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Seller: AT&T Services, Inc.

Now supporting iOS 7
• Even more updates to reported spots- Get notified sooner about enhancements and site build outs to address your problem spots
• Enhanced Push Notifications – Please sign up for Push Notifications at startup or find how to in the help (i) section
• Auto Caching- Bad network connection? Mark the Spot will cache the submission. Please restart the application in Wi-Fi or with good network connection to auto submit your incident report.
• Enhanced surveys and feedback – Get invited to new surveys and feedback

AT&T strives to provide you the best experience. Your feedback and submissions through this application help us address areas most important to you.

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AT&T Mark the Spot is an application that allows AT&T to collect information on its customers network experiences and the performance of their devices and provide updates on enhancements to the AT&T network, addressing users Mark the Spot submissions


- Simplicity of operation
- Submit a report of call, data, or SMS problems
- Push notification support - Receive updates on network enhancements from AT&T for issues that customer has submitted (when these news items become available)
- Submit a real time report capturing local GPS coordinates at time and place of event, or
- Submit a report after the fact when a customer is not at the place where the event occurred
- Submit optional additional comments about an event
- View nearby and user searchable AT&T Wi-Fi locations, including driving directions
- Sign up to receive news on upcoming and completed network updates related to submitted Mark the Spot reports (when these news items become available)

AT&T is committed to providing its customers with the best network experience possible.

To view the End User License Agreement for AT&T Mark the Spot click here:

Customer Reviews

  • :)))))

    by MClovinmyiPhone

    It took a year or two of reporting, but considering I live in the country, we finally got better coverage!! Now if only it was LTE instead of 4G:) at my house atleast!

  • It worked

    by Team Rosenthal

    2 days ago I put in a problem, the next day it was fixed! Thanks AT&T!

  • Worthless

    by shareef777

    I've reported the same spot everyday for over two years and it's never been covered. This is at Union Station in Chicago, a major transportation hub in one of the biggest cities in the country. Pathetic! On top of that I now get a prompt that they're aware of the issue. Problem is that they've been 'aware' for months now. And I also keep getting SMS alerts letting me know of my submission with no method of disabling the SMS messages. The latest 5.0 update is the slowest one yet. They only seem to get worse and worse. I'd be at about negative seven stars by now!

  • Huh?

    by Mays

    Quite possibly the worst app I've ever installed. How did this pass QC at AT&T and why the bleep did Apple allow this app to get into the App Store. When I launch the app, I literally can't do anything. No response in the UI. I have an iPhone 5S so I would assume my phone has the horsepower to use a simple "where are you" app. The app is about as useful as my cell phone coverage which is quite ironic. And incredibly unfunny. It's almost like AT&T doesn't really care about customers or customer service and wants us all to jump to a competitor... Ok...


    by Sevak

    THIS APP NEEDS A FIX...RIGHT NOW ITS JUST LIKE GARBAGE !!! Horrible on att part!!! How can you report problems when your app for reporting problems has problems!!!

  • Beyond awful...

    by TheAppCollectorDotCom

    Blocks main thread waiting for network connection. No network connection makes it *extremely* painful to mark a spot. See the issue with that? Beginning to think this is just a shill like the AT&T employee review says it is.

  • Slow, pending reports won't transfer

    by Ben Englund

    I've killed the app and relaunched when I've gotten home to no avail. I've reported bad areas numerous times this and last year, and when I talked to customer support they full admitted having junk for coverage in the spot where I reported. Here's a thought, AT&T, why don't you FIX THE AREA if you already know it! The app is super slow, super buggy, and will freeze and be non responsive for upwards of a minute or two, then make you run speed tests for no coverage. Uh if I have zero bars, pretty sure a speed test is worthless.

  • No improvements


    Many reports submitted, absolutely nothing has changed. Service seems worse. App hasn't work for about 3 days.

  • No improvements


    Many reports submitted, absolutely nothing has changed. Service seems worse. App hasn't work for about 3 days.

  • Does nothing

    by Brownings

    App loads, but none of the buttons will do anything. It's like it's just a picture.

  • Freezes on Launch

    by mp3 Andrew

    The app seems to depend on having a data connection to start up. It is frequently completely unresponsive when launched, usually when there is little to no cell signal, which is self-defeating given the app's intended purpose. Considering how often I have to use it, this is pretty much on par for AT&T. I didn't think anything could be worse than their network, but they've truly outdone themselves with this garbage app.

