Sheet² Business App Review (iOS, $3.99)

  • Category: Business
  • Publisher: Byte²
  • Updated: Oct, 16 2009
  • Version: 5.3
  • Size: 10.78 MB

Languages: Arabic, NB, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, HE, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese

Seller: Byte Squared

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Sheet² is a spreadsheet app, which lets you create and edit XLS/XLSX format spreadsheets on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It is compatible with Excel, Numbers and any other XLS/XLSX-based Spreadsheet program.


Sheet² works seamlessly with Google Docs, allowing you to directly view and edit the spreadsheets that you store in your Google Docs account. Not only is this a great way of transferring spreadsheets to and from Sheet², it also means that you can manipulate the same spreadsheets both on the iPhone and from within your web browser.

If you are a MobileMe user, you can use Sheet² to access spreadsheets stored on your iDisk, either by opening them and editing them directly on your iDisk or copying them from your iDisk and editing them locally.

Sheet² may also be mounted as a drive from Finder (on a MAC) or Windows Explorer, or from a web browser on any platform.


● View, create, edit and save spreadsheets in XLS/XLSX format.
● Compatible with Excel, Numbers, NeoOffice.
● Portrait and landscape views.
● Handles multiple worksheets.
● Handles unlimited rows and columns.
● Searching and sorting of cells.
● Cell formatting, including bold, italic, borders, text and cell color, alignment, text wrapping.
● Cell types, including General, Number, Currency, Percentage, Date, Time, Date/Time and Text.
● Merge cells feature.
● Pane freezing.
● Copy and paste within and between worksheets.
● Tap and drag to change row heights and column widths.
● Intelligent auto range selection for range based functions.
● Tap cells to compose formula.
● Insert, copy, paste or cut cell ranges, rows or columns.
● Date formats, date separators and numeric separators are all handled correctly according to the current locale, with manual override. Out of all the iPhone spreadsheets, only Sheet² does this correctly!


● Access spreadsheets stored in Google Docs, iDisk and any WebDAV server, including open, edit, save, delete and rename.
● Create or delete folders.
● Move or copy spreadsheets between folderslocally
● Move or copy spreadsheets between Google Docs or iDisk accounts and the local folders.
● Move or copy spreadsheets within folders in Google Docs or iDisk accounts.
● Email spreadsheets as attachments.
● Print spreadsheets wirelessly (iOS4.2 and later).


● Financial Functions - FV, NPER, PMT, PV, RATE






● Logical Functions - AND, FALSE, IF, IFERROR, NOT, OR, TRUE



Customer Reviews

  • Needs work, but okay for the price

    by it's Marci

    Does not migrate .xlsx spreadsheets well, but .xls file formats are better, but still not there. Could be really good in future updates, but, if you have not purchased yet, I would wait.

  • New Version is Great! Easy Excel Import

    by TrickRacer50

    Loved the previous version but it didn't work on iOS7. Found this new version after trying many different spreadsheets on iTunes. This one is the best because you can import Excel files in .XLS format and they just work. Open iTunes click Add and poof there is your file. Then you can modify it in Excel and then import it back into this program and modify more if needed. EXCELLENT! Other spreadsheet programs would not import the .XLS file type or they weren't able to be modified. Thank you Thank you!! I have been lost at work without this!

  • Decent, but hassle to size cells

    by Vegas Lawyer

    Been using this app for a while. it's decent. But I have wasted a GREAT de of time formatting the sheet's cell sizes to fit the iphone screen. They have a slider bar instead of a digital input . As soon as u take ur finger off the slider it can jump to another size as ur finger may not disconnect from the slider bar instantly. So u may have to do it multiple times per cell, per column, per row, etc. Rating C. IF THEY FIX THIS PROBLEM: A-

  • Sheet2

    by Bill Egan

    The Sheet2 app has allowed the iPhone to become a very useful engineering tool. I have been able to move many of the routine spreadsheet calculations from the laptop to the iPhone. The development team is very supportive .. they were able to add additional functionality to support a somewhat unique engineering related computation .

  • Great app.... Just would like a different icon

    by Markmark1212

    This is a great app, I would just like to see a different icon.

