonia7758

    This app is awesome. It's top of the line apps and hands down! I like it.

  • Not disappoint^^^

    by alenamaria

    -It's not perfect, but you can get the general meaning! -Supported Languages:English, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, German.... Thanks for support of this app!!!

  • The simply app!!!

    by justin10x

    Download this application is very quick and simple. Please buy it for your iPhone-it will help much to the difficulty of the languages!!!

  • Full features^^^

    by songkimhoa

    This app brings many useful features: -- Easy to use, like the regular camera - Look up translations by typing them in, too -Support many languages .....

  • great for iPad and iPhone users!

    by claudiaschell392

    No handwriting recognition and need a translation tool written ban.Toi application to help me do my homework, it is wonderful because it helped me a lot. Great help for the translation, it is very useful and applied to duoc.Kha cool to translate and print graphics, only a pity without interpreting from Chinese into other languages​​. Thanks for the support of this application, so is great for iPad and iPhone users!

  • Love it!

    by egrocket

    This is so usefull. Best app ever!

  • Exactly what I needed!

    by jaoLarcot

    This is my new favorite app on iPhone. It has really come through for me every time I needed help reading something in Germany.

  • Needs more features

    by Commander Man

    Does not recognize handwriting and needs a text translation tool.

  • Translate

    by Luiss0321

    Great app, it is very useful and fun to play around with. I can say funny things in any language. Haha

  • Translate

    by Goat luigi

    I got this app to help me with homework, it was great thing because it help me a lot:)

  • App

    by luigii0321

    Great help for translating, it is very useful and a recommended app to get.

  • useful

    by shi yuan

    Easy to use,like the regular camera.

  • special app!!!

    by kimsusan202

    This application is quiet special. Are you want try it?Please buy it today!!!!

  • Always Translate This

    by johnnieglide

    I purchased Always Translate This from Creative Design. This app does not look anything like it is advertised. You have a from column and a to column with the languages, Both are very short in languages . The from column is very short and for me all of the languages that I would like to have translated in the to column. You would think they would have all the languages that are advertised on in the app in one column so you could choose from one language to the other. I have tried my best to get a hold of Creative Designs, I've called the number only static, tried to email them no answer their. If there's anybody out there that could help me with this app please let me know!


    by MarloPogi

    Have tried to use it a couple of times. It does take the picture but when it tries to translate it, the app crashes and disappears! I tried it both on my Ipad and Iphone. Did the same on both!

  • Constantly crashes!

    by globetrekkingmom

    This app worked for me one time. It has crashed every time since. I had high hopes for it and when it worked it was great, but it is utterly useless. Don't waste your money unless you like paying for disappointment.

  • Don't waste your money

    by Bold donkey

    It doesn't work. Always crashes at the OCR. I suspect the developer abandoned the program, that could explain why the server for OCR is always down and causes the program to crash. Don't waste your $.99 + tax. Apple should have done something to protect app buyers too!

  • Always translate this

    by Boomerbear3

    Never got this to work on a new i-pad - support was nonexistant -

  • What's Spanish for a waste of .99 cents?

    by PineappleOctopus

    App crashed every time it tried to OCR the photos it took. Nothing was translated live on the fly either (as inferred in the description and incorrectly stated by some user reviews), could only take a photo, or load one from album, then crashes. Tested using German, Spanish and English, on both a 4S and an Ipad2. The screenshots above are nothing like what I saw in the actual app before it crashed. Not sure if it needs to be updated, or maybe whatever server does the translating is down or what.

  • Fake!

    by @turbo@

    Screenshots in description are not as in app!!!

  • Doesn't really work very well

    by sasuke52

    This app needs a bit of fixing... It couldn't translate any of the notes in Spanish I wrote. Needs an update with a fix

  • Not what I needed

    by NCDragon74

    I needed this to translate from Japanese to English but the app only goes from English to Japanese. They state that you can try the installed version as if there is some way to get other options. But there are no options within the app to purchase or download anything else. Thumbs down.

  • don't buy it !

    by paloschi_a

    This app supports far fewer languages for reading the text than it does for the resulting translation. If I knew that I would not have purchased it--be cautious that the language you want to read is supported. For instance, it won't read Hindi but will present the results in Hindi.

  • Waste money!!!

    by binzoo2xx

    I don't like this app. It is quiet complex.You should try it before buy!!!

  • Use it now!!!

    by jumba2012

    I really was fascinated by this cavalier. It helps us translate and understand different languages.!!

  • It's alright

    by Little Kawaii

    It's a good translator to get the general gist of a piece of text, but I wouldn't use it for serious translations.

  • Funny-)))

    by MinJung89

    It has full features.Very good for user. I like this app and I hope you liked it....@

  • Fun app^^^

    by Lybangbang

    It has some benefits for us. Please buy it for your iPhone.It will help you when trouble...!!!

  • Awesome, only one complaint!

    by Fisshe

    Overall this is a great app that does exactly what it says. I can use it for my Spanish II homework, by taking a picture of the sheet and translating it into English, and I can use it to correspond with my (Chinese) father by screen-shot'ing his emails. The only bad thing is the interface/GUI/aesthetics aren't as good as I presumes they'd be, based off the app logo it looks very lively, and cool, but the actual app is quite plain. Still a good app!

  • Somewhat Disappointing

    by Pfsll

    This app works, but does not translate FROM all of the languages it says it supports. If you're going to Europe you should be fine, but if, for example, you are traveling to East Asia, forget it. Does not translate from Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Maybe this shortcoming will be addressed in future updates...

  • Should buy-)))

    by lexus2012

    I'm really happy about all the features that this application would provide. It can translate anything that you want...!!!

  • Perfect choice!!!

    by haohao601

    Always Translate This is one of applications that I like best. It's very wonderful@

  • Great application!!!

    by hoamyxjnh

    It is very useful for us. Exactly what I was searching for.Oh my good^^^

  • Downloaded app@

    by cookiesu

    This app is greater other apps that I have been used. Thanks for buying this app today!

  • Best translator ever

    by RJBisuna

    Excellent app, a must have

  • Bad app

    by Gibson778

    The application works fine but must have internet. Meaning of words and incorrect grammar.

  • Nice

    by sunluqing

    The price of this app is low. It's very convenient to use. I also get the answer quickly.

  • not that good

    by OnealLuo

    first of all the description is kinda misleading. it doesn't do live translation. all it does is translate the selected phrase of a picture(can be freshly taken or already in your gallery). secondly the accuracy of the translation is a little off. there are a lot of free apps that do what this app does and better. so I don't really see the point of buying this app.

  • Amazing App

    by Caleb511

    This technology astonishes me. I can't believe that this app can translate signs this well.

  • Slick and effective

    by heathen3017

    Worth the download.

  • Really well made

    by Lone$tar01

    Overall good job with the application and it works wonderfully. In all I can say the mechanics are tuned right and all things said its a good app. Good job with this app.

  • Great

    by Nishimare

    Good and useful app !! Recommended !

  • Useful App

    by clsx522331

    This app is suitable for ones who is always on business trip all over the world.It's simple and work so fast.

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