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Seller: Catalystwo Limited

- Fixed the bug in which changing all day event to non all day event did not work correctly.

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CCal Classic (Version 9)
This app works only on iOS 3.1.x & iOS 4.0.x

Customer Reviews

  • Just what I needed

    by HTHall

    I'm still running the original iOS on my 3GS, so the native Google client won't install and the web page crashes Safari. This app is exactly what I needed to still have access to my calendar from my phone.

  • Great app! Highly recommend!

    by Aspiring nurse

    Love and sorry it took me so long to find it. I am old school and have 2g with 3.1.3 so it's harder to find compatible software anymore. This syncs beatifully with google calendar and love the colorized view. Just what I was looking for. Please don't phase this out!

  • Acting up

    by Edazz

    Had it for a year and now it's crashing and opening up to the wrong month?

  • Underrated

    by Bizness man

    I think this calendar works nice, despite the negative reviews here. It's interface isn't as pretty as some others but the controls are more intuitive. It syncs fast and it gets ALL my Google calendars, something the native iPod calendar doesn't do. I'm too cheap to pop for the $5.99 version but that might change. And it hasn't spammed all my contacts as the paranoid reviewers say, at least not yet.

  • Love this calendar

    by Shayla125

    Works great on my iPhone and I love that I can see all oft reminders! One thing that drives me crazy is that when I open it it's always on the month before! Please fix this!!

  • nice intuitive interface

    by stikman

    I really like the small touch of adding the dates of the next month in light gray font. ...oh yeah, Beware of the dreaded New Zealand Spam Conspiracy! ...Bwaahahahaha!

  • 4 stars! Wonderful month view calendar!

    by ArtsySF

    Wonderful month calendar with notes below! I have tried many calendar apps but CCal Classic has what I need. Too bad it took me this long to find it. I've had my iPod Touch 32G since 2008. I am so glad it works on my old system!

  • Quite good!

    by bpertz

    This calendar is quite excellent, and I anticipate that it will completely replace my usage of the stock calendar app from apple. The UI is comprehensive and well laid out. The sync is great! Takes hardly any time at all. I only wish that it would sync in the background instead of having to sync on launch or manually. I also think the UI could be polished a little more, but that is a relatively minor issue. I'll probably end up buying the paid version, as that will be more helpful. But for my purposes at the moment, this calendar is wonderful!!

  • Triplecorpse

    by Triplecorpse

    Better, than googal, but has lees functions, than calengoo (which works a little unstable). Best free calendar. Works on 4.3.3

  • Perfect

    by sunkyung park

    Best calendar I ever met\(^o^)/

  • Love it

    by JTok11

    Works so great with google calandar!!

  • LOVE it!

    by Miss SLM

    This app has been wonderful...only problems I've noticed are.. -when trying to tag another calendar user in an event, sometimes it goes to a page with no options except to call or email the person! I haven't figured out how to get off of this page without deleting & re-downloading the app :/ -since 2011 the date shows up as a strange, but slightly understandable code when trying to schedule an event. **I used to ALWAYS have my big bulky planner on me at all times & since using this app I have been able to do it all on my phone!!! Also my husband & I sync our calendars together & to google so we always know whats goin on!! LOVE THIS APP & will most likely buy the upgraded version :)

  • Works great for what I need

    by Bi_girl64

    Interface isn't hard to figure out. Lots of customizability. Freezes when you switch from weekly to monthly mode but no other issues. Definitely try is free, after all

  • too slow app

    by brot82

    it is very unstable and slow. crashed frequently.

  • Old version was (is?) good.

    by thewebbix

    Upgrade is too expensive at $5.99.

  • exactly what i want

    by Kidd0601

    exactly what i want for a calendar. thought not supporting the following iOS annoys me

  • New ccal 10 msg

    by alwayz.twinkie

    I keep getting a ccal 10 msg, but I don't know where I can find this new app. I was very happy with it until I kept getting this msg. Pls help!!

  • Very good

    by DDub55

    Much better than iPhone calendar, and free! Events are worded in CCal calendar, instead of just dots, so I can see at a glance what they are. I would much rather have the weeks start on Sunday instead of Monday, though. Most calendars are designed that way! Got it to sync with Google, was a little tricky to set up. Overall I am pleased with this. Thank you to the developers! Please consider the "start weeks with Sunday" suggestion.

  • Best Calendar app

    by Jimxenus

    I've used both Pocket Informant and Saisuke which are both excellent calendar apps but I find that Ccal seems to have the slickest interface. I also like the larger, more readable mini text in the calendar month view. It syncs great with google calendar and best of all, it's free!

  • Finally a replacement to the stock calendar app

    by Shadowseekr

    This a very nice app  The only things I would add/change would be: 1: the app seems a little slow and causes the screen to blink when loading different screens like it is refreshing. Its not that annoying but it is noticeable 2: would really love if the custom repeat had a choice of days to repeat. Like if the event only repeated on mon/wed/fri I would like to check only those. 3: would be nice to be able to import data from stock calendar app Other than that it is a REALLY nice app  for sure

  • Médio

    by Zaniratti

    Nao faz conexão com agenda do Google, Nao adianta muita, quase nada.

  • This app is a spamming tool DO NOT INSTALL

    by Strrrrrrrrrrr

    This app I found was sending out spam, spyware and viral emails to everyone in my address book because it inter grates with your gmail account. The company is out of new Zealand where a lot of spam and spyware originates. I would NOT INSTALL THIS APP it's bogus!

  • Sync problems

    by Medman8

    Was good for awhile, then started having sync problems.

  • Sneaky basterds! They dump this cal

    by HaHaRazo

    They dumped this cal, no more fixes or updates, just buy the $6 one and make them rich. Bull crap. It crashes when adding participants to an event.

