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1. Support the latest iOS.

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Fusion Experience uses the power of cloud computing to give you access to the full version of the Fusion ML system by CoreLogic MarketLinx on your iPad. Note that Fusion Experience can only be used by real estate agents, brokers and other affiliated professionals that already have an active ML subscription with a valid user name and password.

Fusion is a fast, fun, and easy ML application that emphasizes multi-tasking, agent/client collaboration, and system personalization. Fusion offers many exciting and innovative features, including:
- Multi-tasking: the ability to edit multiple listings, run multiple searches, etc.
- Three-way integration between Search Results, Mapping and Images
- Informative map overlays and points of interest
- Demographic content and charts
- Auto-generated Quick CMA
- Email/home page notifications triggered by website activity
- And much more!

Fusion Experience works best with WiFi or high-speed mobile connections, and provides support for mouse-centric controls such as hover effects and dragging and dropping.

Customer Reviews

  • Great but...

    by Fgghedf

    It's a perfect app for work but can you please allow the user to set a homepage so I won't have to re sign in every time. Thank you

  • A JOKE

    by Clark 123

    Does not work. Will not zoom without losing part of the page. Less than worthless. A disgrace.

  • It works fine

    by Alkusa

    For what it is , everyone should know that fusion or MLS requires adobe flash, iPad does not work with flash , so they need to use a remote computer connection to make this work and that is why it's slow but gets the job done.

  • Good alternative!

    by JQ11

    It is working good, and better when you got familiar with the touch screen mousepad and the same Ipad keyboard, you need to install the fusion experience from Ipadstore not from the browser. The reports and the whole application looks very similar than the Mlx desktop version. Probably a little bit more difficult to make the selections and introduce the data but like I said it works and is good alternative just get some practice.

  • Not as bad as I've read.

    by tmcclary207

    I hate the track pad. It gets the job done in a pinch. They need to fix that and this will make it take off fast. Has potential if they male it work without the virtual mouse and keyboard.

  • Absolutely HORRIFIC

    by Lucilroth

    I could get the information faster if I walked 2 miles to get there. Seriously, this is the worst app I have ever downloaded.

  • Ugh!

    by Barneyfm

    This is one awful app! I can't do anything with it! I can't even search for RE 2? It's great on my laptop, but this app is useless. Please take it off till you get it working? Actually, I'm unloading it, it's too frustrating, and I would look like an idiot if I tried to look something up in front of a customer. Take the Thomas Edison positive approach, you've successfully found one way that does not work!

  • It is a shame

    by burak1

    I am a realtor and this app is one of the worst apps for a realtor which it should be the most important app. There are thousands of realtors. And they are paying every year hundreds of dollars for what Using this useless app... %85 of the realtors are using ipad , i believe we as realtor should have a real application. you should update this app or you have other option: You can Let other companies building better apps... Do not act as a monopoly. I wrote this to the developer they never respond to me. We need immediate response

  • This is junk!!!

    by Jeff runge

    Why can kids in grade school have such cool apps when Realtors are in the dark age ? I bet if the MLS was not a monopoly we would have some great programs. This is a piece of junk!!! A disgrace to our profession.

  • Your kidding

    by Skeeter todd

    I like Fusion on my laptop or desktop, however this is absolutely horrible! In need of serious revision. Freezes, screens won't close, cannot see words mouse pad pointer will not close, cannot close the daily reminder or tip, etc etc. who tested this? This app is useless. Test thoroughly before throwing it out there to agents. Try using this in front of a client. Awful! Downloaded this app on IPhone 5 with latest IOS software. Tried several times and am going to uninstall.

  • Not user friendly

    by KikiSuperGirl

    This app is not user friendly at all. It is very challenging to navigate through it. Since it is an app may be it should not look exactly like the desktop website to make it more functional. Unfortunately I have to use it a lot for work and most of the time from my phone and the whole process is always so frustrating. Very disappointed.

  • Seriously

    by Holowek

    I have been using an iPad for a long time and I have installed a great number of apps, some better than others but none worse than this... So disappointed!

  • Fusion

    by Unbelievably awful

    Terrible. Does not work. Let's just call it Fusion Freeze-Up.

  • This is your best?

    by SarasotaAgent

    Having been involved in web construction, app building , and web hosting...I have to say that I am embarrassed for them. How could so many, with so many resources, be this inept? I suppose that when you have your subscribers held hostage, you can pass off any kind of crap on them. I would have given less than one star, but it wouldn't let me. Basically.......it's crap.....of the worst kind.

