iAnnotate PDF Productivity App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Branchfire, Inc.

Update to support v2 Box API.

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Use iAnnotate to read, mark up, and share PDF, DOC, PPT and image files! Join the over 1 million users worldwide who say iAnnotate is “an indispensable tool to have,” and “the reason I bought an iPad.”

*Winner of the Tabby Awards for Best Productivity App and Best Collaboration App and Moxie Awards winner for Mobile App of the Year.

iAnnotate’s intuitive interface and customizable set of features make it the "go-to app" for taking notes on lecture slides, annotating important business documents, revising screenplays, grading papers, and much more. Read on to learn about the great capabilities of iAnnotate:

ANNOTATE: Choose from the pen, highlighter, typewriter, stamp, straight-line, note, underline, strikeout, photo, voice recording, and date stamp tools. Copy and paste annotations, even from one document to another.

CUSTOMIZE: Drag and drop the exact tools you need to create custom toolbars for your specific workflow. Switch between toolbars with a swipe, or open the Toolbar Drawer to edit your toolbars.

SCROLL: iAnnotate allows fast, continuous vertical scroll through an entire document. Other apps only let you view one page at a time, but iAnnotate gives you both options.

SEARCH: Use keywords to search the full text or filenames of every document downloaded to your Library, or limit your search to unread, annotated, or favorited documents to refine your results.

NAVIGATE: Open the Navigation Panel to explore your documents by thumbnails, bookmarks, annotations, or search results, and perform other common actions.

MULTITASK: iAnnotate lets you have up to eight documents open at once, and easily navigate between them for tabbed reading.

IMPORT: Connect with Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive or WebDAV, use iTunes file sharing, or open PDFs directly from email or the Web.

MANAGE: Arrange documents by folders and sort contents by date added, date last opened, or alphabetical order.

CREATE: Create brand new PDFs with blank, lined, or graph-paper pages.

MODIFY: Add, delete, rotate, and rearrange pages in your documents.

FLATTEN: Compress your annotations onto the document to prevent modification. This is useful for preserving signatures or for preventing recipients from deleting or changing your annotations.

SHARE: Annotations made in iAnnotate are fully integrated into the PDF and can be viewed and edited in external PDF readers like Adobe Acrobat or Mac Preview.

SUMMARIZE: Forward text summaries of a document's annotations in the body of an email. Summaries include the type of each annotation, relevant page numbers, and marked-up text.

SECURE: Full support for the iOS Data Protection and Keychain functions.

WATCH FOR UPDATES: With frequent updates and an attentive ear to our users, we are continuously improving iAnnotate. Stay tuned for even more new features to come!

Customer Reviews

  • Text box spell check

    by J.O.13

    This app is awesome, I use it for all my lectures but the fact that the text box doesn't have spell check really doesn't make any sense. I want to be a me type and not have to worry if I'm spelling everything correctly. Please add!

  • Fantastic

    by js131

    Worth the price.

  • Great

    by add Sync

    great app

  • Great Features, Some Bugs

    by JJJJsan

    There is a near-constant "failure to send the file back to Box", but it doesn't actually fail. Just requires a few extra taps. Other than that, the features are great. Loads quickly, and has a huge range of possible annotations.

  • Awkward redesign

    by DSDxp

    The redesign of this app is pretty bad. It used to look and work great, but something happened with this new version. My recommendation to the software designer: revert the design back to how it used to look.

  • So useful! (4 year user)

    by Elizab3thTX

    It is really easy to use and has every feature that the others have, but the interface in this app is far above the rest. I recently helped a friend test out as many notating and annotating apps as we could find. This one had the best features and functionality. I have another app that I use for note taking, but I still come back to this one for annotating.

  • great functionality

    by doctierartz

    App will not allow you to reliably sync back changes made to pdf back to whatever cloud server you are working with. I have a big problem with this as I do not want to store all of my pdfs on my ipad because that would be alot of space. I also don't like that if you try to download a document from a cloud server, if you click out of the app, it will not download in the background so you have to stay on that screen or it will start all over again. what functions it does offer, they work well. The handwriting will never be as good as penultimate but it gets the job done.

