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Languages: Dutch, English, Finnish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Seller: Catamount Software

Bug fixes:
Fixed crash on Edit Service screen.
Fixed display issue on Edit Service screen when dismissing keyboard.
Fixed issue with date being wrong when posting transaction to PocketMoney.

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For over 14 years MPG has been helping vehicle owners take better care of their cars, trucks, motorcycles, RVs, boats...

MPG is a log book for your car. It replaces the little notepad in your glovebox with an intelligent tracker. It tracks fuel, oil changes, tune-ups, inspections, tire rotations, windshield wipers, car washes, trips, and other miscellaneous expenses for your car

• Fill-ups - watch the trend of your fuel economy to know if something might be going wrong with your car.
• Trips - if you write off your mileage then have a good log will save you hundreds of dollars in taxes each year. (Or use it to track non-vehicle types of things such as a log to track where and how much you have hiked this year.)
• Services - in order to take care of your car and have it performing it's best
• Track an unlimited number of vehicles

• Service reminder to nag you to change your oil, get the car inspected, or whatever you want to setup.

• Email trip log to be reimbursed for travel.
• Reports generate statistics such as average miles per gallon, total cost of gas, and average price of gas. Fuel economy is calculated for the fuel entries. Time, distance and time per distance are calculated for trips.

• US, Metric, UK, and Canadian units are supported.

• After you enter a transaction into MPG, you can post the transaction to PocketMoney to save yourself time by ending the need to do double data entry. (PocketMoney is available on the AppStore)

• Built in backup and restore over local Wi-Fi network. (Requires SyncDocs)
• Import MPG for Palm OS data files over local Wi-Fi network. (Requires SyncDocs)
• Import and Export tab delimited text files (for use with spreadsheets) over local Wi-Fi network. (Requires SyncDocs)

Customer Reviews

  • Works For Me

    by LenInSebastopol

    Has run on my IPad for the longest & flawlessly with IOS 7.04, the latest. So? I wish they did The Cloud to synch across my I do not know what the beef is with the others. I guess the creator made his money, the system has changed and he, or she, doesn't care anymore . But it's good for me!

  • Best Auto maintenance program out there.

    by Thetaguy

    Been using this for some time and tried others and this is the best for me!

  • Great app, but needs updating

    by Tom Munch

    I've gotten very good use out if this app, and I also use Pocket Money from Catamount and used them both on Newton too. When it was first introduced for iPhone it was the only one that did it all - service, trips, and gas usage - and was also integrated with Pocket Money. But it at least needs an update to use the full screen on the iPhone 5.

  • Catamount's MPG rocks on!

    by Ramsay Red

    I started using MPG on my Newton over a dozen years ago, migrated to Palm when Newton was killed, and now use it on my iPod Touch. MPG is an outstanding application that I use daily. There is no other auto mileage, expense, maintenance program with the ease of use, nor the intuitive design. Hardy Macia builds outstanding software that tracks the details. MPG is one application not to be missed!

  • Awesome app with room to improve

    by Havermikes

    The app works well and really is user friendly. The one area to improve would be to add the ability to view information in a chart format. Other than that, it's a great choice for an mpg app.

  • Dropbox overdue

    by Drock0102

    This is a good, useful app, honestly....but it DESPERATELY needs Dropbox support!!! I mean, the app came out in 2008! I shouldn't have to use syncdocs on a desktop just to update between devices. I would imagine that 4 and a half years is enough time to integrate Dropbox.

  • Good job

    by Blair West

    I think this application is great. It is not to graphicly friendly, but it pack a lot of information. It would be nice to see some pie and bar graph for the averages and such, and some more color, but that's all. Well worth the money. Anything else is just a cheap imitation.

  • Frustrating

    by revmock

    I've been trying to enter data into this program and after just a few entries it quits unexpectedly and finally it froze my iPhone 3G. Very frustrating and would caution buyers until bugs are eliminated. Other than that, nice program.

  • Awesome!

    by claidheamdanns

    For those of us who used MPG on our jailbroken iPhones back in the day, the wait is finally over! The author has now brought MPG over to iTunes. Hoorah! This a great app for tracking gas mileage, service on your car, trip expenses, performance reports, etc.

