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Seller: Adan Vielma

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Fire virtual bullet rounds from your iPhone or iPod Touch just making the motion of pulling back while holding onto your device as if you were pulling a trigger.

Experience the fun way to toy around with your iPhone or iPod. Just load a few bullets and fire away. Great for keeping your hunting skills in place or for warfare practice.


Customer Reviews

  • does nothing

    by Rhodesyde

    This app worked once or twice and now does nothing. There seems to be no way to "unfreeze" it. It just does nothing.

  • Crap

    by Fgfghnm

    One word, crap

  • No way, man!

    by nathaniel.r.towk

    Do NOT buy this app. I can't even imagine what kind of idiot concocted this horrible idea. He must have smoked a bowl of weed before even attempting to put his half-baked, tiny brain into this pathetic waste of technology. I pray to God for forgiveness for even trying this app. I hope you don't make the same mistake.

  • Gay

    by deano bravo

    This f$&@() game is so gay, i can't imagine the idiots who made it. Who the hell likes this game anyway? It just shows how stupid some people can be.

  • Soooooo lame

    by Person12-3479

    It's terrible there is no gun on the screen bad sound fx and the gun only fires like six shots. -15000stars

  • Stupid

    by Zempohilly

    Look all you do is touch the screen then it shoots it doesn't have a target to shoot at or anything it doesn't even show the gun.This is a waist of time it's gay!

  • No

    by Fbhsfjnn

    Game freezes at second screen. Tried waiting for 6 minutes. Restarting phone completely not helping.

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