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Ambiance Nature Soothing Sounds - Natural Calming Noise

(Relax - Looking for Relaxing Sounds of Nature?)

What do you do when life gets a little Stressful? You stop and meditate or take a break, of course!

" Ambiance Nature Soothing Sounds - Natural Calming Noise" is unlike any other sound effect app. This app for iPhone/IPad is designed to liven up the environment—wherever you choose to go. Want to add some calming sound to an insanely stressful environment? or Just want to meditate?

These are a few examples of when you can use Ambiance Nature Soothing Sounds - Natural Calming Noise app on your iPhone or IPad ; its priceless. Whether you simply hold your phone and press the Nature sound effect — you are guaranteed to receive a caming and natural sound of nature!

Ambiance Nature Soothing Sounds - Natural Calming Noise is designed to help you relax and get in touch with the sounds of nature.

Here’s what you can do with the app:
Choose Your Sound Effect!

* Choose from many different grenade sounds. You’re sure to have a favorite or two, or three…
Choose Your Sound!

* You determine how long of the nature sound effect you want to hear. You can (1) select a single sound effect and play it once,(2) replay a single sound effect as many times as you like, or (3) select all of the sound effects, one at a time.

Maximize Your Meditation!

* If you really want to take a break, loop the sound effects for maximum impact. You can loop a single Nature sound effect or to make it longer, or loop all Nature sounds!


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•iPhone, Ipad
•Touchscreen (recommended for best results)
•Love for the sounds of natur!
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Customer Reviews

  • Fix bug

    by Jahsjsnb08

    I too was not able to access the sounds it tried to get me to download a marvel game and when I tried to exit out it crashed the whole app. All in all it don't let me even get into the app

  • Can't get past the initial ad.

    by AbeXB

    Good thing it was free. Uninstalling now.

  • Horrible

    by Brit_ni

    Even when I can get past the ads to the nature sounds, they don't play! There is no sound whatsoever!!!!! Don't waste your time! I am deleting this app.

  • Dont bother...crashes

    by Amy gilmour

    Its an ad to get u to purchase a poker game. So stupid

  • Nope

    by Jtdisthebeast

    worse then the other 2 relaxing sound apps. Those who have downloaded the other 2 know what i'm talking about. if not let me fill you in. all this app is, is a pop up app trying to sell me zynga poker.

  • Nature sounds?

    by WantingToRelax

    This is a ruse for getting you to download videos and games. You can't even get into the nature sounds. Doesn't even deserve one star, but that's the minimum one can choose.

  • DO NOT BUY!!!!!

    by Zoo reporter 5

    You get and it takes forever to download. Then you tap it and it goes straight to an advertisement. You try to exit out of the advertisement and the whole app crashes.!!. It doesn't deserve even HALF of a star! DO NOT BUY, i repeat DO NOT BUY!!!!!

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