  • It's Finally Out!

    by Dookie 2x

    For me this was the longest anticipated application for the iPhone so that I can finally cut lose that old stodgy Palm OS. I've been using MPG since the Newton MessagePad days, through a few Palm OS devices and now finally on the iPhone. In the meantime, I had browsed all other apps of like genre in the App Store and none matched the depth and breadth of features for tracking your vehicles. This application is mature in the sense that many of the features have been ported to iPhone from MP & Palm days. The only feature that stands out as missing is "Synching between iPhones". An alternative in the interim could be allowing "export new entries" and to "import new entries" on another iPhone using SyncDocs as a work around that wouldn't be difficult to implement. Synching between iPhones is key for this application (and for PocketMoney) for families or anyone who shares vehicles that are tracked with MPG. This feature is definitely worth 1-2 more stars! Excellent FIRST release of official app!

  • MPG is the only vehicle expense app to use.

    by Tripod3

    Having used MPG on my Newton MessagePads and then migrating thru a few PalmOS PDAs and currently with a Treo 755p, I am glad to see MPG support the iPhone/iPod OS. Data migration from PalmOS to my iPod Touch was fast and easy using the tools and info provided by the author. I highly recommend this app if you want to track all transactions (service, gas, repairs) on your vehicles.

  • Been waiting for this!

    by Abstractlogic00

    Had this on jailbreak and loved it. Looks to be updated quite a bit. can't wait to get all my car info set back up whoohoo! This program rocks!

  • Best vehicle app for tracking mileage, travel and service!

    by drwink

    I have been using MPG for Newton, Palm and now finally the iPhone. I have tried every auto application on the iTunes store. None have the ability to track mileage, car service records, plus business travel. I also helped as a beta-tester for this app and the developer has been fastidious in his development tracking each bug till it is resolved. I couldn't crash the program and I tried, so it works, works well and it's so inexpensive for what it does. Great job Hardy!!!

  • Solid app that's out lived platforms

    by jeffreyo

    I've used this app on three generations of the Apple Newton, a palm TX, and now on an ipod touch, and I've been able to migrate all my data from each platform to the next (13 years and counting). The same is true for PocketMoney by Catamount, which works beautifully with MPG (you can automatically post your fuel and service transactions to PocketMoney from inside MPG). Hardy Macia, the programmer behind Catamount Software, has provided outstanding support for all his products since he began Catamount a decade and a half ago. Heck, he even still supports his old Newton software, which was orphaned by Apple in 1997.

  • Once again an excellent update!

    by His romadness

    With the addition of File Sharing via iTunes, it only gets better.

  • Latest update fixes crashes

    by Pygmy Enygma

    The latest update has fixed the crashing problems from the previous update. I've used this app since the Palm Pilot days. The app does a good job when it's working, but regardless, at $9.99. it feels over priced to me.

  • Problems fixed with 1.4.4

    by Wily Entrepreneur

    Back to fully functional with 1.4.4 patch. Been using this app since first released on the Newton platform in the last century. Beats keeping a hard copy journal in glove box like my dad did. Coupled with PocketMoney makes a great combination.

  • Best for a long time

    by NTCat

    I started using this app I think about 10 years ago on the Palm. When I moved to an IPod for my PDA I tried several automotive apps and ended up back with MPG because it has a straight forward interface, it's quick and it's reliable. Of all the Apps I have tried MPG easily wins as far as ease of use across all the functions. Good job Hardy, I'm looking forward to the improved document sharing.

  • I think there's a problem

    by Helvécio

    After the upgrade I'm not able to include any data to the database, and can't change the info of my car. I'm using a 3G iPhone, and it worked fine until March, 26, the last time I filled the gas tank. Please check to see if there's un unknown bug.

  • Good app

    by Cisco96

    I like the interface of gas cubby better, but I think MPG provides more useful information. It would be nice see what my mpg is at a particular gas station.

  • Good if fixed. Doesn't work now.

    by Samacur

    I've been happy using this for a few years but now it no longer works and it has been a long time since it was updated - it still isn't designed for the larger iPhone 5 screen. I hope it works soon!!

  • Trouble with 7.0.3 software

    by CO DR

    This app has been great but is not working with the latest software. No fixes have been posted. If you have 7 software do waste your time and money.

  • No longer works

    by 73148

    App worked good for years then on sept 22 2013 it stopped doing the math... Now it's useless

  • MPG Worthless

    by Htompk

    Great app now worthless - ability to add or rename vehicle services is no longer operating. App has not been updated in over 2 years.

