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Bug fixes.

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★ Voice Assistant+ is your own personal assistant! Use the power of your voice to control your device. No typing required! ★

Voice Assistant+ is the easiest way to type by the power of your voice. Just speak and your words are instantly converted into text. Much faster than typing on a keyboard!

With Voice Assistant+ you can use your voice to dictate emails and text messages as well as status updates to Twitter and Facebook. Stop wasting your time typing and start speaking!

❖ Advanced, industry-leading speech recognition algorithm
❖ Much faster than typing on a keyboard
❖ Automatically corrects grammar mistakes
❖ The most convenient and fastest way to send emails and text messages or update your Facebook or Twitter status
❖ Volume meter for speech feedback

★ Use your voice to: ★
❖ Email
❖ iMessage
❖ Copy text
❖ Facebook
❖ Twitter
❖ Share text to DropBox, Pages, Evernote, Doc2Go, QuickOffice and more

★ Configuration options ★
❖ 23 languages supported
❖ End-of-speech detection
❖ Confirmation sound

1. Network connectivity
2. iPad, iPhone, iPod touch (2nd and 3rd generation require external mic)

Customer Reviews

  • Ok

    by Niki Way

    It's ^

  • Amazing-Just Wow

    by Brainiac246

    I wish I could give this 4 1/2 stars because I wish It didn't need Wifi and there is a daily usage limit, but I got a good 20 messages out of it so it is not a big deal. Much faster than typing and as long as you speak in a slow and robotic voice(which is normal) it reads everything perfectly. I wouldn't use this for quick texts, though. But I am working on a paper and now I can just speak into it and it will type everything I say. If you get it now while its on sale, it is definitely worth $0.99 cents.

  • Great!

    by Nalanni

    It's awesome for iPhone 4, best think close to Siri's voice to text.

  • Great Speech Recognition

    by Chia1999

    This app is wonderful because you can have it write down what you say with great accuracy. When talking to it, try to make each word distinct from one another, without linking the words. It's great for long messages that you don't want to type. I could have written this review with it but I forgot to do that.

  • by Barry j@y

    It's worth it

  • A little disappointed

    by camjelly25

    I was a little disappointed to find out that this app only dictates for you, but it does a pretty good job.

  • Love this app

    by Ben Otano

    It's Awesome

  • No inprimentes at all

    by Kisaac loves puppy's

    I think this app really cool becuace it makes it so much easer to text

  • Not much use

    by iPod Critics

    What the title says

  • Awesome

    by Nyagirl300

    This is cool I don't have to go to facebook and text messages anymore. I just have to tap speak and tap again this is the best app ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Great, great, great!

    by Lippyjimmy

    It's always so satisfying when an app delivers as promised. This one is terrific!

  • Assistant works gr8!

    by Teresa O'Connell

    I love it!

  • Not the best

    by 10 out of 10 ausome

    I guess it is easier to write long messages or any message but there is a limit to how much u can use it. It's a limited amount for every 24hrs so idk. It is only 2 bucks

  • Not so bad app

    by Germaine gue

    Is very helpful app to have if you want to write is the best so tried.

  • Voice

    by G funny

    Works great!

  • Perfect

    by Jrich333333


  • Cooool

    by Dd the sandwich maker

    I was happy when I got the four but always thought that Siri was cool so this is a big plus for me.


    by Bob hankins

    It's just like Siri on the iPhone not really but a really close call

  • Fairly New App for me...

    by LuvABull.Denver

    I am still working out the "app bugs" (ins and outs) of the app. I wish I could verbally command who to send my message too. I'm not sure if it will let me verbally command how to send my message: text, e-mail, etc., again it is a new app for me and I am working through it. Other than that, I like it and it only cost $.99 cents. Not too bad...

  • Hella right!!!

    by 1on3ly

    I got a little bro in the joint. I don't always got the time to sit and write. With this? Homie gets a letter every week.

