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Severe Storm, Evacuation, Pandemic or a Serious Injury ... would you know what to do?

1st Response Be Prepared is unlike any other "aid" application. The focus is on prevention, preparation and response.

A thorough compilation of WHAT TO DO when faced with a personal threat, disaster or emergency, 1st Response Be Prepared gives you detailed how-to instructions and full color illustrations covering a wide range of disaster scenarios and situations. Prepare yourself to face an emergency with the confidence and control you'll need to take action.

Response and aid instructions are based on authoritative standards including the American Red Cross, National Disaster Medical System and the American Automobile Association. Disaster contacts, links and Resources include the CDC and FEMA.

Spend a few minutes of your time to be of assistance to yourself and others. Be Prepared


Note: One-Tap Call function requires access to phone network. One-Tap URL access required access to the Internet. One-Tap Call function is not operational on the iPod Touch. Requires iPhone OS v2.0 or higher

Customer Reviews

  • Cert

    by Mayday Mayday

    Great app. But agree with the fact that some statements are too long on case of an actual emergency. You could add links to words so if we want to learn more about something we can then spend the time reading about it. Can someone create an app with NIMS and the ICS? Think about it! It could have forms for IC to use on scene. Recap triage etc. Maybe we could upload our own forms too... Anyway... Maybe adding some forms so we can write a report or add notes. Thanks!

  • Love the Updates: Pandemic advise is timely

    by BeeHoppy

    This app gets updated about every 3-4 weeks with new tips on being prepared or how to respond. If you are looking for a app that covers a lot of subjects with accurate and helpful information - this is the one. The one tap links and call functions are a nice touch, but if it is a national disaster the network is sure to be congested.

  • Great idea. Excelent implementation.

    by Alear

    Very useful and great content. It worth every cent. I bought by mistake a lame copy with the same name and waste a buck on that rubbish! Thanks for this nice job!

  • Great App Overall, But...

    by Zombie6391

    04/04/12: NO updates to the app since before my below post! Great app, but additions need to be made! 04/19/09: Since I live I S. Florida there needs to be something added for hurricanes.

  • Huge potential!

    by Revbeej

    This app could be really awesome with some updates. Needs info in evacuating special needs population among other things. Good job though. Please update! 

  • Decent App to have.

    by TTheInfamous1

    Worth the price you pay for this app. The info is well documented aside from a few things. Would be better if I was able to add more than one medication profile and reminders. All in all, you get what you pay for.

  • Very good

    by Ritzie125

    Handy, well updated, acurate and not overpriced. Look no further for a preparedness app.

  • Very useful

    by KMBW

    I have some medical issues and take a raft of meds. I LOVE being able to hand someone my Touch and letting them copy the latest info from my meds list, my allergies, and so on. And it has the info my husband needed (and didn't know) a few months ago when I was out cold and the ER staff wanted answers. Suppose you're in an accident? I'd give it five stars if it allowed a second/third/... profile for a spouse or child (or two or three). I've been in the position of being in an out-of-town ER with an injured child and needing to know the date of his most recent tetanus shot.

  • Great idea for iPhones

    by bible seeker

    Love it,maybe more on survival,travel security,and disasters.thanxs

  • this is so cool

    by LiKiN PaRk

    I wonder if this will ever save a life.

  • simply invaluable

    by simply fun

    for the price, you cannot go wrong

  • Good app.

    by jhitch

    Updated review: At the bottom are my original comments. - New comments: As the company is very responsive to issues and updates I have updated my rating to 5 stars. My only wish would be that one could enter multiple profiles for a child and spouse. - Original comments: I like the application overall but would like to see a few updates. 1) Have the ability to add other profiles for a spouse and children. 2) The icon is neat but I believe it is a biohazard symbol. If you are injured and someone is able to get to your phone (assuming it's not locked) it would be helpful to have an icon that screams "I have medical information, please tap me". Maybe a red background with a big white cross and a title underneath that reads "Medical Info.". 3) In an emergency if someone needs to perform CPR they probably don't want to do a lot of reading and are not in the right frame of mind to do so. More pictures with some text underneath that show each step would suffice. These are just suggested improvements.

  • Now I'm not scared.

    by LIL9of10

    What a great application! Everything you need in an emergency is right at your fingertips. The application is detailed and provides information on what you would need during a disaster. With this application I am prepared for almost anything. It tells me what I need for a disaster kit, first aid kit, and car repair kit. The information is perfect for a checklist when preparing for any emergency. I also appreciate the poison control center information. I feel prepared so if I am in an emergency situation I won't panic, instead I will be calm because I have all of the answers to emergency situations in First Response. This is a great appliction. I highly recommend it.

  • Emt-P, retired

    by ringading

    As a retired paramedic living in earthquake prone LA, I found this app very handy. I recommend it to anyone who wants to be proactive about emergency preparedness.

  • Very nice app!

    by RememberDale#3Forever

    This is a her cool application, the quick access to CDC FEMA and poison control center is very helpful. For this price I highly suggest you purchase this application for reference, emergency numbers, and the emergency contact information page. The distress part I also fins helpful depending on your situation; either emergency signaling or SOS functions. The distress flashed on orange/ black is very good for emergency alerting. Buy this application guys you will be glad you gotnot when you need it.

  • An absolute must-have for your iPhone or iPod touch

    by groupeone

    After trying out 1st Response Be Prepared, I quickly realized this app might be the most important addition to my iPhone. I moved it to the first page of my apps, and recommend that you do the same. In one place, you can get critical instructions and tools that could save your life or the lives of people you love. If something bad happens to you, an emergency worker can use this to find the critical information they'll need to help. In an uncertain world, this little app is reason enough to have an iPhone or iPod touch. It's well thought out, easy to use, solid and indispensible. My advice: just buy it. It's the most important little purchase you might ever make.

  • Beyond 911

    by MoneyMaddness

    I like the vaccine link. You can download a Vaccine form that tracks the dates etc of vaccines. If you have a family, there is lots of information to keep track of - this is a nice feature. I want to protect my family and this might help. Although there is only one profile I was able to get everyone's information in by just using a : or their initials to separate each entry, The only exception was blood type. It is useful, easy to use, has lots of other links and resources beyond what is immediately in the program. Pages and pages and illustrations of how to do the right thing in a bad situation. For 99 cents you can't beat it!

  • Choc'Full O Utility

    by Snow+Speed=Fun

    There are a lot of useless apps out there ... this is not one of them! It is full of utility, suggestions, resources, what to do, what not to do for a variety of the bad things that happen in life. Not that I would ever depend on the CDC or FEMA, it is good to have that info in a mobile device. Your iPhone is probably with you 90% of the time and though in a disaster situation the phone lines might be jammed you can still get wifi or at the very least, read about how to evacuate or provide aid or a host of other things. It's 99 cents ... what's the question? I'll be keeping this one on my phone.

  • Nice app. Cheap enough to try.

    by Dixieshep

    App is pretty nice! Has all my emergency info, callers, blood type, conditions and meds I'm taking. Also has a Call button to call 911 or my chosen emergency contact. Love the Distress signal. Wish that made a noise though. The flashing lights are great but a loud siren or a voice shouting GET HELP might make it awesome to get someone's attention! I do love the emergency situation plans. Good little app. Thanks~

  • Am I the only one?

    by jahmbo

    Feel like this is having a bad health class book in your pocket. Explanations are too long. I would need fast and easy to understand explinations in an emergency not some bad drawings and long winded solutions. How about: no breathing or heart rate? 25 compressions to 2 breaths. Simple. I don't need a drawn out paragraph about this! This is a great idea for an app but I'm dissapointed in the execution

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