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  • Publisher: BahnTech
  • Updated: Apr, 15 2010
  • Version: 1.0
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iPad Only* Presenting the most anticipated iPad application of 2010 << Calculator Plus >>. Calculator Plus is a full featured calculator that also includes a paper tape to provide access to the most recent calculations, a chalkboard scratch pad to take quick notes, a talking function to read the numbers and result, and smart function calculations via 5 hot keys.
It’s a talking calculator with paper tape, scratch-pad, and tip calculator - with six skins all in one!

-Talking Calculator : Reads numbers as typed, and reads result [can be disabled]
-Paper Tape : Displays the last 24 results in Landscape or the last 6 in Portrait]
-Chalkboard Scratch-Pad: This is for using your finger to take quick notes to be used in calculations later
-Full Memory Functions [M+, M-, Memory Recall, and Memory Clear]
-Some advanced Math [Square-Root, Squared, Pie, Multiply, Divide, Plus and Minus]
-Functions in all Orientations : [Portrait, Landscape Left / Right, Upside Down]

Smart Functions:
-Calculate Tip : Enter Meal cost and Tip Percentage
-Calculate Tax : Enter Purchase Amount and Tax Rate
-Calculate BMI [Body Mass Index] : Enter Weight and Height
-Calculate BAC [Blood Alcohol Content] : Enter Number of drinks consumed, Drinking Duration, Weight, and Sex. *Estimates are provided for educational purposes only. Do not drink and drive. Do not use the estimates to make decisions about drinking and driving.

-Six Skins are included so you can customize the calculator to match your personality, tastes, or office decorations.

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Customer Reviews

  • Not 100% ten key

    by Scottvs

    Very nice calculator. Needs the option to set decimal places like a ten key adding machine. But the tape feature is nice.

  • Good calculator

    by iWomakLegalDrinkAge

    I like the built in scratch pad -- innovative. The tape is also handy to see what my last few results were. Not a replacement for a desk, but nice.

  • Calculator plus not working

    by DanLaRu

    Calculator Plus loads and I can see the calculator. When it finishes loading the screen goes dark and I can hardly see the calculator. Wrote the developer 2 times and no reply. I'd rate this app no stars, but it won't accept. Don't waste your money.

  • Not working

    by 15554332

    Every time I try to use this app it says loading. Can not get it to work. Any suggestions?

  • It can't even start, how can it calculate?

    by YOOJ

    I have downloaded, installed, reloaded, installed, deleted and reinstalled this lousy app, and it won't even boot up. Every time I try to use it, it says "loading" and then just quits, sending me back to the home screen. Something clearly wrong with this app, and the developer has had more than ample time to fix it. Don't waste your money, and certainly don't waste your time.

  • Needs work!!!

    by Tauna Hopkins

    How do you change the tip or tax amount? Where is the total and sub-total buttons? It's a cool concept but I think they need to use a 10 Key then re-design. Maybe talk to some bookkeepers and/or accountants.

  • Needs a % button

    by X Vault X

    Needs a percent button. Bought it and then noticed it does not have one. Now I have to buy another calculator app. And the chalk board is useless. Very fuzzy.

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