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Seller: Bindle Binaries

* Adding initial support for custom TLS/SSL peer certificate chains.
* Adding support for IPv6 connections.
* Enabling ARC support.
* Updating OpenSSL, OpenLDAP, and Cyrus-SASL.
* Adding ldapSyntaxes definitions from rfc4523.
* Fixing crash when switching between LDAP schema objects in the schema viewer.

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Branches is designed to provide easy and powerful access to directory servers allowing system administrators to perform quick searches and modifications while on the go. Branches has been tested against Active Directory, OpenLDAP, ApacheDS, and Sun Java System Directory Server.

Features include:
* Designed for the iPhone and iPad.
* The ability to add, delete, or modify an entry's attributes.
* The ability to add or delete an entry's object classes.
* The ability to delete LDAP entries.
* The ability to open an LDAP URL from another app.
* A search tool for searching the directory.
* A directory browser for navigating the directory.
* Schema enforcement when adding or removing attributes or object classes.
* A schema browser for viewing and searching the directory schema.
* The ability to create multiple server profiles and organize the profiles into groups.
* A library of RFC documents related to LDAP.

Customer Reviews

  • Extremely Useful LDAP Administration Tool

    by superuser

    I use my iPad quite a bit when I travel, and this tool has been very useful when I need to log into my OpenLDAP and AD boxes to do quick searches and make modifications. There aren't really any graphics in this app, so it looks great on the new iPad. Well worth the price in my opinion.

  • Outstanding LDAP tool

    by Lodeki

    Full disclosure -- I know the developer and have high regard for him. Even if I did not, I would give this app high marks. I am a systems administrator, always on the lookout for tools that enable the job to be done while mobile. For work with directories, this app does the trick, and more. Clean design. Smooth operation. Set up is straightforward. Use is simple. The 'nice touches' built into the app continue to impress me -- very well thought out. So why only four stars? As I write this, only one other review has been posted (by ntaboutu). That review is on the mark -- I too look forward to the addition of support for self-signed certs. Keep up the great work!

  • good tool for LDAP administrators

    by ntaboutu

    Easy to use app. The options in the group configs appears to be inherited by the server configs, which made it easy to add my entire pool of directory servers since I only had to set a name and hostname for each individual host. The search window is a little basic, but the browsing, editing, and schema windows were functional and clean. I am taking off one star because it lacks support for self signed certs (add this and app would be 5 star).


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