A+ Lightsaber Entertainment App Review (iOS, Free)

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Publisher: aone
  • Updated: May, 07 2010
  • Version: 1.1
  • Size: 1.51 MB

Languages: English, Japanese

Seller: Liang Zhang

fix one bug

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1295 Ratings
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Free for a limited time.
There are a lot of shining and powerful light sabers in this game.
If you are eager for the power of the light saber, and wish it belong to you forever. Just download this game and get the most wonderful weapon.

Customer Reviews


    by Spoof-of-life

    Just add a few things: + an R.G.B color grid for infinite color choices + add more hilts (and make them more broader looking) + give the light sabers authintic sound effects that are motion sensitive

  • Amazing

    by Eliex

    This game is a great app I love it

  • It's the same

    by Tia M. Carlson

    It's the EXACT same as another horrible one! Same buttons sounds effects EXACTLY THE SAME!!!

  • This looks very similar

    by Reviewer600

    Another app looks EXACTLY like this

  • :(

    by Braydoon

    If this a light saber my names Chuck Norris!!!!!!

  • Total crap

    by Christopherpaulgulczynski

    This was the lamest app I've ever downloaded. Graphics are HORRIBLE and the user experience is non-existent. I can't believe apple even let's this crap on the app store.

  • Worst app ever

    by Xperttheft

    It was terrible needs more effects.

  • A very bad app

    by Hotchics

    worst app ever!!!!!!!

  • TOTAL CRAP!!!!

    by Sentencer

    Worst... App... Ever!

  • One of the

    by Jaser15dhdghshzhs


  • Waste of time

    by Ryan3200

    No game, so lame

  • Boring

    by Jh1234554351423


  • So totally STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by litchz

    I am saving you don't buy this app !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sheppie101

    by Sheppie101

    I hate this application

  • Wow

    by Nate71173

    What. A. Piece. Took waaaay too long to figure out. Completely unintuitive. I like the idea of being able to tap the blade to make sound effects, but everything else is wrong.

  • Total crap

    by Sjc132435474858689

    Just a complete waste of time. Obviously never has seen star wars.

  • I don't care

    by Maestro_12

    Terrible.....is there anything lower than one star?

  • Wow

    by SilSpd

    Just wow bad

  • Sucked

    by Almost James bond

    Should make some noise! What's the point otherwise?

  • No

    by Cool Saint

    That was a bad Jedi


    by Pete pedersen


  • So not real

    by Tonyoreo37

    This app has no real sounds on it ,all it does is buzzes

  • This app stinks !

    by CrazyBubby

    Who would want an app like this? It really stinks. The picture in the screen shot does not match with the actual app once it is installed. There are no other noise effects other than when the light saber turns on and off. It is difficult to change the types of sabers and light colors. When you try to change the color of the light saber to red it actually turns orange and vice versa. I know that this app was free but there are many better free apps that can occupy space on your IPad or iPod that don't stink, and don't misrepresent themselves on the screen shots before you download.

  • Terrible

    by Angrynuts

    Worst app. Shouldn't even be on the app store.

  • Ishcabible!!!

    by Super hero macdown smackdown 5

    Doesn't even have lightsaber in pic. RIPOFF LAMESAUCE!!!!! ISHCABIBLE!!!!!!!!¡

  • Crap

    by Ripley360

    Worst game ever

  • Worst app

    by Benfield Family

    Worst app


    by -)@@;/\<^*¥~\^+}~>^

    DONT get this app!Is doesn't even sound like a lightsaber!

  • Weak

    by DonQ77

    I can't believe this app was approved come on really

  • Useless

    by Darrien Glasser


  • Lamo is right

    by Jis aweSome

    Why is this such a suckish app

  • Worst app

    by Jaylan Sellars

    Do not get this thing because it's the same as the other app

  • What the!

    by Kerry Austin

    I don't know what this app is like because it wont even load!


    by Atomic Bomb1

    It's the same as that other app. And what's with that description? Ugh, terrible!

  • Junk

    by jonafied

    This app is junk don't buy it. It is so lame you can't even swing the i phone like the other lightsaber apps.worst app ever!


    by Yo sup dude

    Ok,this is a completely stupid app,it glitches,when i try to get to the orange color its goes to red,wat the heck? DO NOT GET

  • Absolutely no stars!!!!!!

    by ICouldntThinkOfANameSoIUsedThi

    Terrible. No sound, curved light, hope Cad Bane destroys this app. Plus, this guy lies twice. 1: No pink light 2: A+? More like Z-.

  • Terrible

    by Dragon slayer1997

    How many apps r there just like this??!!?!?!?? This is terrible. The picture looks beast which is a complete lie!

  • Fail

    by Somebody 9342

    This is literally a failing app for the app store the worst app ever

  • Such An A+Lightsaber

    by LightningUnleashed

    This app goes in the Garbege not in the app store

  • Lies!!!!

    by Rockn'rollaintnoisepollution

    Ok, that preview picture in the app description is a complete lie

  •  says:we're twins!

    by Lorddummy20

    EWEWEWEW nasty

  • Awful

    by Phoenix8972

    It does nothing special has no unique colors and makes one noise. The other free one is leaps and bounds ahead of this one.

  • Lol

    by Lazarovich

    I like the add where it says "do you like burger?" lol

  • Crap

    by Rhall596


  • Terrible

    by Funky Monkeytron

    Low quality app.

  • Complete garbage

    by eric.m.sweeney

    Junk. Don't waste your time.

  • Cmon wors ap ever ):-( just FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by Call of duty jorge

    It just have 2 lightsabers and 6 colers you are losers FIX IT¡!!!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!?,……«"'?,-:!!:!();

  • SUCKZ!!!!!!!!!!

    by Lazor Boy

    Oh let me tell you something………… ITS THE SAME THING AS THE OTHER ONE!!!!!!!!!!

  • !?!?

    by Nicarasu

    WTF... AGAIN?!?!

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