Doc² Productivity App Review (iOS, $3.99)

  • Category: Productivity
  • Publisher: Byte²
  • Updated: Dec, 29 2009
  • Version: 5.3
  • Size: 10.8 MB

Languages: Arabic, NB, Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, HE, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Chinese

Seller: Byte Squared

Bug and crash fixes

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Doc² is a fully featured word processor app, which lets you create and edit Word 97-2010 (.doc & .docx) format files on your iPhone or iPod Touch. It supports advanced character and paragraph formatting, including tables, images, auto-correction, auto-completion, copy/paste and undo/redo. It also has support for tracked changes.


Doc² gives you the power of a desktop word processor, right on your device. It lets you format documents into multiple columns, drag images around the page as the surrounding text flows around, add footnotes and endnotes. You can also collaborate with other Microsoft Word users with its unrivaled support for tracked changes. Review, add, accept and reject textual changes using the easy to use interface.


As well as working on local files, Doc² also gives you access to all of your cloud based files, letting you connect to and access your files from Dropbox, Google Docs, Microsoft SkyDrive and several others.


• Character formatting, including:
- Text and fill color
- Bold, Italic, Underline
- Font face & Size
• Paragraph formatting including alignment, line spacing, margins, indenting, bullets and numbering
• Support for tables, including table creation
• Support for floating and inline images (inserting from camera roll or pasting from other programs)
• Support for shapes and floating text boxes
• Support for textual tracked changes
• Footnotes, endnotes and comments
• Multi-column formatting
• Supports section breaks, page breaks and column breaks
• View headers and footers
• Ruler bar with ability to set paragraph margins and tab stops
• Searching of text within documents
• Undo and redo, up to 100 undo levels
• Auto-correction and auto-completion are supported
• Spell check
• Copy & Paste, even text and images from other applications


• Revert to a previous version of a file.
• Organize files into folders.
• Email documents as attachments.
• Print files wirelessly

Customer Reviews

  • Pretty decent

    by keeters4

    Good functionality, but I can't rename, move, or delete folders. Please add this capability! Organizing my files is crucial!

  • Functional

    by Seriously Facetious

    Really good for writing, but when I try to delete a comment, the app crashes. Fix, please?

  • Excellent

    by allanklu1

    Finally able to get away from Notebooks, the developer says he has no plans to implement word docs. I appreciate the nested docs folders and the formatting is the best, also like the sync with Dropbox. Thank You, for developing the app. Again congratulations for a great app. I am in no way affiliated with this company. Just happy to find this.

  • Still recommend it for sporadic use

    by KAP1979

    Crashes often. Remember to save your work every few minutes. It would be great if there were was option to lock the keyboard in place. Sometimes when formatting, it's quite distracting to keep hiding it. For some reason it's not as sensitive as other word processor apps when copying or pasting text. You have to press hard against the screen to get then menu to pop up. But I'm satisfied overall. This program is ideal for letters, resumes, short documents that don't need sophisticated formatting. If you didn't have time to finish a document at work, you can finish it with this app and then email it with confidence . Despite some advanced features, it's a pain trying to do so much in a small screen. To type a lot, you can use a special screen. That's a nice feature. However, I use "path input" (other app) and paste the text in Doc^2, it saves time overall.

  • Bug warning!!

    by Why did I waste my money?

    Since the last update of Doc2 it no longer maintains the data of a .txt file. I transferred a text file to my iPhone yesterday and the data was there right after transferring the document. When I opened it this morning it was blank and showed as 0 bytes of data.

  • Works Like a Charm!

    by avid reader1

    I love this app. I use it for editing Word Documents then saving them to my Sky Drive Cloud via that app. It allows me to chose fonts, colors, bold text, add images... I simply couldn't manage without it.

  • Good app

    by Joemalcom

    Great it app. I use it and i like it.

  • Pretty good needs work

    by Zigar

    I've been looking for something like this for a while. Dropbox and this work great!! It crashes a lot though, and doesn't save my work. Also it would be nice to get spreadsheet to work too. Definitely cool, but needs work.

  • Retina-optimize, please!

    by Jkalypse

    Icons look clearly pixelated on my iPhone, and they've looked the same way since I tested Office Plus two years ago on my 2nd gen iPod Touch, change them!

  • Holy carp, for free?

    by Skaijo

    This app has a spectacular value and is compatible with Dropbox and ubuntuone. So user friendly it hurts.

  • Great doc apps!!!

    by Iiiiiî

    Great doc apps!!!

