China Mobile Hong Kong – WiFi Connector Productivity App Review (iOS, Free)


Languages: Chinese, English, ID

Seller: China Mobile Hong Kong Company Limited

- Performance enhancement
- Update the new logo



Wi-Fi Connector 為中國移動香港客戶,提供一個連接Wi-Fi的更簡便方法,無論身處香港或海外,Wi-Fi Connector均會自動搜尋由中國移動香港及其合作伙伴提供的Wi-Fi熱點。當搜尋到熱點時,客戶只需"一按"即可立即連線,無需逐次輸入用戶名稱及密碼。

"Wi-Fi Connector" offers an easier way for CMHK customers to access Wi-Fi hotspots provided by CMHK and its partners, in Hong Kong and around the world. Wi-Fi Connector will auto-detect any applicable Wi-Fi hotspot, and users can connect to Wi-Fi service with just "one click", instead of entering the username and password everytime.


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