Barcode Scanner Finance App Review (iOS, $0.99)

  • Category: Finance
  • Publisher: BahnTech
  • Updated: Dec, 15 2009
  • Version: 4.3
  • Size: 1.91 MB

Languages: English

Seller: BahnTech

-Enhanced barcode database
-More Canadian retailers

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Barcode Scanner ~ Always find the lowest price ~ Top rated app!
#1 Barcode Scanner in the App Store 2009/2010/2011/2012

"...I saved $10 on my very first purchase! This app will surely pay for itself many times!"
Yahoo Answers rated Barcode Scanner as one of the best paid iPhone apps.

Scan Barcodes and get product pricing and information from the internet in seconds!

You will find Barcode Scanner useful for two major tasks:
1. Price Shopping: Just scan the product you are thinking of purchasing, and in seconds you get links and pricing from thousands of online retailers.
2. Replacing household or business items and/or consumables: When you run out of a product just scan it and in two or three clicks the least expensive replacement product is in route to you.

Shopping Lists will save you time and money:
Create Multiple Shopping Lists: From the scan screen you can select the shopping list where you want your scanned product saved. Create as many as you would like! You can even email the list or individual products to your friends.

Now with 2 UPC Entry Modes:
1. Full-Auto Scan (just hover the camera in front of the barcode, no push button needed)
2. Manual UPC entry using on-screen keypad. Good for iPad, iPod and small or otherwise un-scannable barcodes.

-Facebook product sharing. If you find a product you want to share with you friends you can upload the description and image directly to Facebook! (you will have to "approve" the photo in Facebook the first time)
-History of scanned barcodes (just like your browsers History)
-Create Shopping Lists (Create an unlimited number of shopping lists to stay organized)
-Email products to friends with all of the product details. You can email single, multiple, or the entire shopping list.
-View "Buy Now" screen for product in-app
-Fully featured integrated Web Browser with all expected browser features including Bookmarks [thus the 17 age rating]
-Supports multiple countries (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Japan)
-Supports specific currencies including (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY)
-On screen keyboard for direct barcode entry (useful if the barcode is too small or damaged)
-Supports iPhone Illumination (for devices with camera illumination, aka Flash)
-On successful scan you can set your device to Vibrate and/or Beep to let you know scan was successful
-Multi-Vendor Searching:
>Google Product Search
>J&R Computer / Photo World
>B&H Photo

Scans: UPC, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN 6, and EAN8 (all commercial barcodes)

UPC 6 12
EAN 8 13

Device Support Notes:
-iPhone 4 : Works perfectly!
-iPod Touch 4th Generation (camera model) : Works ok for standard sized barcodes, smaller barcodes might need to be manually entered. The scan engine for the iPod Touch 4th gen is being improved and will meet or exceed the older barcode scanner ver 2.6 performance within weeks.
-iPhone 3Gs : Works Perfectly!
-iPhone 3G : Works on a limited number of large barcodes with no accessories or almost any barcodes with the optional third party accessory "macro lens case" available from several vendors including Griffin in the ~$20 range and is not included with your app purchase or provided by BahnTech or Apple. You also have the option of manually typing in the UPC code and utilizing the rest of the program features with no accessories or limitations.
-iPod Touch 2nd + 3rd Gen and iPads will have to manually enter barcode numbers because they do not have a camera

YouTube: Go to our web site to watch YouTube Demo!

*Scanning requires a camera on the device. You can manually enter barcodes using the keypad on any device including iPad and iPod Touch

BahnTech Corporation's privacy policy can be found at

Barcode Scannerᵀᴹ is a BahnTech Trademarked Product

Customer Reviews

  • Great app

    by Pos40

    I downloaded it in a store with help from a clerk. I received 40% off purchase. Great app. Thanks

  • Good !

    by Juliannal16

    This app is easy to use and good Price, it save my money !

  • Wow!!

    by Hollabit

    Works EXACTLY how I need it to! The scanner is accurate every time- I wouldn't use anything else!

  • Very great :)

    by Elementalzx14

    You save a lot of money knowing the item you want is somewhere else cheaper, scanning takes awhile though

  • Love it

    by megamanunited

    This app makes it really easy to use barcodes. Good app.

