CCal 10 - Sync with Google Calendar™ Productivity App Review (iOS, $17.99)


Languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean

Seller: Catalystwo Limited

• Fix for iOS7

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This app (version 10) is older version. The latest version (v11) is free to download.


CCal is the perfect app for anyone who needs to efficiently and quickly arrange their busy schedules on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

CCal 10 is an intelligent and elegant calendar application that can upload to Google Calendar and Picasa.  

=== Features ===

- CCal has a sophisticated and intuitive user interface which allows you to create and modify any date or event by "drag & drop"  (simply hold your finger on the screen/event and move it where you want).

- To change the date of any event simply drag that event to the desired destination date.

- With CCal, easily and efficiently manage your plans and create individual events using a choice of colors. 

- Add photos to any event and upload to Picasa.

- CCal supports iPhone's standard "shake to undo" function.  Multiple Undos and Redos are available.

- Copy & paste events.

- Delete events - drag to trash

- With CCal, you can customize background colors based on the day of the week or an individual event's existence.

- CCal supports international time zones ... more than 400 regions.

- CCal also has pre-programmed public holidays for Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and New Zealand.

- With CCal, you can choose to input times using a spinning-wheel or by using an easy & quick ten-key.

- With CCal you can display the current month and the following month continuously in "scroll mode"… Your schedule will not be divided by the month boundary.

=== What is different from CCal 9 (Classic version)? ===
• Optimized performance and improved speed
• Allows you to view your weekly/monthly schedule in full screen with a single swipe gesture.
• Displays your day's events in a "tool-tip"-like popup cell.
• Incorporates an in-device popup alert.
• Background syncing on closing the app.
• Has improved cosmetics for Retina display.
• Perspective week view in landscape device orientation.
• Back up via iTunes.
• Editing an event in landscape device orientation
• Supports free/busy calendar in Google Calendar™
• Supports week number

== Supported Localizations ===
English, Japanese

== System Requirements ===
iOS 5.0 or later.


Customer Reviews

  • Satisfied

    by Hogen123456

    After reading reviews, i purchased this for my Ipad. I choose it for the drag & drop and swipe features which Google calendar does not have. It gives an option for dates to sychronize, I chose 500 days. All features work well.

  • Love new improvements

    by Bukkwheat78

    I have used this app for over a year now but lately was getting frustrated because it was responding so slowly and wasn't syncing well. I was ready to shop for a new calendar app when they came out with the latest update. The update resolved those problems and it's working great now. Love the new improvements. It handles my multiple calendars with ease and is easy to use.

  • Mr

    by ToplessA4

    Best Calendar app yet.

  • Used to work better

    by brdavis3

    Occasionally some calendars don't show up, appointments disappear, appointment alarms don't sound, and sync is very slow.

  • Almost there..

    by SAH287

    This is an awesome calendar app. It would be perfect if there were automatic badge reminders...

  • Very Good. One Thing Needed

    by Primate1

    At first blush, this is a very good app with very usable features. Upon first using it, I noted that it does not have the ability to add entries from the application into iCal. You can, however, delete from the application to iCal. Since I do not use the Google calendar, this is a small shortcoming for me. Developer: Full, two-way data entry with iCalis a needed feature. It would make this a full five star application.

  • 2012 calendar not syncing

    by 존킨

    Google calendar to your computer, type in the 2012 calendar constant were not syncing. Since the release of 2012 constant in very important. Want quick action is needed to upgrade.

  • Thx for fixing the calendar picker bug

    by app_

    I love ccal. :-)

  • Finally stable

    by ctt1wbw

    Finally back to using this app quite a bit. The stability issues seem to have been erased and it is a joy to use now. I gave the app four stars for lack of a day view and I would also love to see Google Tasks integration. Other than that, this is MORE than a sufficient calendar app for the masses.

  • iOS5 crashs

    by hyeseogi

    please support ios5. app dosen't open. i give 5stars because i love this app.

  • Love it

    by Gtdgirl

    Best calendar app for me and I have tried them all.

  • Best Google Sync Calendar

    by ttrevorrow

    I've tried a number of them and keep coming back to this one. I like the design, the unobtrusive syncing & the customizing options. Docked 1 star because there are no preset alarm default settings. Otherwise very impressive & efficient.

  • Could have been great

    by BigNeLLyMarko

    Doesn't have a default reminder so you have to set one for each event. If you forget, you miss the event. Also when you double click on the day in month view it zooms in. Why? I have not figured this out.

  • CCal for iPad2

    by Read it now!

    Makes using Google Calendar on my iPad2 so much easier to sync it with all my Apple products. When I get my iPhone, I will us CCal for it as well. Maybe someday Apple will have an inexpensive way of syncing iCal!

