Air Sharing for iPhone & iPod touch Productivity App Review (iOS, $8.99)


Languages: Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Seller: Avatron Software, Inc.

-Slideshow Improvements
-Other Bug Fixes

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The most powerful way to view your documents on the go.


This app is built for the iPhone and iPod touch (although it will still run in compatibility mode on an iPad). Have an iPad? Check out our new Universal edition, simply called Air Sharing.


"Wish you could copy that new proposal to your iPhone and review it on the plane? Now you can." — Apple Inc.
"Air Sharing makes using the iPhone as an external drive easy as can be. Any iPhone user who needs to view and move files on the go should download this app." — AppReview
"A dream come true for mobile workers" — Macworld
"The closest to a proper file browser you're going to get on a non-jailbroken iPhone" — Gizmodo
"Most Useful App" — 2008 Best App Ever Awards
"Editor's Choice" — PC Magazine
"App of the Week" — Apple Inc.
"It's so easy to use" — Chicago Tribune
"Our favorite file storage app" — Gizmodo
"A fantastic file storage app" — iPhone Alley
"Editor's Pick. Score: 10/10" — App Craver


Create a wireless hard disk
View documents
Many file formats supported
Email documents
Connect to your computer
Mount remote file servers
Perform advanced file operations
Print documents
Share files with other users


Mount your iPhone or iPod touch as a wireless drive on a Mac, Windows, or Linux computer (on the same Wi-Fi network), or connect from any web browser
Drag-drop files between your computer and Air Sharing
Host a powerful web server with WebDAV (just like the iDisk)
No special software required on your computer (except on Windows XP, which requires free NetDrive app)
Security: local passcode, remote access password, optional Public folder

Text editor for plain text documents
Folder popup for jumping back to previously viewed folders
Advanced auto-detection of text-file character encoding, using linguistic analysis
PDF Table of Contents for easy navigation
PDF page thumbnails
PDF Go To Page
High-quality viewing of large images
Slide show
Save images to Photos

iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)
Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), subject to iPhone compatibility
Web Archive (web pages downloaded by Safari)
HTML web page
PDF (even password-protected and large documents)
Adobe Illustrator (saved as PDF Compatible)
RTF (Rich Text Format) and RTFD (with embedded images)
Plain text (many character encodings)
Source code (most popular programming and scripting languages), with color-coded formatting
Movies, Audio, and Images (standard iPhone formats)

Mac OS X: just turn on Remote Login
Linux: enable SSH
Windows: download free Core FTP desktop app
Mac OS X found automatically via Bonjour

Google Docs
FilesAnywhere (WebAdvanced),, CloudMe, other WebDAV servers
Secure HTTPS connection when available
View documents directly (automatic local cache)

Move, Copy, Paste, Rename, Delete, New Folder
Zip and Unzip (supports password-protected archives)
Print (via Mac OS X 10.5+ or Linux with Printer Sharing)
Email attachments
Save and Get images to and from Photos
Download from URL (copy link from Safari, paste into Air Sharing)

Requires Mac OS X (10.5+) or Linux with Printer Sharing
Prints most viewable formats
No special desktop software required

Auto-detects other users on same Wi-Fi network
Connects to Air Sharing on another device

WebDAV: A Wi-Fi network, and Mac OS X 10.4+, Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Linux, or any web browser
Avatron Print feature: Mac OS X 10.5+ or Linux on network
Connecting to Windows over SFTP: Free desktop software (Core FTP) required


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Customer Reviews

  • Invaluable Tool

    by makemusicmike

    I'm an audio engineer and I use this app to copy work-in-progress mp3's on to my phone for listening in the car. iTunes takes too long to sync individual files, and is nearly impossible to organize. This app lets me copy the files from my computer instantly and organize them the way I want. Then the MP3 player that is built in to the app works really well, very simple. The interface takes some configuration time and getting used to, and has a few bugs, but once I worked around that, it has worked flawlessly. Highly recommended for this purpose!

  • Slick App

    by Abbleseth

    Air Sharing is still the best doc manager in the App Store. Love the support for so many cloud services.

  • STILL my favorite Air-Sharing APP

    by LosAngeles90631

    I use it on both my iPhone AND iPad (although its an iPhone app with graphics only for the iPhone). It's greatest feature - something that few apps have - is the ability to attach MULTIPLE files to one email! Just click all the files you want attached and it's done!!!!

