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Seller: Avatron Software, Inc.

-Slideshow Improvements
-Other Bug Fixes

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The most powerful way to view your documents on the go.

"Wish you could copy that new proposal to your iPhone and review it on the plane? Now you can." — Apple Inc.


"Air Sharing makes using the iPhone as an external drive easy as can be. Any iPhone user who needs to view and move files on the go should download this app." — AppReview
"A dream come true for mobile workers" — Macworld
"The closest to a proper file browser you're going to get on a non-jailbroken iPhone" — Gizmodo
"Most Useful App" — 2008 Best App Ever Awards
"Editor's Choice" — PC Magazine
"App of the Week" — Apple Inc.
"It's so easy to use" — Chicago Tribune
"Our favorite file storage app" — Gizmodo
"A fantastic file storage app" — iPhone Alley
"Editor's Pick. Score: 10/10" — App Craver


Create a wireless hard disk
View documents
Many file formats supported
Email documents
Connect to your computer
Mount remote file servers
Perform advanced file operations
Print documents
Share files with other users


Mount your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless drive on a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer (on the same Wi-Fi network), or connect from any web browser
Drag-drop files between your computer and Air Sharing Pro
Host a powerful web server with WebDAV (just like the iDisk)
No special software required on your computer (except on Windows XP, which requires free NetDrive app)
Security: local passcode, remote access password, optional Public folder

Text editor for plain text documents
Folder popup for jumping back to previously viewed folders
Advanced auto-detection of text-file character encoding, using linguistic analysis
PDF Table of Contents for easy navigation
PDF page thumbnails
PDF Go To Page
High-quality viewing of large images
Slide show
Save images to Photos

iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), subject to iOS compatibility
Web Archive (web pages downloaded by Safari)
HTML web page
PDF (even password-protected and large documents)
Adobe Illustrator (saved as PDF Compatible)
RTF (Rich Text Format) and RTFD (with embedded images)
Plain text (many character encodings)
Source code (most popular programming and scripting languages), with color-coded formatting
Movies, Audio, and Images (standard iPhone formats)

Mac OS X: just turn on Remote Login
Linux: enable SSH
Windows: download free Core FTP desktop app
Mac OS X found automatically via Bonjour

Google Docs
FilesAnywhere (WebAdvanced),, CloudMe, other WebDAV servers
Secure HTTPS connection when available
View documents directly (automatic local cache)

Move, Copy, Paste, Rename, Delete, New Folder
Zip and Unzip (supports password-protected archives)
Print (via Mac OS X 10.5+ or Linux with Printer Sharing)
Email attachments
Save and Get images to and from Photos
Download from URL (copy link from Safari, paste into Air Sharing Pro)

Requires Mac OS X (10.5+) or Linux with Printer Sharing
Prints most viewable formats
No special desktop software required

Auto-detects other users on same Wi-Fi network
Connects to Air Sharing on another device

WebDAV: A Wi-Fi network, and Mac OS X 10.4+, Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Linux, or any web browser
Avatron Print feature: Mac OS X 10.5+ or Linux on network
Computer-to-iPhone connection: requires Wi-Fi network
Connecting to Windows over SFTP: Free desktop software (Core FTP) required


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Customer Reviews

  • Needs an iOs7 update

    by adamwhiteley

    Before ios7 this was my spoof choice to transport files on my iPhone but with AirDrop, AirPrint and other apps (scanner pro, Boxie to name a few)that support local saving and uploading from Dropbox and WebDAV I've not used Airsharing for a while.

  • Great app

    by eKoKnight

    Great app I use it mainly just so I can have a bus schedule on me at all times and this app saves it perfectly. :) now if only there was ios7 update to make it look more elegant. Overall it's a great app. I been using it for ages.

  • details

    by Sjrhil

    files are all icons and hard to navigate.. Needs a detail view , works as descibed.

  • iOS7 Support !!!

    by Shanyar MD

    I was wondering when you will be adding support for iOS7. That is the only missing thing. Otherwise it is great.

