DataVault Password Manager Productivity App Review (iOS, $9.99)


Languages: English

Seller: Ascendo Inc.

- Fixes for iOS6 users
- Brought back numeric keyboard option for login
- Redesigned for iOS7 to enhance the user experience.
- Automatic synchronization across devices using Dropbox (premium) in addition to iCloud, Webdav, Wifi and data cable sync options.
- 256-bit encryption using Password-Based Key Derivation Function (PBKDF) and salting to insure the highest level of security offered by any password manager (premium).
- Improved integration with with Apple Keychain for two-layer protection of your private data.
- 200 hi-res item icons redesigned for contemporary UI (premium).
- Expand and collapse list view for quick peak at secondary fields.
- Improved multi-tasking support by hiding user data from running apps list.
New themes to match iPhone 5S and 5C colors, see Tools > Display Options.
- Preview themes in Display Options
- Enhanced login screen with vault animation.
- Fixed Dropbox “NSRULError” issue.
- Numerous other enhancements and fixes.

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The Leading Password Manager for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch - AES Encryption - iCloud Sync & Backup - Advanced Security Options - Universal Application - Mac & Windows Desktop (sold separately)

#1 Must-Have App for iPhone – Cnet

Best iPad Password Manager – BrightHub

Apps that will change your life - Wall Street Journal

Only password manager to use secure, iOS-encrypted Keychain – Elcomsoft

Ascendo DataVault stores confidential information related to credit cards, bank accounts, logins and more using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the most powerful technology for securing private data.

DataVault is the first password manager to deliver comprehensive iCloud Backup and Synchronization in addition to Dropbox, Webdav and Wifi options. The era of cumbersome backup schemes is officially over.

One copy of DataVault can be run on five iOS devices to provide great value in addition to rock-solid security.

Unrivaled features and ease-of-use have made DataVault a best-selling password manager for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

***** A Top Quality App in All Respects
I've used other password programs for computers and PDAs but Ascendo easily tops them all. Buy this app!

***** Terrific Customer Support
My question was answered within 24 hours and the issue resolved. Now that's what I expect from a developer!!!

***** Essential Gear
A password manager should be one of the first apps you download. I compared a few and this one excelled because it could sync across multiple devices.

- Protects confidential information so you have peace of mind.
- Delivers value by giving you secure access to private data everywhere you go.
- Simplifies your life by keeping you organized and safe from identity attack.

- AES Encryption to insure the highest level of security of any password keeper.
- iCloud Backup and Synchronization in addition to Dropbox, Webdav & Wifi. No other password safe gives you more options.
- Password generator with strength meter.
- Support for iOS multitasking to facilitate web site logins.
- Tree and List View to display items.
- Full iPad support with split screen display.
- Templates for items such as bank accounts, credit cards & logins.
- Categories & Types to organize items.
- Actionable fields to initiate phone calls, emails or web site logins.
- Security timeout to require login after inactivity delay.
- Maximum login attempts.
- Security alert for failed login attempts.
- Field masking to shield data from prying eyes.
- Master password hint.
- Search settings to select fields, labels and notes.
- Email items in encrypted format.
- Icons, themes and lots of personalization settings.
- Synchronization with DataVault for Mac or Windows (sold separately).
- Conflict resolution for simultaneous edits on multiple devices.
- Import from SplashID, Ewallet, 1Password, mSecure, IE, Firefox, Roboform and other applications using DataVault desktops.

Incorporated in San Diego California, Ascendo has been a leading software developer since 2002. Over a million users have trusted their confidential information to DataVault Password Manager.

We are already hard at work on the next update and we welcome your feedback.

If peace of mind is important to you, download DataVault today!

Customer Reviews

  • Great Password Manager

    by TweetyBird24

    I've used this app for years now and have never had a problem with it. It is invaluable to me allowing me to have strong passwords and a different one for each login. Love it!

  • Most used app

    by CraigB_9

    I have been using DataVault for a couple years now. I use it on a desktop, iPhone, and iPad, and keep them synced using wireless sync. Works like a champ. My wife and daughter ask me to keep track of their username/pwd for them, as I always have them with me. Recently, I complained about a user interface change, and the folks at Ascendo made the change in the next release. Great customer service!