  • Great App, needs practice at first

    by Simi Dave

    I've been using iAnnotate for about 2 years now. It is my favorite app for marking up documents. I've tried others, and nothing really comes close when you factor in usability, adaptability, exportability, etc. I would like to give it 4-5 stars, but can't go "all in" on 5 because of its lack of "intuitiveness". When I first started using it, it was a real pain trying to figure out all of its functionality, and then when they did this major overhaul, I sort of had to re-learn the app. Now that I am back to being familiar again, I love it again. But for newbies, and particularly luddites picking it up for the first time, they may not like the learning curve. The only two beefs I really have with the ongoing functionality of it are 1) the tool bar goes away, and does not appear to have the option to keep it on the desktop, and 2) when highlighting multiple sections of text, the cursor will take the highlighter a few lines and I cannot undelete/erase the sections I want. YOu have to do a complete deletion of the section of highlighted text and then RE-highlight. (OK, so that's really like three…)

  • Anthony

    by Rettig10

    Happy I can finally highlight PDF's on my iPad. Goodbye iBooks.

  • Great app! Just one thing...

    by Student3526357

    This is an excellent app. I use it to take notes directly on my lecture slides, which helps me to save a lot of paper! I just wish there was the SPELLCHECK function available on the "typewriter" tool. Please consider incorporating this into the next update. Thank you!!!!

  • Despite initial learning curve this is a great app!

    by Trysta1217

    After trying a few other pdf annotation software and being disappointed i finally broke down and bought this app. It was a little hard to figure out at first but after 24hrs I'm really glad i bought it. The interface for the options works well. It handles highlight annotations and the addition of text well. Performance has been excellent so far. I also absolutely love that this pdf reader includes continuous vertical scrolling unlike competitors. Highly recommended!

  • Keeps crashing on iOS 7

    by RossGR

    Love this app! I use to to grade my students' work. It needs an update to accommodate iOS 7 on iPads. It keeps on crashing while using the annotation tools such as signature and pencil. I wish they fixed this problem rather than adding more bells and whistles to the app!

  • My favorite

    by mykalgrows

    I've tried others like goodreader but this is my favorite & I've deleted the others. Fast, stable, intelligible UI. All the various levels of functions displayed as icons can get a little confusing, but the more I'm using it the more familiar I become with icon meanings.

  • . . . New and greatly Improved, the Business World no longer requires any other device than an iPad!

    by ShegStar

    Any and All documents one works on - received by email, or imported from cloud services, or even created - will always be in the hands, the Great Hands of this excellent Product iAnnote! Thank you.

  • Very Good!

    by ג׳ורג זורע

    I use it in lectures for note taking, and in language studies, especially on work sheets.

  • latest update has destroyed a great app

    by funes el memorioso

    This was an excellent app backed by excellent service until the most recent update (v.3.0.3). Changes meant to make the app work more smoothly with Box have unfortunately done the opposite, rendering it impossible to access files in folders with over 100 items. Admittedly there will be plenty of people who don't need to have that many items in a folder, but this has rendered useless my 3 year project to integrate a Mac based database, a cloud, and the iPad into a clean, synced workflow. There is no prognosis on when the issue will be resolved, or even whether it can be resolved.

  • Some frustrating bugs

    by Gamer Essie

    I've used this app for a couple of years now on a daily basis, and for the most part, I love it. Regarding the most recent update, I have two major issues which are pulling my rating down to 3/5. 1 - Pages aren't loading. Every few pages I'm having to close out of the document and open it back up because a page will just show up blank (or I'll see only my annotations but not the original page). This is infuriating and a huge time-waster. The problem is significantly worse if I'm trying to use another app to, for example, take notes, or if I'm just trying to look back at a given pdf from another app. Please fix this!! 2 - In the new tools, when using the pencil or highlighting tools, you're no longer able to "pause" the tool in order to scroll. You can use two fingers to scroll, but I really liked not having to worry about how many fingers I need to use while I'm reading. At the same time, it's a little annoying to have to open the toolbar every time I want to highlight something.

