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Bring engineering to the point of the problem with Autodesk® ForceEffect™, a mobile engineering app for simulating design concepts in the field or in the office. Unlike the traditional approach of using paper, pencil, and a calculator to develop equations for design options, Autodesk ForceEffect does all the simulation and engineering calculations for you right on your mobile device, enabling you to quickly and easily simulate design options during the concept phase to determine the viability of a design.

• Fast—Real-time solving capabilities and immediate feedback on the simulation performance. Print, email, or view a results report on any HTML-enabled browser or mobile device.
• Easy—Intuitive interaction for drawing, constraining, and simulating concepts. Simply tap objects to select, and then move, rotate, and scale.
• Complete—Solutions for statically determinate and over-constrained or indeterminate problems.
• Integrated—Easy workflow continuation into CAD with industry-standard export capabilities via DXF™ files and email for file sharing.

The Autodesk ForceEffect engineering app is perfect for static systems analysis using free body diagrams:
• Freehand sketching of elements and construction lines with snaps, constraints, and inferencing
• Object dimensioning, global scaling, units, constraints
• Import image as background, simple manipulation
• Create joints (welded, pinned)
• Break element at joints
• Create supports (fixed, grounded, sliding)
• Create loads (known, unknown, variable distributed) and moments
• Add weight to individual elements
• Compute reaction forces and moments for equilibrium and over-constrained systems
• Toggle forces to show force vector components
• Results reporting with picture, results, all equations
• Save and load files from Autodesk Cloud
• In app tutorials

Customer Reviews

  • Incridible

    by Kingtangerine

    As a civil engineer student , this app helped me a lot. Thanks autodesk

  • quick and COOL!

    by powderday

    I haven't used this much yet but it looks very quick to draw FBD's, add loads and the program does all the calculating for you. I plan to use this for my structural analysis class. A must have.

  • YOLO

    by Notarealstudent


  • Quick analytical software

    by LaZyBrOwNz625

    This app allows for quick analysis of a structure. It's great for engineering students, and extremely easy to learn. The system is streamlined and the user interface is easy to understand. It can compute quickly, produce accurate calculations, and graph for bending moment and shear force.

  • Force Effect makes analyzing what ifs a snap

    by Jackie279

    I started using Force Effect for a statics class as we progressed through more complex material. I have been using it to analyze different designs and perform what ifs for design modifications. It has made my work much more efficient.

  • Muy útil, excelente.

    by Jhon Valencia

    Buena aplicación, útil para resolver problemas de armaduras de Estática, intuitiva y genial.

  • Overall good, needs details

    by AdamLein

    App is very powerful. However, sharing, and sharing reports in particular, is lacking. Also dragging points to rotate a structure performs very poorly, jumping through large angles and prohibiting fine control.

  • Engineer


    Very handy- highly recommend this

  • Excelente

    by Ginostf

    Excelente produto,muito útil!

  • Great App

    by Ienjoyvideogames80

    This is a great and useful app. that I use as a CE/ME student at Pitt (main). Definitely recommend it. Thanks.

  • Great Program

    by SK_ME

    This is one of the greatest apps I have ever found. Perfect for performing simple statics problems.

  • Force Effect

    by Janniesue

    Good product: prevents subtle errors (over constrained, unit errors, math errors), graphical report is good, works well with photos/sketching. Difficult to build symmetric structures, a mirror function and orthogonal construction tool would both be helpful.

  • Very helpful

    by lajarami

    Application worked perfect with my projects... Love it! CE student at Rutgers University, NJ

  • Great app

    by H@lo pl@ya

    I'm not an engineer yet but this is a great starting point to mess around with to figure out how things work. Plus I can really see how this would help once you are an engineer. Not a fan of the crashing though, but it doesn't happen often.

  • Great tool of statics principle

    by Teomaxmax

    Understanding and implementing the knowledge of mechanics of materials couldn't be easier with this software. It's first necessary to use the principles of statics to determine the forces acting on members. It's edifying!

  • Show

    by Falumes

    Very Nice , its willy work


    by Brendan Page

    A must have for civil engineering students!

  • Good

    by Jordan Hoffmann


  • FroceEffect

    by EvolMech

    A great teaser for their money making programs. Would be much better if you could duplicate your basic designs and save several versions with different loads or geometries for comparison.

  • Great supplement

    by Willy B Jansen

    This tool is great for any one looking to understand force interactions over simple and some some complex systems. I use it regularly to supplement structural analysis problems. Very simple and easy to use use. The report tool is amazing. It shows shear/moment diagrams for every member and accurately determines internal forces. If you are an engineering student, you must get this app! It does have minor problems involving memory warnings,even when plenty of memory is available, but they are sporadic and hardly noticeable. It also fails to readily show reactions as components in the x,y coordinates, which proves troublesome. Large complex systems can cause crashes, so be careful of that also. Overall a great and very useful/helpful app!

  • amazing

    by mart122436

    easy to use and very powerful for such a small device, great job!

  • I can't believe it's free!

    by Samsao2015

    I have been really happy with this app and I've not been disappointed by any locked feature that I wanted to use.

  • Great tool

    by Arrrgh137377474

    Great ap, really forward thinking, it's a great tool for getting a rough order magnitude before going in with heavier software. When I looked at the reports, had flashbacks to mechanics of solids/structural analysis. If this is what smaller front end software can bring us, bring more!