  • Great but...

    by Jeff Zacharias

    I really like this app and use it all the time, but they removed the ability to move files on a remote computer, which means I constantly have to copy and then delete files which is a pain. I have sent them several emails over what seems like a year and they always respond that they are working on it. My rating would be higher if they would allow me to move files again. 9/27/2012 - Another update and I still can't move files on a remote computer. 1/29/2012 - Yet another update and we still can't move files on a remote computer. 8/20/2013 - Still can't move files on a remote computer. after a year. Time to find a new app.

  • update broke slideshow

    by MGMM

    Good app but this update broke the slideshow feature.

  • I use this all the time

    by mjbishop

    I do wish the sideshow feature shifted between slides more seamlessly. It could preload the next slide as it was showing the current slide.

  • Great app

    by bburt85

    This is a great app for storing and sharing files. It would be great if there was some way to connect over Bluetooth to devices without air sharing, because I have found myself in places with no wifi wanting to share file and photos but can not.

  • Crashes!

    by Nelzel

    Love this app but for some reason it has been crashing every time I attempt to delete a file! Please fix.

  • Very good

    by Mwána Comète

    I have used this app on my ipad for a few months, and before that on my ipod for a couple of years. It has always been a useful tool to keep my documents with me, both on my computer and my portable device, wherever I might be. What I find especially useful: -- the clear and complete "help" -- the range of actions available for documents -- the speed with which it operates -- the reliability of its functioning What is imperfect: -- the GUI should IMO look more like today's de rigueur file system, with a frozen sidebar menu representing a macro level of the tree, or a place to store oft-used folders. Instead, it uses the somewhat archaic drill-down-ever-deeper approach, which becomes tiresome when one does a lot of moving between folders, or when one creates many levels. -- of the two ways I know to delete files, one causes the program to crash. Ideally one could edit documents within the app, so that you didn't have to store them one place, then open them somewhere else, then save them and transfer them back for storage, upload, printing, etc. I have read that the print function does not work for printers without the airprint functionality, but I have never printed, so I can't say.

  • Makes working w/ your computers' files a breeze!

    by WebSmiths

    Even w/o reading any Help it's a breeze to move files to and from your computers. Opens many kinds of files. Even works with Dropbox, but I haven't figured that out yet.

  • great

    by xu900501 weiphone

    great app

  • Ok

    by zhzzhz

    - No way to move files, you can only copy, then paste, then delete - No way to preview .md files - No way to bookmark remote folder, you need to follow the paths every time Other than that it works ok.

  • Well designed, stable remote app

    by kb8wfh

    I have used several other application that say they do what this app does and none of them had as good an interface, were reliable and stable as this one. Rock solid, never crashed and always accesses a very complex computer network. Easy to use, understand what is going on with available files and where you are and easily connect between multiple computers. Works great with the OS X Server both locally within the network and establishing a remote connection via the Server's VPN and WebDAV capabilities. Highly recommend, well worth the money for this app.

  • Great, but could be fantastic

    by Alex Heizer

    I love being able to copy files to and from a lot of different computers, including my website. Plus, I can have files open in different apps, although it would be nice to have videos have the option to Open In the native iOS Videos app. Also, it would be nice to be able to bookmark remote folders when logged into a machine. That would make it easier to navigate to deep sub folders on commonly accessed machines, like a main desktop. Other than that, I would recommend this app to anyone needing to access remote files on any kind of server.

  • Incredibly useful

    by THFBoston

    This app does so much, I'm not even going to try to list all the things I do with it. It's not a low-priced app, but if you think you need it, the price is worth it. Note to reviewers who think they can't move files--it's in there. You can move files. Check the documentation.

  • Very useful

    by J. Codo

    Very useful

  • Crashes a lot on my iPhone 5

    by Scott Opper

    It's a great app for file and cloud storage management, but I don't think I have ever used an iOS app that crashed so many times. Use GoodReader instead, it dose more and is $5 less.

  • I am not satisfy

    by hawre23

    It realy need more changes please fix multiple crashes when open dropbox.....and add skydrive


    by Tony_AZ

    Great app, works pretty well for a variety of server types. Needs an update from "Google Docs" to "Google Drive" since the service name changed.

