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Cyber Chess is the exclusive iPhone and iPod Touch chess game that allows you to play online against chess players from across the globe.

It supports FICS - server - with over 300.000 registered users. This is one of the oldest and one of the largest internet chess servers in the world! So you wouldnt have a problem having a worthy opponent!

The Internet Chess Club (ICC) is the longest running, most popular, and best place to play chess on the Internet. It is not uncommon to find more than 3,000 chess players hanging out on ICC where more than 100,000 games are played each day.

Besides online chess playing, Cyber Chess also includes a training mode where you can play against its built-in AI to improve your chess skill.

- NEW! Support ICC -
- NEW! Support Proxy
- NEW! New mode Quick Cyber Play

- Create your own game or join existing games
- Supports Abort, Resign, Draw, Pause, Unpause, Take back and Adjourn
- Automatically save game when disconnected
- Supports chat system
- Support animation for movement
- Comprehensive history
- Strong chess engine AI
- Supports Save/Load game in Offline mode
- Skinable
- Sound support
- Built-in quick help
- 2D Skins added
- Support "Wild" Chess Variants
- NEW! Support Suicide & Losers Chess variant
- NEW! Support to replay a new game with old parameters
- NEW! Support to view Player Information
- Fixed sound problem when playing music

* Ready for iPhone 3.0

Notes: You will need an internet connection to play online, either wifi or 3G/Edge network. If not then you only can play in training mode

Developed by PPCLINK Mobile Software

Here are some great reviews:

"Cyber Chess brings nobility to the iPhone." -- Reviewed 5 Stars in iCreate Mag

"Cyber Chess is refreshingly well priced for the content it holds, so if you don’t already play chess then this is a great time to start!" 8/10 --

Customer Reviews

  • The Premier Chess App on the iPhone

    by ChachiTHEgr8

    For months I was pondering, debating whether I should purchase this app. For $4.99, I didn't want waste my money on something I wasn't going to be satisfied with. I wanted a first rate, online chess app with thousands of players to boot. With the $.99 price drop, I figured what the hell, might as well try it...just a dollar. Thank God I did. If you're looking for competitive online chess, this is your app. If your looking for a beautiful interface, and easy to control chess, this is your app. I prefer the 2D interface, but that's just me. They offer a 3D one as well. With the $.99 price, this is a steal. No crashing. Not expensive. Thousands of players. Real Chess in all it's glory. Don't hesitate to buy this marvelous app. 5 out of 5 stars. -Chachi, 6/19/09

  • Good icc interface

    by Friedwing

    Basic functionality to play on the online chess servers. Could use a few more features but it is a clean good board and straitforward to use- i give it 4 stars

  • Great!

    by adoredregardless

    I've tried a lot of chess games, and this is my favorite. The board is beautiful, and there's lots of options to play. I love playing real opponents and there's even a chat feature... Works great- I can't believe it's so cheap! I had dropped off my chess playing, but this one is so good that I'm back in the game.

  • Need to Observe & Examine Games

    by FileSharingPDF

    Please make it so that I can observe and examine games. Please!

  • Could be better

    by Slivovitz

    Not bad, and not expensive. I can play on ICC with it, although I'd suggest slower time controls with this tiny board, and there's more possibility of a finger slip having you make the wrong move. One disappointment, as it was something I'd just taken for granted, you can't watch games between other players. If I want actually to play on ICC or FICS, I'd rather use a full sized computer with a normal interface. One thing I'd hoped for with this app is that when ICC is broadcasting a major match or tournament, I'd be able to follow along on my iPhone. The maker did not advertise this feature, so I can't complain that they misled me, but without it, the app is not quite what I wanted. BTW, using java interfaces such as Jin applet doesn't seem to be an option on the iPhone, and I'm using an up to date 3Gs.

  • Cyber chess

    by mef5521

    Of the three FICS clients I have used this is by far the worst. (The best being handy chess - also free). Interface is not intuitive. Badly designed. Crashes ocassionally. Magnus is a much cleaner interface and easier to use. Though still costs $2.00 and doesn't make sense to pay when handy chess is free. One advantage of cyber chess however is that it allows you to play ICC which the other two do not yet allow.

  • Does not support chess960

    by Chosendragon

    I bought this app under the impression it supported fischer random (chess 960) on FICS. It does not so my $ is wasted. You can a classical chess game against an opponent with other free apps. I give 1 star. Will update to 5 when i can play chess960.

  • It's cool

    by Authinik

    I bought this app when it was 99 cents back in 09 and I've been playing it ever since!'s cool but I don't like the fact that you have to start your game over if you come out of the app...I hate that!..but other than that I'm straight with it

  • Not worth the money

    by No way. No way.

    I downloaded this to be able to play chess with my dad who uses a blackberry. That worked except you lose complete functioning of your iPhone when this app is open because if a text comes through And you click view this chess app logs you out of the platform and you lose the game. This is a terrible design.

  • The worst app ever for the price!

    by Tharder

    This app is horrible the layout is terrible the functionality is limited and the graphics are pathetic I have ichesspack HD which was great until the newest update caused it to crash !&&$)&@@&)((/;((:--/;())$&&@@&)(;; Ridicoulously bad

  • Terrible App

    by Dunkirk

    They have not updated this app in two years. It will cause you to lose time on the clock as you play with FICS. Be warned, even if you make quick moves you will lose more time than your opponent.

  • Well it WAS good but it no longer will log to ICC so waste

    by El Baron Rojo

    It no longer will connect to ICC so I am cheated. I tried delete and redownload but no joy. I better not have been charged again!

  • The price is way to high

    by smartjock22

    If you made the app better looking, gave more options (such as allowing users to search for certain match charictaristics in quick cyber play so you don't always get suicide matches), and allowed users to observe their own games (I am aware of history in commands) it might be worth 8 dollars but right now it's only worth about 1/2$.

  • a bit garish and expensive

    by Hi Everybody!!

    The app visually is not attractive and doesn't have many features that make it worth it's price. There are a couple free apps available with the same featureset and, as a bonus, are far more attractive. A pro, though: well populated community of players

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