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  • Updated: Jun, 04 2012
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Millions use Any.DO every day to remember all the things they want to do and make sure to get it done. Key features: Seamless cloud sync, Speech recognition, Time & Location Reminders, Any.DO Moment, Folders, Notes, Repeating Tasks, Calendar view, Gesture support & more!

An award winning app:
• Best apps of 2012 in the AppStore • Top 10 MUST-HAVE App by (NY Times) • Best App of 2011' (TechCrunch) • #1 MUST HAVE app (PC Magazine) • “Any.DO Is a Crazy Intuitive, Gesture-Based To-Do App” (Lifehacker) • NY Times, Huffington Post, CNBC, CNET, Engadget, Mashable and more •

Get the most out of Any.DO:

■ Beautiful & Functional - Any.DO is beautifully designed, simple to use and user friendly.

■ Always there when you need it - Any.DO syncs seamlessly with the cloud so you can stay on top of just about anything across all your devices.

■ Any.DO puts the power in your hands - Drag & drop to plan your agenda, swipe off a task to mark it as complete & shake your iPhone to clear your completed tasks. It just feels right.

■ Speak your mind - Instead of typing just tap the microphone icon and say what you want to do. Any.DO will automatically convert your words into text in almost any language.

■ Type less, DO more - Mobile typing can be a hassle; Any.DO’s auto-suggest predicts what you want to do as you type it.

■ Any.DO works for you - Simply add a time or a location based reminder for the things you want to do and Any.DO will remind you just at the right time. You can even try some repeat options.

■ Better together - Share lists with your friends, family, and colleagues to accomplish even more. Here are some ideas: A shared grocery list with your spouse, plan an event with your friends or just make sure you’re on top of an office project.

What makes our app sexy:

• Make it personal - Choose your favorite app theme (white or black).
• Just like real life - Swipe a task with your finger to mark it as complete.
• Shake it away - Shake your device to remove all completed tasks.
• Powerful planner - Plan your agenda in a monthly calendar view. Tilt your device to give it a try.
• Do it your own way - You can easily customize your folders, so you can organize your tasks to best suit your needs (for example: Work, Home, Errands). Plus, you can have as many folders as you wish.
• Focus on the things that matter - Set a priority with a simple tap.
• Your tasks, Your choice - You can switch between Date view (Today, Tomorrow, Upcoming & Someday) and Folder view, it's up to you.
• Mail tasks to and see them in your Any.DO app.

•• Our Customers Say ••

“I want to say that I absolutely love this app and that's an understatement! I love the modern look, ease of use and how much it has helped me already. I just wanted to let you know how awesome this app is and that I have downloaded the Chrome extension as well. Thank you so much!” (Sarah L.)

“What you've developed is awesome and fills a real need in the busy Professionals daily life. Thank you so much for your hard work and I'm so excited to start using frequently. Keep up the awesome work!” (Max N.)

“You have tapped into the awesome.” (Erick T.)

• Any. DO is available in 12 different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Chinese (simplified & traditional) & Russian •

We love to stay connected with our users! If you have any feedback, questions or concerns, please email us at: or visit:

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Customer Reviews

  • Best to-do app

    by Organized in Indy

    I've used lots of to-do list apps and this is by far the best. I'm hooked!

  • Excellent. My favorite to do app so far.

    by Ggdiogvdh

    It makes to do lists fun and beautiful with a daily "moment" and periodic motivation. Also a great interface. I love it and have stuck with it well.

  • a must app

    by 미몽이68

    nice looking and intuitive

  • Great app!

    by Holllllllllyb

    I was looking for a to do list and and this one is perfect for prioritizing and creating reoccurring to do's.

  • This App Encourages Me To Track My Tasks

    by Rate Mint

    I use it everyday. It is very easy to enter new tasks. It is easy to re-organize tasks by projects and time. It is easy to add information to tasks. It does what is does very well. I am still trying to learn how to use it to make me more productive and organized. It would be helpful to connect tasks to related files and email, but the app team can only do so much at one time. I appreciate how their work has helped me get better organized.

  • Love it

    by Eva4eva-711

    Helps me sort out my day perfectly

  • Very nice app.

    by TomSiemers

    I've probably tried 20 to-do apps and this the best. Clean, well thought out app. Easy to set up and understand, easy to use. Well done. Two thumbs up.

  • Great planner / To-Do

    by lowstringc

    A simple and effective tool for my multifaceted and over stressed life!

  • It is a good to do list

    by bijrab

    Generally it is a good to do app. It is easy to use and it is reliable. New version continues in the same manner, useful and reliable.

