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- Bug Fixes

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Fix Wallpapers, Add Effects & Create Wallpapers with Wallax app.
The ORIGINAL Wallpaper Fixing app with Lot of Features than other copy-cat apps.
Watch the video at our support page. https://www.onesimpleapp.in/wallax.html

Fix Wallpapers
- Scale & Resize on black or blurred background.
- Freely resize your photos & make them fit screen, the way you want.
- No more zoomed wallpapers on iOS 7.

Add Effects
- Blur, Black & White and Focused Wallpaper.

Create Wallpapers
- Gradient, Dotted Gradient & Plain Wallpapers

- Even if Apple fixes the wallpaper issue, this app will be useful. Your money will not go waste.
- Works on iPhone & iPad.
- No need to "Turn on Reduce Motion".

For support & feedbacks please mail to Hello@OneSimpleApp.in

Please write a review about this app, it will encourage & help us to make the app better.

Customer Reviews

  • Amazing!

    by SpeedyYanmega

    I can finally have a perfect picture on my lock screen background without it being so zoomed in!! Love it, best 0.99 cents I have spent!

  • Worth the Dirt Cheap $1!!

    by BrandonP23

    iOS 7 has this annoying thing where I can't scale my wallpaper as I want it. It gets zoomed in and I can't pinch out. This completely solves that issue!

  • Wallax

    by fudgeabob

    Good app. Works perfectly. Maybe on the next update you could add a gallery of pre made wallpapers.

  • Love this!!!

    by SayruhR

    I can finally get my pictures how I want them for my wallpaper!

  • This is the one for the iPad!

    by AlloBabee

    Tried three other apps. This is by far the easiest one to use on the iPad. Wahoo!

  • Fixes ios7 issue

    by Novo21

    I got this app. because Apple messed up their operating system such that I could not scale wallpaper on my ipad. This has fixed that issue.

  • Easy to use, useful app

    by forkies

    Good idea for people struggling with new wallpaper settings, but doesn't work well with 7.1 update. Hopefully this app can be updated to support these new settings for better wallpapers.


    by alex molinar

    It’s a great app, when I tried putting a new home screen wallpaper on my iPad, it was messed up horribly, so I started digging on the web and found out about this app, and the fact that it’s very cheap helps a lot, so I bought it without even thinking about it, and in less than a blink’s time, my issue was solved! Hope this app makes a lot of profit, specially from the ones that like their wallpaper NOT messed up, just like me!

  • Fixes the problem

    by Frankiejojo

    I don't write reviews ...however I had to after this GREAT app solved the sizing issue with my iPhone ... Screenshot > resize > save and boom it's done ....thank you!!! Hope ya make boat loads of $$blsyall

  • Works Perfectly!

    by Raye Chalar

    This was a great purchase. I really SHOULD be able to do what I did with this app without the use of third-party software... But still, this app fixes what apple apparently couldn't do.

  • Wow

    by iKate707

    I'm so glad I googled the problem I was having resizing my background with iOS7. Totally worth .99

  • Thank you so much

    by HornSwagle23

    I've been looking everywhere for an app like this thank heavens !

  • Finally!

    by Nint27

    This app is a must have for me. I love creating wallpapers out of my Instagram photos and collages and with this I am able to make awesome wallpapers and set then as my background. Thank you!

  • Great app!

    by Stacy_Jeanne

    Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. Just what I needed. Thanks!!!

  • Ugly

    by Jean-Paul100

    It's very ugly after the last update! Please put it back like it was before But very good and everyone who has ios7 download it now

  • Great

    by elmobaby57

    The program fixed my problem with photos/wallpaper after Apple upgraded. So easy to use.

  • amazing

    by kuni145

    makes ios7's wallpaper problem nomore and easy to work with A+++++

  • Problem solved. Finally!

    by charisse88

    Since Apple won't fix the issue with resizing photos for wallpaper, glad this app solved the problem. It makes your photos adjustable in the app and also within the Apple settings>wallpaper function. Sized down photo in Wallax, then sized up to fit screen in Apple settings>wallpaper

  • Love it

    by NoahCoadyMC

    I love this app so much. I've made so many wallpapers that I just adore. Like a black and white version, then swipe to unlock to have a color version of the same wallpaper, which happens to be a screenshot I took in music and scaled and resized! So great, 5 stars

  • Rate

    by Jojo1330

    Yey I finally found an app that makes the pictures I choose for my wallpaper not so close-up! Love it!

  • Don't update

    by Sedonaredrocks

    Updated to latest version and now app does not work. What a joke!!!

  • Worthless Crap

    by Headupmyass-didn'treadreviews

    This app is a piece of crap. Don't waste your time or money on it!

  • Just what I needed.

    by SweetVanz

    Extremely easy to use, and well designed. Well worth the $1! Thanks!

  • Not worth it

    by Speadbird1

    It really don't let you resize like before ios7.


    by johntravis

    I normally wouldn't bother writing a review, but there's just a lot of parallax wallpaper apps out there that's ripping people off. And I'm only here to tell you guys that this one works for real. Completely fixes the problem we all know we're having with the wallpapers but don't know how or what to call it. I do hope apple fixes the problem, but if not, we'll have this app! Kudos to the devs team. Love this app! Now I can finally use my own wallpaper without it looking zoomed out blurry mess.