  • Good PDF reader (Manuals)

    by theconsltant

    I use this to carry my service manuals for printers, computers, and copiers.

  • Lost Features

    by Alan Wolf

    I just upgraded to v3.4.2 and there appears to be some features that no longer work as in the previous version. After doing a search, you are still presented with the results, one or multiple, but touching the item no longer takes you to the page. You must press the CANCEL button. In addition the searched for string is no longer highlighted in yellow as before. Please fix these issues to get the additional two stars. Thanks

  • Useful!

    by m@-chew

    I use this app almost every day, and it works great. I'm glad I picked it up.

  • Great except for one small issue

    by Sefget

    Works perfectly for everything you could need it for, except some of the files I put on it are not viewable in slideshow mode

  • Need one app? This is it.

    by Wifehatessports

    The app does everything I need. I am a professional and carry all of my files and forms on my phone. All of them - 25 years worth. Too many uses to list here. Get this app.

  • Great App! I've used it since it was released

    by MarsNet

    I've been using this for the last 4-5years. Really terrific in many ways. Well designed and implemented. Does not require extra application on computer to use, just connect to server-done. Handles all kinds of formats. Great way to carry essential files on the go. Also great for doing small, but critical backups of important stuff. Love this app. Also, the file system is totally awesome-just like what we had back in the day.

  • Needs ipad support

    by Mayornoodles

    One of my favorite apps for years... Love it❤❤

  • I've owned and used it a long time!

    by steveline60

    This app is unique and HIGHLY useful for me. It is written/programed wonderfully precise. The features and improvements are always superb!

  • Locator

    by FJDACO

    Excellent app that does what it is suppose to & well

  • Printing

    by mreese1532

    This is the only app that I know of that allows wireless printing from an iPad or iPhone

  • Awesome

    by Mosart Sebben

    It works perfectly! Turns iPhone into a wifi drive. Very useful tool.

  • Great for files on the go

    by frenchstudent

    Air sharing pretty much acts as a file system/portable drive for your iPhone. Use it to easily transfer and store files received in email or for files I want on the go from my pc. Great app!

  • A supremely excellent file folder system

    by Canthor

    With mechanisms to view just about any file, I've found it to be indispensable.

  • Needs better password protecton

    by mleiii

    I would rate this 4 stars if i could use a passphrase instead of a 4 digit pin. 5 stars if it could open a password protected excel file

  • Great but needs Windows-SMB access!

    by AWolfe_II

    I really like this app but I have a number of Windows shares on servers I'd love to use this with. I can't install the FTP server on these machines. I have to use an alternative app. Also, I'd love for this to be able to access my iPhone Camera Roll… please?

  • Great app

    by Dwxxx

    Great tool, since apple has left us without.

  • Simply Great

    by kmrynders

    Always works and even exceeds my expectations.

  • Great

    by Rosey96

    An innovative way to view files

  • Very useful

    by J. Codo

    Very useful!

  • Air Sharing - best app of all

    by hp71user

    I use Air Sharing to store all 400 documents I keep on my iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Whatever they charged for this, I'd pay ten times more now knowing how good it is. I have many PDFs, DOCs, TXTs and other files, and I manage the document names (i.e. filenames) with Air Sharing so I can find what I need, and back the documents up to my main computer.

  • Aspect ratio support

    by jr32mn5

    Overall I am very happy with this app. It was the first app I found to fulfill a very specific role: File sharing and storage on my phone. I have had issues sometimes on wireless file copying, but at least it is very reliable with a USB cable. One issue that I think needs to be addressed is better support for the aspect ratio of the iPhone 5. If I am the lock screen and I rotate the keyboard, half the numbers become obscured by rolling off the screen and I can't enter my combination. I am hopeful that this issue gets fixed in a future release.

  • Step Your Map Game Up Apple

    by SuperTurd

    Awesome update and the turn by turn navi is seamless . Apple Needs to step their map game up.

  • Good App but iPhone Customer Shouldn't have to pay again for iPad Version

    by Best Review

    My experience with this application has been pretty positive but asking Customers to pay twice shows a lack of good business sense so just today purchased another app to replace this app

  • Slow and unreliable

    by TimToon

    This app is slow, takes an inordinately long time to copy (if it connects at all), sometimes giving up partway through something as small as 3K, and shows up on my network only rarely. It's so slow and unreliable I eventually gave up and stopped using it.