  • Great app !

    by williamkodark

    A good app Works Perfectly on Iphone. It easy to use. and useful for sales deatails and manager products in your stock. i like it because it is good tools for my can sales good in my shop very fast and exactly and avoid lost money for customer. it save time and save money for me. so i can see customer very satisfy about this service.

  • good app

    by Bencollins1981

    It’s a good app, lovely interface and fast scan. I like to use it.

  • Great app

    by mariana.683

    This app can easily save you hundreds of dollars in everyday purchases. All you have to is scan the item you want to buy and you instantly know he cheapest place to buy it.

  • Great

    by 3m0xx5k4t3r

    This app is better than any other scanner of its kind. I love how you can purchase things in app after you scan them and finds you awesome deals on it!

  • Perfect for shopping!

    by philip_tuason

    A perfect app to use when you are out shopping. Check if you are going to get the best price on the market instantly! A real money saver app!

  • good app

    by timermy

    this app is simple way to save my money. this app help me find the good with the lowest price. it's easy to use and refined user interface. thanks a lot

  • Great price tool

    by Dandydwarf

    Good way to make sure you are getting the best price you can!

  • great job

    by callmemayb33

    Easy to find price anything ! best app

  • Great app

    by owen100

    The price checking function is great. Helps me save a lot of money. Loves it.

  • awesome app

    by yomama1064

    amazing setup, works very well. good quality app that does exactly what it was made to do and maybe a little more

  • Excellent

    by RruleZ786

    Superb app for the shopping trips. Great idea only thing missing is manual entry of the code as sometimes some products barcode are not scanned properly.

  • I Love These Apps

    by TreyH.

    Apps like this are so amazing. Turning your iPhone into a scanner is one of the best shopping tools you can have. At the beginning of my freshman year of college I went to Best Buy to buy some wireless television headphones. They cost $120!! I used this app to scan the barcode and saw that online I could buy the same exact headphones for $65! This app saved me over fifty bucks. Well worth the .99 app cost!

  • Sweet!

    by REPingREP

    Cool app! One of my favorite scanner apps

  • Nice

    by Loveandlv

    Works really well. I like this app

  • Cool

    by Tatertot0965

    this is a app that lets you scan barcodes. and see products and prices

  • J

    by Billybobjac

    I had scanned three very common books and this app did not recognize a single one. I know it's only .99 but at least it should work. I want my money back. I would rate it less than 1 star if I could. If it does not work because I do not allow it to ping my location than it is even worse.

  • Waste of $

    by Fun but too much $

    I paid for this app and it will not even stay open. It opens for a couple seconds, then closes itself. My software is all up to date, so there should be no issue. The support link to get help opens a web page that no longer exists! I got ripped off!

  • No longer works

    by Gabe 12233

    This program was great when updates were provided. It's been about a year since the last update and program no longer works. Do not purchase.

  • Used to work but doesn't on 5S

    by Digrazzz

    I recently upgraded to the iPhone 5s with the latest iOS and this app doesn't seem to find anything. Even things it used to pick up. Guys come on. Fix it please.

  • Don’t bother with this one!

    by pwalsh

    It scans but never finds a match, developer no longer connected to any database for prices

  • Does not work

    by nbrack

    every thing I scan comes back NO MATCHES FOUND. $.99 cents down the drain.

  • Waste do not buy

    by IStechboston

    Waste of 0.99 cents. Basic items gave no information at all.

  • Inconsistent Results

    by novos

    I purchased this app to verify the barcodes on some products I manufacture and for product comparisons. Of the ten labels I tested, only two were found by this app, the rest were identified as could not be found. When I tried a different barcode reader app, all 10 were found. I emailed the developer but have not heard back after 5 days.

  • No good

    by P9thon 4rms

    I haven't gotten a successful scan from this app in a long time. It just says, "no results."

  • Useless

    by SuperYogesh

    Looks like a scan scam. I felt ashamed when my friends free version was able to detect a product and this one had no results. Waste of money and data.

