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The 4xScanner is a scanner application with a big PLUS! On some occasions one ordinary single-shot might not be quite enough. This is where the 4xScanner comes in and it won’t let you down. The 4xScanner smartly takes your individual pictures and stitches them seamlessly together into one continuous whole: the big picture! And the resolution or scan area obtained in this way is almost 4 times that of an ordinary single-shot.

Key Features:

- Multiple Shot Modes: in addition to ordinary single-shot mode, 4xScanner can also smartly stitch multiple pictures taken from parts into one whole, seamless, big picture.
- High Resolution: Tests have demonstrated that the multi-shots end image can significantly improve text readability, and the resolution is almost 4 times that of an ordinary single-shot!
- Large Scan Area: Similar to the above, with multi-shot, you get a larger scan area with the same resolution.
- Picture Fix: friendly interface helps you to easily fix and adjust inevitable discrepancies in picture orientation.
- PDF File Creation: transform scanned pictures into single or multiple page PDF files in a trice.
- Extremely Versatile: the scanned object can be a document on paper, monitor screen, black and white board, etc.
- Easy-to-use Interface: no user manual necessary.
- Send your document via E-mail.
- Save pictures to your iPhone album.

Customer Reviews

  • Works on iPhone 4S

    by Angloplayer

    I read prior reviews that reported nothing but problems, but decided to give it a try. It did not work on my iPad 2 with iOS 6.1, but does work on my iPhone 4S with iOS 5.1.1. I have been able to do several two, three and four-part scans that it successfully integrated into single detailed images. One needs good even lighting on the image source, hold the camera parallel to it and to take all shots from the same relative angle. Positioning each shot intelligently with sufficient overlap I found good results were obtained. One test was to scan an 18-inch long store receipt that had been folded and crinkled in a pocket. Roughly flattened but with many undulations still present, I scanned it in four photos (three would have worked) and ended up with a sharp single image. In this case, the seams were visible, but didn't affect the readability. In other instances I found the seams invisible, much depended on the lighting and angle of the group of shots. If you need to stitch together high quality landscape photos, use an App designed for that purpose, but this works for my infrequent utility needs. Long receipts, occasional map images, parts diagrams, any instances where capturing a good functional view of a large image is more important than a pristine and seamless copy. I will be using this App frequently.

  • I like this scan app.

    by YannieZheng

    I like this scan app.

  • Great Idea But Need Update

    by FFF ran k


  • Wait

    by David Woodburn

    The app is built on an interesting idea, but the implementation is not well developed, yet. The idea is that multiple photos are sown together to produce one image with higher resolution than one photo. However, the seams are very evident (text did not line up well) and there is no built-in brightness or contrast correction, so shadows are evident. Perhaps it works well on an iPhone because it has a built-in flash. The idea is good and I think this developer is headed in the right direction, but I was not satisfied. I've given four stars because I don't want to kill their average rating so early on and because the app has potential.

  • Smart app

    by YiLun

    Basically it help us to take an image which is too large for us to fit in one shot, and helps us stitch up the part to become a perfect image for us. You can even adjust the angle to make it even perfect. To use this app better, you need a good lighting place when the picture is taken. Hope they will implement more like words recognition and able to convert to text. I would buy that upgrade!

  • 很实用

    by windypaopao


  • Amazing!!!

    by Killsting

    This app is very useful for me in office!! Works anytime and can scan anything!!! including magazine!!

  • Cool App!

    by luktom

    I just love it.

  • nice!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Sonicabc


  • Waste of Money - Crashes

    by Alex Foessel

    I was unable to stitch any two images. The app would capture images and upon pressing stitch, it would pause a bit and crash. The same result both in iPhone 3GS and iPad 2.

  • Did not work!

    by Buyers.Remorse

    This was a worthless purchase. I am so sorry I paid for it. It didn't work at all on my iPhone 4. It crashed every time I tried to load an image from my camera phone. I tried contacting the developers, but there was never any response. If I could rate it lower than one star, I definitely would do so.

  • Stitch feature FAIL

    by 3dtoaster

    I only tried this a couple of times, but the results were miserable. If just one of the images wasn't accepted, you had to take it again, and it would have to start the lengthy stitch process over again when you do. The resulting stitched images was stitched very poorly, with huge jogs between the pictures. The interface made sense and was fairly slick, but this app was a waste of money for me. It doesn't solve my problem of scanning large documents.

  • Crash

    by Qdark

    Crash after use button

  • Crashes 100% of time

    by Himmeldonnerwetter

    Crashes 100% of time after pushing "use" button.

  • Crashes constantly!!

    by Superxfly

    Almost every time you hit the "use" button, the app crashes. Not worth the money.

  • Crashed

    by Gadelha

    doesn't work

  • Crashed

    by leshiy

    It crashed every time when i pressed "use" button, iOs 4.2.1

  • Sad

    by Bretticus01

    Great concept that doesn't work.

  • Crashes

    by GianniGiorgio

    Crashes after accepting photo...every time

  • Great idea poor execution

    by Roadhead2255

    The title says it all. Fantastic interface. Great design. Crashes on my 3GS after taking a picture. Gave you two stars for the idea. Get it patched!

  • Too bad

    by HyoungSuk Choi

    Just use iphone cam only, That is better than using this app.

  • Need to be harsh here

    by Let's Be Objective

    I agree that the concept is good, but since the execution is totally flawed (Whenever I try to save a photo for further processing the app crashes), I can only conclude that we are simply their beta testers and that the app is otherwise useless. I tried to contact the developers but the iTunes link did not connect. To aid the developers my device is an iP4 running iOS 4.3.

  • Bad

    by EPJS

    Doesn't work, keeps saying it failed.

  • Crash

    by Senthil Vijay

    It crashes after taking a photo. iPhone 3GS 4.2.1.

  • Crash!

    by iKurtz

    Crash every time after taken a photo.. Every time! Deleted after give it 10 minutes try..

  • Crash on iOS 4.3

    by Wiwoco

    When i select image from Camera, app crashes everytime. Good idea, bad quality.

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