  • It's ok

    by It's_good

    It's ok but voice control does the same thing :(


    by Daisy dog 009

    OMG I HAVE TRIED OVER AND OVER AGAIN AND ALL IT SAYS IS "sorry speech not recognized plz try again!" I MEAN LIKE WHY TRY IT AGAIN IF IT DOESNT WORK I WOULD NOT BUY THIS APP IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY!! Plz fix it I am really upset it doesn't work science I payed for it

  • OMG

    by I luv penguins

    It's such a waste of money. Don't get it.

  • Ok

    by No nick name.

    Dose not hear what you say.

  • Deleting

    by Aricakitcat

    I said send a message and I tried it like seven hundred times and it did not

  • Misleading

    by Jordan S.

    The title is not what it does

  • Horrible!

    by FridaTheUnicorn

    I thought this would help me but its not what I thought It was better I want my money back!

  • Terrible app

    by {yo yo yo}

    This app is just awful!!! Total waste of money! It doesn't even send the text for you. Also no where near as fast as typing! You have to click about 5 buttons and wait for it to send. Stupid app, not what I thought I was getting. To all the 5 star reviews, I bet those aren't real people!! NOTHING like Siri!

  • Doesn't work, garbage

    by RockerAirsoftGuy0125


  • Very bad

    by Pookie_xoxo

    This app is horrible. Do not waste your 99€ on this app. It does not help you at all. Nextime I will read the reviews. I

  • Don't get this app

    by Boss man 87

    It's stupid I don't even know the purpose of it

  • I would rate it zero stars.

    by Shadowhasfangs

    Great? Fun? This App isn't like Siri at all! It's worse than the simple voice control on my old iPod! I bought this app, and it was a real waste of money. The only reason I still have it is because I paid for it.

  • Bbbb

    by Gmoney464368


  • A good app, until...

    by HP84858

    This is a good app, but I wish instead of just typing what you say it would be a little more personal. Like you could select something and it would talk to you back. Also- BUYERS BEWARE- this app has an allotted count of how many times you can use it in a 24 hour period. And I payed for this! Unfair.

  • No

    by Randomsnowflake16

    I didn't like it. I got it then deleted it after two minutes. It was a waste of money. It's not like Siri at all

  • Limited

    by Maqk123

    No good, has limited voice message , about 15 mess for each 24 hours, NO GOOD

  • Bad app

    by Wolflover9


  • Do not purchase!!!

    by bakeratj1

    Cannot choose who I want to text to when I'm driving. Defeats the purpose of the app! It's not the same as the SIRI on the 4S and later models.

  • by Kyrarocks24

    This app was a waste of my money don't bother buying it I made a big mistake

  • Awful.

    by Thwunk

    I regret purchasing this app. Good thing it was on sale. All it does is take you to text. If you ask a question, don't expect on it being ANSWERED. You have to do all the work by yourself except for not typing a few words. Awful app.

  • Hate it

    by Awesomebro56

    Do not by this app the beeping sound is annoying with the fact that its a 99 cent rip off

  • Truma214

    by Truma 214

    I thought I had find something good ,I used it twice and now it said no speech detection.what

  • Usage limit?!

    by :) John

    Seriously, I paid money for this app and it says I exceeded my usage limit? I ain't going to wait 24 hours to use this again!

  • I hate this app do not buy it it is not worth it just warning you people

    by Glue gkvb


  • I wish I can give this 0 stars.

    by Nickel biter1324


  • Useless

    by Bffffffffft

    Completely useless garbage, want my 99 cents back. Zero stars.

  • Ewe

    by Leahhh022

    I was very pleased at first then after a while I saw that you have a limit per day I feel if you buy it it should be unlimited

  • Rip off

    by Hoogleypatoogly

    Not wort

  • Lori

    by Rioannie

    I think I'm gonna love this app. It seems to transcribe better than Siri

  • Bad luck

    by M7amad76

    للأسف مايدعم اللغة العربية It doesn't support Arabic

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