  • love it!

    by anonymous95393936292

    so easy to use with dropbox to organize and write on notes for class. just wish the "scroll" function was still an option after the update.. now I'm constantly trying to scroll and scribbling all over my notes at the same time.

  • The app that I was looking for!

    by jrhmgy21

    I am a veterinary student and recently purchased an iPad to take notes on PDFs during class. I first purchased PDF reader Pro for iPad app and began to worry that using my iPad in class to annotate pdfs was not going to be as effective as I had hoped. Then I bought THIS app instead and was very relieved. This app is so so much better than the first one I purchased. It has everything I was looking for and allows me to annotate my PDFs exactly how I had hoped. Great appearance, functionality, and loading speed. Very pleased.

  • Lost all docs when I replaced my iPad

    by ms1171

    I’m having trouble figuring out why one would have to register if all docs will be lost when a device is replaced. I’ve lost everything and am no longer happy with this app.

  • Was good. What Happened?

    by Tmeckenstock

    The app worked very well initially but lately has been having a terrible time lately of loading pages. It is really having trouble synching with my google drive also. Frustrating.

  • Can’t highlight and read fluently

    by Stephielise

    I have been using iAnnotate for a few years now and I do a lot of reading/highlighting of scientific articles on my iPad. The most frustrating aspect about the update is that in order to highlight, you have to chose the tool every time. In the older version, you could pause the highlighter, scroll down, and continue highlighting. This update has made reading take twice as long, and much more frustrating that I can’t get the continuity of the article I’m reading, because I’m concerned with what function I’m on: “I want to highlight that, ok, highlighter is on, highlight, OK, that didn’t highlight very well because its confused by the columns but I think I’ll get the gist when I review this, ok, now scroll…quit highlighter, scroll a bit, oh, something else I need to highlight, tools, highlighter…wait, what was this article talking about again?” Begin again :( Bad update. I can’t use this app anymore

  • Still doesn't work properly

    by Wonda1968

    I tried your app again and it still does not link properly. It will only take you to a publication not to a page in the publication. Also, it truly renders slow, it took 30 minutes for it to render 4 pdf's from iTunes upload.

  • Crash, crash, crash

    by Buzzerflyer

    The latest version is full of bugs. Too slow, and always crashes. Don't download if you don't want to waste $10. Please work like a charm again.

  • OMG!!! :(

    by KUW1

    I purchased this app years ago, and it is/was my favorite annotation tool for the iPad. What a mistake to "upgrade" to version 3". If you are used to the nicely refined icons in tool bars, you will be up for a big surprise!!!! It's probably comparable if you have Windows 95 or XP and make it look like Windows 1.0. It tries hard to blend into the simple iOS7 looking interface, but now you have to look very closely to actually recognize the tools you want. This is a perfect example how you make a great product worse and have it look like its not even worth the money. I wish they had an option to have the new functionality with the older look. :(

  • Seen much better

    by sfvalleydrew

    Every new issue still has problems. Annotations pop up can never be turned off. Drop box sync always has errors. I would like to see many of these bugs fixed. For the meantime, look for a better and more friendly app.

  • Not dependable

    by Nytraveler

    This is the second time an update to the program has wiped all of my files. If that's a consistent problem the default should be cloud backup.

  • What happened???

    by Busta breaker

    This was one of my favorite apps. Now I can't even highlight. Something has gone terribly wrong when a four page tutorial is incorrect and useless. The update was so terrible that I had to resort to the tutorial after using this app for seven months. It said, "Use the plus sign," and pointed to an "x." Why the toolbar changes from an x to a plus when the screen is tilted sideways, I do not know. Either way, it doesn't matter, because it still didn't work. The highlight button gives two options: 1) open a box that does nothing except block half of the screen and then goes away when commanded to. 2) no effect (as if the iPad locked up). This is an epic fail when it is the main purpose of the app. I wanted to give this 2-stars for the history of being a fantastic app up until the last update. Unfortunately, the complete breakdown, rather than only a letdown, really is that awful. I don't know if any of my annotations in my courses this year survived. I have learned to never update an app before an exam.

