Battery App Flashlight Productivity App Review (iOS, $1.99)


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Seller: Butler Computer Systems

- Added support for iPhone 4.

- Added support for iOS 4.0.

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This amazing 2-in-1 app is both an excellent flashlight (with adjustable brightness and cool "light" themes) AND an elegant/stylish battery app that shows you the percent of remaining charge on your iPhone or iPod touch battery, as well as remaining time statistics, FullCharge Alert™, and much more!

Estimated "time remaining" statistics (calculated for your specific device model):

- Phone/Talk (2G/Edge) *
- Phone/Talk (3G) **
- Standby *
- Music/Audio
- Video
- Gaming
- Internet (3G) **
- Internet (Wi-Fi)

* This feature displayed for iPhone only.
** This feature displayed for iPhone 3G/3GS/4 only.

NEW! FullCharge Alert™
Prolong the life of your battery, and get more accurate time stats. Battery - Flashlight helps you do this with our new "FullCharge Alert" feature, which sounds an audible alert and displays a message to tell you when your battery is FULLY charged. Other battery apps, and on-screen indicators, may inaccurately report that your battery is full.

THE POWER OF StableCharge™
Our battery apps are the only apps with StableCharge™ technology. StableCharge makes your reported battery level less sporadic and your statistics more accurate (while you are inside the app). If you're like most battery app owners, you've seen your displayed battery percentage jump UP by 5% (even when you're NOT charging your device), then drop down by 10% -- all within just a few minutes. With StableCharge, that will never happen to you again! Note: Battery levels are reported in 5% increments.

"What if my battery level falls to much more time will I have for music or surfing the Web? What if I have a 30-minute low could I allow my battery level to get, and still not miss the end of the video?" Quickly get the answer to these and other questions by using the "What If" mode. Simply slide your finger along your battery, to select the level you want to analyze. It's fast, simple, and fun!

If our app is open while your device is plugged in, bolts of lightning will be displayed at the end caps of your battery -- to show that it is charging. (Check out our screen shots to see the cool lightning graphics.)

Check out all these cool light themes!

- Candles
- Cool Flames
- Hot Flames
- Light Bulb Blue
- Light Bulb Gold
- Light Bulb Green
- Lightning
- Lit Matchstick
- Neon Green
- Neon Pink
- Neon Purple
- Sparkler
- Sun

Requires iPhone OS 3.0 or later.

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