  • Badly in Need of Fix

    by Executive Producer

    I've even using Airsharing for a couple of generations under iOS 4 & 5 to share files between my iPhone and iPad. It crashes constantly. Every attempt I make to use the app, it crashes after transferrin one or two files and I have to cold reboot both devices and start all over. For critical transfers I can usually get it to work after repeated attempts but as a former QA Specialist, software should never perform this poorly. I'be done cold reboots, removed and reinstalled the software and made sure I am running the current versions and the results are the same. The concept is great I just hope they can fix it so that it works properly.

  • Love it

    by Auvoirchaud

    This is a must have. Works great

  • One star:(

    by gary551

    Have never been able to get this to work. Can't recommend it.

  • Simply A Must Have App

    by Osglith

    I have had this app since the day it was released. It is a "must have", and I couldn't imagine my iPhone without it. This is the only 5 star rating I have given.

  • Really does extend functionality of the iPhone

    by entropicllama

    Glad I knew about Air Sharing early. One truly vital app; thanks.

  • One of the rare apps that really extends the functionality of the iPhone

    by Columbia prof

    Great app!


    by JediAD

    Use this app since day one of release. Latest iPhone 5 compatible and is working great... Recommend as must have and belongs on home screen...

  • Upgrade to Universal?

    by Piranita2000

    It's is one of the first apps I got, now I see there is a universal app. Why should I have to pay again? There should be an upgrade option, either free or minimal, but not the full price again. Doesn't seem fair.

  • Awesome App

    by DantePDX

    Thanks for continuing to update the app, this is one of the best apps on the app store

  • Excellent

    by Sir glidus

    This is a very well-made app that allows browsing of documents and sync. I myself got it years ago when it was free and have used it many times. Never had any problems. Keep up the good work!

  • Great app for music producers

    by djGUERRILLA

    I have used this app for quite a while at this point, and though some updates introduce issues that weren't there before, overall its stable enough and does what i need from it. I basically use the app to be able to quickly drag mp3 demos of songs on my phone to test in the car and just have on me without the need to go through a full on iTunes sync to get 1 mp3 on my phone. Good stuff dudes - g

  • Removed iDisk support.

    by CaliEMT

    Removed iDisk support.

  • Essential!

    by Funky Chunky Munkey

    Got this app when it was free three years ago and it always has a place on my home screen. It's totally essential for anyone in school or, in my case, doesn't wanna carry around binders full of poetry to open mics. Again, TOTALLY ESSENTIAL AND WORTH WHATEVER THE ASKING PRICE IS. And, yeah, I know I got it for free, but I'm just saying.

  • Good app

    by Igud

    Good app for sharing documents.

  • Most useful app on my device

    by cah329a

    I've been an enthusiastic user of this app for several years. It does exactly what it says it does and it continues to get better with every update.

  • Air Sharing is Great

    by twizard2010

    I use this app to take documents pdf's & photos with me to work & share with family & friends and transfer to and from the computer. It always works and has easy to understand instructions.

  • Great way to access FTP Servers

    by adrian boioglu

    I often need to access FTP Servers to move or view files. This app has got a place on my home screen. I find it very useful for that purpose and the easiest way to work with FTP.

  • I'm a pc user no problems.

    by Chinky Chang

    I have bin using this app from day 1 and it have become more powerful every update. Great for carrying files and ebooks. I will buy the paid version I think it worth the cash.

  • Just what I wanted

    by jdshaffer

    Nifty little program. Easy to use and easy to connect to (I'm on a Mac). Perfect for carrying the occasional file to and from my office.

  • Needs skydrive and iCloud support.

    by THE Æ

    Edit: needs iCloud and skydrive support. There seems to be a lot of bashers for this app, but I never have a problem with it. I have a Mac and that may be the reason. I have a feeling that PC and this app don't go well together. But I don't have a PC so I can't say. The one feature I would looooove for this app is the ability to play videos that were placed on it. I love the music player on here, and a video player would be SWEET.

  • Piece of junk

    by Surdee

    Can't scroll when zoomed in. No page numbers.

  • Outstanding!!!

    by Bullumhead

    This is without a doubt the most useful app I have ever purchased from the App's a must have!

  • Superb for file sharing and security.

    by walkerTheGypsy

    This was the 2nd app I ever bought. At the time it was just so I could use my iPhone as a wireless drive for sharing. Back then it served its purpose just fine. Lately I booted it up to find some wonderful enhancements including password lock, bonjour support and a very professional, clean interface. It is well worth the money.

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