  • Barcode scanner

    by BTFoom

    Unable to get it to scan any barcode. Waste of money!!

  • Don't download this

    by Chipnicca

    This app is the worst everything I scan it comes back with no matching results.. The fact they want you to spend money on this app is by far the biggest joke.... I wouldn't have even given if one star but I hit it by accident stay far far away from this app

  • Trouble

    by seabar3

    It's not that great sorry. Can not get up dates to work , needs more work.

  • Junk

    by Doorman2007

    Doesn't work like it says it does. I have tried to scan many different items. 2/10 times it scanned the items the other 8 didn't even scan the item. Don't waste your time or your money on this app. I even tried to contact them about this problem well as the they don't work either.

  • Terrible waste of .99

    by Bunklin

    This was a terrible waste of time. Don't bother!!!!

  • How this compares with other FREE apps

    by CamelJR

    For this review, I am going to do something very simple: scan a few items around me with different apps and see if Barcode Scanner is the best. The first item I scanned was a bottle of FIJI water, and sadly the app could not recognize is. Other free apps were able to give me prices for FIJI water. Next I scanned No Country for Old Men on Blue-ray. Barcode Scanner shows 7 online results from $15.60 and 0 results locally. Another free app shows 21 results from $5.94 and 1 local result. Lastly, I scanned a Pokedex / guide for B&W. Barcode Scanner shows 13 online results from $13.84 and 0 locally. Another free app shows 14 prices from $11.35. Sadly, it looks like this app does not show the cheapest price for any item that I’ve scanned so far. Some nice features of the app are the ability to make a “shopping list” and it also includes a full browser. There is also a surprising amount of options, including various security features. However, there is nothing that stands out enough with this app to justify the 0.99 price

  • Not Great

    by Vishnut28

    Does not show scanned product available in near by stores, shows google results. When you click Web button it opens a empty search engine.Much better free apps available for the same job.

  • Worthless

    by Wildfanoo7

    Just bought it and it doesn't work on my phone!!!! So I deleted it, granted only 99 cents but still

  • Useful

    by Juparkin

    Simple to use and had a lot of the products I scanned listed. Really helps find the cheapest product.

  • Really great and handy

    by Sapan0212

    It comes in handy since I'm a college student who always needs to find books to buy fast. It's really useful and helps me find cheaper than the campus bookstore. This app has saved me quite a bit of money. I really like it especially cause it saves the history of scans and it's really accurate and fast.

  • it's useful for you to comparing the deals

    by ZZJ0504

    It's fast to know the prices of the good you wanna to buy online.By comparing these infomation collected, i can save a ot of time and money.Besides,the results are sort by new,used and local ,it's very convenient.

  • Great

    by jim123aaa

    It's very simple to use. I can get much information from this app. Thanks a lot.

  • Simple and automatic!

    by jorgecool

    This app is very simple. You just open up the app, put the barcode in the screen, hold it for a few seconds and there it is. It can't be simpler and faster than this! The Barcode scanner is so useful while you are at the store because it allows you to see where the product is cheaper. Very accurate as well.

  • Very good

    by ywb_1987

    It's very funny to scan the barcode, I love the app!!

  • Barcode Scanner

    by Miameta

    Works perfect! The Barcode scanner was ready in an instance no setup or fumbling with settings... Easy to scan and compare instantly! Love this app it had made me a smarter shopper $$$

  • Great App!!!!!

    by Kerstinkerosin

    This App is wonderful! It scans automatically, so no pushing buttons required, it gives you the option to save scanned Items to certain categories, it goes online without leaving the app! But most importantly it finds the best price and there for saves me money - love it!

  • Great.

    by aeMir670viLLegas

    Works Great! Nice!

  • Scans what??

    by Zz :)

    I have yet to get this app to recognize and get info from a barcode. I always get "no results found". Really???

  • good app

    by apavecompany

    this app is very suitable for me and my friends because we often go to shopping and it help me save the money when buy goods. thanks

  • Good shopping tool!!!

    by Weaponist45

    Very well written and useful!! Helps out a lot with any shopping needs or savings needs. Whenever I need to find good prices, this app is there to help out!!

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