  • Gestures

    by sixpack_cuda

    Get rid of that stupid three-finger tap that displays all of the menus. When trying to use the five-finger multitasking gestures to swipe back and forth between this app & others, the top, left, and right menus all come flying out. When would anyone need all three menus at once? Irritating. At least make an option to toggle that on or off.

  • Excellent app!

    by Cone-head Zombie

    I absolutely love this app, and it keeps getting better with each iteration. This is a mature app, and yet the development team continues to find ways that make it better, ALWAYS a step FORWARD!

  • Highlighter doesnt work

    by SD549

    Trying to highlight in a PDF and the highlighter function does not appear to work. Please fix.

  • Thanks for the great app.

    by Toz_Dash

    I hardly annotate but this app is actually great as a PDF reader as well. It is much faster and smoother than Goodreader in displaying PDFs. Only one suggestion at this moment: When using the single page mode in portrait view, I would prefer the pages to be in the center of the screen instead of the top and if possible with black background as an option. Thank you.

  • Good but ....

    by Cooroot149

    1. Annotate Not compatible whit arabic pdf... 2 . Please add night mode

  • You may lose your documents!

    by BerSerKr

    Just as you may read in many other reviews here that people are losing their local documents. Beware of upgrading to iOS7 with this app. It may not matter if you've backed up with iTunes or the iCloud. I figured I was safe having backed up to both the iCloud & iTunes before upgrading. I was terribly wrong. What is even more wrong is iAnnotate has failed their customers in the worst way. Your customers have trusted the filesystem of your app to safely retain their data & to remain compatible with Apple's iOS. The service I was given through Branchfire Inc. Customer service lacked any concern or remorse for their failure. Watching the backup of my just under 2 GB of data disappear before my eyes, makes me sick to my stomach. The loss of these documents will cost me over $200k.

  • OMG!!! :(

    by KUW1

    I purchased this app years ago, and it is/was my favorite annotation tool for the iPad. What a mistake to "upgrade" to version 3". If you are used to the nicely refined icons in tool bars, you will be up for a big surprise!!!! It's probably comparable if you have Windows 95 or XP and make it look like Windows 1.0. It tries hard to blend into the simple iOS7 looking interface, but now you have to look very closely to actually recognize the tools you want. This is a perfect example how you make a great product worse and have it look like its not even worth the money. I wish they had an option to have the new functionality with the older look. :(

  • Good but ....

    by Cooroot149

    1. Annotate Not compatible whit arabic pdf... 2 . Please add night mode

  • Great app

    by Biostrings

    I rarely write reviews but I'm very impressed with this one. I'm in grad school and use it to read and annotate all the papers I have to read. I like the organization and functions. The best part is that they constantly update and make revisions to the app so it is continually improving based on user feedback.

  • Great

    by TopherLy

    Great app. But can't believe that SugarSync hookup is not an option. These two apps combined would make an incredible combo! UI request: please make the settings, sync, and plus button further apart. They are too close together and it's hard to pick one without sometimes hitting a different button.

  • Finally!

    by Speck of the Cosmos

    I've been a user of this app since 1.0 and have appreciated the increased usability of it over time. But it has never looked very good. It went from ugly as sin to eh not so bad, but with 3.0 it finally looks beautiful. Thank you for putting the time in. It mattered to me a great deal.

  • Used to work great

    by No more KW

    Now it crashes every time I open it, and will not work at all. Completely useless.

  • Best way to take notes for healthcare students

    by Adam Houck

    I think this is the best app for long, detailed power points used in graduate school and/or science courses. I used it for nursing school and then for my nurse anesthesia grad school program. It is still a bit awkward to use at times but I think it is better than all comparable programs like notability Also, they are constantly improving it. THEY FINALLY FIXED THE PDF CONVERTER! It is still a bit slow but it actually works for converting big power points to PDF. For some reason none of these companies understand that science students have to endure power points that are up to 500 slides long with detailed graphics. This program has finally incorporated a converter that can handle most of those long power point lectures. Great customer support too!