  • Like it but needs more date assignment categories

    by nicoledotcom

    I like that I can assign tasks to today and tomorrow but the only option after that is "someday". Really? Someday? Do people only plan one day in advance then "someday"? I need to assign stuff to this weekend and next week at least please.

  • Get it.

    by TheZcheck

    I use this every day to make sure I get all my university assignments finished. It's great because you can move things to certain days just by dragging them to the calendar.

  • Replaced Reminders Apple app with this:

    by Cello God

    Interface is minimal, easy to learn and use day to day. This app is great, especially the landscape mode that lets you drop to-do items to a certain date you want to assign them.

  • I'm very pleased

    by Always on the go 813

    I am a new user. At this time I'm very pleased with the app. I've used other apps where I put all my to do's only for it not to remind me and I forget. This allows me to set a time for a task and it actual reminds me!!!! I love that I can speak my task as well. It's nothing like driving & needing to jot something down. ;-)

  • Review

    by Matrix53h

    I really like this app. Very useful. My wife & I both like the alert tone. Very pleasant. :-)

  • Simple and easy

    by Cams2271938826

    Keeps me motivated

  • by Currie89

    Out of all the task mangers I've tried, this is by far the best of them all!

  • Amazing app!!

    by Lady_8ee

    An easy way to keep track all your tasks. great app!!

  • Great, When Works Right

    by mgk108

    Developers need better troubleshooting instructions (in addition to existing FAQ). 1. For best results REINSTALL this app after iOS 7 upgrade. 2. Make sure that your connection w/ device's contacts and calendars is TURNED ON. (Apple) device, go to privacy>contacts> where you should see Any.DO listed; toggle ON. Then, same for "calendars" also under privacy setting. Will also need to REINSTALL Cal app for best coordination between these two companion apps. Chrome extension (slick!) allows desktop to communicate with the mobile apps. Must be on desktop machine (not mobile device) and WITHIN chrome browser to download successfully. Am now finally happy with how this works, after much frustration and investigation. C'mon developers, give us some better help/ info about this beautifully crafted app!

  • Great app!

    by abulafios

    Great app. Easy to use. That is what I was looking for. Helps me a lot! Thanks.

  • Full Time&Date on done Tasks

    by Palm222

    Good app developer needs to add full date and time on done tasks. Also allow done tasks to be deleted by a customizable group

  • Not Organized Enough

    by Nat731731

    This app is Just okay. I don't like that I have to turn my phone sideways to be able to use more features. I also like to give myself diff tasks each day, but it's not simple enough to look at your daily tasks. That's annoying. Too much scrolling. ** A ruler-like feature should be at the bottom of the screen with all the dates, so I can easily click on a date without scrolling or changing screens. **

  • Used to be good

    by Zac&lilliesmomma

    Now constant crashes have made this app unusable

  • Great to do list

    by Jdlander

    I tried a couple before this one and I really like it. I wish there had been a half star rating ability because there is room for improvement and I would have rated it 4 1/2. I wish that there was a way to do daily items differently. I love the voice option though.

  • Buena aplicacion

    by Ana04775446854775

    Excelente! Me ayuda a mantenerme motivado

  • Badge notifications do not show

    by Calvareztx

    The only thing I find frustrating about this app is that the badge notification (badge count) does not display until I open the app. It would be nice to see how many tasks I have for "today" just by seeing the badge count on the app when I look at my home screen. It doesn't display unless I open the app. Really considering a new to do list app.

  • Love this app, but needs some bug fixes

    by Shannsky

    I use this app every day to stay organized but there are some bug fixes needed. Otherwise I would give it a 5 star rating! One it frequently crashes on me. Two and the most frustrating, when I cross out an item completed from one list (for example today's list) it will cross out another one from my upcoming list and I have to be careful how I get the other one back. I am considering going to a different app as this is getting very annoying!

  • Excellent App

    by Karina901

    Has everything I want in to do list. Sharing feature is bonus!

  • Few issues...

    by Texasmom25

    Live the concept and initial use. But would love to see the "completed" items removed. The list gets very long over time and have quite a long scroll to "next day" items. Also, some items reappear after they have been "lined through". Would also like to turn off sounds! Dont want to be asked daily to update my list with a sound notification. Has great potential though!

  • Perfect!

    by Sveppik

    I cannot remember anything, but this saves me

  • I just love the new version!

    by Adarim

    It is easy, simple and help me to organize my day with zero stress. Love it!

  • Lost entries

    by BirdMan1999

    Was an avid and happy user until I logged out, back in. Folders reappeared. EMPTY!!! All entries GONE!!! Arghhhhh!!!!