  • My holy grail

    by Kratsmoose

    Finally, good use of the hires screen! Shows a week view or year view combined with day view. Multiple ways to see data easily. Truly usable month views. I have almost every single paid calendar in the app store, and this is better than all of them!

  • I've tried 'em

    by Duard47

    Ccal does more than expected, works well. Should be selling for $10, but not. Many great apps are overlooked. This is one of them. Well worth your time. Go ahead, spend your hard earned shekels on others. Sooner or later you will come back to Ccal.

  • Good

    by Antony Kim

    I like this app!

  • Just perfect

    by Parared

    Exactly what I want in a calendar. Individual day zoom in month view is great.

  • Great Stuff

    by jsntrenkler

    Needs to be a tad bit more optimized for speed.


    by theguitarboy

    This app is outstanding. It blows away all the other calendar apps in the app store by far. It has two minor bugs I have noticed. One is that I had a recurring event on the calendar with an alert set up for it. The program displayed the alert over and over again in an endless loop. I had to dismiss the alert dozens of times and finally had to remove the event to get the alerts to stop. Second, when you open the calender in month view, all the events disappear and reappear for several seconds before the calendar is usable. It happens twice. This is an annoying delay and glitch that shouldn't happen every time the calendar is opened. If these can be fixed, the program would be astounding. It is extremely well done as it is, though. High marks.

  • No color selections

    by Paul Abaev

    While being one of the most expensive apps there is no easy way to different colors for an events. Very inconvenient.!!!

  • Won't pay for support

    by Paulcm28

    This app is hitting its limit on queries with google calendar. So by the time I get out of bed I can't even sync with google calendar. Useless. The developer needs to buy a higher limit. In the explanation page it says to make sure you sync after midnight San Francisco time when the daily limit is restricted. Don't buy the app until they fix this unless you don't plan on syncing with Google calendar.

  • Will not sync (1 mo of not syncing) want $5.99 back or help!!!

    by KSWY

    App will not sync with google calendar for a month now and I cannot find a way to get support. Visited app support site and only got FAQ and tips and tricks which do me no good if my $5.99 calendar app will not sync. Says code 6 try again in a few's been a month, still no sync. DISAPPOINTED!

  • Partner / owner

    by Gmcdonald83

    This app is probably the worst calendar app I have ever seen. Does not sync, deletes appointments, app. Don't show up, etc.

  • used to be great...

    by J Money Dc10

    it worked flawlessly, and now it wont sync all of my google calanders, only one and i need it to do them all. i tried everything to get it to sync them and it wont even show them in the app. fix this and i will fix my review to what it should be which is a 5 star app.

  • CCal for Ipad

    by Tm2543

    Functions do not work in landscape mode.

  • No Horizontal Orientation

    by GregWiPad

    A calendar app with no horizontal orientation? You have got to be kidding. I definitely feel ripped off.

  • Disappointed to say the least

    by dgpapke

    Maybe I had higher expectations than I should have had. My shared google calendar links to many people and meeting rooms in the company. The app took a long time to sync up to all the shared calendars and now will not even open up. I click to run it, it shows it is starting up with the spinning wheel, then dies and goes back to my home screen. Not happy at all.

  • This thing crashes..

    by Rurujuju

    I've been using this app for two days and found some bugs. When I add a note, change the calendar to which I want it to belong & set repetition, the whole app suddenly gets slow, and very often it crashes and shows me only a white blank page. Turning it off and on again doesn't work, so I have to restart my iphone.. Please fix this bug!! :-(

  • Dissapointing

    by Missbangie

    Still trying to find a calendar that works well. The info loads so slowly and crashes. I wish I hadn't bought it.

  • Looks nice - doesn't sync with iCal

    by Kevoooop

    Looks nice - doesn't sync with iCal. Makes you create a new cal - won't import info from current calendars. Not a good match for me. Perfect if you use Google I suppose.

  • Fantastic App!

    by lsapertx

    This app is a pleasure to use! The UI is very intuitive; I am amazed at the number of features it contains. Syncs with Google/iPhone fast, no problems. It was simple and fast to set up the basics--then I was able to customize the app to get exactly the views I needed. The In-app settings are well organized, area by area. This program is comparable to many of the far more expensive full-featured calendar apps--buy it! Thank you, developers!!

  • Great App

    by Waz41

    This is a great calendar combines so many great features and they all work together well. The best features of all the calendars under one roof. A must for calendar addicts like me ! My Boy friend Marc Loves it too !

  • Greatest calendar app. ̿’ ̿’\̵͇̿̿\з=(•̪●)=ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿

    by Fuelm@n

    An already great app just got better!

  • Hmm..

    by Sung-Jin Kang

    It is much improved but it'shut down when i copy a schedule and after then I can't load this application. please fix it.!!

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