  • Ipad Statics app great

    by Tlf4027

    Great app for mechanical or civil engineering student! This could be a good way to check your statics problems in homework or work.

  • Awesome product

    by jsmasini

    Autodesk has done it again! Love the stuff you keep coming up with. Please keep it up

  • Great App

    by Neljoshua

    Autodesk has done a great job. I teach Statics & this is a great tool. The reports are also superb. I would like to see an easier way to record angles on members.

  • Very useful

    by Pols624

    Great tool for quick checks. You will have to get use to the sensitivity. Be patient.

  • Amazing

    by Instructor G

    Great app! Use it to help teach Strengths of Material class. Finds Max Moment very quickly. Accuracy is right on vs all of my hand calculations. I see many, many uses for this app!

  • Buggy

    by Rbs75

    Very buggy, poorly implemented user interface, almost unusable

  • Tip of the iceberg!

    by Ubviswa

    This app as I see is just the beginning of a revolution. First time an structural engineering app is designed human-centric. When I showed it to few colleagues, got negative response that they were smarter and did not need such an app for daily tasks. Whatever this app can do simplistically, they could pull it out of their mental acumen. Anything that involved multiple load cases or redundant structures, they will use more reliable and time tested software. Or setup a excel spreadsheet or mathcad if the calculation is repetitive. I love the app for its ability of the app to generate the reactions instantly, generate a formal but consist report that can be tagged along with other calculations. My argument is if it takes 10 minutes to solve something manually or 20 minutes to properly input and solve in other major software, this app can be used to solve it in about a minute. I have been using it since i discovered it and has saved the hassle of both setting up simple models, or spreadsheets and or cleanup a auto-generated exhaustive reports. I maintain software agnostic mindset, but this app is great for me. This is from Autodesk, do we need to question their reliability?

  • Amazing

    by billyjo182


  • good

    by 好傻;67


  • how is this free?!?!?!?!?

    by unTick

    This is the most exciting engineering app I've seen! I've just started to play with it so I've yet to really push the limits but from what I've seen so far the UI is very intuitive. I love how you can model ontop of a picture. Things it is missing that would be aswesome to add. -cable / tension or compression only members -springs -deflections, including being able to apply your own forced deflection. -and 3D of course. Space frames FTW! In any rate you have a winner on your hands autodesk.

  • Fantastic.

    by AKZeekry

    Works great for simple stuff. I bet it could get pretty complex if you mess around with it!

  • Great program for checking calls on

    by Tyrolios

    Great program for management checks on design outputs

  • Great app

    by Persian 123

    Very handy app for checking

  • Great app, I mean Tool

    by Discdawg

    Great job Autodesk. Keep up the good work. Very useful for nailing down some quick concepts.

  • As an Engineer...

    by Memymu

    I love this app. Whether I'm double checking a hand-written calculation or just "doodling" while waiting for a flight, this app is fantastic. A must-have for engineers and engineering students.

  • Review

    by LSarry

    I like this but want to be able to input E and I.

  • Best app on the iphone

    by bpiermat

    I have been waiting 20 years for this technology! Welcome to the future. Suggestion: 1. Add kips (1000lbs) for units (or custom units) 2. It's sometimes hard to pinch zoom. 3. Add moment and shear diagrams!! Under results 4. Add tension/compression only springs Thanks!

  • Fine for statics, but grossly inaccurate for indeterminate structures

    by Gaming1

    This is a good little program for solving statically determinate structures, but as a project manager at a medium sized structural engineering firm I can tell you that any program that claims to solve indeterminate structures without allowing the user to input E, A, and I is making a gross assumption that all three values are the same for all members in the structure. This assumption is probably fine for something like a bike frame (as one of their examples), but don't expect the results to be remotely accurate if your member sizes vary and you are indeterminate! How to improve this rating to 5 stars: Add the ability to input E, A, and I - Results will still be slightly off, but they will be much closer to reality than they are in the current program.

  • Good app

    by N2av8n

    It takes a little getting used to, but when you get a handle on things it really works well.

  • Awesome for free

    by Dan the man10E9

    Great app at an unbeatable price :)

  • Excellent for Simple Applications

    by CDMoomaw

    This app does what it claims and does it very well. It is limited by the lack of power in iOS devices.

  • Nice app!

    by Drumminone

    Harnessing the limited processing power of the iPad to perform simple calculations on the fly makes this app worthwhile.

  • A good start

    by GS engineer

    This tries to be a nice structural engineering app. It does well for small trusses, but it lacks the power to resolve common structures with high inderterminations. It still needs the ability to add properties to the elements (area, E, I, automatic selfweight), and be able to resolve moment frames using a stiffness method approach, this way it will become a more general app.


    by felipe1_15

    The best app for structural static analysis. It is really increible!!!

  • ForceEffect

    by Nonqwsza

    Wonderful tool for teaching and manipulating simple statics

  • Great for statics

    by Eacofer

    Great app for non-calculus based statics or what if measurements.

  • Muy Buena

    by Antonio Camacho

    Buena aplicación; entiendo que sus creadores pueden mejorarla, el entorno gráfico brinda mucha facilidad para su uso y comprensión, felicitaciones a sus creadores.

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