  • Best iPhone Spreadsheet

    by SkyKeith

    Great spreadsheet tool. Allows one to creat, view, and update Excel spreadsheets on your iPhone. The developer is extremely responsive. I had a problem with the previous version, within 12 hours the developer sent me a workaround that kept me working. A day later they had sent the updated app to Apple and now it is up and running perfectly.

  • Just excelent

    by J. Codo

    Just excelent sheet on the go

  • Nice App 5.1

    by WorksInForest

    I haven't updated to 5.1.1 yet, but plan to do so. Sorry, but at this time, I didn't know how/where to write the review for ver 5.1 One thing I hope the update fixes is cell references from one sheet to another, at Least within the same workbook. The initial reference works, but when auto filling, it does not increment the cell reference values as it should. Example: if your reference on Sheet2 is =Sheet1!A1 and you auto fill across or down, all the formulas reference cell A1 instead of incrementing to A2, A3, A4, etc. The incrementation of the cell values when auto filling does work when the formula references cells within the same sheet. When I update the app, I'll check to see if this issue is fixed. I do hope the developers actually read these reviews in order to improve their product when possible!


    by smc_dallas

    Unknown Error -1000 when opening google files...

  • Great Spreadsheet App

    by Willow729

    As an accountant I work extensively in Excel. This app has great functionality for use on an iPhone. I haven't tried any complex functions but I use it daily to track my checking, savings and credit card accounts. It easily interfaces with Google Docs. Some frustrating problems with formatting and column widths keep changing when I reopen a file.

  • Excellent app

    by ClydeD

    I have been using this app for several months. If you use desktop Excel, you will find that this app works about the same way. Entry is easy, as is spreadsheet formatting, using math functions, and more. A detailed user guide is available. I am impressed with the design and functionality of this app.

  • Primo!

    by MzMae

    Easy to use, self explanatory, works perfectly every time. Hats off to the designers.

  • My apology. A great app after all.

    by HappinessForever

    I wrote a negative review on this app before I found out it was a simple error on my part. I did not select XLSX for my Excel spreadsheet in the "settings". After further review, I must say this app is by far the best compare to the other spreadsheet apps I've tried this week.

  • Simply stated...

    by Cpa8

    There is no other spreadsheet app that comes close.

  • Worth Every Penny

    by Chris 梦孔

    Current Update: Everything looks good. As I use this app for pretty basic accounting type stuff, I havent used any of the new features or anything. Seems a bit faster, though. As usual, awesome job, and keep up the good work! Previous Review: I bought this app several months ago, and use it on a daily basis, mostly for keeping track of real-time expenses and such. I would recommend this to anyone. Keep up the good work, devs!

  • Excel-ent app!

    by Fur0shus

    Great app, does everything you would expect. The best spreadsheet app out there, I love the fact that I can sync everything with my pc

  • Google Drive

    by hafezoa

    Awesome app. I use it all the time for work. Can you please release an updated version that works with Google Drive (instead of Google Docs)? That'd be great! Thanks!

  • Sheet2

    by Rex317

    An amazing implementation of Excel for the iPhone. I'm very happy to have this much spreadsheet functionality in my pocket. Keep up the good work. One note: There are times when the keyboard toggle is not displayed after entering data.

  • Better & cheaper

    by lyleberman

    This app works great for me for my portable spreadsheet needs. Haven't had any issues w it and been using it every day. It's intuitive and easy to use and very stable.

  • Great for simple use.

    by Killersno

    I use this app for taking inventory and purchase orders at a warehouse I work. It's great for simple stuff. I can take inventory out on the floor, and email the spreadsheet to my workstation when I'm done, and not have to carry a laptop or a clipboard around. It doesn't support the latest Microsoft excel formats, so I had to convert all my templates and sheets before transferring them to my iPhone. but I was expecting that.

  • Just wasted my money

    by Sandra Weston

    I loaded the spreadsheet I had saved him dropbox which I generated on my PC.I cannot edit it as all the cells are all jacked up. I am assuming that the only sheets you can create and edit are the ones that you actually work and create on the phone device itself. It seems to have difficulty interpreting Excel sheets that were created off the device and imported

  • Needupdate

    by WilliamSnead

    New update messed up screen size when choosing options like background color of cells. Please fix. Old one was perfect.