  • Slow and buggy new release

    by Delayed Flight Guy

    Update: I have downgraded my review from 2 stars to 1 star because no bugs have been fixed since the last "update". App performance is terrible on the "4G" network(app freezes constantly), but runs fine on wifi. Also the News feeds error out a lot. When I am on the "4G" network, all the buttons at the bottom lag and freeze, the refresh button didn't refresh the Network News,but when I connected to wifi, it came up just fine. 4-1/2 bars of "4G" service here. It locked up when I clicked the Feedback button to file a bug report, so they get a 2-star review on the App Store. App looks nice, but doesn't work.

  • Not too reliable

    by xg499

    This app is great in the sense that att wants to help it's customers. But this app is very buggy does not load and needs work.

  • Why?

    by MDeter67

    This app was working fine but then it stopped working now I can't send problems cause there's another problem

  • New update doesn't work

    by podisc

    I am trying to send feedback on the app but it freezes on feedback even with an excellent connection. The app freezes all the time. Have to delete it and redownload constantly. You can't select an option half the time since the last update. Pls have someone email me

  • Worthless

    by Ga Golfer

    Don't waste your time. Freezes since update

  • Worthless

    by frjohnf

    It used to work, pre ios7 that is, now nothing but crashes. I'd give zero stars if I could

  • Useless

    by LLBIV

    Aside from the ugly interface. It is clunky, freezes, has issues submitting info. Terrible, just like AT&T

  • Touch screen stops

    by Mtimmons

    ANY devices touch screen stops working when this app is open.

  • Doesn't work well

    by Scott Vahldick

    Tried 3 time to report issues, they still show as red pin on map and don't submit. Graphics are out of date. Takes minutes to switch between screens when tapping buttons or bars.

  • Busted app

    by Justacajun90

    Your app is going haywire!!! I'm getting notifications LITERALLY every 5 seconds.

  • Notification storm from the server side... Avoid this app!

    by RobbyTheRobot

    I've used this app for years. I've seen and gotten notifications on fixes and new towers over the years so I believe it works (but I'm in TX where it's easier to build new towers)... Tonight I got caught in a notification storm. 20 notifications a minute.... I called customer care and they have a support article on how to fix the issue by disassociating you from the server and then re-associating you. This told me they are aware of the bug and a remedy was not happening any time soon. Do yourself a favor ... Skip this version.

  • Not worth it

    by lahbiki

    Garbage app,with what we pay ,we shouldn't have to report anything ,we deserve better service ,deleting this app ,sucks

  • AT&T just added all of us as employees

    by Reader1701

    Many update later.. 1.) It would be nice if cell tower locations where added to the map when reporting issues (if nothing more than to see your closest tower). Sadly, I too have never seen an improvement in coverage. Update on version 3.0. Better, but would like the ability to view cell tower location when reporting and issue if only to help identify areas of problems that could be useful in notes. Updated request to AT&T, it would be nice if the map could show you tower locations so you could use that in your feedback or if your having trouble with a specific tower. Finally, a way to actually report issues. I could never figure out how to tell AT&T my inbuilding coverage was poor, but can walk outside and it's great. I wish the option for "weak signal" was an option besides "no coverage." It would also be nice if you could actually see the location of the ATT cell towers (to help just figure out what might be causing the issue--building, etc). The only bug I have found as that "current location" seems not to actually be correct. I always have to drag to find and mark. Current location always works via map (iphone version), so it must be in the way mark the spot figures out where you are.

  • App don't work properly

    by Gone geek

    Tried pushing different buttons and nothing seems to work. Also when it does, my report does nothing except pisses me off more knowing nothing have been done.

  • New version is crap.

    by Malcolmmw

    Forget about submitting a report for a bad data connection. The app does not respond.

  • Missed the boat

    by seahull

    If I am having problems with ATTs network, I want to report it and get out quickly. But the UI keeps popping up modal dialog boxes (do you want to find out how to get updates?). WRONG! ATT does not realize that this is a screwed up strategy as going to any of their news or other links requires that their network function. And I am in there because it doesn't. So they never work.

  • This upgrade won't stay open on my phone



  • Become useless

    by Mdsbrain

    Since the latest version once launched I can't select anything. A good app went to crap.

  • Placebo -- still ... and massively frustrating to use

    by RobMalone

    Update: how many months later and a) no improvement noticeable from reports submitted and b) the app is insanely frustrating to use...virtually always when you open the app there's a 15-30 second delay before the app will respond to any input, appears frozen. Then when you try to submit it also freezes -- then gives you a 'warning' that you've submitted 20 reports in the last hour when (as far as I can tell) I haven't successfully submitted one!!! ----- No evidence using this ap has ANY bearing on AT&T's service. They are apparently content to frustrate their iPhone customers and drive them to Verizon.