  • Disappointed

    by J3didk

    I have been using this app for years, saving many documents. I just downloaded the update and now it won't open. All my work is lost. I hope this is only temporary. Beware!

  • Warning - don't update to ios7

    by pdf's gone!

    Updating to ios7 wiped all my documents clean from this app. Prior to this with every update it's been managable, sometimes frustrating but this time, without warning, all documents are cleaned out (That's despite backing up)! That's 4 years of pdfs...gone! Would recommend either using this for non essential work or not using it at all. It's a pity, because it's a great app except for some major oversights in the updates causing you to lose everything

  • Excellent Updates

    by TSTRDRD™

    If been an iAnnotate user since the first gen and love(d) it. The current update however, wiped out all of my documents and required me to put what I could find back again. On top of that, I got the sidebar back to where I like it and then the app reset itself all over again! For the first time ever, I may be looking for an annotation replacement. Bummer.

  • Head and shoulders above the competition!


    Use it for note taking in school. Amazing!

  • Latest version buggy

    by Forgetitmyfriends

    Slow and buggy since version 3

  • Amazing

    by MinionGirl

    This app is amazing. I'm using it for school and if a high school student can use it means that basically anyone can. It is extremely helpful, in AP English we have to highlight and add notes and this app makes it very easy. There are only two negatives: (1) the app occasionally will crash and everything I have written will be gone or if there are many things annotated on the page (2) YOU CANNOT GET IN OUR IPOD...this is not ok. Can someone please make that happen!!!

  • wow, that hurt

    by Runn'nfoo

    I used this app everyday for highlight PDF textbooks and research articles. If you get a new iPad which I just did, all of my local files were just lost. There is no way to just sync them via the cloud after annotating a new PDF, unless you manually drag them to your dropbox or sync via iTunes. That is very annoying and I found that out after the fact. There went my hundreds of pages from my residency down the toilet. I am NOT a happy camper!

  • Some improvement since 3.0

    by Sellador

    I was very critical of this app in version 3.0. I hate the new flat look and the lack of colors. Perhaps the worst change, visually, is in the icons which look so much alike that choosing the correct one is no longer something you can do automatically. You have to break your train of thought to carefully choose the icon you want or you will end up with the wrong tool. I want to concentrate on my documents, not on how to run the app. Another infuriating problem that started with Version 3 is that the handles that control highlights, underlines and strikeouts do not function properly. No matter how carefully you try to drag it over the text you wish to select, the results are completely unpredictable. With no undo feature, you are forced to save your bad highlights then reselect the annotation, delete it, and start all over. I have two long-standing complaints about this app. The first is the lack of support for SugarSync. The second is a lack of the ability to lock down an annotation tool on the toolbar so that changing an attribute of an annotation does not change that attribute for all future annotations. I don't suppose they will ever do anything about either one, but I will continue to complain about them until they do. Each of those is worth one star in my rating. However, I must give fair credit to the developers who solved a host of other problems in the app in the last two updates since version 3.0, taking it from completely unusable to usable again. And there are some good new features in the 3.0 versions that should be acknowledged. The copy annotation feature is particularly nice and you can add more elements to each toolbar. While I believe this app was substantially better in the early 2.0 versions (ending with 2.2.1), I keep trying other annotation apps and still come back to this one. I am a professor who uses this app extensively for grading assignments. No other app gives me the ability to create custom stamps or to organize my own toolbars. Even though it is harder to use than it used to be, it is still better than all the others.

  • Very disappointing...

    by MeaningfulComment

    iAnnotate used to be my favorite tool. But it crashes now, gets stuck when using, and is not accurately underlining things... I am going to slowly move all my docs to different annotation tool...