  • Great app, ruined interface!!

    by wldlif7

    Updated review 14feb14 Tech support did contact me in regards to my issues with the interface changing. I don't have any issues with the functionality of the app, I just do not care for the new flatness, simplification of the icons. But as I am being informed this is the way of the future, oh well. Previous review: I waited for this update thinking the developers would really listen to the end users, they only listened partially. This interface still looks like a 4 year old developed it. They are still displaying the old interface as an example which is false advertisement. I emailed and asked a few questions of them and no response. Will be rolling back to previous version again! This is a great app, & I went back to the previous version! The most recent update; they removed the default for number keys at login and destroyed an excellent looking interface, before I ran across any of the other mentioned issues I restored to the previous version. A very mundane, no depth, plain icons. When I wrote the review the interface images shown here are not what it looks like with latest update, this is what they looked like before this update.

  • Excellent program

    by eggil

    It needs 2 more things: 1.Mac sync to iCloud. iPhone does, Mac app doesn't. They all should sync automatically 2.Ability to take pictures of credit cards etc

  • It was an Excellent App

    by ElMo_Palmira

    Review Updated (Feb-10-2014) After send one more email to technical support finally I got a reply with at least good news (datavault beta ver 4.9.15 which solved part of my problem sync with Dropbox) Definitely premium features won't work with current version of Datavault for Mac and Windows. They told me to expect version 5 of Datavault for Mac and Windows. Hope this solve all my sync problems. 3 Stars for now, until everything work fine again. Updates Review (Feb-9-2014) Feeling I lost my $4.99 for premium features, I can't still use 256bit encryp security level because it won't sync data between my iPhone, windows and Mac, Dropbox sync won't work, technical support only reply some emails with no luck to solve my sync issues, I just had to switch from security level 256bits to 128bit to be able to sync my devices. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP IF YOU NEED YOUR PASSWORDS SYNC IN MULTIPLE DEVICES.

  • Good password app

    by CrashDavis03

    Good password app with lots of options for organization and syncing between devices.

  • Great App

    by Total Safe

    Have used it since 2009. First on a Blackberry, then iPhone. Have switched phones multiple times and went from PCs to Macs and never had any issues. Highly recommend.

  • Most used App on my iPhone!!

    by Pat-MN

    This is not a scam review. I use this App all the time. I was so happy with customer service, I needed to write this. Great interface and database for all you can think of for passwords, accounts, frequent flyer programs, hotels, kids websites, etc! I use it for my wife and two kids. I use a really long password for the App and everything else is easily logged into the simple to use templates. I sync my wires phone, our laptop and my iPhone all via dropbox. Worked flawlessly after Alli from customer service walked me through several small issues on my end. Great timely service!!! I have recommended to everyone I know as it's a timesaver vs. keeping a notebook with written notes of all my websites, etc - LOVE it!!!!

  • RS

    by hendran

    I have used this app for several years on a PC and on mobile phones and this is the finest password ap on the market, PERIOD!!!

  • Keeps up with my passwords

    by Durance08

    The password generator is wonderful. Gives me peace of mind that my passwords won't be hacked.

  • Greatest organizing tool

    by d_c_mar

    I use it for everything: credit card emergency info, usernames and passwords, IP addresses for remote servers, etc. Secure and easy to back up to the desktop application

  • Great App!

    by kimber1558

    This is my go to for storing all my passwords and personal info. I can even store my families info here too so I can tell them what it is when they are lost!

  • Excellent Program!

    by Tai Tai 723

    This is my first password manager other than my dependable ledger logbook in 20 years of keeping track of passwords and I had no idea how unorganized and how much info I was missing! And as organized as I was, my info was still scattered in files, check books, banking statements, notes and records. This has been a real awakening for me. Now I know, too, the info I need to retrieve that I have never gotten a handle on !!

  • Great product in every way

    by ngc5904

    This is the best password manager I've ever used. I had some issues with the current version when the syncing broke. Turns out that you can't turn on 256 not encryption until they update the desktop client. My only criticism is that they should have made this more obvious. That's a very minor complaint. I use this product every day. It is the absolute best password manager I've ever used.

  • So far so good

    by njesst

    Easy to use so far!

  • Update

    by JimGail

    I've used this excellent app for years and highly recommend it for the security conscious. Just bought a new IPad, downloaded the app, hit restore from ICloud and in a few seconds was back in business. Wow!

  • Excellent

    by mdb28

    Truly excellent. Great automatic sync among iOS devices via iCloud. Easy sync between iOS and Mac using wireless. Very comprehensive. Attractive interface. Very functional. Cannot think how to improve it.