  • Works well enough.

    by Zappy Underpants

    Wish it had a better sync function into something other than a browser add-on. Like DropBox sync.

  • I absolutely love it!

    by Snxzat

    Best planner I have ever had. The other to do list apps do not compare, even Apple's built in version of reminders is lackluster when compared to this. I do not usually write reviews but I will for this app.

  • Love it

    by Jsteidin

    An app that will keep me accountable!

  • Life saver

    by Jenizzle14

    Between work, wedding planning, and a 6 month old this ap is the only thing that keeps my life on track.

  • Awesome app

    by Kenjamin2006

    As said before I've tried them all. This on is better. Now if it could sync ICal in then it would be my most used app

  • Nice app

    by Nutridawg

    Stylish, easy to use, sleek and slick.

  • Love It!!!!

    by Jerri318


  • Organizing my time!

    by Lynyl

    Like the "folders" format. I like seeing the "list". Maybe a "Due Today" list would be nice. Would also like an option for "priority", and "Three times a week" too. (Have to enter multiple "line items/events" currently.) My favorite organize app!


    by Notes r my thing

    I am a copious note taker, and got my iPhone mid-June. So far, this is THE BEST to do list I have found! Easy, and I love the way it is so simple to re-order the items. My only wish is if they could have color coding for the items, and more importantly, when you add a note, I wish an icon would show on the note line to remind you there is a note attached to that entry. Other than that, I LOVE how easy it is to use this app! Big stress reliever. Now I don't know what to do with all my blank notepaper I gave lying around!

  • Fabulously useful and easy to use

    by NuMbEr #1 

    I really want to give this app 5 stars. I love everything about it. The ease of adding, moving, alerting, sharing, etc. for each list item is amazing. My favorite part is shaking the phone so they disappear after you've checked them off and the sounds of positive reinforcement are there. But there seems to be a glitch as this does not always work.

  • Intuitive...and Buggy

    by Rowed2damascus

    Update: too many times the app freezes and crashes while adding tasks. The whole crash takes 30-45 seconds on an iPhone5s. It makes using the app a chore when wanting to add tasks on the fly. Quite annoying and unproductive. ----Original Review---- Who would have thought completing tasks on an App would be so addictive. Great sound effects and fun.

  • La mejor de todas

    by xPolz

    Probe muchísimas aplicaciones similares y sin duda esta es la mejor! Las mas cómoda y la mas rápida y realmente te organiza el día. Gracias

  • Simple, clear and effective.

    by Scrumpy Arbuckle

    This is an elegant task manager. Well designed, It's like having a secretary.

  • Great

    by Don55PCC

    I had no idea I had so many tasks I needed to organize and prompt for myself. After 24 hours of using this app it am addicted. I now feel I am better organized and can be more effective in my life and work.

  • Muy buena app

    by Alexander Franco

    Muy buena aplicacion para organizar tanto para tu vida personal como laboral. Muy facil manejo.

  • Great to-do list

    by Todosabor

    Does everything I want in a to-do list with a clean, intuitive design and no unnecessary bells or whistles. I only docked a star because I'd love to see a web app, since I can't always use the Chrome extension (which, to be fair, is great.)

  • Great Reminder app and sister Cal app

    by Verobp

    I've been using this app for several months now, and I really like it. It's streamlined, functional and the interface is smooth and beautiful. I especially enjoy the theme options; I hate all the "whiteness" Ive's put all over iOS 7 and I really appreciate the option to use a dark theme. I'd like to keep my eyes functional as long as possible. I gave it four stars because I'm having trouble getting the recurring reminders to show up in the correct folder. I use this app in conjunction with its sister calendar app "Cal" and the experience has been great. Beautiful, smooth and streamlined interfaces. Great design!! Thanks, Any.DO devs!!

  • Love it!

    by Sparkles in OC

    Easy to use, helps me organize my to do list and keeps it wherei can easily access

  • Love it

    by EricBirder

    My favorite feature is the gentle reminders it gives you and the ability to organize your todos dynamically for the future.

  • Good Time Organizer

    by GeneralG2

    I've used many organizers but this is the one I've decided to keep. Very simple and beautiful but full of features in case you want them. I believe the reason I keep this one is that it makes you feel good to use the app. Cheers and nice music motivate me to use the app and complete tasks. For some reason as of late, the app crashes quite a bit on me. Also the font isn't as good as before. Good app but buggy at times.

  • Best to do list

    by nightfo0l

    Took me a little bit to appreciate how amazingly well this todo list balances being aesthetically pleasing with unobtrusive reminders. I recommend this to anyone who gets annoyed with most todo apps, especially if you are bad (as me) at managing your time.