  • Every update doesn't do anything

    by HomoPaul

    No updates do anything, all they do is renew the pop ups trying to get you to buy the version that costs. They can't even fix the bug that plops you on the day of original install rather than the current day.

  • It doesn't work anymore

    by Apingel

    It used to be fantastic, but now that the paid version's out, this version (inadvertently or not) doesn't reliably sync anymore. I have events in my iPod that won't upload to gcal no matter how many times I sync. Also don't trust the customer service of a company that won't even offer a discount to current users who helped them test the free version.

  • Great app poor management!!!

    by jdole811

    I just purchased this app for $2.99 and it worked great. Now two weeks later the version I just purchased is now free and they are basically no longer upgrading it. So there goes $2.99 out the window and I now have to pay another $5.99??? You have to be kidding!!! Bad Business.

  • Thus far completely unusable

    by archigenes

    It crashes every time I try to sync to google calendar on my iPhone 3G. My friend on an iPhone 4 got it o sync but still has crashing problems.

  • Goodbye

    by Rominus

    Gudbye pi sisuke I love ccal

  • Great!

    by lory03

    Simple way to manage your google calendars. It's fast and easy to use. Syncs with no problems. Only thing I would like to see is the icon to display current day and date. Other than that it's perfect.

  • Fantastic app.

    by KrystalJohnson

    Fantastic app. Syncs perfectly with all my Google calendars, and it looks like the previous issue with recurring events has been taken care of. The only thing that could be improved is the speed of the app. Everything seems to take a few seconds to respond, especially the loading of events in month view.

  • Perfect...!! :)!!

    by 버몬트

    So good app! thx!

  • Great!

    by Lizzieannk

    Love love love this app. It's the only one that syncs to all my layers on my google calendar.

  • Okay..

    by Ashvan312

    Some events cannot show in the calendar. I hope you can fix it.

  • Wont Authenticate

    by eneenyneeneymineymo

    I cant get it to log in and authenticate. Bummer

  • Brilliant App !!!!!!!

    by snowymoon

    This is the perfect app for google calender. You can make changes in google or the ipod app and the changes update both ways when sync. My fav app I've found.

  • Super google calendar app!!!

    by EViTouch

    Job well done. Can access any or all calendars. Set colors. Drag, drop or move. On and on. Great UI.

  • Just great!

    by Abolonia

    I am so glad to have found this app. It's functionality is 100%. Totally surprised me with the choose your font option, I was expecting just a few. Sync is perfect Love it and thank you!

  • Best calendar I've used ever.

    by Fuelm@n

    This is the best calendar over all the previous one I've used. I love the fact that you can customize it and that it will sync with Google both ways... I would have willingly paid for this app!

  • This is what I was looking for. Nice!

    by hyeseogi

    Interface in very good. Perfectly minimizing of Google-Calender.(Some parts are even better! ) It's easy to use. Sync works great. But, I just hope something to be fixed. ---------------- First, this is too slow. (Especially the menu pop-up speed. This response speed makes me tap it twice. ) Second, when launching, I want to see "Today's" schedules first. (not the date of last shut-down) Third, I want a short cut button to go to "Today". (Apple's default calender app has this button left-down side. I think this is good function.) ---------------- That's all! Except these things, This app is very satisfying. Great job!!

  • Awesome!

    by Noel722

    Nice icon, simple but clear display, and fast loading speed makes this one become the best google-calendar synced FREE app! Keep working on it, developer!

  • Awesome

    by I love freeapps

    I have to say this is the best calendar app that integrates with google calendar. Can't wait for more apps like this.

  • Amazing App!

    by sparker6591

    This a great app. It's like having a google calendar app right on my phone. And since I use google calendar to coordinate with people at school and work this is perfect and I've advised them all to download it. Can't wait for updates!

  • Nice App.....Almost the Perfect Calender

    by Berteau

    This is almost the perfwct calender. It is missing just < 3 > things: 1. Home date button 2. Ability to set Sunday as first day of week. 3. Today's Date as part of app icon.

  • Great App!

    by horn667

    I recently started using google calendar because I like having my access to my calendar online. This free app is as simple to use as the desktop google calendar. Lots of customization options. Decent speed. Easy to add events. Great app!

  • I love this app

    by Kaye52

    It does exactly what I need it to do and does it beautifully. I love the versatility of the views and customization options - and finally, a weekly view! Keeps my google colors as well, which the native app didn't. A bit unstable, but for an otherwise great free app, I'm not complaining.

  • Freaking amazing.

    by foughtyelgs

    Everything is great, but can you add an option to have Sunday on the left of the calendar? I'm a bit OCD, so that really bugs me. Thanks :)

  • Best iPhone Calendar

    by Whofreakingcares

    Without question, this is the best Calendar for the iPhone. Even better than the standard iPhone calendar app. Syncs smoothly with Google calendars, and has full support for SMS reminders, popup reminders, email reminders, multiple calendars, etc. Seriously, i prefer this app to the actual Google Calendar website! The developers support this app with regular updates; this app is better supported than any other app i have. i'd previously purchased calendar apps... i don't use them anymore, though in favor of the vastly superior CCal. And, it's FREE! i would have paid $20 for this app, and felt it was worth it. i've been using this app for months, now, and it has become a part of my daily life. Much thanks to the skilled and generous developers!

  • Amazing google calendar sync

    by Chirayubhatt

    This app has a great sync functionalty with google calendar, multiple calendar support and clean usable interface. And it's FREE..!!

  • Finally

    by Kkkkkmmmkkk

    I bought to so called great google calendars and they never did what it was suppose to.. Free app that does what I need keeps me organized with my google calendar I don't have to go online or wait to use my computer. I have no issues..,

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