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"Awesome app. Set it up on ten different suppliers and over 100 products really is the best purchase order type app for restaurants I've seen." ~ Restaurant Owner

Anyone or any employee can run inventory now (iPhone/iPod/iPad)! Add your inventory items and the order criteria and anyone can walk thru the shop and take inventory!

Track inventory - specify how many items you have at a given time and run the Report to generate your inventory report. Set a Threshold for a given item and when the inventory falls below that, it will automatically be marked to order!

Online Backup/Multi-Site subscription feature: online backup of data and multi-site sync and notes. 30-day subscription - app will notify with you need to renew your subscription (will not auto-renew).
Please visit orderguide.wordpress.com for details on this feature, how to subscribe and use it.

Order Guide lets you add distributors (or stores) including address, contact info (and let's you call or email) and notes. Now you can run inventory by distributor.

You add your various locations which may be if you have multiple physical locations or just the various locations around your shop: Kitchen, Closet, etc. Now you can run inventory by location - check items upstairs, downstairs, back room, etc.

Add your items including name, notes, location, criteria of when to order, how much to order, cost, etc.

This lets you add your inventory via a webpage instead of on the iOS device. Use a real keyboard!

Now you can run inventory by distributor, location and/or alphabetically! You (or an employee) just looks at the item's order criteria (e.g., "less than 3"), if there's less than 3 left, they turn ON the order switch.

As you run inventory, it calculates the bill at the top so you know how much you're spending.

When it's time to send, it builds an email with the full order (or separate emails for each distributor using the distributor's contact email). The email uses your company name and contact info (see Settings).

Designed in conjunction with a cafe owner so it's got real-world input from owners like you!

Send feedback and ideas to support@brainwashinc.com


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