  • Badly bugged, but better than v5.0

    by Kanahu

    After the horrible mistake that was Doc2 v5.0, I was excited to see that the app that I had downloaded and been happy with for months was back to being an actual document creator/editor, and the best one out there at that. Even so, that does not excuse shoddy work on the coders/creators of this app. The biggest, and thus far most crippling problem with Doc2 v5.0.1 is the fact that if you press the 'backspace' button in rapid succession, the app basically breaks, and kicks back to the iDevice main app menu. Until this bug (and any others caught by users) is fixed, I think I'll stick with a tried-and true desktop text editor like OpenOffice, or Google Docs.

  • Excellent

    by Writer515

    Back to being an excellent app. Authors or bloggers that want the ability to write on the go, this is the app for you. Knowing that the developer listens to feedback offered by their customers makes it much more likely that I will purchase more apps from them in the future. A couple of bugs, such as that the tools can't be accessed while in landscape, but I'm sure future updates will take care of this. To the developers, thanks for making this a great app once again!

  • Good

    by Chrystalist

    Now that landscape and screen-mode have been added back in, this is a great app again. There are still some bugs and problems, but it's definitely the best quality at this price.

  • Thankyouthankyouthankyou

    by Kube60

    Thank you guys so much for listening to your users and bringing back landscape mode. Changing my vote back to 5 stars. Now to finish my novel.

  • Pretty darn good

    by Bobbert911

    I'm in the road all the time for athletics, etc And this app single handedly allowed me to type an ap English essay and then email it to my hotmail and print it within a few hour roadtrip. I'm very impressed and recommend this app. I will definitely look into more apps from this maker in the future good job keep it up

  • Just what I wanted

    by Termite43

    I would like to purchase the slides app as well, but I don't wanna pay another 3.99$ for it. However this app is just what I thought it would be

  • Not bad, but Pages is better

    by Nicolas Alnis

    The app is nice, but still I use Pages

  • Best Doc- Word Processor App!

    by Apps-junkie

    IPhone (4.1). Best $3.99 I spent in a long time. I was pleased with it the first 30 minutes I tested it out. Better than Documents2 or Quick Office word. Better than trying to use Google Documents with an iPhone; I can edit my Google docs right from this app. Same with my or DropBox files or a few other cloud storage services. It has a good spell checker; when I typed in "hin", it gave me a choice of "him" and 6 other good possibilities.

  • It does have spell check!!!!!!

    by Kawthar12345678910

    Yes it does hav spell check in the options, u hav to turn it on!!!!!!!! Thats it. u guys complain when it's ur problem that u ddnt find spell

  • 5.2.402 Doc2 for IPhone

    by EnvoyBoy

    Impossible to connect thru WiFi The latest update no longer allows for connecting and transferring files thru WiFi. This app has worked so well for some time now it does not allow to connect.

  • BUG Discovered on 3-25-13 UPDATE

    by Jokarr

    No longer able to sync to DropBox.

  • Wish it could do more

    by Ymipaul

    I was only able to view word documents and would like to see excel docs also

  • HELL NO!!

    by Mottyrosenberg

    Omg! I really thought I got the perfect app¿¡¿ Lol. Anyway, I can NOT change the text font, color, and size. And, the graphics of the keys are not the best. If this gets fixed in the near future... I'll give ya 5 stars! I promise! Thank you.

  • Soooooooo sloooooow

    by HLEdwards

    Trying to edit an existing document, but every word I type takes 30-60 seconds to appear. Also, formatting a word looks like it worked, but only the first letter has that format when I save and reopen.

  • ➡There updates make things worse⬅

    by SpartanFett118

    I got this probably four or five updates ago, it worked fine then but not now. Constantly crashes now forcing you to save frequently or loose what you've typed. And the toolbar now never works like it should. In landscape the toolbar is gone and in portrait if you highlight something to change the font or size the app starts twitching and eventually crashes. WORTHLESS NOW!

  • Please fix landscape

    by Jess3791

    Landscape format is back, but I cannot use the toolbar and can't see more than the first page while using it. Please fix this so this app becomes a great as it was when I got it.

  • Why the bad upgrade? Again!

    by Gonzo316

    They fixed the problems that everyone did not like and now it crashes. Fix the bugs and don't buy it until they do.

  • What did you do???

    by Emerald Wyvern

    This used to be a wonderful app. The "improvements" in 5.0 have ruined it for my purposes. It's one thing to ADD new features, but don't do it by eliminating what made this program good! I can see how some people would find the page layout tools helpful, but I use this app to edit TEXT, not layout. Give me an OPTION whether use the page layout view or the old view (roughly equivalent to Word's "Draft View"). And especially, give me back the landscape option -- the portrait keyboard on the iPhone is awful for trying to write more than a quick message.