  • Doesn't run correctly

    by gotnospice

    If there isn't a data connection it doesn't respond to any touch screen activity...and that's the only time you use the app...soooo

  • Horrible!!!!

    by Sriscoe

    The app is "supposed" to be used to report problems with data and connectivity. How are you supposed to do that if the app constantly freezes and crashes?????!!!???? My family has reported numerous issues and yet have seen NO improvement. I used to think so highly of AT&T, not anymore, especially when the customer service rep says "go ahead, switch to Verizon, do what you have to do" lol, really??!

  • Worthless

    by StickamGillan

    All AT&T does is throttle throttle throttle. They have you a week of GREAG service. Then slow data and say you deserve it for using data- that you pay hundreds of dollars for. If I'm paying for something, I have a right to use it. God. THE NEW UPDATE OF THE APP IS UGLY AND DOES NOT FUNCTION.

  • Please Fix

    by kalenanani

    This used to be a fairly good App but since your last fix it's CRAP! It's extremely slow, crashes, takes a long time to open. PLEASE FIX.

  • Frustrating

    by David Willmore

    While it's nice that such an app exists, it's frustrating to submit reports for years and see no progress made. It's laughable to say that the app is "updated for iOS 7" as it's just as ugly as it was before. I had to turn off notifications because I was almost constantly getting worthless, often erroneous, notifications about "network improvements."

  • Completely worthless.

    by Ihtatt

    Don't waste your time. Report all the problems you want, nobody is listening. Zero stars if I could.

  • Pretty Bad

    by thisnamehasbeentaken34

    Pending submissions will never send. This among other things has left a lot to be desired. I could care less about how it looks visually just as long as it works the way it's supposed to work.

  • The app is bad and they should feel bad

    by agaudio

    I like the concept, I'll give AT&T credit for that. The execution on the other hand... it's slow, tends to crash, and it's regularly unresponsive so it's hard to tell if it's doing anything or locked up.

  • Stinks

    by GlockLover1792

    After recent update the app will no longer let you submit a trouble spot. As soon as you click submit the app fails and just marks the spot with a red pin and tells you, your info will be sent when you have a internet connection. It's crap just like AT&T's BS "4g".

  • Excruciatingly Slow

    by Bro_D

    This is the slowest, clunkiest app I have ever used. It will take 10-15 seconds on an iPhone 4S to register the buttons you are pressing, giving the appearance of freezing. No idea why they would release the app in this condition. Needs some serious bug fixes and speed improvements. The old version and interface were infinitely better. I have never felt compelled to leave a one star review until NOW.

  • Fake app fake app

    by barney and katie's dard

    Wont report the problems it was created to fix . Att does it again.

  • Worthless App

    by Sky_76

    App does not work! Just freezes and crashes! Nothing ever gets reported to AT&T.

  • Total disappointment - like my coverage

    by SouthlandHB

    Like many others, I've faithfully submitted reports for years- not one single weak area has improved. This app feels like a fraud perpetrated on customers they take for granted. This redesign? It's just fonts and color changes- not a well thought out re-design at all.

  • App worse

    by Talksalot96

    The app has gotten way worse since the update. It's slow and constantly crashes, and the design is still boring and looks the same

  • They track your screen display and what you do

    by Davintx

    Sounds like a tracking app and hasn't done anything for me in the seventh largest city. Not worth it. Deleted

  • Crashes, fails, nearly useless.

    by Tony in Pdale

    New! Now crashes and causes iOS to reset. More useless than congress. Previously: App constantly locks up upon loading. Constantly fails to report issues. Reporting hasn't made a difference in 3 years.

  • Needs improvement

    by Cal205

    Feedback doesn't load. Tips/optimization hasn't even been updated for iOS 6 not to mention iOS 7. Makes me wonder if they even look at the reports users submit. You'd think a company like AT&T could do a better job of building an app. Seems like they just threw this one together.

  • Read the License agreement!

    by Michael Richards

    No one should use this app if they read the L/A. It's a sham and a placebo. What a rip!

  • Really?

    by 35USC101

    This is not what an iOS7 app is supposed to look like. The UI is terrible. The poor function of this app inspires no confidence that you'll properly address the issues we report. Prove me wrong, fix the crappy reception areas I reported in the prior version, and I'll increase the rating. Oh, and the tips page for Data still shows iOS 6 and 3G. Looks like you didn't touch that at all.

  • I work for AT&T

    by Tk436

    I'm sorry to break the news to you people but this app does nothing but keep you from calling customer care and complaining. If you don't have signal somewhere AT&T will not build a tower nearby no matter how much you complain. It's cost vs population. This app just absorbs your complaints and no matter how much you use it, you will not get a reaction from AT&T. If you want good signal in a certain place your best option is to reevaluate your current carrier and compare coverage maps to other carriers.

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