  • Indispensable

    by MShi8

    I've gone through many todo apps and this one is the best. I especially love moment - it allows you to plan your day, put off things, or delete them in an intuitive way. Highest recommendation

  • Simple and doesn't get in the way.

    by nic_just

    Function is simple just like the design. I love using it. I have tried many list making apps. This one doesn't try to do too much but has a lot of features for power users. Would love of they added location based features. "Like remind me to buy AAAbateries when I am at target" I like that it also will show me my iCal events

  • Terrific app

    by sunrisedream

    This app has quickly become one of my favorites. Every day I find another lovely feature that does exactly what I never knew I needed. Syncing is still a bit buggy, but since I'm just rating the app itself, I'm keeping the rating at five stars.

  • Problems

    by Pylons

    I want to love this app, but it keeps dumping me out after I cross out one or two items that I've completed. Also, it changes the date for my once a week tasks to the upcoming Sunday which is very frustrating. I would love to see the choices for repeating tasks to include just the work week (Monday-Friday), just the weekend and the ability to choose a particular day and week in the month, for example, every second Tuesday. Thank you for your hard work!

  • Great to-do list!!

    by Kesavan Sampanthar

    I love this to-do list manager. I love the design, and the simple, elegant interface.

  • By far the best

    by Jay and Les

    I used to use Wunderlist but I like this one even more. The daily task review is one of the nicest features. Keep up the good work!

  • Useful

    by Elder paredes

    Very very useful, I use it everyday

  • Love. Love. Love it!!!

    by Patrick Turner

    This app is simply amazing. Clean, simple. Nothing cutesy. Easy to use. It's an organizers dream. I love it! This app is hands down the best list planning app to date. Did I mention I love it..? :)

  • Awesome

    by Codeeeeeeettxwyg

    Very good app, user-friendly and efficient

  • Love

    by C A Clark

    The design and functionality of this app have made it a daily companion for the last six months.

  • Use this everyday.

    by ksl871

    Awesome app. Keep up the good work!

  • Favorite app

    by Alver62

    Use this every day, I depend on this for my todo list. Very happy with its ease of use and smooth enter face

  • Amazing app

    by Nimawri

    I am a big to-do person and this app helps me keep everything straight.

  • Great App

    by Waz41

    Great app. I simply cannot find another multi platform app that works as Well as this app. My only wish is for Additional alarm settings (Sound , type etc)

  • Best app I've ever used.

    by Largeman

    I don't write reviews, but Any.Do is so good I felt I had to just to give it 5 stars. Its clean, simple and fun to use. Most importantly it helps you get things done.

  • One of my every day apps

    by Cap'n Thad

    When my life is together, anyway.

  • Could be improved

    by VOqer

    Would love to see option to sort deleted items alphabetically for ease of finding again

  • Finally!

    by deafmayo

    A to-do app that fits!

  • Use it every day

    by Saharan1234567890

    This useful to-do app would get a fifth star if I had more control over it. It's lovely to be able to sort and re-sort my chores, but editing them should be easier and I should be able to see more than one line per chore.

  • Needs desktop app

    by freshpowdr

    Could be more useful with a desktop companion. Crashes a lot. Should integrate with iCal.

  • Great App

    by Norber16

    User friendly a pleasure to use.

  • Awesome app

    by LeoG85

    Really great. The only thing I would like is better sync with other devices and with Google Task

  • Smooth. Motivational. Awesome!

    by Taekwonlibra

    The best to-do task app I've ever used. Works seemlessly, pleasant graphics and tones. It even encourages you to plan out your day and set reminders. The only downside I see is the 'rewards' don't load. It's ok though. The app itself makes up for it. 5 stars!!!

  • The perfect to do app

    by EricBeatty

    This app is beautiful, easy to use, and is great for organizing what you want to do. You can use it in various ways depending if you have tasks that just need to get done or if you need time oriented tasks!

  • Nice App

    by Deuces!

    Love it

  • Very Productive!

    by QuietStorm2011

    Since I've gotten this app, things get done!

  • Great App

    by B0623

    Luv it!

  • okay

    by i ♥ volleyball

    This app is okay, but the voice feature has a problem with how it reads what you are saying . It won't read what you said and add it to your to do list. Please fix!!

  • Fun Tool To Stay Organized

    by SewCold

    I love using this app! Among many other things, it's fun to put my grocery list on it. Works great! Except when my phone went dead in the grocery store! But that is not the fault of the app :/ Love it!

  • Elegant integration

    by T2B

    This app weaves together all the elements of a productive day in a single crisp application. It's brilliant!