  • Why?

    by Jjm235

    This app was the best. I was recommending it to everyone. Now with the new format it pretty much useless.

  • What happened?

    by Carguy674

    I so agree with these latest reviews...this app was virtually perfect until the latest upgrade. Now when you are writing, you cannot even see the whole line you are writing on. The letters are also too small when just reading docs. I am very disappointed.

  • When Good Apps Go Bad

    by Cultt

    In switching from Palm OS, to iPod Touch I started looking for apps to replace what I was using. When I came across Doc2! Fonts, color, the ability to insert tables all for only $3.99. All was right with the world, until I made the mistake of upgrading to 5.0. Now the text for text entry with my Bluetooth Keyboard is so small it's worthless, and landscape mode has vanished! I want my old version back!

  • Since when does an upgrade ruin a great app?

    by Doodlehutch

    NOW!!!!!! This was a great app which I used every day, ( and rated 5 stars) until the last upgrade. Taking away the ability to work in landscape mode makes this app too awkward to be useable. It will not let you change the font or the size of the font now, no bold, no italic, NO CUSTOMERS

  • Buggy

    by Duke DemonKnight

    This app *WAS* working fine when I bought it four days ago. Now the latest update has ruined it by taking away the ability to go into landscape mode. FIX IT!!! NOW.

  • Landscape keyboard

    by korok138

    This was a great app, but where did the landscape keyboard go? The whole point of having a word processor on your phone is so that you can flip it and write! I liked the app a lot until now. I guess I'm going back to "Notes."

  • Bad app

    by Johnrosliz

    Do not buy this app if you are trying to get it on your iPad! The screen size is small and does not fit a iPad screen even though it says with your iPod touch,iPhone or iPad. I wish I could get a refund for my money!

  • Useless for my purpose cannot access setup options after enabling passcode

    by Patricia Schultz-Ormond

    After enabling passcode all other options are unavailable. No way to contact developer through FAQ's as "submit" button inoperable. Bought it to spellcheck drafts remotely - cannot access that option. Gave it one star only because you have to give it something. I can't even try it for the purpose for which I purchased it. And yes, my software is up to date and it ought to run. And no I'm not a dummy.

  • Visually Impaired Users Beware: Not the skating attack on Apple that it seems

    by GuideDragon

    When I first discovered this app at a third of the price of the Pages word processor, I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, and I didn't need to wait long, thanks to Apple's quick credit card access. When I saw that Doc came with a fully detailed user guide, unlike many of the apps we encounter, I thought it was too good to be true. and it was. As a visually impaired user, I was impressed with the simple layout of the option buttons--new document, open document, search, etc, and so I decided to create a new document and try all of the available features for myself; that's where the trouble started. Not only is the onscreen keyboard included in this app incompatible with the Iphone's voice over feature, but the app also doesn't seem to recognize Blue Tooth keyboard and the special commands that make them and voice over work so well together. Now, as I write this, I'm out $3.99, and have no word processor. I'm also wondering if it wouldn't be unreasonable to email Apple and suggest a policy that requires app developers to test their products with voiceover and put a disclaimer that indicates yay or nay be instated, so users don't have to go through the rigamarole of getting a refund, let alone the frustration that results from not being able to use the app and not knowing whether it's an accessibility issue or operator error. Needless to say, this app is *not* approved, and I've learned a valuable lesson about accessibility research, as even user oriented companies like Apple are bound to have their flaws.

  • No good

    by hubbiida

    I bought this specifically for the spell checker, which is supposed to work on an iPhone 4, an IT - DOES - NOT - WORK!

  • Yes but

    by The ok person

    Good but no spell check!! What's with that???

  • YES!!!

    by DSiXL••••

    Get it! Fast for iPod touch 4G. You should try it, fonts, colors, and more! (note: no comic sans ms)

  • Some basic features need added

    by Ann O Nimity

    Most of us are in the US so support for American English would be appropriate. Also would like to be able to open RTF files, edit, and save as either RTF or DOC. Other than that, this is a basic app that does what you expect. No major issues here.