  • Works great.

    by MovieBuff31

    Does exactly what is says. Well worth the .99 cents. Super easy to use

  • Awesome

    by Gurliegurl_9393

    Did just what it said it did. Worth the cost.

  • To be Honest.....

    by Purple Swagg Ninga

    This app is worth the .99 cents. If you are persons who owns and iPhone and really cares about your wallpaper, than this app is great for cropping, and making new wallpapers. I suggest you get this app.

  • Finally!!!!!!! Omg thank you!

    by Nv216

    Finally an app that fixes the large resolution for wallpapers!!! It really works and worth .99!! It's been so annoying not being able to see the whole picture.. You can make it fit perfectly and allows you to preview it!! Thank you thank you!! So excited!

  • by Grl_Fryday

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can make my own lock and home screens fit again! Worth the $0.99

  • Finally a wallpaper fix

    by Phoneman3

    Great app! Does exactly what it says it does easily

  • worth the money

    by Lissytheawesome

    I never take the time to write reviews on the App Store but I thought this app deserved it. It worked perfectly for me to resize a photo that I needed to fit my wallpaper. It was fast and easy to use. It was definitely worth the 99¢ because I'm definitely using this app again in the future.

  • Excellent!

    by DaCoOpBots

    Did exactly what I wanted this to do! (On my iPad Mini with Retina Display.) Great app, keep at it!

  • Genius App!!!

    by The DOUG!!

    Amazing app works wonderfully

  • Must buy app for iOS7

    by "cab"

    I recommend this app for anyone who wants to set a wallpaper on their iPad! Worth it!

  • Amazing!!!

    by Zxdt123

    This is exactly what I was looking for! Its my new favorite app and I use it quite often. Worth every penny! I highly recommend it :)

  • Works perfect!

    by klhlovesmusic

    So glad I purchased this app. I was greatly frustrated by the iOS 7 resizing of pictures, but this fixed the problem perfectly!

  • Works with photo stream

    by djraft

    After downloading the app & playing around with some images on my phone I learned the resize feature worked fine with images from my photo stream, but not from the camera roll. Good to know.

  • works perfectly

    by Kelly53

    a must have for those of u with apple..now i can resize my pics to use as wallpaper..

  • May be good

    by Mandelainen

    Please fix the pinch bug

  • Great App

    by MadlyBunnyBunny

    Great app meets a real need could add a few more functionality's besides the basic pinch to make the wallpapers better instead of just black bars but over all Very well done

  • Works wonders

    by Diggsffdcbhxz

    It works really great, we'll on my iPad Mini (1st gen). My friend downloaded this on his iPad (1st or 2nd gen I believe) we couldn't get the pinch & zoom to work on that device. Anyway, on devices that this does work on, it really is a great solution for the zooming in problem. I can't believe this app is worth 99¢!

  • Please fix

    by JustEd

    Pinch function to resize doesn't always work.


    by HG805

    I Never ever write a review for an app but I am so happy with this app! It's worth the .99 cents! I had not been able to have a nice wallpaper on my phone because it was always too zoomed in and would never fit. I recommend this app to anyone who wants to have their nice wallpapers on their iphone :)!

  • Works great

    by Richard s Felo Jr.

    Works like it should perfectly idk what all the bad reviews are about now I can make my own wallpaper on my iPad again

  • Pretty darn good

    by DaReale$tGhetto

    I never write app reviews. I think this is my 2nd ever. This app is simple and elegant. A couple of small bugs, and a wider range of wallpaper types would make this a 5 star app. Very well executed. I would pay $5 for this app. Give me a few more textures please?

  • Cannot Resize Photos as Advertised

    by Poppy in Virginia

    I've downloaded, deleted, and re-downloaded this app twice and was only able to resize (1) lousy photo. It seems as though the "pinch" function just doesn't work. It would also help to have some basic instructions built into the app. There is none, you have to go to their website and using their instructions is no good. Come on guys, we've paid for this - SO FIX IT!!!!!

  • Worked perfect

    by Spea515

    Worked perfect. Thanks!

  • LOVE IT!!


    I've been trying for the longest to find a solution to resize my photos as a screensaver. This app was well worth the .99!!!

  • Don't waste your money

    by TheFutureMe

    This app addresses a real need, but is poorly executed. You only get one pinch and not easily so. You should be able to zoom in and out without having to reload the image.

  • Perfect

    by Chuggamuffin

    It's amazing! Thank you for this app!

  • Resize

    by EvanO00

    Make a white background on the resize option instead of black

  • Save the buck

    by JChurchhh

    Bought this for the pinch and resize option but you can't pinch all photos and you can't move the picture around only up and down.

  • Great

    by peng30

    I got the app off a forum and I didn't think it would really work. It works perfectly and let's me resize my backgrounds so they don't look horrible like before. Totally worth the dollar.

