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Minor bug fixes

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Talk Clock is the ultimate talking clock app ! Getting late for work and you want to keep track of the time ? Just start the app and every minute (or the configured announce interval), the TALK CLOCK will announce the time for you !

Start the timer mode and the clock will announce the time till the timer fires. Or just set the TALK CLOCK in clock mode and the app will announce the time every few minutes.

Not sure what time you exactly fell asleep ? Insomnia ? Just set the announce interval to (say) 30 minutes and set the clock to announce for the next 3 hours. The last time you remember hearing was the time you fell asleep.

Configure the announce interval and you are all set !

Customer Reviews

  • Does not work

    by STM85

    Does not start. Gives wrong time. Can't edit. Does not work.

  • Don't Purchase

    by Lovely Art of Death

    This doesn't even rate one star.

  • Defeats the purpose

    by kate!*

    Considering you can not hear the announcement unless you hold your breath and listen for it..and I had mine hooked up to a speaker ! Please fix this because right now it's a waste of money :(

  • needs a lot of work

    by rokasbe

    Don't waste your money on this application. You can barely hear an announcement, even your phone sound is all the way up. It doesn't give you an option to have an announcement every hour or half … instead every minute, two minutes, five minutes, etc. this app still needs a lot of work.

  • Doesn't work

    by momoramma

    Does not work!

  • Timer? Not!

    by Big white dog

    I don't get this clock? I set the timer for one Mintues and it goes to 5 Mintues I can't stand this app. Makes on sense!

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