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Languages: English, German

Seller: Benjamin Loewe

Wohaaaa over 500.000 user can not be wrong!!!!
Thanks to all to help us to be the leading adblock in appstore!

- we have fixed 70% from your reported ads so the next update include all
- Fixes for ios7
- Background sound
- now the app also block thousands of analytic services

Customer Ratings

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705 Ratings
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1258 Ratings


I'm a little "just for fun" hobby developer and this is my first app for you.

***** FOR A LIMITED TIME: Pro-Version on SALE *****

In general, Safari on iOS does not support any third-party or plug-in.

So here is my new adblock web browser:
Secure and easy surfing the Internet without being bothered by ad banners.

"AdBlock for iPhone, iPad, and iTouch is a fantastic solution!"

"Super! Woha mama! You´ve landed on an exellent app here. It´s definitely worth a download."

The Adblock blocks

- pop-ups ads
- YouTube Video Ads
- layer ads
- no more ringtone subscription traps
- blinking banner ads

and without any terrible proxy, no Device-ID grabber, without accessing your phone data or annoying you with Push SPAM.

The free version of my Adblock browser for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch
is a limited version.

The Adblock...

- is easy to operate
- automatic start of adblock (adblock is on board - no proxy!!!)
- way faster download of websites
- blocked ads are counted
- doesn't save login, key words for search or process
- thus enables you to surf anonymously from iphone, ipad or ipod touch
- you have URL and searchfield in one
- shares under iOS 6 links to facebook and twitter
- delete cache & cookies
- allows you to save the desired website under bookmarks

If you want to support my project:
this are the additional highlights of the pro version (In-App Purchase):

- AdBlock (unlimited)
- opens up to eight websites - scrollable tabs
- you can choose your own start page
(klick RETURN to save the start page)
- app passcode protection
- new keyboard with .com & co
- app starts faster
- no more In-App Pop-Ups
- blend icon on or off
- if need be: deactivates adblocker
- pretends that you surf from a PC (thus enabling you to see websites in original design instead of mobile design)
- enables you to adjust brightness without leaving the app

By permanent updates of the app, errors are immediately detected and erased

Customer Reviews

  • Love it

    by Joanp611

    I really hate ads and this is just what I need

  • No problems

    by chloebellafontaine

    I've had no problems so far with the app, and it's definitely been working well

  • I dont know

    by Back back48

    I don't know they forced me to write the review

  • Great App

    by Bobby Antwon

    Works well

  • Gr8

    by Adam.123

    Great app

  • Giggity

    by Hunter Hall

    Giggity giggity goo

  • Great!

    by addressnathan

    No flash support yet, but great!

  • Great

    by Joejmelo

    Go with the pro

  • Works perfectly

    by Bru 101

    Browsing is so much more pleasurable without the ads and banners!

  • You MUST give a 5 Star Review to unlock the app

    by Gracie.

    First, it's a browser. The app takes you to the browser. Each time I open this app, it tells me that IF I give it a 5 star review, it will unlock extra Pro version features within the app which I can use during the unspecified trial period. As such, I'm giving it a 5 star review ONLY so that I can try it out before I buy it and decide if it's worth the money. It may well be, but I simply don't know yet. Ironically, I almost bought the full version a few times, but the developer's demanding a 5 star rating BEFORE you could try the features really bothered me. If a developer has no problem doing that to muscle a 5 star review, I'm not sure I trust him enough to want his app on my phone. There's no stated privacy policy for the app. Can it access your private data? If so, what can it do with it? I have no idea if it rates a 5 star review, and I resent the developer setting it up in a way that requires a 5 star review in order to be able to try it out properly, which seems underhanded, so I'm explaining to you the reason why I gave it 5 stars. It seems good so far, but I just don't know if it's a 5 star app.

  • Awe

    by Nathan Bryant


  • Does what it says!

    by frannielyn

    Blocks unwanted ads...that's what I wanted and that's what I got. Jolly good!

  • Useless

    by Zyxw mob

    This is my fourth review, they are being rejected and trashed because I am giving it one star and a scathing review, saying my nickname is already taken. You will lose $3.99 if you purchase it. A scam.

  • Good show

    by + Notde4dyet +

    Jolly good show

  • Works great

    by Ctsir72

    Finally, no more popups!

  • Great

    by Buzzbyberk

    Makes life on the Internet better

  • Ad block

    by fanosb

    Seems to work fine.

  • Bueno

    by Skyler6969

    Muy bueno

  • Jus for the upgrade

    by Frstf

    Yeah I'm just doing this for the upgrade. Yeah. Woo. Go Adblock.

  • Nice

    by Doglover23238888

    I haven't done much yet, but it seems to be good.

  • Forget it

    by Waldo2160

    Absolutely, positively does not work!!

  • LIMITED VERSION - Unethical rating

    by Adamshomeinc

    "Give me a '5 star' rating and I'll unlock the pro version" Really? This app is confusing and is still littered with ads to buy his apps. DON'T GIVE A 5 STAR RATING IF IT DOESN'T DESERVE IT!

  • Crap app

    by DuceTM

    This is junk! Does not block anything it constantly sends you to redirect pages. Won't let you watch movies from most sites. Lesson learned but money lost. Very disappointed! Do not buy till they fix it.

  • So far so good

    by Malelis

    So far so good!!!!

  • Great

    by Ladythedogs

    Best ad blocker there is

  • Does what it says

    by camstunes

    Best utility app you will ever need

  • Works

    by Daniel0226

    Does exactly what it says, blocks ads.

  • L

    by Boo Cocky


  • Still Ads

    by SXxO

    Waste of time horrible interface!

  • 的反反复复

    by ffffgghhhh


  • Rating

    by Rpctmc

    Haven't tried yet but rating to take advantage of additional features during trial

  • A great app!

    by Cocosilk

    I would recommend this app to everyone who are annoyed by the popup ads as I am. Browsing online is a breeze thanks to this app.

  • Okay

    by Vichaiyang


  • Ad blocking on iOS

    by grameeto4

    Thank you thank you thank you!

  • Five stars they say

    by a_DougIeB

    The only app that seems to block most of those pesky pop ups.

  • Great

    by Matthews42600


  • So far it works

    by The TRed Man

    Works so far...happy

  • Wow

    by Dgoods22

    Great app. Works as described.

  • Good

    by Tori rune

    It is a useful thing

  • Brilliant

    by LaXaN475

    Works great thank u guys for this app

  • Replaces ads with its own annoying pop ups

    by Mtt44444


  • Joke

    by EeeetMi

    $3.99 for a browser that simply puts white squares over the ads and doesn't remove them, USELESS I downloaded this so I could actually click on the seeds link on theplratebay that's normally covered up by ads. Now it's just covered up by a white square.

  • Good

    by Ayejaee


  • Not that great!

    by Caciquecibuco

    No support and needs a tab function. One that opens links.

  • doesn't work

    by ilovewords

    This app hasn't blocked any ads for me. I am bombarded with pop-ups on some of my favorite sites. It was a real disappointment.

  • Great new app

    by Timmoss75

    Can download videos from almost anywhere,great app keep the updates rolling

  • Best Browsing app


    Finally no more pop-up ads

  • So far so good

    by bhuezo

    I'm liking it so far since it's blocking the annoying ads

  • Love it

    by blisteredavalon

    Great app

  • Enjoy the no ads website

    by Stlouis614

    Plz keep it up!!!

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