  • Still not working with Google Drive

    by Gbd_15

    With 5.1.1 I can log in and see my Google Drive files, but trying to open one results in "Unknown error -1000"

  • Buggy on simple tasks

    by We're not in Kansas anymore

    Some alignment is not consistent. For example, if data is entered into a column and the column is set to be middle aligned, additional rows will have their cells right aligned (in that column). This is bad enough. But if a sort is then performed using the column that was set to be middle aligned, the order of the data is mixed up in a bizarre way. This is unacceptable, and is an obvious bug that needs to be fixed. Another bug involving strange behavior occurs when all data is selected for sorting. When column A is sorted, part of column B is sorted, and part is not, even though all of it should be. For example, column A is the Date, column B is the Time of column A. When column A is sorted, some of B is correctly sorted, some is not, regardless if B 's format is 24 hour time or AM/PM time (eg 10:30pm). While the program promises to be easy to use (and it is), these are common and fairly simple operations that should be bug free. This program should be more robust than this. I'm switching to Numbers.

  • Waste of money

    by Cartosat

    Just bought it. Cannot synchronize with Dropbox. Just highlights the file and doesn't open it . Dont buy it

  • Don't waste your money

    by Oneelaine

    I want my money back does not work



    The help bottom does not work. Their website does not work!!! Really what kind of support it is? DO NOT BUY THIS. IT IS NOT GOOD AT ALL

  • Great Product

    by Sevilnatas

    I just bought this app and it is just as advertised. This is a great product and I would recommend it to everyone.

  • Perfect!

    by Tomcat333

    Works perfectly on 8GB iPod 2G with 3.1.3 firmware. Exacty what I was looking for and much much more. WiFi interface works perfectly. Very nicely done... much nicer than others I have looked at. This is a very nice app... GREAT JOB!

  • Sheet2

    by Matt Tyson

    Doesn't work with drop down menus, vlookup, and quite a few other complex functions. Would not reccomend.

  • Don't waste your money.

    by BatmanTheHorse

    I bought this app hoping I could use some of the Excel functions (NORMDIST, etc.) to help calculate problems in my advanced statistics class. None of the functions I tried worked properly, and I kept receiving various errors, even though they worked fine on my PC. I might as well have just walked to my bathroom and flushed $4 down the toilet, because this was nothing but a huge waste of money. If I could give this less than one star, I would.

  • Great program!

    by marshofchitown

    Works with Dropbox too

  • Just Perfect

    by Mike McFlash

    What a wonderful app. I have been struggling with "a Documents Piece of Crap App" for a week. Finally deleted it and went looking for something better. This app is it!!!!! Within 30 minutes of purchasing I have imported 3 xls files, made formula as well as formatting changes and emailed them out- all without a hitch. Highly recommend purchasing this app before a well deserved price hike takes place. 08/06/2010 Update to Review I am still lovin this app and it continues to meet all my needs. It is just like having excel on the ipod. Yesterday I emailed the developer with concerns and questions about upgrading to iOS4. He wrote me back within a matter of a couple of hours and addressed all my concerns. I did the upgrade and all is well. Downloaded several new spreadsheets through Google Docs made all my changes and sent them back to the PC - all without a hitch. This is the goto app and Dev for me - Thanx!!!

  • Please make compatible with Excel 2010

    by nicashogun

    Everything is great. However obsolete most of my work using the 2010 suite. I would be awesome if this could!!! It would overall organization that much better and complete!!

  • If I could create a template and print from my phone and bill square

    by Todd Noice

    This app is close to what the business world needs ...Busy general contractor willing to invest in developers if you want to put something together for me

  • So far so crappy

    by Harperle31

    I bought this to use with Dropbox. It won't open my Excel files.

  • Skydrive

    by m_man276

    Great app, just needs skydrive cloud integration.

  • Excellent

    by NW notes

    Just created my first spreadsheet with this program. This app has a very well-thought-out user interface. It was a pleasure to work with. Nice to have all this new capability on my iPhone.

