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Enjoy the thrill of the hunt? The adrenaline. The fresh air. The acrid scent of gunpowder from the smoking barrel of you rifle. If all this appeals to you, then this is the app for you!

Bust out your shotgun and head to the backwoods, where ducks flock, mountain lions roam and, of course, bears reign king. Have endless fun hunting through the woods while in the comfort of your own home as you try to bag the ultimate bounty: a behemoth bear.

Just press the screen to lock and load your weapon, then pull back to shoot. One of several authentic shotgun sounds will play along with a corresponding screen telling you if you scored a direct hit or if your aim needs work. You can literally feel the pull of the gun in your fingertips as you fire away!

So download Arcade Bear Hunter today, and get into the shootout!

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Customer Reviews

  • Awesome game

    by Dominoes Pal

    Good competitive environment. Graphic design provides an extremely user friendly interface. Must have for the gaming enthusiast.

  • Cool

    by Carson's iPod touch

    Awesome game! I think you need to add a wolf in the game and I'll give it 5*!

  • Ok

    by Momoshouse

    Graphics are sounds and all. Not very fun though.

  • It cool

    by JasonChang55

    It fun- so what if u can't aim? Or see anything except missed or hit? It just so pol have Sumthin to do

  • Amazing

    by Hatdagam

    I love tapping the screen and jerking my I pad all around just to see a picture of a rabbit! Jo don't ever get this the person who made it should be ashamed

  • Dumb

    by Redblokc

    Very very very dumb dumb alert

  • This app stinks

    by Alpha werewolf girl

    It's just a bland picture were you jerk it back and it randomly says you caught something. DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I wanted a beat hunting game and its not even a hunting game!!

  • Not at all good

    by Dagerdude

    This game is so crapy it clogged up my

  • Really dumb

    by Bunny Rabbit2378

    Is this the best they got! This game is dumb!!!

  • It's stupid

    by Momomax34

    It's stupid. I give it 0

  • Horrible

    by Jacob Wyatt

    Absolutely worthless

  • Fogged

    by Dyudsthssttscfhas


  • Boring

    by Dallas 10

    This game is crap

  • Nosogreat


    It's when you like bored

  • Really

    by sTUpid gamE. 123

    Ok u pull back yur iPod and it like does ennie meenie mini moe of what yu are gonna hit it's bs no it's bssssssssssssssss. DON'T BUY

  • Wth

    by Jagger53

    This is a disgrace to hunting

  • Bad it is

    by Hunter dude1

    I got a bear on first shot

  • by Makynlee the awesome

    This guy

  • Waste of time!

    by Harley S.

    This is by far one of the dumbest games, should be deleted.

  • This game is crap

    by itkujhggvv

    I wasted a 60 seconds of my life on this crap

  • Don't waste your time

    by Bdame

    Very dumb game

  • Poop

    by Jando 12345

    Piece of 

  • Was kind of addicting

    by Z3AX

    Fun but i never killed a bear?

  • milog lite - Trash

    by Baby doy1245827863474

    Worse game ever

  • 

    by Big bro3x


  • Utter crap

    by Mr. AwesomePants

    I wasted 10 seconds of my life on this crap.   

  • Retarted

    by Hi hello way up

    Game is soooooooooooooooooooo retarded don't get it

  • Idiotic

    by Brock Bell

    It's like nothing I thought it would be like it's so stupid I mean all you do is tap it then shake it I recommend not to play it.who would want to play this. The pictures are lame just like the game anybody that likes this is weird. I would never play this game any more. It may look fun but when you play it you'll hate it I bet as soon as you get the app you'll hate it. So don't get it. But my brother likes it. One last reminder if you get it you are weird.

  • Terrible

    by Big psu fan

    This is a piece of crap!!! Don't get this app!!

  • Awful

    by Sam 10

    Worst app ever tger is no aiming all you do is pull back and what you hit is up to the app

  • Worst app ever

    by Jacobkuskye

    This is the worst app I've ever played . You can't even aim it's just a shot in the dark.I've been trying for 2 days and haven't hit one bear

  • Lame!!!!

    by AaroninWy

    Why'd they even waste the time developing this crap?

  • So realistic!!

    by L0W_KEY

    I really felt as if I were cocking and shooting a shotgun. My imagination didnt even have to work. Also, the sky is brown.

  • This game is fresh poop

    by Fragger reviewer

    If this costed me money I think I woulda sued the maker how bad it was. I mean at least let me see what I'm shooting! It's just "FIRE!" and the So Close you missed or you randomly hit a rabbit!

  • Aweful

    by Clark T93

    This app is awful.

  • IS THIS A JOKE!!!???

    by AchmedPeanut

    i thought it was a joke at first. it would be nice if you could at least aim at the animal you want to shoot.

  • The horrible game

    by Jklin

    This game is horrible you can't even see whare your shoting

  • For Real?

    by go phills

    This is the second stupidest app I've ever. Only because there's probably one that's worse. All you do is tap the screen and jerk off your iPhone.

  • Horrible

    by IowaHawkeyesRule


  • O K????

    by Melanie1999

    This game is iight I mean like come ON!!! I thought it would be WAY better but it actually isn't bad i was just raddaling my IPOD and i heard a bang so I was like OMG I did it but it's B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!!!

  • Stoopid!!!!!!!!!!!

    by 00-26-82-53-87

    This is the worst app Eva!!! It is so dum this is so stoopid all u doo is touch da screen and pull back I am glad it is free

  • Crappy appy

    by Googleplex money

    This is the most stupidest app ever yeah it says u can shoot and see if it's a direct shot bump this app I give it no stars

  • Haha

    by rhs0196

    I love how you can see your target

  • Worst App Ever

    by liv72867825347890430978

    the only interaction is tap to start!

  • Bull crap

    by Peterson the god

    This crap is the crapest crap in crap town!!!

  • Fvvvvn

    by Gsfhygfd


  • Worst EVER

    by Kiddo777

    Ok I've played some really retarted games but this is by far the worst!!!!!!! Please don't waste your time. This is honestly the worst most pointless and boring game I have ever played! It tells u to reload so you touch the screen then it says pull back to fire so you shake the screen then it says good job u killed a rabbit u don't get to aim or walk through the woods or even see the animals! Worst ever!

  • Retarted

    by Jsgauuaaitzohxovhocifrqafi

    This is a gay game (the people who rated it 5 star what have they been smokin?:(

  • Poop!

    by Johnny B Goood

    1 word poop.

  • Dumb

    by Dan the cool

    This is the dumbest game on the face of the earth don't wast your time I would rate it 0

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