  • Needs Better Functionality

    by Daughter of the Sea

    I feel like the developers haven't used it to see how it works. It's challenging and sometimes impossible to do ordinary tasks such as scroll to the bottom of the page or close out of a window. Often the needed buttons are covered or otherwise off the screen and one can't get to them. Please improve. I NEED THIS APP TO WORK!

  • Bugs...bugs....bugs....

    by J. Eric

  • Syracuse Agent

    by Frecklekid10

    I gave it a one because at least you can type in the mls number and get some info. Screens on an ipad or iphone pop open but then are off centered so you can never close them again unless you close the screen and redo it. Even if you can pull up a house sheet, you only see half of it. I'm baffled that the smallest things have been over looked in this program. The mouse and keyboard button are useless especially when there are no directions on how to move a popup screen so you can close it. If you actually fixed the off centered screens for the ipad and iphone or any other portable device, this app would get a 3 star. I'm baffled this has even been offered to realtors considering how much $$ we pay out of pocket for crap we'd never use. Atleast, if someone paid attention to a little detail this app could be useful with its current state of design. I'd be embarrassed to offer this to a large group of people with my company name on it. Mark Syracuse NY RE Agent. P.S. using my gf's ipad and stuck on a picture screen with no way to close it. Great!!

  • Fusion failed

    by PastorJamesForWhatIt'sWorth

    Worst app for REALTORS. Needs further development

  • Update to: I must be hallucinating

    by Kid Ordinn, Sr.

    07/22/2013: I needed to use Fusion in the field. My clients laughed at me today as they watched me battle with the phony keyboard and mouse, an extraction of Windows, while trying to find a specific MLS number. After 5 minutes of looking like an idiot in a peanut butter jar, I quit and loaded instead Kurio. It's not really CloudMosa's fault. Their Puffin browser is great for enabling Flash on the iPad. The problem is CoreLogic, the firm that handles the MLS for our board. CoreLogic is so lazy that they still have not implemented HTML5 with their Fusion software for Realtors. And our Boards are so much in bed with them that we will probably never see a version running on Apple iPad anytime soon. *************************** Just for kicks, yesterday I reloaded the Fusion app on my iPad. I don't remember what I was smoking but this Fusion app seemed to load a lot faster than before. After trying it for several minutes, I thought that it was a mistake and that I was hallucinating. This afternoon, I loaded it again. Mind you, I still use the iPad2, a much slower iPad than iPad3. Yet Fusion blasted through the searches like I haven't seen it do on my iMac. Did I miss an announcement or what? This Fusion app is quite an improvement and I'm amazed and pleasantly surprised. It must not be CoreLogic's programmers who wrote these changes otherwise we would have had something that works on Mac OS a long time ago. Yet, there are still some problems with Fusion app: 1. The Apple wireless keyboard does not work, and you can only use the integrated keyboard from the app. 2. What's that mouse about? 3. It's still Fusion.

  • When is an App not an App? When it's FUSION!

    by Hib-James

    This is not an app. It's actually an interface to a remote virtual machine running the dreadful FLASH software that Fusion is developed in. It will devour your data plan at an incredible rate. Never mind that the entire planet is dumping Flash. Corelogic just continues on with their head stuck in the sand. The only way to get this garbage replaced is to start complaining to your MLS and asking them what other MLS software they could use. What better way to destroy the traditional Realtor business than by saddling them with total junk like this.

  • This app, is, at best, a bad joke

    by The Laughing Realtor

    And no one ends up laughing, except the customer who is watching you struggle with the down arrows, losing the selections after harrowing attempts and finally see the screen blink and be back at the "log in"screen. Unfortunately is our only option for a mobile access to the MLS, which is a sorry and pathetic dinosaur itself, and as Realtors we are stuck with the products our board chooses to contract, wether they work or not. But, It is what it is, and I think one star rating is one star too many :(

  • Worse app

    by None000123456

    Not the most user friendly app. Sorry but a better job needs to be done ti make this work properly. I can waist my time trying to do things on this app, but I have tried and tried and still a waist

  • Potential

    by What's the purpose?

    The mouse option is nice, but needs work. Need to be able to long press on sidebar and be able to slide up and down. When you hit the sidebar, it jumps up or down past the spot you need to be. A few tweaks, and this could be a good app. But, core logics is lazy, so probably won't see anything done for months, if anything at all.

  • Wish it was better

    by Jneen321

    I have had problems with this app since I downloaded it. I can't open it and navigate when I need to. Very disappointing.

  • Does anybody read these reviews?

    by Neverrunbefore

    Worst app ever!!


    by VinMiami

    This is not an app! Impossible to use in iPad! I would give this CERO stars rating. Sad. I'm very disappointed!!

  • Realtor

    by WorstApp2013

    CoreLogic needs to stop selling Fusion. It is a mistake. We need a service we can use on our smartphones and iPads etc.