  • Works flawlessly with MobileMe

    by mech_engineer

    I use this app to open spreadsheets stored in MobileMe's iDisk an it is great. The app saves the file to iDisk. Then you can open it in your Mac and all the changes are there. One file on multiple devices, I love it. Interface is nice and intuitive also. Excellent Excel like app!

  • Not working

    by Ddllkk

    I bought this app only to use with documents I store in Dropbox and it worked great for awhile. After the last update none of my docs are listed. They are still in the Dropbox app so the issue is here. I reported the problem, so hopefully the developers fix it quickly. To spend $4 on an app and have it stop working is disappointing to say the least. UPDATE The issue with viewing/editing documents in Dropbox was fixed with the latest update.

  • Nice but????

    by Abe fullmoon

    I like the veiw and navigation but does not have the following: 1- does not open the files created by Excel 2007 2- can not format the number and specify the decimals and 1000 sperator 3- when I tryed to multiply a number in one cell by a number that has decimals it does not give the result it shows exactly what I wrote Like when Ityped =a3*1.23 the the result I got was =a3*1.23 not the result of the equation

  • Won't open my 2007 Excel spreadhsheets

    by ltscooper

    I sent two spreadsheets to my email account and tried to save them to Sheet. They are listed in the list, however, it won't open them. I've tried several times to import them, but no go! A waste of my $3.99.

  • Can't make PDFs

    by secondspassed

    And even byte2 can't make a remotely attractive one. BIG POS.

  • Sheet2 rocks

    by Dornier

    Great spreadsheet for the price. The google doc import feature is very nice as well. Changing between sheets is very handy and my personal use uses sheet one as a sort of dashboard, then I just bounce between the other sheets which can, depending in your styling, can be seen in preview mode quickly. New features always on the way. Fast customer support when I had questions. Recommend!

  • One of THE best apps of its kind in iTunes

    by Mcgap

    This is one terrific spreadsheet app! It will do most anything Excel will do. It's easy to move items back and forth to your computer and it can handle A LOT of data and you're still able to swiftly move inside the app to any cell to edit or add. The service from these folks is outstanding. I sent a suggestion [within the app] and they came right back to me explaining how to do what I needed to do. There are still tools I've yet to explore inside this, and the developers just keep adding more features. If you've been wanting a good spreadsheet program and find it hard to choose, this one is the best for the money and one finely crafted app.

  • Works!

    by ArchaeoProphet Com

    For basic spreadsheeting, works beautiful with latest device firmware. You can also interchange with Open Office Calc for spreadsheets on a PC but iTunes has to be open and running in order to copy Apple device files to PC and vise versa through your web browser (done in seconds, save URL as a bookmark). GREAT for editing simple spreads on the go.

  • Great customer service!

    by louieisking

    Couldn't figure out how to save my google docs files. Customer support responded to my concern quickly and easily resolved the issue. Turns out you can't save a file directly to google docs via a cloud drive, at least not with a Gladinet drive, as the file must first be converted to the google docs format. Just make sure you first upload the file directly to google docs and check the box that converts your files to the google docs format. After that editing is a breeze on the itouch. It's cool to be able to edit and modify my excel files when I'm out and about without having to haul out my laptop. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is I wish it had an undo option, but they don't pretend like it does in their marketing so props for being honest. Support says it will be coming in a future release. Good stuff!

  • Remarkable spreadsheet app

    by buggsy2

    It really is remarkable for a spreadsheet app, has much of the essential functionality of Excel or similar spreadsheet. I give it 5 stars, and if it had this feature it would rate 6 or 7 stars: * Text past/import wizard to format text copied from another app, e.g. Notebook. So line returns would format to new rows, spaces, commas, or tabs would be different columns, etc. EDIT: A feature I thought was lacking, in fact is responded to my feature request within an hour or two. As I use it more it's more and more amazing. Truly one of the best all-around apps.

  • Amazing app!!!!!

    by Sam the Maughan Man

    This app is worth the money, buy it befor they relize what a rip their getting

  • Not for the iPad

    by Koreanskull

    It seems to work, but it is advertised for the iPhone, iPod and iPad. It is in the iPhone format so there is no point in buying it for the iPad. I bought for my iPad, and the functional screen is iPhone size. I spent the $4 but ended up buying Quickoffice.

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