Car Log - Fuel, MPG & Maintenance Productivity App Review (iOS, $1.99)


Languages: English

Seller: BHI Technologies, Inc.

- iOS 5 compatibility improvements
- Minor bug fixes

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Car Log is designed to help you understand and track your gas mileage (MPG), maintenance and other cost. Maintaining records of gas filling, usage and mileage has never been so easy before.

You can use this application to track one car or multiple cars. Its powerful charts and easy-to-use logging system will help you take better care of your cars.

- MPG Tracker: Log fuel and watch the trend of your fuel economy.
- Service Tracker: Log maintenance and other miscellanies cost of your car.
- Powerful and scrollable chart that helps you to watch the mpg over a week/month/quarter.
- Easy-to-use and streamlined user interface
- Support basic vehicle info i.e. VIN, license, photos, make, model, etc.
- Support multiple cars
- Support US or metric units
- Support gallons or liters
- Support multiple currencies



1. Add your vehicle.
2. Set units and currency at “Setting” module.
3. Add fuel records.
4. View MPG trend by placing your iPhone in landscape orientation.

Customer Reviews

  • RVer

    by 1010PEF1010

    I am using this to track my fuel cost while traveling with a travel trailer. I wanted to note the cities/towns I purchased the fuel. I am using it on an I-Pad, but the notes function does NOT work.

  • Great response!!!!

    by Galebabe

    Thanks so much for being on top of the problem with the os5. Love this app.

  • Worked great until iOS5.

    by rallydog93535

    Any chance of an update so it doesn't crash as soon as I touch a button? Other than this problem in iOS5 I am highly satisfied with this application. It's great at tracking miles per gallon, costs, etc., etc., and most of all it allows me to easily log when I rotated tires, oil changes, and other maintenance. For someone like me (4 cars, shadetree mechanic) it's an invaluable tool.

  • Does what it says.

    by jfgarnant

    Great app, better then some others. However, we need the import/export please. A lot of us use this for work and would really appreciate this added.

  • Just what I'm looking for!

    by FB gamer2

    All I wanted was an app to keep track of repairs on our 4 vehicles and this works perfectly so far! Our newest car is 15 years old so I don't care what the MPG is and there's no maintenance scheduled unless something breaks! lol ;}

  • Great for the cost

    by Spopi

    I have had this app for about 7 months now. I track 2 of my personal cars and 1 company car. At a glance I can see all MPG or repairs even total cost. The only thing I wish it would do is email reports for a hard copy.

  • Not Bad...but

    by PelvicThrust

    The app isn't bad and it performs as advertised, however it does need an update. One to fix the MPG issue and the second to add maintenance alerts and tracking. Sure, you can add individual service points but you can't add an alert t remind you when the next one should occur. This is a very handy feature for tracking services on your spouses car or children's cars. Please add!!

  • Yoytoda

    by Yoytoda

    FYI if you enter .001 gallons and .001 dollars per gallon in the first filled tank it will not give you a starting average of 0mpg. It's as if the car started out full. Yes you lose the first entry but the total gas average is accurate.

  • Solid App

    by Zamobafood

    For the price it's fair for the features you get. Long story short it is overdue an update. I still use it and have no plans to stop. There is a small spelling error and MPG is incorrectly calculated with a beginning of 0 MPG. It doesn't affect per tank MPG but does change lifetime MPG.

  • Okay...mostly

    by couldn'tfindagoodnickname

    By and large the full version has performed as advertised. My only problem has been the inability of the app to remember my fuel type after I save a fuel up entry. When I return to review an entry the fuel type is shown as "0.00". Entering it again doesn't fix it. Other than that it's okay as a repository for basic maintenance info.

  • Good Job

    by NICOLA!!!

    I use this app to track my vehicle expense for 2 diffent cars. Easy to use, and all the calculations are accurate.I use it every time I fill up or do service on my car and it's great. Using it, I know clearly how much money I spend on gas and how much on service. It's a must-have tool for your iPhone, worth to buy.

  • Use it all the time!!!!

    by Oliver Klozoff

    Great App for anyone! It is the best!!!!

  • Car Log 2.0

    by johanboy

    Updated to version 2.0. Over all look is good with more colors. Could not find enhanced MPG chart. MPG in top box seems to be way off. Shows my Scion Xb getting 442.3 MPG - previous version was right on with my odometer average MPG read out. Even the screen shot shows a Ford SUV getting 118.2 MPG. Please fix the MPG and it will be very good app.

  • Neat app

    by lil bird driver

    I use this regularly. Very helpful in tracking gas mileage also let's me keep up with the gasoline budget. The service helps me with maintainace. Great App.

  • Needs some bugs fixed

    by John Curran

    Very good ap but in need of some fixes. Notes and fuel type is broken. Not sure how to back up the data, which is a big concern as my phone's OS needs an update. Please Fix!

  • So f@cking Mad...

    by Turboelmo

    Been using this for months now and it worked great. I just updated my phone to the 5.0.1 and lost all my data. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY UNTILL THEY HAD SOME WAY TO BACKUP YOUR DATA.

  • Bad average calculation

    by Juang!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Average mpg is calculated in a wrong way this is a waste of money

  • Ned some improvments

    by JAD-20

    This application does not show the consumption chart. It does not have a field to enter the Gas Station Name, something that I consider usefull.

  • Not Fluid

    by Fikkl

    To much backing up. You can only enter one thing (service) at a time. Then it backs you all the way out. Say you changed oil, serviced brakes & replaced the battery. You have to selec that vehicle again to enter each service. Also, to "replace battery" is not listed. So when I went to add that service (there IS an option to add a service), it flat out ignored me. Psyche!!

  • Bad avg mgp

    by bmw3wags

    This app works well but since it counts the first entry as 0 it throws your avg mpg way off. Avoid until they fix this flaw.

  • Better use a notebook than this app

    by Vpamelectricman

    I loved this app for awhile, there is a handy feature called NOTES: where you write notes, so after 17,000 miles of logged notes, driving habits, etc. The new Car Log update erased all the old notes, cannot retrieve or even save new ones. They charges 1.99, if I would have bought a $1.99 notebook I would still have my info- don't use this app if you want to keep accurate records, you will be greatly disappointed!

  • Fix Buggggss!!!

    by rryyryryy!

    When I try to edit the date it exits the app I am very disappointed I spent money on this one it is a good concept but needs to be fixed. It also needs suggested typing that would be a lot faster if u get service at the same place more then one time

  • Car Log

    by AllanSeab

    I was initially VERY impressed with this app, but after just 10 entries, it keeps crashing. Not a good investment at all!

  • Not Happy

    by KOltman

    This app is only good to keep records for maintenance on one car!! Use the lite app it's free!!! This App keeps info on the car but no gas milage or oil change records on multiple cars!! Thanks for taking my $1.99

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