  • I liked this app

    by Cruz_Denny

    U guys did a good job

  • Disappointing.

    by TeresaMarie977

    Downloaded this last night and cannot get it to work consistently on my phone. iPhone 5s running most recent iOS as of 12/13/13. Have installed, uninstalled and re-installed many, many times. Resize function works about 1/10th of the time, focus and black & white functions are also extremely buggy. Total bummer all around. Don't waste your 99 cents.

  • Only works when it wants to

    by Khytree

    It is great when it works bot pinch and zoom is VERY touch and FRUSTRATING!

  • SUPER APP!!!

    by HisLittleOne

    This app is GREAT...does exactly what I wanted (fit image to size correctly) and a whole lot more! I love the "Padded" feature and "Focused" — they produce very nice professional looking wallpaper. I don't have any problem resizing the image. Then after I've resized the images I can add the fancy features to them. I certainly do not find anything wrong with the app and recommend it highly! I have no connection with the developer in ANY WAY...just a very happy user :))

  • Super cool

    by Ernest Bird

    This app really helps plus it gives you options to make your own background

  • Amazing.

    by gizomizo


  • Do not buy!

    by Aksoiek

    Got this app on a recommendation from another site. Though prays answered I can use wallpaper like iOS6. Wrong! On my iPad mini it start out full screen like it does in iOS 7. I pinch it and it zooms to a picture that not does not fit the screen. Leaves a huge bezel. It won't expanded further. It will just go smaller. The touch sensitive of the ad to pinch to zoom is unresponsive and clunky the rest. I feel like I was cheated. Guess even apple let's a few duds go by. I really freaking frustrated right now. Yeah I know just a dollar. But it's my dollar. One star all the way.

  • No great deal

    by Vlove all day

    I thought 99cents was a good deal if this app really did what was claimed it could do. Ha! Guess you get what you pay for. The resize feature worked the first couple of times then it totally fell apart. One week later and this app is useless to me. That is incredibly frustrating!! Please fix it!!!

  • Wallax app junk

    by PO customer 9394

    Do not buy, does not resize pictures.

  • Great

    by aabTony

    On Scale & Resize it would be nice if I had the ability of picking my own background color . On Padded it would be nice if I had the ability of pick a different background from my photo collection. I rate this program 5 it's great. It has a lot of potential.

  • Can use on my iPad 3, but not on iPad Air

    by Ida Huang

    Maybe there's some compatibility problems with iPad Air. I can resize all my wallpapers on iPad 3 with no problems, but when it comes to iPad Air, it can only resize some of the photos (my two devices both have the same photos). Hope to see this bug fixed soon.

  • The only picture editing I would ever use!

    by Raffi Chamakyan

    Great and gives you options apple didn't gave. Nice work bro those 5-stars for you

  • Doesn't solve problem

    by joechiappone

    Won't pinch & zoom properly; doesn't scale a photo to fit "full screen"


    by wt2012

    No problem. Simple and painless. Worked perfectly for iPad Air. This app does what it say it does "Period."

  • Pinch to zoom does not work.

    by Michael Berry

    Great idea, but need to fix this feature.

  • Bad

    by FistOf Strength

    Bad, don't do it. Distorted output, not as advertised. This should be removed from App Store. Outright lying and thievery.

  • Don't work


    Try wall aid works much better no pinching just work the bar and adjust works great no problems at all

  • Zoom

    by jessrainrio

    Wish the app would zoom in and out on photos without issue! Doesn't respond to my fingers, will zoom to a set small size and stay there. Frustrating enough that iOS7 doesn't zoom wallpapers, please fix the app I paid to do this for me. Great idea though.

  • Pinch to resize

    by Sabrinna16m1


  • Fixed all my problems!

    by Gwiibear

    This is exactly what I needed!! All of my beautiful pics that fit my gelaskins skins fit perfectly on all of my devices now! Thank you so much!

  • Works as advertised.

    by BobVanceVanceRefrigeration

    I was a bit skeptical of this app, since the average review is 3 stars, but I gave it a shot. I was pleased to see that it works exactly as advertised. I wanted to zoom my wallpaper on my iPhone out so I could see the whole portrait image on my lock screen (I don't mind the black boxes on the top and bottom). The pinch-to-zoom-out does work. I'm not sure why there are an abundance of reviews saying it does not. I have yet to try this app on my iPad, but if you have an iPhone 5 and have been annoyed by your pictures zooming in, go for it!

  • No problems.

    by _jayxx

    It did exactly what it said it would.

  • Great fix

    by Brycer84

    Fixes the dumb iOS 7 wallpaper problem


    by SiiAdair

    This works as advertised. I think some who rated it lower are not positioning their "pinch" in the right area. You have to "pinch" in the spot where the text says "pinch and resize". It's awesome, so relieved to be able to use my pics as wallpaper again!!

  • Great App

    by Midyk

    Works great!!!!! Did everything it said it could do... Don't know why other people were having problems.

  • It DOES work!

    by KingJoe804

    I'm not sure why some ppl are writing bad reviews for this app, but it definitely works! And it's not complicated or difficult to make your wallpapers. It works perfectly fine on the iPhone. That 'reflection' feature that someone mentioned would be a nice addition, but this app does what it says in the description & is easily worth the price to be able get around the wallpaper problem ios7 created.

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