  • Lame support never improving

    by 1SG P

    I liked the app, showed promise, but never updates it. Almost two years since last updated. No way to sync from IPad to IPad II, No support for cloud drive export, and import. Would be nice if it was improved and some of the bugs fixed, I've used it for about nine months now, time to find another program.

  • died after one week

    by sarzorro

    I really liked this app for the first week I used it, but after 6 days it just died and I can't get it to work. When I call it up it tries to run it but after about 10 seconds it turns off. I wouldn't recommend it. If you can get it to work its pretty neat, but .....

  • MPG Won't Calculate - Manual Not That Informative

    by Tom Cooper

    I purchased MPG from the Apple Store and when I attempt to enter information it does not calculate the miles per gallon or retain information that I input. Reading the manual does not address problems that arise.

  • Very Old App where is update???

    by Almazeus

    Will u ever update it? It need some improvement like dropbox sync & etc. --- And also I have problem with reminder, it always showing me: (null) Service reminder Oil change is 15419 days overdue. Could u please fix this?. For now I'm switching to Road Trip App, much better than MPG!

  • Used to work

    by JimDK

    This app used to work like a charm. However, after the latest MPG app update this past week, I am unable to view past entries or add new entries into MPG. It crashes when I try. In other words, the app is useless now on my iPhone 3G.

  • In charge

    by Tricia Rz

    This app would great if it would sun online and it would allow your info to be shared with your iPhone and iPad. Take a look at how grocery iq shares your grocery list, this would be a great help!!!

  • Great application

    by Luch

    At first I wasn't sure about it and end up downloading something else but it took me less than 2 hours to go back and get this application. Exactly what I need for my business LP CEO L&C Landcare LLC

  • Love MPG but ...

    by Canmore AB

    Having been using MPG since the Newton days, I'm sad that the program has now refused to accept any more five digit mileage entries. Now I'll have to figure out how to change everything to a different program. Any recommendations?

  • Was great, not anymore...

    by Armiste

    Last updates seem to have more bugs than fixes. Current version (1.4.1) has huge problem with "next" button that causes changes to be erased when entering new odometer readings for new fill up. Also "next" button advances to next entry field only on certain fields not on all when entering new info. More trouble than the app is worth. Developer, please make sure current features still work before you ad new stuff and make the app unusable!!! Updated review - 9/6/10 It seems that updating the iPod OS to 4.0.2 from 3.1.3 solved most of the problems I previously wrote about. Having said that, I still feel it is unacceptable that a firmware update should be required to get software to run again that ran perfectly before. The developer(s) of this app should have taken more pride in it and made sure it would continue to run on any iPod OS or include some sort of disclaimer to the contrary - they didn't care enough to do either.

  • new version won

    by adamtcalvert

    I love this app, but for some reason after I upgraded to the most recent version the app no longer syncs to my iPod Touch (1st Generation). I tell iTunes to sync the app, it starts to and places it in the iPod icon, but then takes it away at the last second.


    by 813hick

    I've been holding off on purchasing carcare for months. This app is just what I wanted and MORE. It's worth it!

  • Great app

    by thisistim530

    The app works well and is very useful. It provides a great array of statistics and presents relevant data in an easy-to understand fashion. Data entry is simple and timeless. The only issues are minor bugs as a result of the iOS 4 update. Once these are fixed and the app says "(iOS 4.0 tested)" it will be back to normal. My only request would be improved service reminders. Yea, inspection is once a year, but if enter it now it will remind me this time next year, when my inspection is up in Jan. Just a thought. Again, great app!

  • Doesn't like ios 4.0

    by Davshirley


  • Hardy Gets A Running Start

    by Sensha

    I put off our conversion to the iPhone until both Pocket Money and MPG hit the bricks. I too have used both since the days of the Newton, and have used both for business and personal finance purposes continuously since that time. The integration between the two makes auto expenses a snap to track. Plus Hardy's dedication to improvement and upgrade mean that the program will only get better.

  • The BEST car app!

    by Generic1

    WOW! Perfect is how I'd describe it... Miles per gallon, a trip diary, and maintenance log.. all in one, and well designed!! I couldn't be happier!

  • Great app!!

    by Streamhawk

    Great app for the price... and great support too!!

  • Would be great if . . .

    by HoopT77

    Service Reminders showed up even if the app was not active. User could document location (city, state) of service/repair station - in case of bad gasoline. Stats were presented in spreadsheet format for exporting.

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