  • Best To Do List I have found

    by Surfah

    This app is very easy to use on a daily basis. It is simple, yet effective for planning short term goals. I like toodledo as well but I think this is better for medium or long term goals.

  • Finally a good reminder app

    by Sean Ewart

    This has helped me stay much more organized. I really appreciate being able to boot into the group view and I like being able to repeat events.

  • This app is Really Great!

    by ItzPulido

    I've been looking for a good app which can help me out with writing down any hw or any reminders. I've been looking around for a good app and this one is really helpful! Highly recommend it!

  • The best to-do app that sticks

    by Poliness

    I've tried them all: clear, wunderlist, priorities etc. none were good enough to survive more than a month before I come back to paper lists. Any do is the first app that I use now for 2 months and LOVE it. Best features: clean design, great swipe gestures, sync with laptop, items sharing with family, ability to structure to-dos by today, tomorrow by easy moving them between days, voice commands.

  • Kept locking up and freezing

    by AJ9677

    Just installed the app after reading all of the good reviews. It never worked from the start. Kept locking up and freezing while entering data.

  • Crashes iPhone when deleting tasks

    by Mario Memoli

    I work in IT and know a thing or 2 about applications. I will start by saying that I love the design and concept of this app. I used to love it, when it worked properly. Ever since I updated to iOS 7, the app has been glitchy. I understand that it was my choice to update my phone, so I understand that's a major part of the problem. Here's the's been over 3 months now, and the developers STILL haven't fixed the glitch. Anytime I attempt to remove a task, the app crashes and sometimes causes my entire phone to reboot. I have also had major issues with the Google Chrome web extension. Often I get an error stating that the services are unavailable. I have even lost large lists because of this. When I delete tasks from my computer, my edits don't sync to my phone. Please fix these major glitches so I am able to use your application again.

  • The only to do app that's also fun.

    by truescotsman4

    And more fun, means you're more likely to actually use it. It great for planning your day, and very GTD friendly. There's also a calendar app by the same developer that integrates with this one, with another email client coming soon. I can't wait! Get it. Use it. Love it.

  • Pleased

    by Showmanni

    I love setting recurring tasks and the notification badge is helpful for someone as forgetful as me. You can add a planner aspect just be downloading the cal app that by any.DO.

  • Excellent - Very Intuitive

    by SchmimpleRod

    This is an app designed by very smart people. They understand how people use lists. Almost everything I want to do is very easy to do. They even improve my own list system by applying it to the whole calendar. Now, instead of a bunch of individual to do lists, I can have an order of doing things for days or weeks ahead. It's great for weekend planning, and remembering to do odd jobs. This is my first app review. Great job to the team behind this one.

  • Excellent

    by David Kinsley

    Love the plan your day feature and gmail integration. Excellent app

  • Best organizer in the history of the world

    by Cyrusel

    It took me a bit to figure out all the bells and whistles, but once I did I have totally fallen in love with this app. It allows me to organize tasks in their appropriate file, give it a time to complete, and even pulls items from the default iPhone calendar into it. Of all my apps this one is the most used. Update: yep. It still rocks after 4 months of use.

  • Awesome with a big flaw

    by Lady Ren

    I've tried a lot of to-do apps. Any.Do is by far my favorite except I can't repeat a task for more than a couple of days before it forgets. I have certain things to do every single day, or every weekday. I really need support for repeating into infinity. If that issue were fixed, I'd give Any.Do 5 stars.

  • Anticlimactic

    by XxXLolaRaWrrXxX

    The design is amazing but if you're looking for a planner this isn't the app for you. It's really for simple to do list and reminders; which is pointless since your device already comes with the apps "reminders" and "notes."

  • Great.

    by Ca$h Møney

    I hardly ever rate apps but this app is perfect for putting a to-do list together. It's easy, simple, and well organized. I've tried all the other to-do/check list apps, they're crap this app is the best, hands down.

  • Amazing

    by Rodney Conner

    So subtle yet productive.

  • Love it!!

    by forecaster32

    My favorite to do app for iPhone. The Plan Your Day feature allows you to review your tasks daily and decide what to do with them-very similar to how I used to work with paper lists. Excellent interface design, calming tones, shake to remove completed tasks. Occasionally, it hangs when trying to automatically associate a contact--a very nice feature. I do have a VERY large number of contacts. That being my only complaint, this app is fantastic!

  • Works great!

    by Nick Bentley

    I love it's easily the most advanced and simple task list app there is out there. And moment is perfect for planning your day!

  • Major issue

    by Browndee

    This would be a great app except for one MAJOR flaw. I am unable to edit a to do item. The item is hidden under the keyboard interface in the edit mode.

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