  • Gets Even Worse With Time

    by Academic PDF Junky

    Up until the last few months I recommended iAnnotate to everyone I knew who got an iPad. Now, I tell them to stay the hell away. This app has some really great features, but has become so buggy I can't risk using it for anything. It crashes constantly and can't upload my annotated PDFs, no matter what method I try. Now, after spending an hour annotating a book, I have to go back through on my PC and redo everything. I'm really glad I had the foresight to copy a long comment I was writing before the app crashed. Also, as I was in the middle of reading, the app demanded I rate it - there was no option to be left alone to do my work. Forcing me to rate your app is not going to get you a good rating, even if your app works well, which this one does not. I also don't have much hope for the future of this app - when I asked about the possibility of integrating text expansion, I was told it was not anywhere on the horizon. Don't waste your money on this app. You're likely to lose more than the 10 bucks - you might also lose that brilliant comment you just spent 15 minutes writing into the margins.

  • Update weaknesses

    by JAM—Mitty

    I have used this app for over a year and have loved it. The latest update, however, to go with OS7 is much harder to use and is very frustrating. The highlighting tool is unusable unless you like the page smattered with highlight splotches in random order. I want to continue to use this but am having a hard time justifying it. Please update and correct soon.

  • Highlighting is so inaccurate after the update

    by CaliPharoah

    I have been using this app for a while now to take notes in medical school and I really used to love everything about it. After the update for iOS 7 I think they took a pretty big step back. It is more buggy and crashes and highlighting, which is what I use the app for mostly, is incredibly inaccurate and annoying to use. They need to add a feature to undo the last highlight because often I will be highlighting and now with the inaccuracy it will make a mistake and highlight something incorrectly and when I try to fix it, it ends up inadvertently highlighting something else. You cannot delete a single highlight by itself. Deleting a highlight will delete ALL highlights you made since you started highlighting the last time which is a complete disaster if you've highlighted a lot. It was always this way even before the update but it would highlight quite accurately in the previous version so it was not much of an issue. They need to fix this.

  • Please fix the highlighting feature

    by ObiWan353

    Highlighting on this app is getting progressively worse. It sometimes highlights entire lines when you only want a few words, and the pins to adjust are nearly impossible to use. It is very frustrating.

  • Great for annotating academic papers

    by lsstudent

    I use iAnnotate to annotate PDFs that are synced with my EndNote library on Dropbox. Overall, it works well, but I've had to reset my library 3 times due to sync issues. However, the pluses do outweigh the negatives. I'm downgrading my review, as i just had to uninstall and redownload my entire PDF library because all of my connections just mysteriously disappeared. My content was there, but it was not syncing with the cloud, which forced me to redownload everything. Very time consuming and annoying. I use this program extensively and require it to be more dependable than it is...

  • Lifetime User

    by Louis Bailey

    As an engineer and a businessman, I have found this app to be the best, most functional, PDF app - out of the 8 or 10 top rated apps - I've tried. No Problems!

  • Used to love this app.

    by Chugs67

    Now it stopped working. Crashes every time I try and move a PDF to it from mail.

  • Doesn't work with IOS 7

    by Jazznet99

    Loved this app. But it doesn't open ever since I upgraded my IPAD to IOS 7. And I can't access any documents I had in the app. Send them an email today but haven't received a response. Horrible customer service.

  • Warning

    by B31485

    A useful app. But never use it if you think you might ever change iPads. The shift of your data is beyond frustrating, and there is no support. You will spend many many hours trying to find any way to get this done.

  • so much crash.

    by isaac.frank

    I love this app, i've used it for annotating PDF's, Textbooks, Journals, etc. However, it cannot handle large files, especially ones which contain copious amounts of graphics, text, and colors. It crash's almost every time i open a document matching the previous elements, and it is extremely frustrating. It would be nice if they had focused their most recent update on making the app more reliable, rather than making it prettier.

  • Love this app

    by ChrisHullBoy

    I use this constantly in my real estate business. I love the ability to mark up and work on contracts right off my iPad.

  • Awesome update

    by walleymo

    I've been using iAnnotate for years, and this is the best version yet. Clean, beautiful, unobtrusive UI, yet it maintains it's original functionality. Nice.

  • Great!

    by Word person 1

    Very happy with this app. Now I don't have to print hundreds of pages a week to proofread hard copy. I can take my iPad and proofread my transcripts, make corrections on the pages, and print only the annotated pages. Love, love, love!