  • Garbage

    by Nameisaname

    You're better off using Go To My PC.


    by Chip3176

    Absolutely horrible application! Runs incredibly slow. Does not show the entire screen. Developers need to update this app ASAP!!!

  • App review

    by Game lover and player

    Wish this app were better. I can never input new listing information. Works ok for searching properties. Please work out the bugs!

  • Very disappointing

    by John8025

    Very Slow. Not really designed as an app, just a standard web page. Had high hopes

  • Kris

    by Dbtrhrhthrht

    Worthless and pointless, functionality is futile

  • Please Give us an App we can use!!!

    by Jrbrave

    Useless! Please take all of the money you collect from us and use it to create a useable app that will allow us to better serve our clients. This app is a waste of our time. Way to slow, doesn't adjust screen properly when pinched on iPad and freezes.

  • Terrible!!!

    by Sergio realtor

    With the MLS fees I pay you'd think they make an app that works. The worse app for MLS yet don't waste your time

  • Horrible!!

    by USMC901

    This App truly has potential...if it would only WORK! It crashes, it freezes up, there is difficulty opening other tabs, scrolling up and down. It looks nice, but functions very poorly. I was so excited to be completely mobile with this, but alas...must continue lugging around my laptop. Please fix it A.S.A.P. Thank you.

  • Horrible!!!

    by Realtor1

    Will someone please fix this app? Only partial pages come up. Sometimes the mouse doesn't work. Touch screen almost never works. Everything about it is frustrating.

  • Bad

    by Brazilian American

    Too bad I cannot give them -5 stars!!!

  • Not happy with my ipad now

    by Fedism

    Sorry maybe I am being wrongfully harsh but as a Real Estate Agent, the ipad is not useful if I don't have a good MLS app. I'm considering selling my ipad to Buy a thin ultrabook because using this MLS is useless. Some one said it best, why is zillow having a better super easy app and the pro's are stuck with a slow and useless simulator?

  • Needs formatting for iPad

    by retro-man

    You can get what you need just like on the MLS on a pc, but it's far too time consuming with no features integrated to work with iPad.

  • JohnP. Ct. realtor

    by John Poulsen

    Here I am for the third time downloading this app. Keeps freezing up and is very slow and klunky. Awful!

  • Minimally functional

    by Movemaine

    From a high level view, mlxchange made a poor choice in developing fusionmls in flash ( tablet or desktop ). The site is poor on desktop, let alone a tablet. The app is just a "wrapper" around the fusionmls site, so there is little in the way of "app-like" interactions or behaviors. The shortcomings are immediately obvious, including sluggish responsiveness to actions, the laughable trackpad, broken scrolling and poor UI ( small text and icons ). An additional failure is the inability to save attachments. Mlxchange has shown little in the way of adapting to the changing landscape of alternate OS's and mobile devices, and has continued to make choices with little future proofing. You will be better served by using a flash-enabled browser on your iPad to access the fusionmls site directly. This solves several issues, such as being able to save attachments.

  • Slow navigation

    by MiaRealtor

    Great concept, very slow navigating through without a keyboard and mouse. Come on association of realtors get your act together and make an app that works efficiently. Can be used, but not fast enough to be useful on the road.

  • Even worse the the PC based system

    by Youbwild

    I'm licensed in 2 states, one board uses fusion, the other, a system that works....always disgusted.

  • Worthless

    by PrinceRL

    This app lacks functionality on an iPad. The trackpad is both cumbersome and frustrating. It needs to be updated so it can take full advantage of all the iPad offers in terms of ease of use.

  • Utter joke

    by SrqBrit

    This has to be the worst app ever released, a total joke and waste of precious time. How can they charge us such exorbitant fees and deliver this piece of crap?

  • Old MLS books are better than this..

    by Anick12

    Horrendous, embarrassing... All of the above!!!

  • Disappointing application

    by C21agent

    This application does not work. I cannot use it for the MLS. This application needs to be fix or needs a mayor overhaul.

  • Horrible.

    by Nermal

    FIX THIS GUYS. It's next to useless. You get two stars for getting me out of a jam a few times, but only after taking ten minutes to find something that would take me 7 seconds on the normal desktop version.

  • This is not really an app

    by RedDiscus

    Was originally excited when this app became available because having access to showing instructions and confidential remarks while in the field is highly valuable. When it works, Fusion provides this data, but only with much effort. This is not really an app but a clunky version of the same MLS that is available via a browser. CoreLogix, please improve it.

  • The worst app ever!!!!

    by KanishaC

    It's slow not user friendly for Apple users and constantly freezes. I like the old system much better however you can't use the old system with apple products.

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