  • Great app!!!

    by Airborne50

    Works as detailed in the description. Thanks

  • Great App!

    by Thrangor

    I have had this app for years. It is solid and just gets better. I couldn't figure out how 1password got such great reviews, so out of curiousity I purchased 1Password. It cost so much and so I tried to like it, but I went back to Datavault after a couple of weeks. It surprises me that it is mostly left out of reviews for password apps. This one does the job better for me than any of the others and it is very reasonably priced. It makes me very suspicious of online reviews.

  • Data Vault review

    by BigRedAustin

    Very good app that has allowed me to improve the password security level for all my online accounts without having to remember each password! I recommend it! Syncing between devices has been straight forward. I do think that they should give a couple of dollar discount on each additional device purchase from loyal users.

  • Can't live without it

    by R12GS

    I use it all the time to store logins, passwords, wireless access codes, passport numbers, expiration dates, frequent traveler info for flights, hotels, car rentals, cruise lines, etc. it synchs across all my devices and after about 3 years of use I still like it.

  • Awesome! Just what I needed

    by t.harp

    I love this app! It makes my life so much easier and more organized! I recommend this app to everyone! Well worth the money. I've tried nearly all the other password keeper apps and this one is by far the best. The only thing I would change is there be an option added where you don't have to press "ok" during log in so that it automatically logs you in after entering the correct password.

  • Best and getting better

    by Whandjr

    Been using data vault for years. Sync across PC and phone is awesome. Definitely recommend it.

  • Paying Extra for 256 bit encryption is extortion

    by JohnS_1

    While, I like using the application (the UI isn't quite as polished as other iOS apps though), I consider the choice to offer 256 bit encryption through a $5 "premium" in-app purchase to be security malpractice. Given that it's most likely, very little programming/development costs to change different bit lengths for AES and to use salting, the developers of this app should be ashamed of themselves for this charge.

  • UPDATE: Good Product & Leadership Team

    by FlyNavy-18

    UPDATE: After posting my original 1-Star review below, I received some very personalized customer service from the leadership team at Ascendo. Although we are still working to resolve my specific iCloud syncing issue, they were extremely quick to enable automatic DropCloud syncing between my devices. The DropBox syncing is working seamlessly and I am very satisfied with the customer service that I have received over the past 2 days. Original Review January 23, 2014: "iCloud Issues & Absolutely Terrible Support" DataVault has a history of connectivity issues with iCloud that will preclude you from being able to back up to iCloud or use iCloud to synchronize between devices. No doubt this has prompted them to offer automatic syncing via DropBox in their recent Premium Upgrade. Who knows if that service will even work but I surely won't be paying an additional $4.99 per device to find out! After a few days of email correspondence with Ascendo, their Tech Support was limited to, and I quote, "Have you tried to restart your devices?" They are either unable or unwilling to provide deeper technical assistance because they have not responded to my emails in 7 days. The app works on a single device; however, if you need to sync data between multiple devices then I highly suggest that you look elsewhere for a product and service team that can meet your need.

  • Beautiful

    by Paul Wonderful

    I love the new update! It's so clean looking.

  • Fills the Bill

    by BuckwTruck

    DataVault is bringing order to the chaos of my password and other parts of my private data life. I found it easy to get started, nicely designed, and generally intuitive. I run it across both iOS and Windows environments, and I sync via both iCloud and WiFi. My wife does the same. I had some trouble with the handbook instructions on synchronization, but customer support was prompt, friendly, and knowledgable. Things work. I recommend the app without reservation.

  • Love it

    by DBL-DWN

    Great way to keep a lot of information handy and secure.

  • Ascendo DataVault

    by IEEE Geek

    Typically I do not submit reviews but felt compelled to provide one for this application. I chose Ascendo DataVault for a number of reasons. The primary intention was to store sensitive data like account and login information. Second, DataVault provides encryption which minimizes my fear of breaching. And last, a matching desktop app that I can use to enter new info or edit old data then sync directly to my iPhone in a number of ways. I've never experienced a single crash or issue from either app. Tech support is quick to respond to any questions. Guys keep up the good work ... JB Harper

  • Excellent customer support

    by Steve206

    Excellent customer support! The new roll out was not without glitches but the support team gave every email immediate personal attention and the product works great

  • It delivers

    by IndyJW

    I've used DataVault for a few years now. It's tremendously useful as I never have to worry about forgetting the myriad of passwords that have become a fixture of modern living. I'll access this app multiple times in a day. The wireless sync feature with the desktop is convenient and works every time. I find I leave the desktop app open so I can can cut/paste lengthy passwords directly where they're needed. I recommend this app without hesitation. BTW, Support has been outstanding. They recently issued an update which caused the appearance to malfunction. Their support replied to my email the same day & gave me an option for a temporary fix which I didn't use. I waited for the corrected update -- which was issued just a few days later.