  • Freezes iPad/Crashes

    by shardtheatre

    iAnnotate used to be one of my favorite apps. I am not sure if it is the app's update or iOS7, but the app quits unexpectedly and has occasionally frozen my iPad. Not sure what is going on, but this is a serious issue. I recommend Notability...it never crashes, is more user friendly, and I believe it is cheaper. Not sure why iAnnotate went south. It was once amazing...

  • By far the best pdf annotation tool

    by abisen

    I absolutely love this app and have been using it for close to two years now. Agree that with the latest update there has been some degradation in the smoothness of annotation.. But i am positive that those would be addressed soon. One feature that completely differentiates this app from anything else out there is the ability to convert ppt, pptx, doc, docx files to pdf perfectly which can then be used for annotation... Believe me it really comes very handy in real life. One feature request... ADD SUPPORT FOR BTSync as a connection.

  • Great app

    by Aelsharawi

    It is the best PDF reader in the store ,specially for iOS 7 ,It has a few things I dislike ,but the customer support responses quickly with fixes and updates.

  • Not what it used to be...

    by Speed racer 25821

    This new update has removed it's user friendly ability which made this app great. Can we go back before the update? The tools are not as easy to use as they once were, the moving of multiple files are cumbersome, and (not a big deal) the apps logo is just ehh (but those are all the app designs for ios7.

  • Please add spell check to typewriter function

    by Tx musicooo

    Please add spell check to typewriter function. I am a veterinary medical student and use this app everyday for class. Great app, please continue to read user reviews and provide updates thanks!

  • Bring back the old layout

    by Jes.H

    It is very inconvenient to click thumnail, click again to search, click again to pull down thumbnail and so on. Search result used to stay until i change it to another one but now it disappears as i go back to thumbnail.

  • The best that I have tried so far! but there is still room for improvements...

    by Pioja44

    Update: App keeps crashing A LOT with iOS 7!! Please FIX soon... I like this App a lot! It is very user friendly and useful. However, I will like to see some improvement in the highlight and annotation functions. For instance, once that you highlight a passage you will not be able to select individual words, phrases or paragraphs. Moreover, if you will like to edit those highlights you will have to erase them all and highlight them again, which is a waste of time, and very inconvenient. The same happens with the annotation tools, once that you write something and hit done, you cannot be able to edit that handwriting without erasing it all, which again is annoying. Also, as other users mentioned the sync function sometimes causes trouble. In summary, PLEASE: 1-. Make the highlight and annotate functions more practical. That means allow the user the opportunity of edit them (erase just a part of them, rewrite, highlight, etc) without the hassle of having to erase all and do it again. 2-. Improve the sync function, in a way that it can upload edited files more efficiently. 3-. Allow select the text that has been highlighted and or annotated in order that the user will be able to do dictionary's search, copy the text, etc. I am looking forward to those improvements soon!

  • Disappointed by Update

    by Katchoo_Katchoo

    Before I updated to 3.0 I would have rated this app 5 stars and gushed about how I had no idea how I'd managed grad school without it. However this new update has done some serious damage to my opinion and to the usability of the app. I'm not sure if the new look is meant to be aesthetically pleasing, but it lacks all the personality the previous versions have and makes it much more difficult to navigate my extensive PDF library. The new lack of color makes it much harder to parse the different kinds of objects in each folder at a quick glance, and the lack of visual indicator for the volume of files in each folder also makes it harder for me to find the files I need quickly. Likewise the reorganization of the folder creation and maintenance tools is extremely annoying and counterintuitive (not to mention they're now very hard to find!). BranchFire should at least give users the option to display the app in the older style if they so choose! This update is terrible and sacrifices functionality for aesthetics. If I didn't have so much data tied up in the app I would probably try one of these reversion workarounds available on the web. As it is, I'm at the mercy of BranchFire to fix all these problems...which they likely won't.