  • It okay, big glitch

    by 4hsheepbreeder

    Okay I got this because of the google docs part of it. That sold me over documents and documents2. There is lots of stuff this could use and alot that's unnecessary. If you go from vertical to horizontal then back to vertical, you get stuck about halfway up your document and can't scroll down to where it ends. I have to exit out and go back in everytime. It's uber-annoying and a big glitch that should never have got this app past the beta stage. I'm subtracting 2 stars because of this prob. Also, when you start writing the icon bar at the bottom of the screen goes to the top of the keyboard and although it's not that big of deal in portrait, you can only see about three lines in landscape. That's also a big problem they should have seen and since I really like landscape, I'm taking another star for the icon bar. I really like this app, use it alot but these are too big for me to give it a good review. When they fix even one of these I'll be very happy, and raise my rating. But, sorry bytesquared, I can't give you more than three stars. As it is I'm giving 2 stars, I can't ignore these problems. Please fix them, if you in the company read this!!! April 4, 2010 I just got the update, and although I didnt read the fixes too well, I'm pretty sure I saw something about fixing the first bug I talked about. I was really excited, but when I went to see if it was fixed, it wasn't! Arrgh! Feb 14, 2011 Update. App is amazing. I don't use it for editing or writing anymore. I love it. Buy it. Right now.

  • Better then QuickOffice or Docs2Go

    by Benita1

    It can do a great job. It support external BT keyboard as well. No crashes, intuitive GUI.

  • Getting better and better

    by gyffes

    My previous review was for a much older version, so I wiped it and started anew. Lemme tell you a tale from last night: I lay in bed reading on my iPod touch and an email arrived -- a document my boss wanted edited. I tapped the doc icon in mail not sure what would happen and it offered to open in Doc2. Great, go for it. And it did. I was able to make the needed edits. Then I saved the revised file to my Dropbox folder for that project (from within Doc2!) so I could print it from work today. All while flat on my back in bed. Yes, landscape mode offers a TINY window for editing, but you can flip to portrait or hide the keyboard if you need to see more text before going back to the landscape keyboard: I don't think it's worth mire than a halfstar off. I love the myriad ways you can get files in and out of this app (, gdocs, Dropbox, iDisk, email.. ) effortlessly. I'm very happy with Doc2. But would love more space in landscape.

  • Very happy with this app

    by Podman205

    Nice simple word processor--integrates well with my iDisk on MobileMe. I would love a few more options on fonts.

  • Pretty Good

    by Gamer Gal7183

    Exactly what I want but I highlight my documents often and I would want all of my highlights to be saved because now only a select few are saved. Other than that great.

  • Perfect

    by sprice78

    Simple to use, does exactly what I want, finally a useful text editor.

  • Disappointed...

    by DrFreddie

    This ap was a huge disappointment. I actually made my purchase of the IPad because I thought this would be available to actully create word.doc documents. But it is configured for an iPhone, and is totally too small to utilize on the iPad screen. Actually ridiculous. If they would make it useable on the full size screen it might be a very good app. One I would have paid $39.00 for rather than have wasted $3.99.

  • Just okay with debilitating limitations

    by Andrewsmmm

    Overall, this could be a nice little app. The editing functionality is quite elegant and the back end document control works pretty well (although it crashed twice in a row in the space of 5 minutes). However, I feel slighted by having to pay $3.99 for an app I cannot leverage for its intended use--word processing. Most of us probably work in landscape because we can use both our thumbs for speedier typing. Yet, in landscape mode the amount of screen space is, quite frankly, pathetic; rendering the app useless. Perhaps the developers could find a way of INCREASING THE SCREEN AREA in landscape mode. Only then might this app become what it could be.

  • Nice!

    by ArchaeoProphet Com

    Nice app for basic essential word processing. You can handle essential functions, get your report pages started and later upload to your PC. Uploading to PC is done via your web browser by entering a URL found in the 'help' section of the app. iTunes has to be open when transfering files from device to PC and vise versa. You can open DOC2 files in Microsoft Word or Open Office Org suite.

  • Great, but room to improve

    by jtshreve

    This app is really great as a simple text editor and feels more like a normal word processor than any other app I've tried. However... Please! Please find a way to add hotkey support when typing with the Apple Wireless Keyboard! After iOS for iPhone 4, we can use Bluetooth keyboards, and I'm assuming everyone who buys this app plans on using a keyboard with it. That said, command+B for bold text would really set this app apart. Similarly, tab+hyphen to start a bulleted list would be wonderful. Thanks for the great app! Oh yeah, and those complaining about not enough space in landscape... With the Apple Wireless Keyboard, you can tap the top right 'eject' key to hide the system keyboard and type while it's hidden. Now you have a blank doc the size of your whole screen!

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