  • Best password keeper

    by Mfissel

    Have used this for 3 years now. Very versatile, multiple sync options. It just works.

  • Review on DataVault on iPhone

    by Mr Bob Elliott

    Now that Ascendo has updated DataVault for IOS 7, it is even better. The new IOS7 look is absolutely fantastic. I personally have over 400 entries in Ascendo DataVault. To me, one of the best features in DataVault is ability to create templates designed for any type of data you need to save. You can create a specific template that has up to 10 unique fields that you give any unique name you desire. Once you have created this new template, you can also create corresponding categories and types for entering the data you wish to save. Again you have the ability to backup and restore your data to your computer, you can also synchronize your iPhone and iPad with your computer. In my option Ascenco DataVault V5 is the best the smart phone app for securing all of your data. Thanks, Bob Elliott

  • Now works on iPod

    by Crochetowl

    Fixed issues with iPod but dislike the color schemes immensely.

  • Terrible update

    by unhappy DataVault updater

    Up until today, I loved this app, but I just updated to DataVault 5.1.47 on iOS 6 – I can no longer read any of the entries – it is one blacked out polygon. Sent support a screenshot – this upgrade is worthless.

  • Lifesaver!

    by AZMovieMom

    Love this app! They fixed the little issues from the last update's a great way for my husband and I share important passwords and cut down frustrations with passwords. Thanks so much!

  • excellent app. very nice!

    by YaBaDaBaDo...

    very well thought out! beautiful UI ,comes with a boat load of features! i rolled the dice on the $9.99 wasn't sure what i was going to end up with, i ended up with a killer security app! this app is perfect for all my security needs. other security apps. want you to pay $9.99 to buy, then $9.99 per year and or pay for updates! great job ascendo!

  • Well worth the price Ascendo Inc. charges!

    by sheepahL

    **New update rocks! Thank you Ascendo for the fresh coat of paint and improvements. Looks and feels like an iOS 7 app! I have been using Ascendo DataVault for the last four years and it is the most important app on my iPhone. It makes my online life possible. I keep everything safely locked away inside: bank account information, website passwords, document passwords, debit/credit card numbers, security questions to websites, billing accounts, utilities, I can go on and on. I cannot stress enough how streamlined this application has made my life. I never worry about not having specific account information when I need it. If I cannot access it on my laptop, I use the app. Data Vault allows me to create secure passwords for any of my numerous accounts and negates the burden of remembering them. In fact, I make it a point to add information to DataVault and then forget about it. But when I need the info, it takes less than 5 seconds to access. The application has worked without glitches or bugs for me all these years. It's just a beautifully crafted piece of software. Their customer service is also courteous and prompt. Professional responses to all inquiries. I know nothing is perfect in this world, but I have never had a single complaint about Ascendo DataVault. Keep up the great work!

  • "Black out" after latest update under OS 6.1.4 (10B350)

    by NFTC2014

    After installing the latest software update on iPhone 5, all but the folder symbols and icons are blacked out until selected. In order to find what password you are looking for you now need to click on many blacked out fields until you are lucky to find what you are looking for. Please fix this soon, as this comes extremely close to rendering the app completely useless under OS 6.1.4

  • Great app, ruined interface!!

    by wldlif7

    This is a great app, & I went back to the previous version! The most recent update; they removed the default for number keys at login and destroyed an excellent looking interface, before I ran across any of the other mentioned issues I restored to the previous version. A very mundane, no depth, plain icons. When I wrote the review the interface images shown here are not what it looks like with latest update, this is what they looked like before this update.

  • Used to be a five, now it's a 1

    by ngc5904

    The product has been my go to password manager for quite a while. This release breaks dropbox sync. If syncing actually worked well (icloud doesn't work properly either, and wifi is a giant pain to get working) it would be a five. a lot of the benefit of this software is that you can sync across your devices. Except when the sync doesn't work.

  • Latest version is terrible

    by Sgt. Franco

    I've been using datavault for a couple of years and have loved it. Normally I'd give it 5 stars, today... -1. This latest iteration of it is horrible at best. On my iPhone, I get a bunch of black lines and cannot see what I'm selecting. On iPad, it looks like some kid drew the icons with crayons. The short of it, this version is complete crap.

  • Used for more than 2 years.

    by PathMax

    Sync is key. Im the most reliable person because I store the hundreds of passwords doctors must have in this.