  • I used to love this app, but now... not so much


    For some reason, instead of making it more easy and functional, they now make it harder, and require you to log in to open a doc-- but then the app never recognizes your login, rendering what had been a go-to app useless. Sad, but it's now far worse than it was, and I'm forced to move on to a better app.

  • Disappointed

    by Lonnie64

    Downloaded the app and filled out account. Will not let me log in because account not approved??? Tried changing password but still will not let me complete registration....

  • Crashes

    by jmleczko

    Can't launch since upgrading to v3... App crashes each time at launch. Obviously a bug that needs fixing.

  • Great improvements!

    by Lizetica

    The most recent version is GREAT! I really appreciate the work they're putting into this app. And customer svc got back to me rt away through email. This is THE best app for those who need to write notes and highlight their PDFs. But the program is still crashing occasionally. And it would be great to have an option within the program to read in a sepia tone, which is easier on the eyes.

  • Bad after update

    by Lobo39

    ...and tech support did not help me. Once the new version rolled out, my PDF docs started being "protected" from editing. This app did not do this for a full year! Now I load the docs and the Apple wheel keeps spinning like it is processing the documents....ALL DAY!! Come on guys, really?? I turned off my iPad all day and just checked again....still spinning....processing...or whatever. Deleting the app after this review and downloading anything but this one...fail

  • very disappointing update...

    by Etinum

    This software use to be consistent and natural. But now, I am constantly frustrated when using making annotations. Before this update, it was near impossible to make a selection near the beginning/end of an active selection. Now, it's near impossible to move the selection, rather, the program just creates a new selection. Just make it like the way apple does text selection and quit taking the extremes. I am not sure who the QA for this piece of software but you may need to consider improving that process.

  • Horrible upgrade

    by Sevene79

    You have ruined the look of the app. It's plain and ugly. It's bad enough that the icon changed but then the shelves are gone and replaced with NOTHING! At least give us an option to change the background back or something else. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

  • Great features, terrible transfer and storage options

    by sethnakht

    As a graduate student, I have been using iAnnotate heavily for years (since the first iPad came out) and was generally very happy: it has many powerful features and seemed easier to use than the rival PDF-annotation apps I have also tried. I assembled a very large library of PDFs in the belief that I would continue to use the app for some time into the future. This hope has been complicated and frustrated by the many hurdles iAnnotate puts into your way when it comes to storing files stored locally on your iPad. You literally have to send each of those files to iTunes every time you change something in them in order to back them up -- which means that unless you have saved them to ITunes, they also do not transfer to a new iPad, that they are -- perhaps more harrowing -- not saved during a restore. If you are not working exclusively from cloud services, perhaps because your cloud space is full, this can turn into a real problem. I recently switched to a new iPad and opened iAnnotate to find that **nothing** had been saved -- neither my settings nor my cloud sevice information nor of course my hundreds of locally saved files. If you are a heavy annotater with a large library who reasonably expects to upgrade devices from time to time, and you can't back up everything in the cloud, you'll want to look elsewhere -- to PDF Expert, for example -- for basic functionality in this area.

  • Was useful

    by Nytraveler

    Great, opened it up after updating and all my files were gone!

  • Need ability to merge docs

    by t.e.b.

    This is a great program. I teach grad school and I've used this and pdf expert and I have to say for grading papers this is the best I've ever seen. I almost have no need to use my bulky macbook anymore. I use a stylus pen and it is far and away the responsive program for that. More responsive even than "Paper" or "Penultimate". One thing is conspicuously lacking though: no ability to merge documents or even copy and past pages into new docs. This would be super helpful for me when I am putting together course resources based on multiple student papers.

  • Overall good, but the update has messed things up

    by West Loop diner

    I use this app daily for class, and in general it does well. However in the most recent update writing within a text box has some hiccups in it. The up and down arrows don't work and if you write more than the size of the box it doesn't automatically scroll to allow you to see what you're writing. Please fix these bugs.

  • Hard to control end points

    by Guzdial

    Used to be my favorite PDF annotation tool, but latest version is unresponsive. Worst, it's very difficult to drag endpoints for a highlight. Will probably just use Good Reader. Disappointing version.

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