  • Crashes on iOS 6

    by iJunk2

    For an expensive app, this one crashes nearly 99% of the time. It's too bad "briefcase" isn't available anymore Update: it crashes on iOS 7.04 too

  • The app doesn't work...

    by Cyimxtck

    How can you say iOs 5.x or greater? Support? There isn't any!!!!!!!! I am a network engineer and cant get it to work so what does that tell you? The app doesn't work! A poor support system, horrible app that cannot connect. Why would i pay for a big bag of problems!?!?!?

  • Crashes on iOS7

    by DracheMitch

    When using the action button on iOS7, the app crashes. So you can get your files onto your iPhone, you just can't do anything with them.

  • Disappointed

    by Scalenefiend

    I wanted an app that could be used like MyComputer in windows. I simply want to see files on my home file server. This app doesn't see anything on my network. Flushed 10 bucks.

  • Bugware

    by GeckoHunter

    The SFTP client fails to stay connected for more than a couple minutes, it won't print to any of the shared printers on our network, and it crashes constantly. One star for the one computer that shows up under bonjour. For $10 I expected a little more.

  • Another tracking App

    by Panto123

    The App is ok/good, but if you want privacy on your content, turn off share usage date, which is on by default and the user is not informed in a clear way, when privacy is of the most importance in our digital times.

  • Misleading Claims on App and Tech Support Issues

    by John Sevic

    I've been a big fan of this app for it's stated potential, which is to seamlessly mount and access file systems remotely from and iPad or iPhone. However, the gap between stated and actual is, indeed, vast. When on a shared network, it works great. However, when attempting to access, say a home computer, remotely, it does not work. Further, and this is the issue I have, their tech support claims this is not a supported capability and they are unable to support it. Their response was to simply use a Cloud Server, which requires file sync. The ability to pipe directly to my MBP was the major reason I bought this app, thereby obviating the need for file sync and cloud drives. One star because it works at home, and I place some value in not getting out of bed to view a file, versus simply walking to my office and viewing the file.

  • Dropbox support seems broken, otherwise exactly what I was looking for.

    by Dark Nexus

    This is an awesome little app, and works as advertised with the exception of Dropbox support. I can link the app to my Dropbox account (confirmed via an email from Dropbox) and view my folders, but upon any attempt to interact with a file stored in Dropbox (whether to view, copy, or otherwise manipulate it) I get the error "The file is no longer available." Apart from that, this is as close to an ideal file manager as I've found on the App Store. Note to VoiceOver users: Air Sharing is accessible with VoiceOver, though you may want to set your file browser view to one of the lists rather than the default icon grid (my personal favorite is large list). It'll make navigating the file list much more straight forward.

  • Used to my favorite app

    by Access_101

    I used to love this app. Now the one thing I used to most is broken... Google Docs... Please fix!!!

  • They broke PDF reading in recent versions

    by OldSK

    When in landscape the viewer shows 2 pages at a time and it is impossible to adjust in settings. This is a major usability issue when reading PDFs on iPhone.

  • Could not live without it!

    by doughoist

    This is the very best app of this type on the market. I use it every day and it is definitely worth the cost of admission . It turn my iPad into a complete and functional work desk. I no longer need to tote around a laptop in addition to my iPad. Thanks and cudos to the developers.

  • Awesome!!

    by Asphalt-man

    Works very well to back up QuickBooks files. Their support is awesome as well. Great app!!

  • Fail!

    by Aaron The Troubadour

    This waste of an app does not have the ability to find files on your iPad to be transferred. I have several .obj files that it simply will not find. Therefore I can't transfer them to my iMac. What is the point of this program? I wish I could get a refund. $10 wasted.

  • Broken since v3.0

    by SevenStarGod

    SSH hasn't worked since v2.9.1 and The App fails to launch when Wifi is already on.

  • The most capable file browser out there.

    by Troyky

    Enough said. It connects to most everything and the developers keep it great.

  • Awesome Page Curl Effect

    by Latin.Heat

    Page Curl Effect looks awesome, especially for presentations. If handed to a client will deffinetly give that professional 'wow' effect! My only suggestion to developers, if possible to maintain the 2 page spread look on landscape page-orientations files, currently spread view only works with portrait-orientation files. The reason this is of importance is because most all PDF booklets, brochure, and other files that are made to be read as 'spreads' come in landscape page sizes. So it would be nice to be able to read all PDF as 2 page spreads, regardless of the page sizes, while maintaing the cool page curl effect. Other than this, the updates all look flawless. Really nice that this app is always getting updates and always improving. Which is why i give this app 5 stars.