  • SplashID killer..

    by vb53

    Great app. Used Splash for years but this is a major improvement, much more intuitive and a bargain to boot.

  • Very Useful

    by RACDC

    This app helps me stay disciplined in terms password management. Needing only to remember my master password, I can freely generate, store, and access passwords of sufficient strength for my peace of mind.

  • It was an Excellent App

    by ElMo_Palmira

    Updated review (Jan-15-2014) After the upgrade I am having sync problem within my Mac, my PC and iPhones, I just paid for the premium (big mistake) now nothing sync good, only my 2 iPhone which use now the same version of the app, but my Mac and windows are a totally mess after the upgrade to premium. When you guys fix the problem on all datavault devices I will change my review to 5 stars. Stay away from the last upgrade and premium. ----------------- I love this app, data is saved locally and it syncs very well in my other devices. Highly recommended

  • The Best

    by darock74

    I have this app for awhile and I have tried others but nothing can compare to this app. Simply one of the best password manager out there. Buy it, you will not be disappointed!!!!

  • I couldn't do without it!

    by MartinSays

    An amazing tool you need to have. What are you waiting for?

  • Upgrade is a Downgrade !

    by Hygd2453

    Upgrade does not fix any issues with previous version, it simply downgrades the icons to awful paper cut-outs ... then you can pay for Premium icons. No Thanks !

  • good stuff Maynard

    by Electro music

    Allows you to sync using iTunes, which was a rare feature amongst password managers. Personally I'm not comfortable with storing all my passwords on the cloud

  • good stuff Maynard

    by Electro music

    Allows you to sync using iTunes, which was a rare feature amongst password managers. Personally I'm not comfortable with storing all my passwords on the cloud

  • Great productivity enhancer

    by Whydoesanicknamehastobeunique!

    Allows me to keep track of the many logins and complex passwords I use. In addition it let's me keep any related information for each piece of information which helps a lot (like security questions or emergency phone numbers for credit cards)

  • Solid, Dependable, Flexible

    by neomar

    Rock solid and easy to use.

  • Being back numerical keypad at login

    by SLS88

    Needs this back! Please and thanks

  • Safety

    by Daniel Mendoza

    Very secure and easy to use. Feels great to have a safe place for passwords. Of course I have no idea who this company is so I don't keep anything to personal or important in it. It works great though. Thanks.

  • Well liked until most recent update

    by SM-OH

    I just submitted a complaint concerning the latest update. I really liked the DataVault App until the latest update. I have an iPhone 4s with version 6.1.3 and this app is now just about ruined. I agree with other current reviews. I have lost all folder titles and the remaining screen is black. The only option I have is an alphabetic list. When I open the individual list, it is difficult to interpret the data previously entered. I would like information on how to roll back to the precious version of this app please. I really appreciated this app until now. Software update definitely missed the mark on this one.

  • The best

    by Love C2C

    I have use this for a couple years now. Is an excellent program in conjunction with the desktop version.

  • Great app

    by Sporkweaver

    Use it for all your important info. Like the new design. Nice sync functions. Highly recommended.

  • DataVault

    by SW11111

    Outstanding product! I use it daily to keep track of all my personal information and passwords. It is invaluable.

  • App broken

    by IronGeo

    V5.1.47 will not work correctly on my iPhone 4s with iOS 5. As a previous user noted, most of the screen is black.

  • Great app. Don't buy premium features

    by Briansd1234

    I've used the app for years and it is by far the best. Don't waste the money on the premium features. The icons are horrible an the added background changes the entire background unlike the standard background that shows contract by only coloring the header.

  • Not working on iPod touch

    by Brentb108

    Been using DataVault for a long time and love it but after the last update it no longer works on my IPod Touch. It opens and shows icons for the folders but rest of display is black, no text to show what you have entered. Very disappointed.

  • The Best

    by Flaherty34695

    I've used this app for years, starting with my old Blackberry. Now, it just keeps getting better. Highly recommended.

  • You've got to be kidding!

    by GentleBen064

    The previous versions were great, but this version is not user friendly, is counter-intuitive, and is barely usable! You have to "guess and check" to find the page you're looking for. How time consuming is that? How do I revert to the previous version?

  • Good but bad upgrade to latest version

    by Troll369

    Great app except, the latest update did something and I can't even see the list of files in the app.

  • Worth the purchase

    by spraypaintedgold

    The only feature missing is a clipboard expiry timer. Make sure you buy the in-app upgrade for stronger encryption.

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