  • Universal FTW

    by pdxbrit

    Now that Air Sharing Pro has become Air Sharing Universal I can run the same app on both iPhone & iPad. Great update, always good to get a bonus like this in an update.

  • Love it, but needs features

    by Jason in Florida

    I use it daily and it's great, but it still needs to be able to download from secure sites requiring authorization! I've been waiting so long for this. Also needs to show image thumbnails. Big images take too long to display until you realize it's the wrong one.

  • Best app

    by DonnaQ

    I love this app because I can transfer files to my pc to iPhone very easy.

  • What? Are You Kidding?

    by GerryWeiss

    The latest update says it has disabled file transfer from remote servers due to possible data loss. That's the MOST useful and important feature for me. Without that ability, you can keep what WAS a GREAT app! I will NOT be upgrading until that functionality is restored.

  • Not impressed

    by shaloot

    I wish I researched a bit more first. This is way overpriced for what it does. Why no AFP or SMB support?!?! Why don't you work on adding support for more servers & options instead of silly UI changes? I bought "Cloud Connect" and have been using that instead, as it gives me ONE app (albeit not nearly as pretty as Air Sharing) that can connect to ANY server (FTP, SFTP, *AFP*, *SMB*, ETC), and do VNC all in one shot. Can't believe I fell for purchasing air sharing for this expensive price when other apps do the same or more for less. Add support for at least AFP and SMB, and this is a 5 star app without question!!!!

  • Crashes every time, I want my money back!!

    by DavidMavec

    I am running an iPhone 4S 64 gb iOS 5.1 (read: the fastest and most up to date iPhone). This program crashes every time I load it even after a restart with no other programs open. I can't believe I paid $10 for this!! I want my money back!! Don't buy this app!!!

  • In use since first released in 2009 - now a bit stale

    by kanamit

    Sure, it has good PDF and other niceties of document viewing, but it could be a more well-rounded app and match alternatives in the app store if it included: (1) Thumbnails in the file browser. Especially for images. It gets to be kind of a pain to browse pictures when they're named IMG_2334, IMG_5467, IMG_8765, and so on. (2) Ability to playback ANY video. This includes flv, mkv, mpg, avi, etc, etc. GPlayer offers this, why can't Air Sharing? Saves a lot of time transcoding old videos.

  • Finally

    by WokaWokaWoka

    Much improved over earlier versions! Image browsing is now perfect, even on the 3rd generation iPad. Air Sharing is back in my arsenal again.

  • text now too small for iphone

    by holykrip

    i've used air sharing for storing and reading pdfs on my iPhone for ages. the text has always been small, but i turn the phone sideways and zoom in a bit and then i can scroll down through the document and read it. but with this update, sideways display is now 2-up in a font too tiny to read. maybe it works for an iPad but it's now useless to me on the phone. even if i zoom in on the current page, when i scroll to the next pages it's back to zoomed out. i can't find an option to make the display look like it used to (single page even when phone tipped to 90 degrees, scroll through pages vertically). if someone can tell me how to set it, i'll change this review back to 5 stars. but for now, the update makes this app only good for storage on the iphone, not display.

  • I love the new PDF Viewer!

    by TheRunBMC

    I use Air Sharing for so much more than just PDFs, but this is a very welcome change. Much more stable when viewing PDFs, and I really like the new layout!

  • Works Well

    by Fro'y Jo

    Nice App, does what it suggests but can sometimes be slow. I like it.

  • Does what it says

    by Quod Erat Demonstrandum

    Since iOS does not have a file system, this app is very handy.

  • Their "E" chat makes it 5 star

    by riohondo2

    I'm a novice and the ap didn't work on my windows 7, but I did go to the site and the "chat" feature was amazing: they picked up instantly and spent time walking me through my errors. Now it works fine. But: to delete a document transferred to my ipad, I have to use the "delete" key on my compter. (I found this through Google later on). I now transfer by USB and it's simple.

  • Pay a little more and get more

    by Tfgbc

    Too many bugs. Waste a lot of time waiting for files to move or upload.

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